A fence made of metal fence: pictures of neat fences

A great alternative to wooden fence was the fence made of metal fence: photo of such structures illustrates the clarity of the lines and various options. Metal fence is durable, variety of colors and quality of the protective polymer coating. Manufacturers offer components for Assembly of the fence, it is fairly simple to install. And to serve such a structure can over 50 years.

Metal fence is durable and versatile fencing

The contents

  • 1 Advantages of metal profile for fence
  • 2 Features fences metal fence
  • 3 a Fence made of metal fence: photo designs fence
  • 4 Fences metal fence with their hands
    • 4.1 Required tools and materials
    • 4.2 Installation of frame fence
    • 4.3 Fastening metal straps
  • 5 Eurostudent fence: photo, prices of finished sections

Advantages of metal profile for fence

A fence made of metal fence (photo demonstrates that) is not only a reliable protection and fixation of boundaries, but also serves as a stylish garden accessory that adorn the local area. Because the fence comes in a variety of colors, you can choose the color in harmony with roof or facade cladding of the main house.

Fence with double-sided lining of the fence

A very popular color, imitating wood. This fence its natural color is visually reminiscent of a fence made of wooden fence. The height of the fence of eurostudent is chosen individually, it is perfectly suited for framing cottages and farmlands, provision of recreational areas, gardens and flowerbeds. Photo beautiful picket fences illustrate various forms of walling.

In addition to aesthetic appearance, fences of metal fence have a number of significant advantages:

  • versatile — the fence can be used not only for fixing the perimeter of gardens, arrangement of gates, wickets, but also for fencing the territory of the administrative, industrial and agricultural complexes;

Metal fence with imitation wood

  • reliability and durability — the profile is made of galvanized steel has a protective coating that does not fade in the sun. The fence is resistant to temperature extremes, natural precipitation, not shielding;
  • excellent protective function, a fence can reach 5 m in height, made in the form of the edge of the top ends of the fence make inaccessible to overcome such barriers;

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  • a variety of forms — sections of the fence can have wavy or straight, option fences in the form of a “checkerboard” design of the fence can be unilateral and bilateral. Optionally, you can adjust the step of the fence, getting translucent or closed fence;

Installation options shtaketnym fencing

  • light weight, ease of transportation, ease of installation — compact packaging of the elements of the fencing gives you the opportunity to comfortably transport material, a simple installation is ensured by a circuit Assembly and a set of fasteners. For installation use screw connections. In the event of failure of a separate element, it can be easily replaced with a new one;
  • easy maintenance — the fence does not require periodic maintenance, for care you can use an ordinary sink;
  • low cost — the price of the metal fence to the fence 20-30% lower than the fence of corrugated Board with similar performance qualities. The lack of spending in the process of operation is economically justified and advantageous to use the fence as for protection, and for decorative areas.

Design of white eurostudent looks easy and goes well with the bright facade of the house

Features fences metal fence

A fence made of eurostudent is going on the same principle that a wooden fence: vertical posts, horizontal cross rails and metal fence. The fences may be made unilaterally or both facial sides. Often use two colors: bright from the street and quieter tone from the inside of the yard.

As support posts for fences you can use metal, concrete or wooden posts. The base may be tape, columnar or pile foundations. If you intend to combine metal fence with brick or masonry will require a firm Foundation of concrete or brick. This fence will be more expensive, but its appearance will be much more solid.

Installation of shtaketin on a metal frame

To get more easy and cheap fence may be using as support stands of metal hollow pipe with a diameter of 0.6 m or core tube of square or rectangular cross section. For reliability of the tube set into the ground and concreted. For guide fit pipes with a smaller cross-section.

When I build railings out of eurostudent is recommended to use a construction level to determine the precise vertical and horizontal adjustment used items. This depends on the strength and appearance of structures.

Combined fence of metal and brick

A useful tip! Depending on the General style of the local area, you can use metal fence with rounded or pointed ends or top to enclose all the vertical elements under the horizontal trim strip in the form of the skate.

To make the fence out of eurostudent more presentable, and possibly through the pillar of brick for the fence. Photo available network options will help you to understand these types of walling.

The eurostudent installed in the form of a “checkerboard”

A fence made of metal fence: photo designs fence

Despite the simple design, we offer a many variants of fences from metal fence:

  • wavy — consists of sections, the upper part which is shaped like a wave;
  • arcuate convex upper edge, the guard has a convex arch;
  • the arcuate concave — spans of the fence have a concave shape, where the middle strips have a very small height;

Form classic metal shtaketin

  • “Ladder” — in this model, fence slats alternate with each other in length: one above, another below;
  • option “Tree” — shape upper part of the sections is in the shape of a conical crown wood.
  • form-Line — fence drawing of the upper edge has a trapezoidal shape;
  • configuration of “Peaks” — the line top of the fence resembles the peaks, of which one section can be several;
  • the form “Canyon” — in this embodiment, the edges of the section are the high bar that is gradually reduced to the middle of the span;

Bilateral fence looks great and the street, and from the inner part of the yard

  • model “Wings” — in this embodiment, the drawing the upper line resembles a wingspan;
  • “Pyramid” in the span of one section the shape resembles a pyramid.

In addition, a fence made of eurostudent can be mounted on stone or brick plinths. This fence looks very impressive and is a reliable design. The strips can also perform the gate and the gate. Lately it is often possible to see the horizontal location of the fence at an angle the overlap of the type “blinds”.

The eurostudent is a sliced metal strip of galvanized steel

Fences metal fence with their hands

Considering the simplicity and ease of installation, the installation of the picket fence with their hands will not be easy. All components, fasteners, and Assembly drawings can be purchased complete with picket fence.

Necessary tools and materials

For the erection of a structure of eurostudent will need the following tools:

  • shovel, hand or electric drill you will need for the device pits or trenches for the tape base;

Fence can be easily fixed on the frame using the screwdriver

  • welder — necessary for fixing horizontal rails to the supporting poles;
  • screwdriver set — with the help of this tool, attach the metal bracket to the guide;
  • hammer, bubble level cord for marking, measuring tape, hammer and other small tools that can be used in the process;

The most common version of fencing — brick, combined with metal fence

Materials you will need:

  • profile hollow pipe with dimension of 60×60 mm cross section — given that the sections of metal fence fairly light in weight, this size section would be sufficient for vertical support;

A useful tip! The longer the span and higher the fence, the greater section of the metal poles used for installation of supports.

  • the metal profile 20 x 40 mm pipe — profile lower cross-section is used for the horizontal rails, which will be attached to the eurostudent;

The metal bat is a steel Foundation layer and a protective layer

  • metal lath (fence) — profile shape and thickness of the slats, their number are selected according to the type of future construction. If you plan deaf fence, slats will have to buy twice as many;
  • screws pressible for attaching strips to the guide, you must purchase a mount similar to eurostudent color;
  • primer, paint color of fence for painting metal frame;
  • gravel, sand, cement for concrete support pillars.

A fence made of metal fence with brick pillars

Install frame fence

Before you begin to install the vertical supports, it is necessary to perform the layout of the perimeter for future construction. The territory is freed from vegetation and debris around the perimeter stakes hammered and between them stretched the cord construction. Next, mark the locations of the poles, they are placed at a distance of 1.5-2 m from each other.

In targeted areas drilled or dug pit depth of about 60 cm Installation of metal pipes for the intake is carried out by immersing them in the hole, then level check the vertical and with a sledgehammer hammer them into the ground for another 40-45 cm Then pits with pillars concreted. At this stage it is important to check that all the columns were displayed vertically and have the same height.

Arrangement shtaketnym fencing

As soon as the concrete solidifies, the vertical supports are welded to the transverse metal beams. The first guide is mounted at a distance of 30-40 cm from ground level, back down from the top 20-30 cm Ready to frame fence covered with primer and paint under colour of metal fence, paying special attention to seats welded joints.

A useful tip! To exclude the ingress of water into the vertical support pipe, you need each post to cover decorative hat is identical color.

Fencing from steel fence layout in a checkerboard pattern

Fastening metal plates

To the fence of eurostudent had a neat appearance, you want each bar to be positioned at an equal distance from each other. The gaps between the slats of unequal widths, make the appearance careless and immediately catch the eye. Therefore, you must carefully mark and record the location of the metal of the fence.

If your fence has no cap, care must be taken that the distance from the ground to the lower edge of the fence was sufficient to prevent contact of metal with soil and water and at the same time, the fence could not squeeze through small animal.

A good example of fastening the U-shaped shtaketin on the frame

For attaching the fence use only galvanized screws. In this case, the attachments will not be subject to corrosion. Screws can be purchased in the same color as the coating of the fence. Each strip is fixed at four points on its height. The pitch between plates is chosen individually and can range from 1 to 10 cm.

The most common is the distance between plates is 3 cm Strap attached in two ways: the usual fastening — semi-transparent fencing and chess and for receiving the remote design.

Metal fence perfectly combined with other materials

The eurostudent fence: photo, prices of finished sections

Buy eurostudent can manufacturers, specializing in the production of such fences. There are two options for fabrication of metal fence: stairs railings can be carved from solid profiled sheet or produced on special equipment — the rolling mill.

It is worth noting that the fence, cut from sheet, most affordable, and rolled products have well treated edge slats, which contributes to durability, but price them much higher.

The horizontal position of the fence at an angle the type “blinds”

A fence of eurostudent you can buy ready-made sections or by the piece. Indicative prices of the metal picket fence be coated with double-sided coating from 60 RUB/n m, with bilateral coverage — from 70 RUB/p. m. In the cost section of the fence is affected by the height of the structure, the gap between the slats, the means of fixing plates and the presence of gates and gate.

The approximate cost of a fence of eurostudent with the installation, consider the tables below.

The eurostudent Economy: a U-shaped profile, mount to the two rails, support legs of stainless steel with a thickness of 2 mm with a cross section of 60×60 mm

The height of the fence, MSAG between the slats, stoimosti, RUB./p. M. 1,510102051148212301,8101120512752137521011805135021460

Metal fence “Finfold”: U-shaped profile, mount to the two rails, support legs of stainless steel with a thickness of 2 mm with a cross section of 60×60 mm

The height of the fence, MSAG between the slats, stoimosti, RUB./p. M. 1,510107051190213101,8101170513152146021012305139021551

On the manufacturers ‘ websites posted the photo with the models of sections of the proposed fence. Navigate in the price of an individual design of the fence, using an electronic, online calculator or by calling the Advisory service of the manufacturer. Quite often held all sorts of promotions, including free production of a fence or gate when you order the fence from eurostudent.

Many people think a fence made of metal fence the optimal solution for fencing gardens and suburban areas. The erection of such a fence does not require significant financial costs, guardrail easy to assemble by yourself and gives you the chance to prove himself as a designer, combining a metal fence with other building materials.

Unilateral fence, painted in chocolate color

If you do not have practical skills in construction, or the free time you have is limited, it is possible to choose a reliable manufacturer of eurostudent and you can order the model with the installation. Surely made professionals fence will have a very decent and attractive look.


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