7 Essential Car Care Tips in Winter Season

Reports suggest more than 673,00 people get injured annually due to weather-related accidents. Your car is expected to experience mechanical difficulties during cold weather. Unlike their owners, cars cannot pack themselves up in thick coats or sheets of clothes in sub-zero climate conditions. Cold temperatures affect your vehicle just as much as they affect you. As per the auto experts, extremely low temperatures lead to car issues because metal shrinks in cold temperature. To avoid such kind of conflicts, have a look at some of the useful tips:

Buy Good Winter Tires

Winter tires also called as snow tires are tires intended for usage on snowy regions. Winter tires consist of a tread pattern with bigger spaces than those on summer tires, increasing grip on snow. The tires that have cleared a winter grip performance test are eligible to show a “Three-Peak Mountain Snow Flake” sign on their sides. Tires made for the winter season are meant to drive at temperatures under 7 °C. Thus, buy winter tires from a reputed dealer for a hassle-free driving on snowy roads.

Replace the Windshield Wipers

It’s not difficult to break windshield wipers since they can freeze into the glass or have ripped on sleet and ice. The time to appreciate now is the time blizzard or even is throughout a downpour. Winter wiper blades are assembled for freezing conditions. A superb alternative for cold temperatures wipers are winter wiper blades. This fashion of wiper doesn’t have any metal issues; therefore ice hockey and snow can’t collect. Still, another means to stop wipers would be by cleaning the windshield of ice and snow before putting on the street. Also, although It’s not just vital for prominence because windshield wipers aren’t designed to scrape away ice that is heavy-duty hockey.

During cold temperatures months, it is even more important take care of one’s car since issues are likely to occur. Avoid the annoyance of car repairs to maintain your tires search engine fluids, car battery life, and ignition components within tip-top shape. If you are living in a city it’s tempting to avoid driving in winter months; however, it’s important to take your car out regularly to make sure it doesn’t break down. Lessen your probability of a dead battery, flat wheels, or engine fluid once per week, from taking a driveway.

Keep your Car Covered.

To ensure absolute protection to your car, make use of a winter car cover. The car cover can save you from the bother of clearing snow off the car’s windshield daily during winters.

Shower your Car Regularly

With fog, rain, dust, salt, grease and wet leaves to contend during winters, damaging elements can rapidly build up. This leads to the beginning of corrosion, which will damage your car’s uncovered metalwork if left uncovered.

Salt, dust and damp deposits are most damaging on your car’s undercarriage, where metal parts are less covered. If corrosion occurs there you could face all kinds of mechanical problems while driving and lowers the resale value of your car.

By washing your car at least once a week during winter, you can lessen the quantity of grease and dirt left to lie on uncovered metal, ending corrosion in its trails. Even though it is just a sudden blast with a tube or pressure washer, this will remove deposits and support to keep the undercarriage in a good condition for a long period. Make sure you reach beneath and clear the sills to get free of all the dust.

In simple words, keeping your car clean during winters makes your car last longer. Thus, wash your car in winter to stop corrosion below your car and keep ice away from your windshield.

Guard your Car’s Engine

Check the engine oil on a daily basis and replace it if needed. This will be instrumental in keeping your car up to date and will help to run smoothly on snowy roads. To avoid thickening of the engine and gear oil during cold weather, make use of thinner oil. Thin oil is instrumental in getting rid of potential winter problems.

Check the Fluids in your Coolant System.

The coolant system of the car is instrumental in preventing your car from freezing. If the fluids are not maintained, then you can face the problem of burst radiator or the need of a whole new radiator.

Guard the Paint Work

A combination of snow, ice and dust can reduce shine and paint of your car. To avoid this, using good coat wax is the best option as it helps keep color and shine of your car protected. Making use of ceramic coating adds cherry to the cake because of its toughness and long-lasting warranty.

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