Color moods in interior

Moods of nature

Many people, making an imaginary journey, back to nature, where you can find occasion for a variety of moods.

If the mental journey has led you straight into the forest, it is likely that you do not like to sit at home and want your house to be more green. Green has a great calming effect that there is a lot of evidence. In addition, it is the perfect background color.
If you like muted tones, and the soothing aroma do you think the smell of pine needles, then you obviously do not have green. You need to make some shades of green were present in every room of your home as the dominant neutral color (we’ll discuss this later in the Chapter on green color). To your green was not too cold, and also to give it some complexity and non-triviality, consider the examples. Notice how green is balanced by the red, reddish-brown, pink, wine and plum spots. All these shades are easy to spot in the autumn forest. This palette carries a serenity that is a calm mood, but the dominant color in the forest the mood always remains green. The simplest color combinations in the forest mood: wet green lichen, green tea, blueberries; thyme, greenish-grey and pink shade; forest violet, Golden cedar and cane yellow.
RURAL MEMORIES If flight of fancy has brought you to the mountains, you are likely down-to-earth people who prefer the old wood Shine stainless steel. You are able to spend hours gazing at the fire blazing in the fireplace. Rustic style created especially for you: heavy furniture, thick beams and a rough surface, the dog sprawled on the couch, father admitted with his feet on the coffee table without fear of it damaging.
The dominant palette of warm rustic colors expresses the true essence of your nature. You like reliability, durability, simplicity. Rich earth tones fully comply with your requests. You will enjoy the honey yellow, soil brown, brick red, dusty purple, muted blue, light brown, deep blue, khaki and unexpected pink color blooming cacti.
These colors can be used in any room where you would like to Express the earth, the peasant mood. It is best suited for family rooms, kitchens, personal rooms and bedrooms. Simple color combinations, creating a rural mood are as follows: bluish green, khaki, light brown; civitavechia skin and brick-red; reddish gingerbread, dim denim and cactus flower.
Forget about children’s love for the sun-drenched beach, seashells, colored stones, sand castles, the combination of hot sand and cool water. If a day at the beach, turns you into a happy child and thinking about the vacation (or making the imaginary journey), you immediately think about sea bathing, the colors that evoke your childhood memories are an integral part of your psyche. You desperately need from time to time to take in them.
Although these colors are similar to the predominantly cool calm palette, palette beach scenes can be built either on the memory of warm sand, or on the sensation of cool water, the choice of temperature depends on your favorite colors. But to create a certain mood in a palette should dominate or warm sandy tones or paint the cool sea. It all depends on you, and we will speak more about this in the following chapters.
Another difference between this palette and any other lies not only in color selection but also in the method of surface treatment. Think of the wavy surface of a sea shell, shimmering with honey mother of pearl, sparkling from the inhabitants of the underwater depths that can transform your bathroom or powder room in amazing aquarium! Simple color combinations that will help you create a beach mood, morning, pink, seashell, sun kiss, oyster white; clear water, blue Limoges, and white pearl.

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