Greenhouses with his own hands: the best designs and materials for building

Every owner of a suburban area sooner or later wonders how to increase the yield of the garden and optimize the financial and physical costs. As a rule, after that, begin to consider the available greenhouses with his own hands: the best projects No related posts.


Truss system roof roof types and device design

Due to the erection of a mansard roof, may significantly increase the usable space of low-rise private houses. However, this is a very laborious process which requires the preliminary calculation, the observance of certain rules and techniques. No related posts.


Step by step guide to laying laminate with their hands, especially the works of

Laminate flooring is a relatively new, but already gained popularity among large number of buyers flooring option. It features not only high performance but also considerable ease of installation. Step by step guide to laying laminate with their No related posts.


The arrangement of ventilation in the cellar in the garage. The intricacies of the process

The improvement of the quality of ventilation in the cellar in the garage contributes to the formation of a healthy microclimate in the room. Proper ventilation allows almost year-round to store vegetables, fruits or canned. Permanent change of air No related posts.


Ventilation of the frame house with his own hands. Scheme, calculation and installation of system of ventilation

Given the high rate of vasodilate and relatively low cost of construction, frame houses began rapidly to gain popularity. Such structures can have many different forms and possess a number of advantages. However, the use for insulating airtight No related posts.


Plaster “bark”: photos examples of successful application of the material

Textured plaster “bark”: photos clearly show, is today one of the most popular facing materials, which is convenient in application and is able to create not only a beautiful cover, and to protect the base from negative environmental influences and No related posts.


The frescoes on the wall: photos, prices, directory of interesting ideas for design

It was once a popular way to decorate the walls with frescoes, is today again gaining popularity. There are several types of such decorations that both expands and complicates the selection process. Consider, what are the murals on the wall: photos, No related posts.


Containers for sewage: plastic wells and storage tanks

This article discusses in detail the capacity for sewage plastic wells, storage tanks and structures for other purposes, their characteristics and the main types, technical specifications, including dimensions. The text contains all the necessary No related posts.


Plasterboard ceilings in the hall: photo, design features, installation with your own hands

Normally after repair or alterations the time comes to design the home. There are many simple but very effective methods of subjective expansion of space and increasing light. The most time consuming, but effective in aesthetic terms, the process No related posts.


Saving construction: how to make ventilation in private house

Despite the fact that the construction of a private house in Russia for a quarter of a century is not something exotic, customers, and sometimes even contractors, it is highly superficial attitude to planning and design for such “trifles” as the No related posts.