Bathroom is a special place in apartment which gives the opportunity to get a boost of energy before a hard work day and night to help relax , retire and relax. In a bathroom our day originates , in it, he ends. Therefore , creating a bathroom design , you must carefully consider not only the overall design of the room , and pick up items of interior finishing , plumbing , lighting, and accessories .

Very important correctly to arrange well a bathroom. Even if it is small , it is necessary to equip the bathroom is convenient and practical , not forgetting about creating beautiful interiors that her visit helped you not only to restore vitality , but also to enjoy a break at the resort. The choice of bathroom design depends entirely on you and your attitude. Bathroom design can be done such that it was stylistically uniform with other premises in apartment , and it is possible that it was completely different from the overall design . A big part here needs like area and shape of the bathroom , but thanks to the developments of modern designers and you can choose exactly the style that you like.

If you decide to design a bathroom in a classic style , the walls is better to revet with a marble tile , the furniture in this case is chosen from natural stone , and its drawing and colour should correspond to furnish of walls. Colors of tiles you can choose according to your taste. Mandatory element of classical style is the use of materials such as granite or marble . For example , now popular marble table tops combined with light furniture tones. This style will suit and Venetian plaster imitating natural stone. However, this design will look stylish only in bathrooms of large size . Design in rustic style ( country ) allows to use natural materials with elements of simple finishes manual work. Widely used wicker furniture made of materials , resistant to high humidity. The ambience is created using the retro-style . The decoration of the walls is dominated by the tree of light brown tones or mahogany , and the furniture is also made of various wood species. Any Antiques related to the bathroom will emphasize the selected style . A great opportunity to experiment gives ethnic style . Bath occurs with wood or natural stone , preferably gray or brown. In the design used mostly natural materials. Modern technologies allow the design of the bathroom to carry out any fantasy .

However, be aware that often the bathroom is though a small but functionally important room in the apartment. Therefore , thinking through the interior of the bathroom should not forget about the fact that it is a large number of essential things : a bath or shower cabin , sanitary devices , furniture and other accessories. And in order for the bathroom to be comfortable you need to fully think through its arrangement , as the bath is placed in a room with high humidity and temperature.


The role of lighting in the bathroom is huge. Today’s designers believe that the bathroom should be one of the best-lit rooms in our house. Before you install lighting in the bathroom , you need to consider not only their location, which should highlight the selected design space. You need to carefully select light sources , considering such factors as high humidity , high temperature , harmful fumes emitted detergents. You need to choose the lamps that are resistant to temperature and corrosion , can handle moisture and maintain the required brightness. Such qualities have halogen lamps , wherein the low power consumption. If you have a suspended ceiling , there is nothing easier to incorporate into it the necessary number of lamps. You can make the backlight of the bath, or to install a few decorative lamps , stressing that the intimate nature of the bathroom. Also to create the necessary interior use mobile lamps that turn in any direction , change color and intensity of light. Such lamps , having high technical parameters will help to simulate the desired lighting effect in a small bathroom. For fans of the original designs there are special lights – illuminators , which are built into the floor. If you are very tired and want to relax , enough , to include floor lamps , in the bath, add fragrant foam, or salt , or you can light scented candles. The pleasure you’ll get will be fabulous. One of the important areas in the bathroom that needs a carefully thought-out lighting is the mirror. If both sides of the mirror , place a couple of lamps giving diffused light , first , it will be enough light , and second , the light will blind and distort the face. As for the mirror suitable neutral light , it is better to use halogen and incandescent bulbs. If the mirrors installed in the bathroom , unable to open , the lighting required for the internal content. In General , cabinets , drawers and shelves can be integrated spotlights. To the bathroom was normal lighting , illumination should be equal to 75 Lux. Mounting a lighting system , think carefully about the location of lights and laying of electrical wiring. In small bathrooms will be the most optimal use of two types of lamps. First – the hidden sources of light , which are mounted at the same distance from each other. Second – the visible light sources located on the perimeter near the ceiling . Bathroom you can visually enlarge , if you do vertical lighting.

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