Interior design can be any of the materials and their combinations! Brick is a material that can be made to look natural from her flashy red to white, it can have many faces for every home.

Brick can warm the house in winter and keep it cool in the summer. Of all building materials to build a house, brick is one of the few that can be left untouched and still remain beautiful after generations of wear. Its natural appeal out of time. Brick can come in a variety of aesthetic choices in the design of your home. It is made in a variety of colors and textures in accordance with the wishes of the customer, from rough textures to patterned formats. This material is strong and durable, any damage is rare. It has been successfully used in environments of all types for over 20 years. If during the repair or interior design, it still has deteriorated or unsightly then it may be painted by paint(water-based,latex or lacquered) to revive the appearance of your walls or to give them new meaning. Paint is inexpensive and can transform the interior without much effort. Authentic color of each brick is created using a combination of mineral pigments. They combine to create a durable color of the material presented.

In the case of a constant finding in direct sunlight may fade over a long period of time, but it’s easy to fix, by the same paint. Decorative brick finish you can mount on almost any wall surfaces, even wood and drywall. To carry out installation on a wooden wall surface, need more training. You need to make an auxiliary crate and, of course, is proofing. The mounting surface is in place. Thanks to its lightweight and flexible design, is completed without performing special mess with minimalnim a waste of time. It is installed with glue to the drywall .

Brick can be used as an accent wall, or be paired with other materials that gives the interior a modern look can help to achieve a certain appearance, to highlight a design feature or to refresh an existing installation. She can give of our time or even turn it into a modern historically-rich interior with the use of this versatile material. Brick is also used in production of floor coverings. If brick is used for example in fireplaces should not be exposed to direct flame, strong or constant heat. This is due to the possibility that there may be some deterioration in the quality or color of the material. There are places in the house that can not be developed from decorative brick. It is successfully used especially in the hallways, but you can also use in kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms.

Brick interior walls are the perfect design for any basement,cellar,utility room. Decorative brick has many advantages, flexibility, compactness, light weight and reasonable price. Depending on the type of design the type of installation, this material can save money in comparison with the cost of using original products. Brick brings only benefits of your interior design and creates a calm and ecological environment.

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