Decorative brick for the interior finishing and its properties

Decorative brick for the interior finishing of houses, offices and apartments in the last decade is on the rise. Reason is the naturalness of this material, its natural beauty and environmental friendliness, combined with a much lower price than a finishing stone. According to fashion masters of design art, this material is able to give life to the most intricate and extraordinary ideas. But what is this stuff, what are its consumer qualities, and most importantly, how it can be used in the interior – you need to know all who are interested in topic of finishing.

Decorative brick has a high aesthetic and ecological properties

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  • 1 Decorative brick for the interior finishing and its properties
  • 2 Properties of ceramic bricks for decorative finishing of interior walls
  • 3 Where the interior is better to use decorative brick
  • 4 application Features of the material under different conditions
  • 5 How to choose decorative brick
  • 6 Decorative bricks for interior design: video stacking

Decorative brick for the interior finishing and its properties

At its core, this lining material resembles an ordinary tile, and the physical parameters close to the properties of natural stone. Decorative brick is made from high quality natural materials, and then subjected to the procedure of ofakturivaniya. This gives you the opportunity to give the material a very original appearance, pattern and color.

Vivid picture of the contrast with the background white brick wall

These products are made from different materials, which can be listed:

  • gypsum. Gypsum bricks for its value are the most available. The technology of their production is very simple, and the raw material is conventional plaster. This ordinary material, thanks to the paintwork, looks virtually no different from their counterparts. It’s practical, durable enough and resistant to temperature changes. However, gypsum is afraid of raw space, you need to consider when choosing the material;
  • acrylic. Acrylic decorative brick has synthetic additives;

Good combination on the walls of finishing materials of different colors

  • granite. This is a very durable material, which is made by special technology, adding to the clay a mass of broken granite, and pressing it. Decorative brick of granite is very strong and durable;
  • ceramics. Ceramic decorative bricks for interior finish almost indistinguishable from real bricks, in addition to its thickness. Hence its properties. It is produced by high temperature firing of clay mixtures, which add various binders supplements.

The use of decorative brick facing of the arch in the kitchen

A useful tip! If you have no opportunity to buy a decorative brick, but I really want to decorate a wall, that is, the possibility of self-production. In sale, there are many forms in which you just need to pour the plaster. The decoration of the resulting products depends entirely on your imagination.

Decorative brick can be made of a mixture of plaster

Properties of ceramic bricks for decorative finishing of interior walls

Used in the manufacture of decorative brick technology, contribute to giving him some useful physical characteristics:

  • high strength and durable use (up to 40 years). The external view with age is unlikely to change;
  • material is not combustible. Some varieties successfully decorate fireplaces and stoves;

The fireplace and the wall next to it lined with decorative brick

  • resistance to most aggressive environments and is completely adverse conditions. Brick tiles do not fade and are not afraid of temperature changes and chemically active medium;
  • has a sufficiently high insulating properties and low moisture absorption, water absorption, making the walls lined with this material, are constantly warm. It helps in maintaining a stable indoor microclimate;

Brick has not only decorative, but also thermal insulation properties

  • decorative brick for the interior decoration has a very high aesthetic data. An important feature is the availability of products with very different geometry, pattern and shades;
  • versatility when decorating. As the tile you can pick up with any, even the curved edges, then you can use it to decorate the door and window openings, arches and columns;

Part of a brick wall with decorative finishing material

  • due to the fact that the decorative brick tiles are covered with hydrophobic solution, this material is water repellent, which allows the use of ceramic products-even in rooms with high humidity.

A useful tip! If you don’t know how to decorate the balcony or unheated basement, you can do it that is decorative brick. The material is absolutely not afraid of cold and generally to temperature changes.

An example of using decorative bricks to furnish the bedroom

Where in the interior it is best to use decorative brick

If we take into account the technical and physical properties of this lining product, you can not truthfully say that its scope can be very large. They produce facings of the walls in the living room, bedroom, corridor, kitchen, dining room, bathroom.

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Special use is made of decorative brick, which has a white matte textured surface. It is used successfully in the design of the corridors in various public buildings. They also post fireplaces, stoves, fountains, slides and other similar structures.

The wall and apron, kitchen decorated with the brick walls

Aesthetic and artistic possibilities of decorative brick tiles also are the highest. Any shade and texture of the front surface of products is designed to emphasize and complement the most bold and unconventional interior design ideas. For example, one of the most popular options today is antique brick – facing, decorative item, which is often used for decoration and wall decor in living room, hallway, kitchen or hallway. It is noteworthy that the use of antiquated decorative brick negate the need for subsequent finishing of the surface.

Pilasters in the living room is highlighted with decorative beige brown brick

Quite attractive and glossy surface of some products. Their use allows you to create the perfect mood and complement the interesting design decision of a certain zest. On the market there are a lot of offers, but it is understood that, as a rule, form, color and texture all types of decorative bricks for interior finishes are designed to mimic natural stone.

One of the walls of the room lined with decorative brick

Application features of the material under different conditions

Presented finishing building material is truly universal. Use it perhaps for installation on brick, plasterboard, concrete blocks and other similar surfaces. The main thing that they were flat enough. As decorative brick tiles is itself a finishing material, then tuck it it is necessary very carefully to the technology.

The TV screen effectively stands out bright and decorative bricks

The correct and competent installation of the finishing material ensures the extension of the service life of the repair and the preservation of the impeccable qualities of ceramic products. Because the presence of even the smallest of cracks can lead to very rapid deterioration of the covering. Moreover, improper installation will leave between the tiles and the gaps that penetrate the ever-present moisture, dirt and dust that will become the main cause of fading and deterioration.

Decorative tiles with imitation of brickwork in the living room

How to choose decorative brick

The main criterion is the aesthetic quality of the product, because to create an exclusive atmosphere, filling the house with warmth and comfort can only be a brick, which perfectly matches the entire design of the room. Definitely need to ask about the physical and technical characteristics of the product. However do not forget that the stated consumer properties just are required to meet future conditions.

An example of a distressed finishing material on the wall

A useful tip! Facing the most difficult elements can be performed easier and more interesting if you choose some mosaic or non-standard shaped products. In addition, with such geometrically irregular shapes can create all sorts of ornaments.

The use of white brick for decorative finishing of walls

Don’t be afraid to experiment when designing the interior of your home. The use of decorative brick for the interior finishing will make so that your experiments will be particularly successful.

Decorative bricks for interior design: video stacking


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