Arches in doorway, photo and examples

Unusually decorated with an aperture for the door is equally important to any interior design, than the design of the window opening or a good selection of furniture. The arch in the doorway, a photo of which is striking in unusual shapes and designs, made of various materials. Their choice significantly depends on the existing design of the room, and of course, from Finance, which is scheduled for implementation of the project. After all, the price range for such products is very wide. Large arched structure perform the task of zoning, and the deaf are secluded niches. The standard size of the aperture make it easy to hold the arch, which will be a fine solution to the problem of small spaces.

Arched doorways in the interior

The contents
1 the Pros and cons of arch designs in doorways
1.1 Advantages of the arched door designs
1.2 Disadvantages of arched structures
2 What are the arches in the doorway, and photo types
3 what and how to make an arch in a doorway
4 How to make registration doorways without doors photos and technology
5 Installing arch in a doorway (video)
The pros and cons of arch designs in doorways

If you have decided to radically change the interior of your apartment and get rid of the doors in some rooms, you need certainly to know about all the advantages and disadvantages of arched doorways.

Trim the door opening with natural wood

The advantages of the arched door designs

If you look closely, it is possible to allocate following advantages of arches in doorways:

  • they visually enlarge the space. This effect is achieved through a blurring of the boundaries between the two areas, with the result that the area is really increasing;
  • free passage of fresh air. The absence of doors allows air to circulate freely between the adjacent rooms;

Rectangular arched doorway

  • the possibility of zoning a huge living area. With the arch it is possible to separate the kitchen from the dining room to divide the room into zones, with a holistic perception of the entire premises is maintained;
  • the extension angle. You can watch what is happening in the moment with you in the next room, for example, the stove or a small child;
  • aesthetics and style. The arch looks much more interesting than a regular door, it helps to create an absolutely unique interior.

The doorways are adorned with decorative elements

Disadvantages of arched structures

Arch also have some logical flaws, which do not allow to build them anywhere:

  • the total lack of soundproofing. Everything that happens in the room in any case will be heard perfectly;
  • the spread of odors throughout the apartment. This is especially sensitive in the case of the arch between the kitchen and living room;
  • the impossibility of no privacy. Arch that replaces the door makes it impossible to be alone in a big family.

Arch in the living room

You need to understand the types of arches in order to better understand how it will look in the design of doorways with no doors. Photos of the different options will help to resolve this challenge.

A useful tip! To solve the question whether the construction of the house the arched structure, it is necessary to examine the overall style of your interior. In addition, it is required to determine the functional purpose of premises and approx plan and the other options: with doors and without them.

Rounded arched doorway in the room

What are the arches in the doorway, and photo types

Well-built arch should ideally match the style of the interior and thus it is necessary to emphasize directly the doorway. To do so, first you need to define the project and to choose the most suitable type for the manufacture of arched structures in the doorway. How to make the arch, we’ll look at later. Now we list and describe the main types of arches:

  • round design of the arch physically expanding the doorway. It is best to build for the zoning of a small living room or at the entrance of the hallway;
  • classic elongated ellipse is familiar to all. That’s what we used to call the arch – the curved top portion having a smooth transition to the side surfaces;

Classic arch in the kitchen

  • rectangular. It is also called the portal. In fact this is a common doorway is rectangular in shape, in which the door was missing and door unit replaced with the decorative lining;
  • a portal with a rounded. The same rectangular opening, but with smooth and rounded corners on top;
  • asymmetrical arch. The most interesting and unusual form, require the construction of the frame and covering it with drywall. Can be made any shape and configuration.

Asymmetric arched doorway

In addition to these main types of arches designers tend to allocate an additional arch style: Gothic, modern, or British, Empire, Slavic, Thai, Roman.

How to make an arch in a doorway

Arches in doorway, photo are most often made of brick, wood, stone, natural and artificial, aluminum, plastic, but most often from the drywall. This is natural, since a material such as drywall is a very versatile and convenient in installation and handling. It is possible to make almost any curved shape. It is eco-friendly and will not hurt nor whose health, even young children. The price of drywall is accessible to all.

In the wide arched doorway is a rack with shelves

A useful tip! The arch of plasterboard can be easily integrated spotlights. They will add an extra charm to the whole structure.

Round arch of the drywall

Perfectly suitable for decoration of doorways arched way plastic. In contrast to the drywall, it does not need nothing more than additionally cover Many panels have their own pattern. This material is also quite easy to install and care for. Are attached to the panel with liquid nails directly to the wall, whereas for some materials need frame.

Arch in living room

Very rich look of stone and brick decoration of doorways with no doors. Photos of such options is very chic. If brick arches doing by creating a real masonry, finishing artificial stone produced on the surface of the drywall. The result in either case is just delicious.

An arched doorway in brick wall

There are ready-made designs of wood or particle Board with various coatings. Installation for obvious reasons is very simple. It is only necessary to remove the old door unit and purchase a design appropriate to the size of a standard doorway.

The doorway is made of wood

A useful tip! Wooden arches in the doorway, a photo of which look very nice and presentable, you can order master, engaged in wood carving. Then your design and it will be exclusive.

Wooden arch in the hallway

How to make decoration of doorways with no doors: a photo and technology

Before making the arch in the doorway, you need to dismantle the entire door unit completely. To do this, first Unscrew the door, after which a grinder or a crowbar to dismantle the unit itself. Then either leave the opening the same size or change them according to project in the direction of increase or decrease. After that, sweep all the dust and debris from construction.

The arch in the bedroom

In the second stage, produce erection of the arch structure. The method of installation depends on the material. The rules for each are different. At the final stage, if necessary, produce the finishing arch in the doorway. Photo of using various finishing materials and decorative overlays can be found without difficulty.

Application of arch structures in the design of residential areas will create in the interior of a house or apartment that flavor, which will always be to draw the attention of your guests.

Installing arch in a doorway (video)


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