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The kitchen is an important stage in the life of every inhabitant of the house, because in this room the family spends much of its time. That is why it is so important that your kitchen fits your preferences. The modern solution for design – glass kitchen aprons, skinali, photo you can see in this article. What guided the choice of this functional, decorative element, consider the following.

Glass apron with fotoprint and LED backlight

The contents

  • 1 What are shower gels
    • 1.1 advantages of skinali kitchen: photo of beautiful aprons
    • 1.2 the shortcomings of the apron in the kitchen of glass: photo-examples of usage
    • 1.3 Aprons for kitchen, shower gels, design options pane of glass
    • 1.4 Tips for choosing skinali kitchen catalog of images
    • 1.5 Variants of fastening of an apron for the kitchen from the glass: a photo of three ways
  • 2 Kinds of aprons for kitchen glass: a
    • 2.1 Stalinit: apron made of tempered glass
    • 2.2 Laminated glass: backsplash laminated glass
    • 2.3 Apron Plexiglas
  • 3 Kitchen apron made of polycarbonate
  • 4 Apron for kitchen, plastic
    • 4.1 Pros and cons of kitchen apron, plastic
  • 5 Apron for the kitchen from MDF
    • 5.1 Ways of fastening panels made of MDF
  • 6 Aprons for kitchen ceramic tile: photos and tips for material selection
    • 6.1 How to brick tile apron: photo tile in the kitchen
  • 7 How to calculate the required size of the apron

What is skinali

For starters, let’s see what skinali and what they do in the kitchen? SkinName called the glass panel coated with the pattern or just plain. They are made to order and therefore can be made in any size and color.

Skinali is a glass panel with a colored backing

The main purpose of application skinali – surface protection of the wall above the countertop and gas stove from splashes of fat and water. Therefore, the main requirement for this product – easy cleaning and washing. But beyond the functional purpose, kitchen apron is also used as a decoration. You can easily make your interior some bright colors thanks to modern technology. Today it is possible to implement any bold idea, having made an apron with a unique design, making your kitchen brighter and more attractive.

Bright contrasting apron on the background of white kitchens

The benefits of uninterruptible power supplies for kitchen: photos of beautiful aprons

The pros of using glass apron in the kitchen is obvious:

  • a pane of glass looks organic in any interior. It goes well with any matte and glossy surfaces, especially because you can choose the photo catalog of images of fashion jewelry for the kitchen;
  • work on the installation of any type of glass take very little time, and it is almost always no more than 2 hours;

A transparent glass panel installed on top of the colored Wallpapers

  • glass splashbacks are more hygienic in comparison with tiles, so they have no seams, which could accumulate dirt;
  • whole glass surface in the kitchen increases the visual space, making the room more spacious and fresh;
  • kitchen glass backsplash – huge field for your imagination. Thanks to modern technology, you can decorate it with photos and stereopathy, order a special substrate (as plain or with print) or to make on the surface of a sandblast pattern. Photo kitchen apron made of glass perfectly demonstrate this;

Turquoise apron echoes the upholstery of the chairs

  • the surface of the apron is optional, you can choose any: matte, glossy or textured (photo sinala clearly show);
  • glass allows you to implement your own ideas in the design of the kitchen, for example, under the glass, you can insert a photo collage of your family photos, or a beautifully printed recipes;

Glass apron in the kitchen in classic style

  • clear glass can be placed over your existing finish like stone or wood, protecting them from dirt and damage, but it does not hide their beauty. The same principle can be used to protect your Wallpaper or paint on the walls;
  • glass backsplash goes well with any kind of lighting. You can see in the catalog skinley for the kitchen on the manufacturers ‘ websites.

Original print painting on glass liqueurs

The shortcomings of the apron in the kitchen of glass: photo-examples of usage

Not devoid of a glass apron and some disadvantages:

  • this kind of kitchen aprons cannot be called budget, with the exception of Plexiglas. The average cost of this beauty starts from 4700 rubles per 1 m2 (including installation cost);
  • manufacture and installation of apron – a rather complicated matter, which does not tolerate improvements and alterations. Therefore, in most cases, the panel installation is only possible after final Assembly of the entire headset. Sockets, switches and various communications should also be fully established by this time;

Apron bright fuchsia in the modern kitchen

  • the process of manufacture and design of uninterruptible power supplies is a certain amount of time, averaging from 7 to 14 days depending on the manufacturer;
  • the choice of the design kitchen apron will require you to have good taste and sense of proportion. Otherwise, you can ruin the whole interior bad color, or excessive brilliance and diversity of the surface.

On the kitchen apron, you can print photos of loved ones

Aprons for kitchen, shower gels, design options pane of glass

There are several ways to make tempered glass:

  • stemalit, or as it is called – abratoceon glass. The production process in this case is quite simple: the surface is painted with colored enamel, and then tempered. As a result, the paint and glass become inseparable from each other;

Stylish kitchen backsplash mirror panels

  • Catinat is frosted glass. Not venturing into its production process, we can say that the result looks very nice, but it is more care than the usual transparent, unbleached toughened glass. And the cost a bit higher;
  • skinali – these are the glass panels, which uses a special substrate with any image. This is suitable as the printing and stereotactic. However in the first case, the cost will increase by 30-50%, and in the second – twice;

A pane of glass protects the wall from water drops and grease

  • optifit glass obtained as a result of the bleaching process. It does not have the characteristic bluish or greenish hue and is perfect for creating aprons with bright, detailed drawings. The purity of the glass allows you to transfer even the most minor elements of the substrate. But it is important to understand that such features will have to pay, and the cost of glass optifit will be 1.5-2 times higher than normal. Pictures kitchens with glass backsplash “cherry” perfectly illustrates how bright and clear can be a painting.

Photo-print with the image of cherries is very popular among consumers

A useful tip! Modern technology offers to use a kitchen apron as a lamp. This is possible thanks to the built-in LED backlight, led strip gluing or installing spotlights under the cabinets.

Fashion jewelry made in the laconic design

Tips for choosing skinali kitchen catalog of images

Choosing a panel of tempered glass you need to consider many factors. Here are some tips that will help you not to confuse a huge number of suggestions:

  • The best glass thickness for kitchen – 6 mm. It is durable enough to withstand serious blows. It is permissible to use 4 mm stalinite, but remember that his strength is much less.
  • The cost of the apron tempered glass includes all processes, from measuring to installation. To the price also affects the required number of slots and mounting method.
  • Image for fashion jewelry you can choose absolutely any. Examples and photos of the aprons of glass photo printing for kitchen you can see on specialized sites.

Examples photos design and drawings for skinali

Choosing a pattern for the apron, it is important to proceed not only from the figure of beauty images, but its relevance in the overall interior of the kitchen. Look through the catalog of images of kitchen aprons made of glass, you can get a full picture of all possible design options.

A useful tip! Interior designers recommend not to use images with more than three colors is in the kitchen creates a sense of confusion.

Variants of fastening of an apron for the kitchen from the glass: a photo of three ways

There are three ways of fixing kitchen apron and before to order it from the manufacture, you need to decide which one you will use:

Method 1. Mount with screws. This is the easiest and most convenient method of installation of an apron that can be used on absolutely any surface, even the most uneven. Moreover, the panel can be remove and attach again. Thus between the surface of the wall and the apron remains a gap of about 4 mm. To create a more aesthetic appearance, the screws are put on special plugs.

The stages of the mounting of the glass apron with screws

Method 2. Mounting using hinged fasteners. For this purpose, metal plate clips, which is inserted into the panel. This option is often used for installation is not integral apron, as it allows exactly the docked parts.

Installation diagram pane of glass using magnets

Method 3. Mount with liquid nails or glue. This method allows to fix the panel without the use of visible fasteners, respectively, without violating its integrity. That’s just to put the apron on the glue only on perfectly smooth and prepared for this wall.

Steps of installation of disconnectors with a special adhesive

A useful tip! The gap between the apron and glass surface table, you need to close the area. In the presence of seams, they should be treated with a special sealant.

Variety of aprons for kitchen glass: a

When choosing a glass backsplash for kitchen the important role played by technical specifications, such as resistance to shocks, temperature extremes and high humidity. Examine each type of glass individually, as well as a photo image catalogs glass aprons for kitchen, highlighting the inherent advantages and disadvantages.

The apron is installed along the entire height of the working wall

Stalinit: apron made of tempered glass

Stalin (tempered glass) is obtained by high temperature heat treatment. Conventional silicate glass is first very strongly heated and then suddenly cooled.

A clear advantage stalinite before any other kind of glass – strength. Its resistance to shock 5-10 times higher than normal. If still break this apron, it is very difficult to represent small pieces, which cannot be cut as their faces are stupid.

Tempered glass very strong and shock proof

Another advantage of toughened glass is its insensitivity to temperature changes and overheating. Setting the bar of this material over the gas stove, you can not worry about its safety. Glass thus treated, is resistant to the influence of any external factors. It can be washed with a stiff brush and abrasive detergents. It does not scratch, does not tarnish and is not afraid of water. The service life of stalinite is about 10 years.

Photo glass aprons for kitchen will help you to get an idea about the visual attractiveness of such a choice.

Bright glass apron with a delicate pattern

Of disadvantages of using kitchen toughened glass can distinguish its price. The cost of stalinite is higher than that of ordinary glass. To change the size or to make any additions (e.g., holes) there is no way. All the necessary operations with the glass can be performed only by the manufacturer before the process of tempering glass. Therefore, mistakes and failures in this case are invalid. The time of manufacture of such a panel is approximately 1 weeks.

A black and white picture skinali it matches the color of the cabinets

Laminated glass: the triplex backsplash

Laminated glass – this glass is composed of multiple glued together with resin film layers. While the panel can consist of as organic and silicate or hardened sheets. The standard thickness of laminated glass 8 mm. Pictures kitchens with glass backsplash, you’ll be able to find on the Internet.

The main advantages of using this kind of glass – absolute security. Thanks to the polymer film even in case of damage of glass fragments can crumble and cause injury. Besides, this kind of panels are very durable and resistant to changes in temperature, and care for him very simple.

A bold print and a light in the kitchen working wall

Among the shortcomings, perhaps, we can allocate very high cost and long production time. The price of triplex is several times higher than other types of glass. Time on average necessary to produce this apron 14-30 days.

Design options kitchen backsplash laminated glass:

  • photo printing;
  • the decoration of one of the layers of glass;
  • use a mirror or foil;
  • imitation of fabric or leather.

Glass apron bearing the image of the sea shore

Backsplash plexiglass

Plexiglass is a separate kind of material, widely used in construction and decoration. Often it can be found under such names: glass, acrylic, plexiglass, akrilayts, limacryl and many others.

Properties of Plexiglas that made it so popular are obvious. It is very light and flexible. While cheap and quite demanding to the quality of the surface on which it will be placed. Work with it easily you can own by resizing and cutting out extra holes for sockets. This material is completely eco-friendly and moisture resistant. While it is an indicator of the impact resistance is very high. When burning acrylic plastic does not emit toxic substances. The plexiglass is transparent, colored or with printing.

With liqueurs you can order only the part of the wall near the stove

The disadvantages of this material include its ability to wear out quickly, fade and scratch. Caring for the plexiglass does not use hard brushes, abrasives or products containing alcohol and acetone. Another serious drawback – low temperature barrier. When heated above 80°C the glass may be deformed. This fact eliminates the possibility of placing it over a gas stove.

Kitchen apron made of polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a material having features in common with plexiglass, but surpasses it in terms of quality.

Bright pink apron is made of polycarbonate in the kitchen

This material is the best budget option for creating a beautiful kitchen apron. The cost of this product will be significantly lower panels of stalinite or triplex as the quality is much higher than that of Plexiglas. Polycarbonate durable, high-temperature resistant and lightweight material.

Its only drawback – the ability to quickly scratch in the event of careless handling. As a result, over time, he looks worse than ordinary glass.

Fashion jewelry is made of matte translucent polycarbonate

Apron for kitchen, plastic

Another material, designed to create cooking aprons – plastic. Aesthetic appearance of such products allows to use them in any interior. And beauty they are not inferior nor glass nor ceramic tile. The hardness, strength and resistance to external influences make plastic worthy competitor to many materials.

A variety of photos of aprons in the kitchen of plastic you can look on specialized websites.

Apron, plastic, practical and cheap solution

Installation of plastic apron – the process is relatively simple. After the material is acquired, you can begin pruning and trimming to the desired size. For this you can use a hacksaw with fine teeth. Of course, to save time you can use an electric jigsaw, but in this case, to obtain smooth edges will be more difficult.

You can then begin the process of fixing. To create the sheathing, use wooden slats with a thickness of 0.5 cm and length 2.5 cm, With dowels the same level must be attached to the wall under the kitchen Cabinet, and the second on top. Then, using a staple gun or liquid nails, there is a plastic panel.

Stages of installation of plastic apron

To give the apron a neat finished appearance, between the bottom sheet and the top can be glued with special plinth, and on top, the plastic bead. Prices, photos of aprons for kitchen, plastic can be pre-viewed on the manufacturers ‘ websites.

The pros and cons of kitchen apron, plastic

Opponents of plastic panels for kitchen, argue their opinions that, over time, appear on the apron of the micro-scratches, especially when used to clean a hard sponge and chemically active substances. Besides, low-quality plastic does not respond well to high temperatures and can be deformed. One modest disadvantage of such aprons – stains that remain on the surface as a result of falling water.

On colorful apron will not be as noticeable splashes of water

However, the benefits of plastic aprons with more than cover all the disadvantages of this material. So be sure to check out our catalog of kitchen plastic aprons with photo printing.

The advantages of plastic aprons for the kitchen:

  • to clean apron plastic, you can use absolutely any cleaning supplies.
  • resistant to moisture and high temperatures;
  • one-piece plastic sheet is easy to cut to desired size;
  • the plastic used made kitchen apron, completely environmentally friendly and safe for health.

The image quality for fashion jewelry, you can choose a family photo

Apron for the kitchen from MDF

MDF is a fiberboard of medium strength. It consists of small, compressed under high pressure and temperature, chips. The binder material is lignin, which in contrast to the usual formaldehyde, environmentally friendly and safe for health. Note: the photo kitchen apron made of MDF with photo printing, and you will see that they are no worse than even glass.

Apron made of MDF combined with glass panel

The main advantages of the kitchen apron made of MDF:

  • low cost and domestically produced products are quite inexpensive;
  • the availability of purchase – order this apron can be almost any company that produces furniture;
  • a wide choice of colours – MDF panel does not absorb paint, it gets great looks when painting. In addition, you can order the production of kitchen apron made of MDF with printing;
  • environmentally friendly and safe material;
  • great for face milling.

Kitchen furniture and apron are made of the same MDF panels

The disadvantages include the following features of MDF aprons:

  • flexibility – over time, the apron can deform, bend and move away from the wall. To avoid this, it is necessary to pay special attention to its installation;
  • negative reaction to some reagents. Use in this case nitropaints, acetone or aggressive alkaline compounds is inadmissible;
  • MDF is very easily ignited and the burning process, emit harmful suffocating impurities.

The surface of MDF boards can be painted or decorated with colored film

A useful tip! If you have decided to calculate the required size and cut out the apron, be very careful – error in the smaller side, to correct the situation will be available.

Ways of fastening of the panel of MDF

As in the case of all other materials, there are three main types of attachment of the apron to the wall. However, as in the case of MDF often have to deal with attempts of self-Assembly, pay special attention to this. So three main ways:

  • liquid nails;
  • screws;
  • special claimer.

Apron from laminated MDF panels with imitation ebony

The most common mistake when choosing a method of fixing with screws – creating an excessive number of attachment points. Some craftsmen managed not only to enclose the screws the entire perimeter of the plate, but to have a few pieces in the middle.

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The market today, you can find special screws which hats decorated by the color of the wood, due to this they are practically invisible on the surface.

Concise MDF apron in a modern kitchen

If you decided to use liquid nails, it is important to remember that to apply a layer evenly across the rear surface of the panel. It is unacceptable to save on material and to coat only some parts of the apron. Over time, this might be the reason for the backlog items from the wall.

A useful tip! If the wall in the kitchen obviously uneven, and you doubt the reliability of fastening of an apron, you can combine two different ways, for example, liquid nails combined with screws securely attach the panel to any surface.

Before installing the apron on the wall is applied a special glue

Aprons for kitchen ceramic tile: photos and tips for material selection

To draw a kitchen apron you can, including using conventional ceramic tile. Most often the preference is given to standard-sized tiles 10 × 10 cm But sometimes you can find usedonlong size – 20×20 or 30×30 cm with regard to color and design, then the portfolio is unlimited in the commercially available materials of various colors and patterns. To verify this you can check the photo catalogs of aprons for kitchen tile.

Tiles with a fine mesh texture

Consider what criteria need to choose ceramic tile for backsplash in the kitchen:

  • the thickness of the tiles shall be not less than 4 mm;
  • the porosity of the material should be low;
  • tile must be glazed;
  • the labelling on the packaging must be “AA”.

A useful tip! Great for backsplash for kitchen tile “kabanchik”.

How to brick tile apron: photo tile in the kitchen

Lay out the backsplash tiles with your own hands is quite possible. To do this, simply follow the following algorithm:

  • the first thing to remove from the wall all the old materials. Then the surface should be leveled and plaster. If necessary, laid new wiring for outlets;
  • then you need to apply styling markup. Measured from the floor up 70-75 cm and using the level is a straight line. It would be laid out the bottom row of tiles;

Diagram veneer kitchen backsplash laying tile over the stove and sink

  • from lines measured upwards of 60-70 cm and in the same way you draw another line that is the edge of the top row;
  • if you are planning the placement of backsplash tiles above the kitchen stove, then you must put up additional 60-80 cm In width also it is better to leave allowances of 10-15 cm;
  • after all the measurements and marking the place where will be installed the tiles must primed;

Apron with a floral pattern in the kitchen, decorated in a classic style

  • on the marked line for the bottom number need to attach a wooden block or a plate of plasterboard. Then again check it with a level;
  • after all the preparatory work completed, you can start to cook the glue. It should be done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations indicated on the packaging;
  • using a special notched trowel the adhesive is applied on the wall with the expectation of laying 2-3 tiles;

Distressed mirror tile vintage style

  • lay out the first row using a special polypropylene limiters-crosses to create an even and neat stitches. Using a level, check the results;
  • if you need to cut individual tiles for installation in corners – use the tile or an angle grinder with a diamond wheel;
  • small irregularities of the wall you can hide by putting on the tile an additional coat of the same glue with a notched trowel;

Geometric pattern, lined with ceramic mosaic

A useful tip! The furrow left by the glue on the wall and on the tile should be laid in different (perpendicular) direction. This will provide a better grip.

  • in those places where you plan to install the outlet, it is necessary to proceed as follows: with a crown in the tile is a hole the right size. Then the tiles applied to the wall and make marks, according to which then is mounted to the electrical outlet;
  • then laid out all the rows of tiles;

For lining kitchen apron the used tiles of the original form

  • at the end of the tile carefully cleaned from dirt and adhesive residue;
  • a day later after installation, you can start to clean up the seams and removing the plastic crosses. Using a rubber spatula, apply a waterproof grout;
  • after the grout has dried, the tile surface should be thoroughly washed.

Niche above gas stove mosaics in blue

How to calculate the required size of the apron

If you don’t want to spend extra money on the services of a measurer, or you just want to sort out this issue, there are two ways of calculating the size of the apron.

Layout of shop equipment detailing all sizes

The first option requires that the height of the kitchen apron will be equal to the distance from the bottom edge of the hanging lockers to the floor. Design, of course, is more durable, but the price automatically becomes a lot more due to additional material consumption. The clearance between the upper and lower rows of cabinets in an average of 50-65 cm, this value must be added the height of the bottom cabinets. The width of the apron is equal to the length of the wall from corner to corner.

Manual for correct measuring: 1 — the width of the apron at the bottom of the line hanging cabinets; 2 — the width of the apron on the top line of the lower tables; 3 — the height of the apron at different points of space between the furniture

In the second case, the apron is put down over the table top at 20-25 mm. This allows you to get rid of the seam and a bit to strengthen the design. This distance is not critical, and can be changed at will and need. In this case, 50-65 cm of added clearance height overlap. Width, as in the first embodiment, will correspond to the length of the working surface.

The existing dimensions of finished fashion jewelry of glass

A useful tip! Relying the place of installation of sockets, it is recommended to keep allowances 2-4 mm. It will slightly adjust the position of the apron in the installation process.

The scheme of placing several glass Panella working on the kitchen wall

Kitchen apron is an important functional component of the interior. After all, except to protect the wall from splashing water and fat, it can make the design your contribution, making your kitchen the original, and the process of cooking enjoyable. Variants of surface design over the top, as we have seen, many. And they all have their advantages and disadvantages. So when choosing focus primarily on their own preferences and financial capabilities.


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