Basic rules of redevelopment

Real estate transactions – one of the constant participants of the business. Of course, sellers in the market are not faced with the need to address such issues as confined to the payment for a trading place. A real businessman will need an office, which is probably subjected to alteration and redevelopment in accordance with the specific activities and personal preferences of the Manager. Redevelopment – the process is complex and multifaceted, and amateurish approach to its implementation, subsequently, can cause a lot of problems. This is a significant overhead, prevents the early return to work, as a result, the backlog of competitors, sometimes hopelessly, material cost often exceeds the planned value, etc. in order to make alterations with minimal losses, and really need to know a few basic rules.

Before undertaking the alterations, select the building which will allow us to implement it. If the office is supposed to be placed in a house built in the late 19th century – early 20th century, and to this end bought a few apartments that you want to merge, by scrapping the walls and reshape new sections, most likely, nothing good is not over. Similar structures have wooden overlappings on wooden beams, which serve as a connecting element between the outer walls, and supported by wooden partitions interior. Over the years of overlap are subjected to significant wear and tear, decay, flat out. Therefore, their destruction threatens the collapse of the ceiling and other Grand events. It is better to choose for a home in the 30-60-ies.

The first rule

You need to know the technical condition of the buildings to be acquired office space. Preliminary “exploration” this is very important because the alterations should in no way affect the strength of the building – load-bearing walls, supports, beams, and life support of the whole structure. To clarify these points it is advisable to seek the help of professionals.

So, as you begin to design the redevelopment project you need to keep in mind that not:
• break or modify the ventilation system. The owners of the apartments, which dismantled ventilation ducts, you need to restore them in accordance with communal metering scheme ventilation. Otherwise, it threatens the judicial process.
• Hiding in the walls gas struts. They should be easily accessible.
• Place the kitchen in the living room, as it requires transfer of all utilities – gas, water, etc. contrary to the norms of the housing legislation.
• Move the bathroom to the living room, set in the bathroom, in the kitchen, if the apartments were connected.
• For mounting the door in the floor corridors and stairwells.

To change a gas stove to make her and reinstallation of the flexible hoses you need to notify the Mosgaz. Or better yet, use the services of their employees.

The facade of the house can be recovered only after the permission of the architectural Committee. The result of the transform must match the appearance of neighbouring buildings. If the building is an architectural monument, the prohibition of reconstruction.

After refueling will be obtained (technical report) and developed a redevelopment project, you should contact state authorities for a work permit, and apply for MVK (Interdepartmental Commission) of the city district.

The second rule

You need to study the law On the procedure of conversion of premises in residential buildings in the city territory of Moscow” № 37 dated 29.09.1999 G. it details the necessary documents and who they should be approved for submission to the IDC.

In addition to the above cases, the project must be agreed with the territorial bodies of architecture and town planning, fire and sanepidemiology control, balansoderzhatelem, housing and gas technical inspection. All these organizations need to provide copies and refueling project.

Very often in older homes there is insufficient power supply – they’re just not designed for a large number of modern household appliances, without which it can not work in any office. Permission for additional capacity and connection 3-phase input gives MKS Mosenergo. Power project agreed in MNIITEP, and its implementation holds a special organization licensed for this type of work.

The law States: “managing a residential home and the applicant must inform about the planned activities of persons occupying adjoining premises, and in coordination with them to execute acts, agreements of the parties with regard to possible compensation”. This means that the owners of the neighboring apartments must sign their consent in the presence of chiefs in DES or HOA (homeowners Association). It is advisable to carry out this procedure before or after the summer period, since problems may arise with the collection of all participants from the pores of the leaves. In an argument, it is possible to offer material or other consideration (for very fundamental and intractable).

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