Bad design – what to do?

Furnished room, sometimes, is a very difficult task. In General, this problem depends entirely on the room itself, and most often found in houses built before the revolution, and little suited to a comfortable life. The same sin and communal services of the Soviet Union, apartment, remodel in the era of the 80-90 years of the twentieth century.

The long room is very typical for standard buildings. And adequately furnish such a “case” is very, very difficult. A limited set of options for placement of objects, the impossibility of forming a cosy area for recreation or sleep, psychological discomfort from impression of “looming” walls. However, not all bad – sound approach will help even such a seemingly hopeless room, to put in proper form. And it can be done in several ways.

The choice of the method mainly depends on the number and placement of Windows. Easier to work with a room in which no more than two Windows, located on a long wall. Utilizing a mobile or landline (to your taste) partition, you can divide the room into two separate equal degree of illumination. It does not matter if the window only one, unlit part can serve as an office with a Desk, office equipment, artificial lighting and ventilation. As partition you can use the wardrobe that opens on the inner side of the Cabinet.

However, not everybody likes these room-corners. If the zoning is a necessity, but visually reduce the space is not desirable, you can use the technique of neutralization remote end of the room by setting the podium. The podium is formed by different levels of flooring. The room will look spacious and at the same time to create the effect of two different rooms. On the catwalk it is convenient to equip the workplace in the kitchen, a mini office in the living room, a computer corner, a sleeping area for bedrooms, a place to bath in the bathroom.

Pencil box-living in terms of zoning with the use of the podium in the end – a truly inexhaustible storehouse of ideas. Here it is possible to place a large multi-function sofa (style chill-out), a glass table-a wardrobe with a variety of statues, pictures, collections, musical instruments, vases, etc., Winter garden, equipped on the podium, will delight visitors and guests, and give the living room a very unusual, unique look. To enhance the effect of the podium you can put pretty tiles. The remaining space to hold the furniture in the usual order.

Room can be not only inconvenient shape, but designed in such a way that placing furniture so as you want, very difficult. Mostly found in rooms where door and window openings are not very well located. Again come to the aid of the idea of the correction plan. Start with a door – replace design on the hinged sliding or door-gamesco, if the door when opened takes up space and hinders the furnishings. For the corner room with two Windows solution would be the use of suspended sliding partition (as an option – the screen). Here you can create a cozy Seating area by placing a sofa, chair.

There is another way to operate the angle between the two Windows is the way of the fillet. The result will resemble that of a Bay window, accentuated by the curtain between the window and the semicircle of the wall. Here perfectly fit the semicircular sofa in the English spirit. In the case of a kitchen-Studio, are derived from two combined rooms, very handy to have the protruding bar or folding table.

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