A fence made of profiled sheet with his own hands: photo of interesting solutions

Opt for a fence of corrugated Board, you’ll get an elegant design that not only outline the perimeter of the household, but also protects the yard from prying eyes. Variety of colors allows you to select material in tune with existing cladding and roof coverings. And light weight and simple mounting method enables to install a fence made of profiled sheet with their hands, with even minor skills in construction.

For the manufacture of corrugated sheet steel is used – lightweight but durable material

The contents

  • 1 features and benefits sheet metal for the fence
  • 2 trapezoidal Sheet for fence: sizes, prices sheets
    • 2.1 the dimensions of the trapezoidal sheet for fence
    • 2.2 Profiled sheets for fences: price list
  • 3 Fences made of profiled sheet. Photo of design modern fences
  • 4 How to make a fence out of steel sheets
    • 4.1 Fence made of profiled sheet with their hands. Prepare the material and place for installation
    • 4.2 Methods of installation of pillars for fence with their hands
    • 4.3 Installation of horizontal rails and fastening the corrugated sheet

Properties and benefits of the metal sheet for fence

The appearance on the market of corrugated sheets has contributed to widespread use of this material in various fields of construction. It is successfully used for fencing the territory of the private, public and industrial use. The material has several unique properties that allow it to give preference to the device of fences made of profiled sheet:

  • high strength and durability — thanks to the stiffeners, wall profiled sheet has the strength and light weight. On the strength of the panels is affected by sheet thickness, shape and height of the ribs. The polymer composition of the coating prevents corrosion and provides material for a long lifetime, which can be 40-50 years;

A fence of corrugated Board on a stone base

  • resistance to wind load according to the wind prevailing in your area, you can select the required sheet thickness capable of withstanding such a load;
  • wide color gamut — profiled sheet is available in different colors, which you can choose according to RAL scale (standard colour) focusing on individual preferences and maintaining the architectural composition;
  • versatility — the material can be used not only for fencing but also for the construction of small outbuildings and sheds;
  • sufficient insulation — fence capable of keeping the street noise and the rumble of passing cars;
  • simplicity and ease of installation — corrugated, lightweight material, assembling it can produce even one person it is mounted using special screws with a polymer coating;

Corrugated sheet endures temperature extremes and exposure to moisture

  • easy care — shaped sheet is well washed in the usual way, does not require periodic maintenance. In the formation during the installation process, accidental damages, they can be quickly eliminated by treating the scratches with paint of the corresponding color from a container;
  • attractive price — the leaves of sheets for the fences have a reasonable cost in comparison with materials such as traditional metal, brick or stone.

A useful tip! Choosing corrugated sheets for fencing, prefer stenosoma sheet with lighter weight and a variety of profile shape. This material has a lower cost than analogue roofing and as fencing could handle the wind load.

Profiled sheets are distinguished by high step edges that affect the strength of the material

Wall profiled flooring is used for fences, is characterized by the shape of the profile with small height of the trapezoid is 8-25 mm and is characterized by simplicity and grace of the coating. It can be used as a self-enclosing structure as a backdrop, for example, for a wrought iron fence.

Trapezoidal sheet for fence: sizes, prices sheets

To correctly calculate the required amount of material for installation of a fence made of profiled sheet with their hands, and properly plan out the spacing of the support posts, you should have an idea about its main dimensions and markings.

An example of fastening sheets of corrugated sheets on the joists taking into account the topography of the earth

The dimensions of the trapezoidal sheet for fence

Sheets of corrugated sheet, given the configuration and height of the profile are classified in separate groups:

  • marking With — wall profiled sheet used for the construction of walls, partitions and walling, and also for decorative facing surfaces and insulation of walls;
  • labeling of the H — profiled sheet used for the construction or strengthening of bearing structures;
  • marking of the national Assembly — the universal profile, which has found application in roofing, walls and ceilings. A considerable height of the sheet with a small thickness and the wave height.

Galvanized sheet surface ensures high corrosion resistance

The main difference of a wall of the profile carrier is the height of the trapezoid and the presence of additional ribs. This difference is due to the use of corrugated sheets, H grade in structures where the load on the material is much higher.

The length of the sheets is different depending on the manufacturer of the profile and ranges from 0.4 to 12 m, but the standard is a height of 2 m. the following are the options most used brands of corrugated sheets.

Table 1: Sheet metal fence: tile dimensions:

The sheet parameters,
mmrca profiled listas 8C 10C 18C 20C 21СН 35Общая ширина120011501150115010511060Рабочая ширина115011001100110010001000Толщина металла0,4:0,80,4:0,80,6:0,70,45:0,70,4:0,70,5:0,9 Height волны81018202135Расстояние between ребрами62,54591,67137,56570

A useful tip! The installation of the profiled sheets is overlapped, it is necessary that a larger region of the ribs completely covered the edge with a smaller edge.

Profiled sheets for fences: price list

The cost of a profiled sheet depends on several factors: the thickness of the metal, the shape of the profile and the type of protective polymer coating. With increasing thickness of the metal increases its value. For example, the price of corrugated sheet 0.7 mm thick will be higher than a similar sheet of 0.4 mm by about a third.

The structural strength of the material gives it shape in the form of corrugated profile

Pretty budget is galvanized sheet metal. The zinc coating makes the material resistant to corrosion in comparison with ordinary leaves. In turn, the corrugated sheets with polymeric coating has a greater degree of protection, but its price is 30-35% higher than galvanized.

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As for the shape of the profile, the higher it is, the stiffener larger and higher bearing capacity of the sheet. Accordingly, the cost of such material will be more. Digit in the marking of sheets specifies the height of the waves in the mm For fence made of profiled sheet with their hands mostly use wall profile, which is considered the most economical, less commonly used corrugated roofing.

Below are approximate prices for popular types of steel sheets from different manufacturers.

Table 2: Price metalloprofil sheets for the fence”:

Brand, proizvoditelnosti
patriciamolina metal mm sheet Medline
sheet mana per m2, RUB полнаярабочаяGrand Line Optima, РоссияС08нет0,412001160500-8000209Grand Line Optima, РоссияС08полиэстер0,3512001160500-8000232Grand Line Optima, РоссияС08полиэстер0,412001160500-8000239Grand Line Optima, РоссияС10нет0,511801150500-8000318Grand Line Optima, РоссияС10полиэстер
satin0,511501110500-8000350Grand Line Optima, РоссияС08полиэстер0,4120011602000577Grand Line Optima, РоссияС21полиэстер0,510511000500-12000698Grand Line Optima, РоссияС10полиэстер0,511801150500-3000742

A useful tip! In order not to overpay for the brand during the purchase of corrugated sheets can be purchased a material from a less well-known, but producing quality products manufacturers. You should read reviews and recommendations.

Fences made of profiled sheet. Photo of design modern fences

Given the huge variety of color profiled sheet for the fence, you can choose any shade. The most commonly used colors for fences brown (chocolate), green (moss green), cherry (red wine), fencing these colors look well-rounded and aesthetically pleasing. Very popular profiled sheets made with a texture that imitates wood or granite.

Fence made of corrugated sheet, does not require additional care

A separate group can be distinguished fences of corrugated Board, which is combined with wood, stone, brick or metal. The ability of the sheets to the combining gives unlimited possibilities for the manifestation of the designer’s imagination. Often fences use a combination of several types of material such as brick, wrought iron elements and of the profiled sheet.

To the classic variant include a fence of corrugated Board with pillars made of natural stone or brick depending on the architectural development of the plot. Thanks to the installation of concrete cap, surface of which is coated with a suitable material, such a fence has a majestic appearance. It should be noted that installation of Foundation under the fence with brick pillars. For example, you can see photos of fences made of profiled sheet with brick pillars.

A fence of corrugated Board is known for its fast installation and the ability to reuse

To the construction of brick or stone look is appropriate, it is important to choose the color of the corrugated sheet. For example, with burnt brick goes well sheet metal-oxide-red color group or a shade of terracotta. If the columns and the parapet is lined with grey natural stone, the composition can be supplemented with a color sheet of light aluminum or corrugated sheet with a dark grey coating.

Quite interesting fences where the corrugated sheet is enclosed in a metal frame or framed with a special strap at the top. This strap covered with profiled sheet is more reliably protected from corrosion. The presence of piped sections in the security fence makes it almost invisible design of gates and wickets. Such fences have a neat finished appearance.

Sectional fence of metal profile is easier to place on uneven terrain

Not so long ago appeared on the market corrugated sheet fences with scalloped top edge. Drawing sections of these enclosures has a shape in the form of waves or peaks. The design of this fence is as close to the traditional version of the wooden fences. You should pay attention to the fact that the integrity of the sheet of corrugated in such a fence is not impaired.

Elegant look fence made of metal profile, metal decorated, carved or forged components. Lace patterns metal plates can decorate not only the sections of the fence, but gate. Selected a beautiful color background of corrugated sheets, it appeals to wrought compositions, and will make a unique fence, retaining the shape of the design.

A fence of corrugated Board with laminated wooden frame

Today you can buy ready-made wrought-iron ornaments in the construction of retail outlets. Selecting the picture to your taste you can weld these items to the metal frame sections of the fence made of profiled sheet. Use inspiring photos of fences made of profiled sheet with their hands.

For a comprehensive understanding of the stages of construction check out our video of fences made of profiled sheet with their hands.

How to make a fence out of steel sheets

To learn how to build a fence out of steel sheets with their hands to learn the basic characteristics and properties of corrugated sheets, examples of installation of building envelopes. The Internet contains numerous stories about how to build a fence out of steel sheets with his hands. Video gives detailed information about the stages of work.

A fence made of profiled sheet unilateral a height of 3 m

A fence made of profiled sheet with their hands. Prepare the material and place for installation

Before you begin building your fence you need to make the correct calculation of the required material, taking into account the basic parameters of fencing: length, height and design of the fence as a whole. When calculating the required number of corrugated sheets is taken into account the method of fixing them overlapping, the size of which ranges from 3 to 10 cm.

The perimeter of the site cleared of vegetation, debris and leveled. The corners of the plot are driven wooden posts, between which is fixed a cord. First mark the place of installation of gates and wickets, is determined by the step between the support pillars. Traditionally it ranges from 2-2,5 m to 3 m. In these places are driven intermediate pegs.

Fence of corrugated Board suitable for any house and land

Materials you will need:

  • profiled sheet — usually for fencing use sheets of corrugated Board grades 08 — C21. These foxes are used when the planned fence will have a height of 2-2,5 m. If the future of fencing is assumed greater than 3 m, it is recommended to use the material with the marking C20, C21. Experts advise to prefer proplist with a polymer coating;
  • metal supports for the poles used to profile hollow square tube (rectangular) cross section 60×60 mm 60×40 mm. wall Thickness is not less than 2 mm. the pipe for the pillars that will build the gate, use of a large section of 80×80 mm;

Drawing the gate of corrugated Board

  • horizontal rails — for the transverse lag, which subsequently will be attached to the sheet metal, apply core tube of smaller cross-section than the vertical supports will fit 20×20 mm or 20×40 mm with walls 2-2,5 mm. For the height of the fence 2-2,5 m lags are fixed in two rows at a distance of 1.5 m;
  • screws — for fixing sheets used roofing screws with rubber sealing washers, it is advisable to use galvanized fasteners. The pitch of the screws is taken from the calculation at 1 p. m material — 12-14 attachment points.

A useful tip! Sheets of corrugated sheet to the frame should be fastened with screws with thermo washers, then screw in the place where the bottom wave profile.

Profiled sheet well with concrete or brick pillars

The methods of installation of pillars for fence with their hands

With the installation of the supports you can use two types of Foundation: strip, under which is arranged a trench around the perimeter or a separate (local) basis under each leg. To learn how deep to dig fence post you must have an idea of the type of soils on the site. In the case of clay soils, make a pit 0.9 m, if the soil is loose — 1.2 m.

How to install poles for fences? Before install the supports at the corners of the perimeter of the bottom of the pits is covered with roofing material. When all the pillars are installed at the upper edge of the pull cord construction, so checking the correctness of their installation height. Between the corner posts are placed intermediate supports, keeping the distance between the fence posts at 2.5 m.

The scheme of mounting the fence of corrugated Board

After installation of the supports in the pit, they poured crushed brick, stones, well tamped, pour water and concreted. Then kept for two weeks prior to the full setting. While the mortar is still wet, check the verticality of installation of each pole and, if necessary, position the racks align.

Installing a fence made of profiled sheet with their hands, many prefer the use of screw posts for a fence. The upper part of these supports is a tube of square section, and the bottom is made in the form of screw piles. Thus, this support is easy to install, spinning as long as the round part will not enter the soil. And with a square upper part of the tube is convenient to use any elements of the fence.

The profile can play the role as an independent fence, and part of the fence with brick walls

If you plan a fence with brick pillars after pillars will be installed and concreted them overlaid with bricks. However, note that if not satisfied with the tape base, then at each pole of bricks required to make a separate Foundation.

Installation of horizontal rails and fastening the corrugated sheet

Fastening guides lag to the posts produced by a welding connection. The amount of horizontal rails depends on the height of the fence, and the distance between adjacent crossbars is 1.5 m. once all the joists will be welded should be thoroughly cleaned the mating places and paint finished metal frame.

Beautiful design stationary fence will be a combination of wood with metal profile

The Assembly of the gate and the input gate starting from the manufacture of frames, design which strengthen the diagonal stripes. To make the structure stability of a rack of a gate and gate interconnect of the transverse beam. Ready-made frames, gates and wickets are fixed on the supporting pillars and is covered by a profiled sheet.

Fastening sheets of corrugated Board is carried out using screws of the appropriate color. Join the sheets overlap by coating each successive sheet with one wave following. Trim start from the gate in both directions. The recommended spacing between screws — two waves profile.

Circuit device gate of a metal profiled sheet

A useful tip! To save installation time and efficient use of materials will help pre-drill holes in the metal rails in all the places where there are screws.

Using expert tips and videos on installing a fence of corrugated Board, you can mount a beautiful and durable design of the fence on his plot.


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