Bathroom furniture trend

And we start with the characteristics of taste preferences of Russian consumers, thanks to which will always be in demand furniture that is timeless and beyond fashion. This applies, above all, colors. No matter how many offers on the market, palm among bathroom furniture always keeps white. On the bright cabinets, cupboards, cabinets look, admire, admire, but still choose white sets. However, white and white alike. Furniture in white matt or glossy white – this is a completely different sets.

Let buy less, but still like the Russians and black furniture, the more so when you create the unusual interior it is irreplaceable. There are also rare fans of furniture in brown or purple tones, ready to build your interior, starting from this color scheme, as they do not take it into account when working on the design of the premises is not possible. Bright colors selected unit.

Compatriots choosing furniture, starting from the appearance and quality of the sink …. That it often dictates the style. Now and in the subject bath equipment developed its own stylistic ink. Special value acquired thin bumpers and matching the width of the sink cabinets width, when the bowl for washing hands is not worn on top of the cabinet like a hat, and of one-piece construction. To achieve this effect has come to replace the ceramic cast marble. This new material, which is made of natural marble chips or quartz sand with the binder resin polyester. The surface of the product is covered by a protective layer – gelcoat. Because the products made of it are produced by mineral casting, it is possible to make bumpers and thinner than the ceramic shell, and more unusually shaped bowls.

The current trend in the design of modern bathroom interiors – furniture made of solid natural wood and veneered surfaces, artificially aged, which is now called the distressed. For the first time they have become widely used in the manufacture of kitchen furniture. But the bathrooms have given a special mood. This can be seen by the example of the furniture from the collection of “Tessa” Company Aquanet.

Stylish bathroom furniture are now equipped with the so-called integrated handles. This is when the handle part of the facade and stored with it in the same plane. They are now in the trend. Use these handy, but in a small room it is also practical, since the handle is not separated from the surface of the facade, and they can not be accidentally hurt, hit them.

Rapidly gaining popularity and bathroom furniture with facades of wood. Moreover, the fashion for popular wood species varies from year to year. Once was the actual dark walnut, wenge and then, after bleached oak. Now designers prefer eucalyptus wood. As she looks at the furniture front, you can see an example models from the collection of “Leeds” on Aquanet.

No less interesting texture color “Oak Country”, which is also a fashionable trend. “Madeira” is made from the collection of furniture in this color. There are generally used just two fashion trends: color “Oak Country” combined with high gloss. It looks like the neighborhood in one product is very noble.

In general, the latest furniture exhibitions, and primarily – Italian, most lucidly confirms the famous saying that all new – it is well forgotten old. So urgent are remixes of the theme of eternal classics, game combinations, textures. And it looks fresh and new.

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