Country two-room cabins with toilet and shower: create a comfortable environment

The idea that the country needs a shed, comes at the stage of construction. All owners of new housing are faced with a situation when the plot requires a constant presence of the owner. To resolve this issue would help the country two-room cabins with toilet and shower: in such temporary housing will be possible to sleep properly, to organize the office and command center construction.

Garden shed made of wood with a summer shower

The contents

  • 1 Materials and components for country huts
  • 2 Sizes country huts
  • 3 the layout of the cabins
    • 3.1 One-room country cabins
    • 3.2 two-country Cabins with toilet and shower
  • 4 Improving the aesthetic component of the cabins
    • 4.1 the Outer hull
    • 4.2 Interior trim
  • 5 Insulation and extra comfort in a country shed
  • 6 Country cabins cheap. Photo and price of products
  • 7 garden shed with your own hands

Materials and components for country huts

After moving into a new house, the shed will serve, becoming a utility area or workshop. Here you can gather the required tools and equipment. If was able to buy not just a typical country huts with toilet and shower and is really spacious and comfortable building, in the future it can be converted into a guest house.

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The range of suppliers it is possible to distinguish two types of country houses: the so-called “makeshift” and blocks long-term operation. The first is relatively inexpensive, made of wooden beams, sheathed on the inside with chipboard. These cabins are equipped with only the most necessary minimum.

Another disadvantage of wooden cabins – “one-off” installation. After assembling and fixing the design will move to a new place or lend to another in need. Wooden components of the unit is too fragile for transport.

Temporary country construction you can use later as a warehouse for tools and materials

Quite another thing – a stationary shed with a metal frame. Solid Foundation on the procedure facilitates the process of delivery: residential unit can be loaded on a conventional truck platform, it can be transported to other settings or to rent out to construction companies.

A useful tip! Even if the shed is supposed to be used alone, the metal base is still better: with a solid core of the lifetime of the cabins is increased to 15-20 years.

Country house of wood with a metal roof

Dimensions country huts

Most types of residential huts are designed so that they can be loaded on a standard truck chassis, so the length of the structure does not exceed 7 metres, and width often the standard – 2.3 meters. The size of the total area it is possible to allocate such types of cabins:


  • Minimalist — 3×2,3 meters, 4×2,3 meter. Cheap cabins. It can be your hands, be converted into utility room, outbuilding, storage outdoor equipment, the hut for protection. A more complete understanding of the dimensions of an object gives the photo sheds green for cottages of this type.
  • Middle – 5×2,3 m, 6×2,3 m. The most popular types of huts. On the stage of construction can be used as a utility area or temporary housing for crews of 4-6 people. After construction and can be adapted for occasional use by the family. Fit these barns with a shower and toilet for your cottage or small country house.
  • Comfortable — 7×2,3 m, 8×2,3 meters. This option is optimal for the arrangement of the guest house in the suburban area. A relatively large common area opens up to a dozen types of floor layout. You can choose the most convenient, taking into account the wishes of all family members.


Camper on wheels — the perfect solution for furnishing a temporary shelter in the country

Also, there is a quite small building consisting of one room less than three meters in length. However, their application is limited to a small internal volume, in which you can organize a outbuilding or warehouse garden tools.

The layout of the cabins

Country cabins may have one General or several small individual rooms, usually two. More comfortable models are equipped with a toilet and shower or shared bathroom. Which option to choose depends on the needs of family members, their number and the availability of free space on the dacha.

Three-dimensional planning project country cabins with two rooms, kitchen and bathroom

One country cabins

The hottest debate revolves around the best space allocation of the cabins. The layout of the residential unit limited common area, and therefore for minimalist boxes (3×2,3 meters) the only possible version of the plan is a space without walls. Wider spaces are divided into cabins with one room and the service sections (vestibule, bathroom with toilet, hozblok) and the same cabins, but with a veranda or porch.

If you choose the shed to give the opportunity for year-round living, not give preference to models with a veranda. In blocks with a vestibule will be more comfortable in the winter as the cold air from outside will be heated in the “Appendix” at the entrance. A veranda can be enjoyed only in the warm season, if you will allow the area (to 2 m2) and location.

An example of the arrangement of a one-room country cabins

A useful tip! For areas that will be extensively used in the cold season, the internal bathroom is much more preferable than an amenities building with an external entrance.

Country two-room cabins with toilet and shower

For those who are planning to continue to use the shed as a full living room, the ideal option would be two complexes. This option is good because there are two well-lit rooms with full Windows.

Compact country house with a comfortable sleeping area

Both rooms can be used as residential or one — bed, the second with his hands to turn into a workshop, office, warehouse. Plus, with this layout it is possible to freely vary the location of the future country house and even choose the view from the window.

Among the two complexes, the villas are the following:

  • cabins, including two rooms and a domestic outbuilding;
  • the cabin has two rooms, the entrance to the bathroom is outside;
  • office container with two rooms, a veranda or a porch, external utility area.

The interior of the country cabins with built-in toilet and shower

The most typical layout in a two-bedroom country cabins is the so – called “vest”. The entrance to the shed is located in the middle of the long side of the block. This kind of photo country huts are usually represented in catalogues. Once inside the spacious vestibule “vests”, you can see two rooms on each side and a bathroom between them.

Also designed the cabins, amenities building when located on the side of one of the rooms (usually the right) and the entrance to it is supposed to street. This project also has the right to life, although the practice of using showed that in this case the bathroom is not comfortably warm during winter time.

A temporary country house with an outdoor shower for use in the summer

A third option “vests” — the country shed one bedroom with a veranda or porch. With a small pad size 1×2 meter open four entrances: two in rooms and two in the utility area (shower and toilet respectively). Each room is not reported.

Thus, the optimum for the garden is a one bedroom cabins. Location future home of necessary space the designers left for a taste of the new settlers.

Two-room country building with a veranda and a porch

Improve the aesthetic component of the cabins

Even a small garden shed can be a beautiful and aesthetically appealing. Consider the following, what materials are used for interior and exterior decoration of such structures.

The outer hull

Choosing a two-bedroom cabins for continuous use in the country, care must be taken that it does not look alien element in the area. As the most simple external protection of the housing unit can be used as sheet metal, however, is not the best choice, as on the outside housing it will look unaesthetic.

If the shed will not be used as a Lodge or store, and as a full guest housing, it is better to use for covering the wooden battens. The standard lining grade of “C” is the universal material: affordable, durable, easy workable.

One of the advantages temporary country cabins is that it can be transported to any place

There are times when the aesthetic aspect is very important, for example, when a house or cottage on a plot is made of timber and want to combine them with the shed in a single complex. In this case, for covering huts is better to use block-house — imitation of logs. This finish is more expensive but looks much more attractive and lasts longer.

The option “luxury” cabins on the plot is the imitation of laminated veneer lumber due to the wide lining of high class. Such a casing is an additional benefit to strength and durability.

Interior trim

The most simple and budgetary solution for inside wall cladding is hardboard. They can be limited to areas where the warehouse tools or workshop. For rooms where you plan to live, it is better to use the lining – it is more expensive but looks more attractive. By skin lining to ensure that the room was not any effect of wet walls.

Interior decoration country cabins wooden paneling

A useful tip! For a better life cabins, companies offer external surface treatment antiseptic. This measure protects the wood from rotting and damage by pests. Popular impregnation for wood sold in a convenient package that allows to carry out processing your own hands.

The insulation and extra comfort in a country shed

To one bedroom cabins could fully be used both in summer and in the cold season, you need to take care of the insulation of the complex. The walls and ceiling can be additionally insulated with mineral wool. Below the floor in the room was warm and comfortable, it is possible to add protein isolate, frame decking, membrane insulation.

Small country house covered with wood of different species

To provide a stable temperature in the cabins will help and carefully selected window. Instead of the standard single-folding Windows is better to use frames with double glazing. Standard exterior doors of the cabins can be replaced by models with improved heat-saving characteristics. Positioning in the house veranda, its also best to do closed.

In addition to acceptable temperature conditions in the shed are largely determined by the comfort in the bathroom. To provide it with their hands. The standard model of two-country huts with toilet and shower assume two sanitary blocks, respectively, a raised toilet seat and shower tray. Between these two blocks of bathroom, you can remove the extra partition, if one feels lack of space.

Over time, the garden shed can be converted into a guest house

A useful tip! The function partition between the shower and the toilet can take on a screen for a shower enclosure of rigid plastic or plexiglass.

The presence of the window in the bathroom varies in different models. Often there is a small window near the ceiling. Choosing between daylight and artificial lighting in the bathroom, it is worth considering that an additional window is not always light, but always a loss of heat.

For internal heating of country houses you can use a wood-burning stove

Country cabins cheap. Photo and price of products

Not every vacationer has the time and skills for self-Assembly and installation of the garden shed. To buy a suitable option for country cabins, please contact the company specializes in the manufacture of huts and sheds green. For convenience, manufacturers are offering visit their websites where you can find detailed information on the finished product specifying the range of products, sizes and prices of the products.

Manufacturers offer services including Assembly, design, delivery and installation in your area. In some cases, laid in the price and costs for transportation to the object. Many companies offer seasonal discounts on popular models.

The average cost of small country cabins — 30000 rubles

The cost of small country cabins dimensions 3×2,3 m is 29500 rubles. Order the shed with two rooms 6×2,3 m, will have to spend 47500 rubles. More expensive is a shed made of timber — 80500 RUB But the finished shed “Mini-cabin” with a gable roof and a porch will cost 190500 rubles.

Cottage shed with his hands

If the dimensions differ from the standard, and this often happens with large two-room huts, the delivery unit to the area is possible only in a disassembled form. To collect such country shed with your own hands is quite possible, and suppliers will gladly leave this job to the customer. Also build their own cabins inevitable, if the site there is no entrance for trucks or this way is very difficult (narrow roads, awkward fence, the inability of the vehicle to turn around to unload).

The construction of summer cabins on the basis of metal frame with your hands

Standard installation of cabins at the site, if it does not require the laying of the Foundation, lasts from one to two days and can reach up to 25% of the value of the actual residential complex. Build their own cabins – this is a good opportunity to save money, however, to undertake this task should be performed only when there is confidence in your own skills as a Builder.

Thus, the one-bedroom cabins in the country can become a full-fledged housing. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to properly define the layout, to eliminate heat loss and provide comfort in the shower room and the bathroom. It is better not to save on components for the cabins and not on its size, but at the expense of a competent choice of finishing materials, and perform some Assembly work with your hands, or using self-selected construction team.


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