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Awesome Modern Bookcase for House Improvement

Modern bookcase is good facility that you can use to improve the appearance of your house. With the presence of this furniture, you will be able to save your favorite book easily. It is also believed that this type of furniture will become useful to be used for book lovers. If you are book lovers, it is suggested that you choose this modern bookcase to be used. Interior Design of […]

A fence made of profiled sheet with his own hands: photo of interesting solutions

Opt for a fence of corrugated Board, you’ll get an elegant design that not only outline the perimeter of the household, but also protects the yard from prying eyes. Variety of colors allows you to select material in tune with existing cladding and Related posts: Fences made of metal profile: photo and video instruction for self-Assembly Fences for private homes. Photo examples for choice Fences and fencing for the house. […]

Toilet for the cottages, odorless and pumping: a review of modern solutions

Every owner of a suburban area wants to have a toilet to give odorless and pumping. Because Central sewer is not everywhere, and constantly Tinker with the cleansing of a cesspool no fun. What are the methods of solving this problem exist today Related posts: Containers for sewage: plastic wells and storage tanks A septic tank of concrete rings with their hands, the scheme of construction of Repair of bathroom […]

Ventilation in the bath with his hands: how to do it right

Why you need to attend to the question of how properly to make ventilation in the bath? Properly arranged ventilation in the bath depends not only maintaining the temperature in the dressing room, the bathroom, the steam room, the relaxation room, Related posts: Dressing room with their hands: drawings, diagrams and photos functional systems Ventilation in the garage with his hands. Scheme, calculation and methods of ventilation for garage Ventilation […]

Children’s outdoor swing for villas and features their designs

Children’s outdoor swing for villas are often found in suburban areas and in the yards of houses of the private type. Such designs can have a lot of modifications, they are comfortable and great for children’s entertainment. Modern garden ceased to Related posts: Swing for the garden with his own hands: photo and step by step instructions Drawings and photos of garden swing your hands from metal: dimensions and instructions […]

Fences of wood: photo designs in a modern design

Those who believe that fencing of wood boring and irrelevant unequivocally wrong. If you have to surround the garden area, feel free to choose fences made of wood: photo demonstrates how unusual, stylish and creative can be a fence made of this Related posts: Fences and fencing for the house. Photos collection of brilliant ideas A fence made of wood with their hands, draw the boundaries of the area Beautiful […]

Truss system roof roof types and device design

Due to the erection of a mansard roof, may significantly increase the usable space of low-rise private houses. However, this is a very laborious process which requires the preliminary calculation, the observance of certain rules and techniques. Related posts: Roofing materials for roofs: types and rates of modern coatings The attic insulation from the inside, if the roof is already covered: materials and technologies Truss system hip roof: the main […]


Lighting is an important element of home design. From lighting in a home changes the mood of a room and influences the perception of room size. Placement and type are important aspects of interior design, and they work in combination with selection by color, room size, availability of natural light and furniture selection. Darker colors in the room will seem smaller , while light walls do the opposite. The illusion […]

Trays for stormwater: purpose, types and features of installation

Storm sewers are designed to drain from the curtilage of water that gets there by natural means with natural precipitation (rain and snow). The backbone of any drainage system is based on a special container, through which water flows. Trays for Related posts: Plastic gutters for roof: price, features, review manufacturers Containers for sewage: plastic wells and storage tanks Pipe to drain sewage: characteristics and the specifics of the application

A septic tank of concrete rings with their hands, the scheme of construction of

Today the most acceptable expenditure on construction is the septic tank of concrete rings with their hands, which is easy to construct. There is a significant amount of material which is used for these sewage treatment plants on their own. However, Related posts: Toilet for the cottages, odorless and pumping: a review of modern solutions What is the best septic tanks for cottages: depending on site conditions Septic tank with […]

Draft baths with terrace and barbecue: photos of design options

For many people, the bath is not only a place for bathing, but also comfortable. In this regard, the Related posts: House with a loft: photos, projects, layouts Projects baths with a gazebo under one roof: the best ideas to implement Gazebo with barbecue, barbecue and oven. Build functional pavilion