Beautiful houses: pictures of the inside and outside. Interesting ideas on arrangement

The information in this article broadly covers the topic of beautiful homes: photos inside and outside with a detailed review of the main styles of design useful tips for creating unusual interior, the Council for the development of the yard and exterior of the house. The text discusses the main types of buildings of the most popular materials and good finishes of the facades of country houses.

Modern house with beautiful exterior and interior

The contents
1 Beautiful home: photos inside and outside in different styles
  1.1 Modern design houses pictures inside and outside
  1.2 English style inside and outside: photos of beautiful single-storey houses
  1.3 American style: pictures of beautiful houses inside and outside
  1.4 interior in the style of hi-tech: pictures of beautiful houses inside
  1.5 Design of the house inside of the interiors in the style of Provence
  1.6 country Style: photo of beautiful wooden houses inside and outside
  1.7 Arabic style: photo beautiful private homes inside and outside
  1.8 Minimalistic design: photo of a private home outside and inside
  1.9 Style Chalet: photos of beautiful houses of timber inside and outside
2 Design of the houses outside: the stoning of cheap and beautiful facade of the building
  2.1 Photos of wooden houses from the outside: how beautiful to paint or brick building under a timber
  2.2 Plastic cladding on the outside: the sheathing is cheap and nice suburban housing
  2.3 Cement cladding house exterior: how to decorate cheap and beautiful private house
3 construction of the roof: photo of beautiful roofs of private houses
4 the Porch in a private house: photo beautiful and unusual designs
5 the arrangement of the area and photos of the beautiful courtyards of private homes
  5.1 How to create a beautiful yard of a private house with his own hands: photo and tips
  5.2 a Beautiful wooden fences for private houses: photo
  5.3 design of the entrance to the courtyard: photo of beautiful gates for private homes

Beautiful houses: pictures of the inside and outside in different styles

Cozy and comfortable housing is no longer a dream. Each owner can create a unique design. This is confirmed by numerous photo beautiful small houses inside and outside, which are presented in this article.

Two-storey house with original architecture

The choice of style depends on the personal preferences of the owner. And the same can be cozy and modern house made of concrete and glass, and a small English cottage.

There are many areas for interior decoration inside a house. The most popular are the following styles:

  • Provence;
  • country;
  • Arabic;
  • the minimalist;
  • hi-tech;
  • English;
  • American;
  • Chalet;
  • modern.

Panoramic Windows allow you to admire the landscape of the local area


Modern design houses pictures inside and outside

Interior design and house designed in a modern style, is a lot like other popular destinations: high-tech and minimalism. The main features of contemporary architecture:

  • clear and simple lines;
  • refinement;
  • the focus is not on the interior, and the space;
  • the geometric shapes inherent in of furniture (pieces of furniture of the room should not be bulky, welcomed the monotony and the lack of intricate shapes, decorations);
  • functionality, and both in technique and in furniture and layout.

Modern one-storey house with an attic room

A useful tip! To create an interior in a modern style and use neutral colors as well as white and black. Bright and bold shades it is better to use partially for accents in a muted palette.


English style inside and outside: photos of beautiful single-storey houses

The English style will suit those seeking to create a home highly conservative design. His inherent restraint, solidity and respectability. In the British style reflected the aristocratic side of England with all its practicality and symmetry.

Beautiful house in a classic English style

Please note! The interior in the English style would not be complete if it lacks three key items: a bookcase, a fireplace and a chair with a high back.

Main features of English-style interior:

  • clear zoning of residential space;
  • for design of window and other surfaces of glass used in stained-glass Windows;
  • as surface finishes, used natural materials: stone or wood (oak);
  • in the rest rooms (bedroom, living room, library) installed fireplace with decorative shelf;
  • for the organization of lighting uses lamps with a muted glow, floor lamps and sconces;

Elegant English style in interior design

  • textiles composed of natural fabrics with a pattern of tartan, stripes or solid fabrics with small floral motifs;
  • allowed the use of decoration in the form of figurines, photo frames, portraits and paintings, mirrors and vases.

Interior design should obey the same rule of symmetry. Often the photo design of the houses from the outside looks conservative and even sullen. In rare cases, buildings can be two stories. And a beautiful staircase leading to the second floor of the living rooms serve as the element that separates the space.

The house in the English style with a loft


American style: pictures of beautiful houses inside and outside

American style democratic, despite its apparent high cost. The modern version of this trend is created on the basis of the abundance of technology, free layouts and functionality. For the purpose of preservation of the budget allowed the use of analogues of expensive natural materials.

A neat white house in the American style

The main features of American style interior:

  • free space (open space design, a larger size living space, interior organization around the axis located at the center);
  • loyal and eclectic colours (classic combination of brown and white hues or contrasting combinations like white with red and dark brown or blue, white and sand, etc.);

Living room with Bay window, American style

  • the sleek design of the walls (plastered surface is covered with a solid opaque paint or pasted over with Wallpaper, decorated with small drawings; it allowed the use of inserts in the form of stone or wooden panels made of natural or artificial materials).

A useful tip! To visually enlarge the space enough to remove from the premises of a partition and extra walls. After that, it is advisable to outline zoning using furniture and finishes.


American style in interior design


The interior in the style of hi-tech: pictures of beautiful houses inside

Ultra-modern high-tech style is characterized by restrained approach to décor and maximum reasonable use of the area. The space should not be just comfortable, and functional.

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Making home in a modern style, consider that the ultimate design needs to be cozy, comfortable, functional and Mature in the appropriate direction. The design of the room should be originally thought out and not overloaded with elements of furniture and bright decorative accents. Read more




Interesting design solutions. Popular styles of modern design. The characteristics of each direction.

The main features of the interior in the style of hi-tech:

  • the simplicity of the lines, the rigidity and rigor;
  • hidden behind a flat surface shelves and cabinets;
  • industrial materials, such as plastic, brick, glass, concrete, metal, untreated wood;
  • sliding doors, wardrobes and partitions;
  • the abundance of lighting fixtures, including built-in;
  • restrained colors – white, grey, black and metallic;
  • modern accessories and appliances;
  • the “naked” communications (pipes, panels).

Interior high-tech style is easily recognizable by the metallic brilliance of chrome elements

It is not recommended to adhere strictly to the high-tech style in the interior, otherwise the situation will lose comfort. The presence of other styles will dilute with cold brevity. Encouraged the use of metal and glass surfaces in a large quantity. Mobile screens will help you quickly and easily change the layout of the premises.


Home design inside of the interiors in the style of Provence

Direction Provence which is the French version of the rustic style, filled with warm and joyful colors. The main features of the interior in the style of Provence:

  • furniture, accessories and finishes from natural materials;
  • light shades;
  • finishing of walls of wooden panelling, decorative plaster or brick;
  • “antique” furniture;
  • decorative beams on the ceiling and walls.

The cozy interior of a country house in Provence style

It is desirable that the elements of the interior looked as if they were touched by time. Thanks to modern technologies of processing of fabrics, even new furniture can be successfully aged.

A useful tip! For the style of Provence is better to use printed fabrics with simple patterns and motifs. Allowed the mixing of different motifs in the decor of the room, most importantly, that color harmony has not been broken. Otherwise, the integrity of the style can not be achieved.

In terms of color scheme recommended colors are red, green, yellow, blue. The presence of a large number of shades – a mandatory attribute of this style. It is advisable to put in the house, fresh flowers in vases.


Country style: photo of beautiful wooden houses inside and outside

Country – another version of the rustic style, which is characterized by comfort and warmth. Often this line is used for processing beautiful country houses, pictures inside and outside reflect well the features of this direction.

The country style is created based on natural materials, preferably with handmade items and a deliberately rough finish. For the interior characterized by the use of simple fabrics of natural origin, e.g. cotton or linen. As a decorative Supplement, it is recommended to apply Antiques, rare books and other curiosities, and beautiful flowers.

Private house is built in country style

In respect of suitable furniture unpainted wicker or wood products. Welcome to the predominance of folklore motifs, keeping the spirit of the nation.

Arab style: photo beautiful private homes inside and outside

Oriental style, in particular Arabic, is becoming popular among owners of private houses. However, on its creation in the interior will have to work hard, because there are many complicated rules that must be strictly followed to achieve the desired result. It is recommended to use ornaments that can be part of the decoration of carpets, walls and household items, as Oriental style does not tolerate empty surfaces.

Important! Arab style prohibited the use of interior images of humans, animals and plants.


Private two-storey house in Arabic style

The main features of interior in Arabic style:

  • decorative pillows made of cotton or silk decorated with Golden embroidery;
  • rugs with fringe, a dense pattern or tassels;
  • tiles as a floor covering;
  • curtains of sheer and lightweight materials to be used as zoniruya elements;
  • the Windows come with blackout patterned curtains;
  • a contrasting and vibrant palette.

To enhance the effect of the Eastern interior, need to use rich colors. The most popular colours are sumptuous shades of gold and dark blue lapis. In the design is welcome clear lines and fine details. To create contrast fit red, black, crimson and emerald background.

Minimalistic design: photo of a private home outside and inside

Minimalism today is widely used not only in interior but also in architecture. This style is supposed to use very concise manner. You should not use any patterns and ornaments. The photo of beautiful houses on the outside not to see the intricate decoration of the facade or some decorative elements. Everything looks simple and restrained.

The main features of the interior in the style of minimalism:

  • geometric shapes and straight lines;
  • monochrome colors;
  • natural and natural textures in the forefront;
  • the composition is clear and simple;
  • freedom of light and space.

The minimalism inherent in the minimum set of finishing materials, furniture and decor elements

To increase the spatial volume and to focus on the lack of furniture, it is recommended to use light shades and sheer curtains. For the style of minimalism is characterized by the use of modern furniture, made of materials such as wood, aluminium, glass, steel.

Please note! The most popular shades of style are black and white. Suitable for furniture and accessory shapes – rectangular and streamlined. We recommend the use of smooth glossy surfaces.


The Chalet-style: photos of beautiful houses of timber inside and outside

Chalet-style country houses are created in Switzerland. Today this area is widely used in the construction of private houses of timber and small cottages, and also used to create interior space. Part of it resonates with country style.

Interior trim is done solely on the basis of sustainable and natural materials. The flooring is made of massive boards covered to protect with wax, lacerum composition or stain. Wood is also used as a facing material for walls. The principle of “non-interference in nature” and can be transferred to the yard of the house having landscape design in Chalet style.

Beautiful country house in Chalet style

Main features of Chalet style, it offers:

  • the Central focus of the room facing the fireplace with trim of stone or wood, as a decoration you can use stuffed wild animals;
  • the free space (high ceilings and panoramic Windows);
  • the decor welcomes the authenticity (of the skins of animals, big chandeliers, carpets);
  • massive furniture (leather sofas and chairs large size, frameless furniture is covered with fur blankets and pillows).

Lighting should be as calm and subdued. It is better if the house is installed a multi-level system lighting: chandeliers, floor lamps, lamp with floor and table type of accommodation.

The Chalet style in the interior of the house from a bar


The design of the houses outside: the stoning of cheap and beautiful facade of the building

Finishing material for the facade determines the internal comfort of a home, because it depends not only decorative features of the building, but also protection against internal and external factors of influence.

The front of the house lined with decorative ceramic CARICOM

The main parameters of quality of finish:

  • Keeping heat in the house – this indicator provides a comfortable environment in residential areas, especially in the cold season. If the building is made of cement blocks and faced with stone, you will need to put lots of layers of insulating material. Frame built of timber, on the contrary, have a high heat capacity, so there is no need to use thick insulation material or special finish.
  • Protection of walls from adverse effects of natural factors – the walls of buildings are especially vulnerable to the effects of moisture, and concrete and brick prone to damage less than wood. Factors biological effects can also harm the building. For cladding it is recommended to use materials that exhibit resistance to the spores of mold and fungi, insects and rodents.
  • The fire – finish of non-combustible materials will increase the level of fire safety at home.

A useful tip! Wood is not classified as noncombustible materials. You can find a special impregnation increases the resistance of this material to the burning and decay under the influence of moisture and biological factors of the environment.

Photo of wooden houses from the outside: how beautiful to paint or brick building under a timber

Wooden buildings do not require additional cladding. However, this kind of material needs protective coating.

The facade of the house decorated in wood and plaster

For painting buildings of wood used 3 types of compositions:

  • Antiseptic to protect from aggressive environmental factors – compositions can be lacarolina (transparent layer while retaining the natural look of wood and adding it a Shine) or opaque (opaque layer that overlaps the texture of wood and gives it color).
  • Acrylic compositions are widely used for external works, they are harmless, form a “breathable surface”, show resistance to mechanical impacts and environmental influences, including low temperatures.
  • Oil paints – formulations penetrate deep into wood, good water-repellents.

Modern two storey house

There are also a number of finishing materials for the façade based on wood:

  • the block-house, imitating the timber or timber;
  • siding wood;
  • lining.

These materials have a high heat capacity, so they have much to gain compared to stone and concrete.


Plastic cladding on the outside: the sheathing is cheap and nice suburban housing

On the market in a wide assortment of plastic cladding. Photo beautiful private houses facades, faux materials that look like the buildings from natural raw materials.

In the category plastic lining included the following types of materials:

  • thermal panels;
  • ground and wall siding;
  • PVC panels;
  • block-house simulation;
  • vinyl panel;
  • the soffits.

Plastic cladding of the facade of a private house

The advantages of plastic lining include the usability, durability, resistance to temperature changes, the negative effects of the weather, a reasonable cost. The material fits nicely and looks good, installation does not require special knowledge.

Please note! During the burning of plastic products emit toxic, corrosive gas.

All of these types of materials create a beautiful decorative design. But the budget is polyvinyl chloride siding, with an excellent combination of price and quality.

The house is sheathed with vinyl siding blue


Cement coating on the outside of the house: how to decorate cheap and beautiful private house

Cement coating on the market several options of material:

  • Plaster – perfect for creating trendy design, but requires careful preparation.
  • Ceramic and clinker tiles – is expensive and of considerable weight, so it requires prior consideration of loads on walls.
  • Fiber cement panels are characterized by heat capacity, but the installation process should be orderly, because they are fragile and heavy.
  • Brick facade has the appearance of beautiful stone veneer. During the installation process, you will need to do some excavation and well prepared walls for its installation.


Construction of the roof: photo of beautiful roofs of private houses

The roof performs an important function in the construction of any building, protecting the building from wind, rain and snow, direct sunlight, hail and frost. Only with proper design of the roof in the house will be kept nice and warm.

There are many types of roof with standard or unusual construction. They can be classified according to the following criteria:

  • sloped (pitched or flat roof);
  • the type of material (asbestos cement sheets, slates, ceramic tiles, corrugated sheet, metal tile, shingles, standing seam roofing, bituminous slate, etc.);
  • form structures (shed, gable, hipped, gambrel, hipped, domed, conical, Combi).

A useful tip! The roof is also divided into exploited and unexploited design. If you allow the surface of the roof, this space can be used rationally for their own purposes, for example, to break a beautiful flower garden or greenhouse, have a relaxation area, a terrace, a Playground or even a pool.


Porch in a private house: photo beautiful and unusual designs

Form of a porch and its dimensions depend on the architectural features of the building. But this does not mean that you cannot give this item a unique look. Significant limitations in design no. The clearance is subject to certain rules, for example, between the balconies, roof, porch canopies and should achieve an outward unity, because these elements create the overall exterior of the house.

Porch of a modern house built of concrete, wood and glass

The porch can be:

  • open;
  • mounted;
  • closed;
  • designed in the form of terraces;
  • rounded or rectangular.

In most cases, for the manufacture of porch used concrete. He is reliable and responds well to trim. As facing for concrete porch suitable stone, wood, tile. The design of the porch can be made of other materials that can be combined with each other: metal, brick, stone, wood.


Arrangement of territory and a photo of the beautiful courtyards of private homes

Construction of the country house does not end at the design of the living space. The area of land around the building also need to be put in order. In the web you can find photos of beautiful places in private houses with interesting landscaping and arrangement of the yard.

On site you can create beauty and comfort using:

  • the plants (flower beds, trees and flower beds, green hedges);
  • landscape design elements (gabions, paved walkways and platforms, stairs, stone flower beds, decorative figurines, pinwheels);

Cozy small backyard of a private house

  • small buildings (sheds, gazebos, saunas, barbecue, patio, arch);
  • bodies of water (waterfalls, decorative ponds, fountains, pools, wells, cascades);
  • garden furniture (sun loungers, dining sets, hammocks, swings, benches);
  • lighting (lamps, recessed fixtures, garlands, candles).

A useful tip! For illumination of garden paths and Seating areas, you can use solar-powered lights. These devices will allow to achieve significant savings. Also in the yard you can install a lighting system that reacts to movement.


How to create a beautiful yard of a private house with his own hands: photo and tips

Many owners of suburban housing don’t know how to make beautiful yard. Photos of private houses, which are laid out in this article will help to understand the design. However, before proceeding to planning, is to determine the answers to some questions:

  • What does it mean for the owner of the concept “beautiful courtyard”?
  • What purpose is chosen the design: practicality or a desire to impress others?
  • What kind of life are people living in the home: do they love the outdoors, have Pets, if the children in the family?

The area around the house is decorated with trees and shrubs

In addition, the final result can be affected by other factors: the size of land, financial resources, the placement of the house relative to the cardinal points, the soil type and climatic characteristics of the region.

Order create a beautiful design in the yard:

  • Elaboration of a plan to create a landscape design.
  • The layout of the area in accordance with the plan. It is recommended to choose a key design element and build on it.
  • Check the status of the territory, and pre-treatment (dewatering and strip drainage in places of accumulation of water, laying of pipelines for watering plants and the organization of the lighting system, earthworks).
  • Laying the Foundation for the construction of large projects, paving and installation of key design elements.
  • The performance of the basic array works, soil preparation and planting plants.
  • The final decoration of area: installation of lighting, placement of statues and installation of small décor.

A useful tip! The pond is necessary to protect. In addition, all ponds need regular cleaning and maintenance.


Beautiful wooden fences for private houses: photo

If you intend to install a fence in a private house, wood as a building material will work best. It has the budget value available and well treated. For the manufacture of fencing suitable boards, slats, sticks, logs, half-logs. If you intend to build the massive structure will require equipment for excavation and concrete works.

The house with a simple wooden fence

Types of wooden fences:

  • the fence design consists of horizontal beams to which it is perpendicular with an equal pitch nailed planks (boards). They can be straight or curly;
  • checkerboard design reminiscent of the fence, only the elements are staggered so that the space portion is not visible through the fence from the street;
  • ladder – this fence is inherent resemblance to the blinds. Design can be open or closed;
  • the grid as a building material used small strips, which can be rectangular or planed. This same design can be used in the design of the gazebo or arch for crawling plants to maintain unity;
  • ranch – uncomplicated design with simple execution. Suitable for home, American style, or country;

Modern fence of wooden slats

  • network – this category applies Alpine fence network, and fence. As a construction material used edged planed boards or twigs of the vine;
  • palisade – a durable fencing option that requires considerable costs for material and installation, since the elements of the fence is very massive;
  • classic fence – the product consists of tightly composed panels, mounted on poles.
  • decorative fence to create a product used fantasy materials and their combination can be anything.

A useful tip! The wooden fence should be treated with antiseptic and cover with paint or varnish, so it is not spoiled ahead of time.


The design of the entrance to the courtyard: photo of beautiful gates for private homes

Entry gates to the yard are selected based on the material of the fence, although permitted, and combination thereof. Importantly, the product looks perfect and debited to the exterior of the house.

Varieties of gates and gate by material type:

  • Wooden carved simple options. It can be products with gaps and blind design.
  • Metal – in the form of a grid or obtained by forging.
  • Vinyl.
  • Polymer.
  • Structures made from corrugated sheet and slate.

The modern design of entrance group of private homes

The design of the gate can be a mechanical, sliding, sliding, lifting or swinging. In each case, the owner of the site is faced with certain advantages and disadvantages, so choose the gate design, as well as other items in the yard must be based on their needs and budget.


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