Caring for Gingham Curtains

Gingham curtains are vintage curtains which are still popular in this day. The gingham curtain is type of curtain made of gingham fabric. The gingham fabric consisted of two colors of cotton yarn which woven into stripe patterned fabric.  The gingham came from Malaysia and Indonesia to Europe in 17th century. The gingham name adopts the Malay language”genggang”, it means stripes.

How to Care Gingham Curtain

The gingham curtains are used by many people because the fabric is durable and thick enough. The gingham fabric is really proper as curtain. The stripe pattern of this fabric is simple but interesting. The pattern can be matched with the vintage decoration. The gingham fabric still need intensive caring keep its durability.

As mentioned before, the gingham curtains are consisted of cotton yarn, so you can use the way to care cotton fabric for caring the gingham curtain. If you would wash the curtain, wash it with 40 C until 60 C warm water or lower temperature. You must separate the colored ghingham curtain with other white curtains. It means avoiding the discoloration. Bleaching is also not recommended for gingham curtain. Wash the curtain with gentle cycle to avoid the wrinkle in the curtain. You can iron the curtain with hot and steamy setting to remove the wrinkles on the gingham curtains.

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