Ceramic tile for bathroom design photo samples

One of the best and practical materials for wall cladding and flooring in bathrooms is ceramic tile. She has a beautiful appearance. With this material it is possible to arrange the room in any design style. Today there are a large number of factories, which produced ceramic tiles for bathrooms: design, photo styles and styling where you have lots of variety.

Ceramic tile is one of the best solutions for bathroom design

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  • 1 Types and properties of ceramic tiles: technical conditions of production
    • 1.1 Types of tiles from ceramic
  • 2 Ceramic tiles for bathrooms: design, photo styles
    • 2.1 a Variety of patterns, types of masonry and patterns of ceramic tile

The types and properties of ceramic tiles: technical conditions of production

Any finishing material for rooms with high humidity such as a bathroom, must have several properties:

  • should have high porosity to absorb moisture;
  • he should not interfere with changes in temperature and humidity;
  • the protective coating should qualitatively preserve the picture from fading, abrasion and exposure to cleaning chemicals.

Tile mosaic black and white bathroom interior

These properties in full possession of with varied design, ceramic tiles for the bathroom. Photos of objects, faced with this kind of material, says about the huge variety of styles, colors and tones, patterns and drawings you can create using tiles.

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To floor tiles for bathrooms must meet rather strict requirements. According to technical conditions “, GOST 6787-2001 Tile ceramic flooring”, it should not be slippery, with a matte surface, strong enough and elastic enough to withstand the weight of a person and drop various heavy objects. The thickness of such products provided not less than 9 mm. all linear dimensions must not depart from the norm more than 1.5 – 2 mm, and the thickness more than 0.5 mm.

Beautiful combination of light shaped tiles and bright pink walls

Specification for wall tiles is governed by the “GOST 6141-91 ceramic glaze Tiles for interior facing of walls.” This standard defines the following specifications for wall tiles:

  • the front surface should be covered with a textured or smooth coating, having a monochromatic or multi-colored hue;
  • it is possible to produce Matt and shiny glazes in a variety of methods: nabryzgivanii, serigraphy;
  • all colors should be the reference.

Bathroom tile with imitation leather reptile

Most importantly, these products should not be susceptible to the destructive effects of an aggressive environment. Specifications and Standards not only regulate the design of ceramic tile for the bathroom. Photo options saying that it is impossible because of the huge variety.

A useful tip! When buying ceramic tiles, you need to carefully consider its edge. They should not be chipping. All samples from the same batch must have exactly the same dimensions.

Classic style bathroom design

Types of tiles ceramic

For bathrooms used two basic types of ceramic tiles: wall and floor. They differ in strength and resistance to shock deformation. From floor tiles, these figures are much higher. Most soft wall samples makes it easier to handle them and drill holes for fastening of the furniture and shelves. According to the method of fabrication there are several different types of tiles:

  • made by extruding (pressing) the tile is covered with glass, which perfectly protects the pattern and structure from chemical and mechanical impact from the outside;
  • tiles covered with enamel and are susceptible to double firing cycle, called bicolor. Its use in bathrooms is severely limited, as this species has a porous structure, wicking;

Tile with gold accents looks luxurious

  • extruded ceramic with a pattern, covered with glaze called majolica. This tile is very beautiful and reliable. Unfortunately, it is also not suitable for use in wet areas due to porosity;
  • faience made by pressing and fired twice. The basis of such tiles white glazed, which makes the product similar to porcelain;
  • the most resistant to all effects is ceramic granite. This product has a complex chemical composition and special production technology that determines its unique properties.

Picture of the mosaic on the white wall was a nuance in the bathroom interior

Knowing these features of all types of materials, you can choose the most suitable ceramic tile design for bathroom. Photos of the finished work can help in this choice.

A useful tip! Choosing tiles for the bathroom, you need to consider its properties. Not all will be suitable for a moist environment.

Ceramic tiles for bathrooms: design, photo styles

Due to the fact that the technical conditions allow to produce tiles with a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes to decorate a bathroom using this finishing material in a unique style is not a difficulty.

Bathroom design in the style of art Deco

Before you begin, you must determine the style. There are a large number, but only a few main:

  • classic style, involving the use of rectangular tiles with bright colors. They can be drawings in the form of geometric shapes. Most often when you use this style of tub is made in two basic colors: a light top and dark bottom. The boundary between different tiles is issued by a border having the same color scheme;
  • contemporary architecture and modern more democratic in colors. Colors can be very bright, contrasting or matching. The shape of the tiles used is also varied and not necessarily rectangular;
  • the high-tech style is considered ultra-modern style with accents of the industrial society. Used grey, white and bright colors contrast.

Modern high-tech style in the design of a bathroom

Use exactly the same style, it is not always obvious, so you need to know some characteristics color bathroom design in order to create a harmonious and cosy environment. Bright hues of green, blue and grey colors create a feeling of lightness and peace that promotes relaxation. Aggressive bright colors, especially contrasting cause excitement and call to action. Dark black shades have an inhibitory effect and visually reduce the already small room.

Tiles flooring decorated for floorboard

A variety of patterns, types of masonry and patterns of ceramic tile

Decorating bathrooms is not only using ceramic tile design for bathroom. Photos of some objects suggests that it is done by laying the tiles in various ways. There are several conventional methods for rectangular samples:

  • the most famous method is checkers. Tiles are placed next to each other to form a completely straight horizontal and vertical joints;
  • deck laying involves the diagonal arrangement of the tiles overlap at the half. Outwardly, it looks like masonry;

Patterned floor tiles in harmony with the dark walls bathroom

  • network, like deck stacking, involves the overlapping of half-tiles, but, unlike her, there is no diagonal orientation. The tiles are parallel to the floor or walls;
  • herringbone – original style installation, in which there is an alternation of ways of gluing the tiles, end face and edge. When looking at the overall picture resembles a Christmas tree;
  • the labyrinth is a form of blocks composed of four tiles arranged one behind the other in a circle. In the middle is a small square tile.

Great combination of tiles of different colors and sizes in the interior of the bathroom

In addition to the products there is a rectangular tile of other shapes, including with curved edges. Moreover, in a single ornament can be combined with tiles of different shapes.

Wisely using all the variety of colors and shapes, you can create any ornament for bathroom design with ceramic tiles. Pictures of walls with different patterns are often striking in its originality. Rectangular tiles lay out various geometric shapes. They may resemble some national motifs or stylistic image of a natural or artificial objects.

Bathroom in bright colors

Much more possibilities to create original ornaments in curved tiles, which has advanced features. It can be stacked in the form of curvilinear figures, flowers and other original ways.

A useful tip! Today in stores you can buy a large number of thematic sets of tiles. They convey a holistic landscape or simply made in a single color with the same pattern.

To create an original design in the bathroom must to consider a lot of different samples and choose your unique style that will delight for a long time.


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