The guest is much more than just a room for receiving guests. In the home of a modern person , shared room , as a rule , larger and more spacious than all the others. That is why it is used as a dining room or a room for relaxing , where all family members can spend their leisure time.

On this basis , it is clear that the interior of the common room should be comfortable for each family member living in the apartment. To do this, first it is better to zone the common room into separate sectors : dining area , Seating area and if you have children , and even a play area for children. It is desirable to be creative , which will allow you to avoid the tightness and feeling of clutter . For example , to give preference not to the number of pieces of furniture and their functionality – it will save space and help you easily maintain order in the room.

Contrary to stereotypes , the dining table should not be in the center of the room , if it’s not a separate dining room. In the common room , where in addition to the dining area , at least , and even recreation area is not only irrational , but also uncomfortable. Better to put the table end , in one of the walls. If the interior of the common room can not put large fixed table , you can always make a folding built-in table for a meal together with relatives. In the arrangement of chairs should be remembered that between the dining table and the wall should be a distance of not less than 75 cm , while the length of the table, each sitting behind him are no less than 60 cm.

A recreation area is desirable to do so in the most secluded part of the living room. The interior of the common room , where the rest all members of the family , usually includes chairs , sofa , bookcases, shelves , coffee table and a bar. Of course , there is also a radio and / or TV. It needs to be installed at a height of 30-75 cm from the floor and not less than 2 meters from the viewer . Accurate rule one can say , based on the diagonal of the TV screen. For this you need to multiply the diagonal size of 7 . For example , 52 x 7 = 364, see Also for convenience it is better to buy a remote for the receiver , so you don’t have to start setting up , getting up from his comfortable chair.

If the interior of the common room mind kids corner , you need to make sure that in the children’s area could store toys and books , and was also a place for a baby to grow and play. Everything must be in accordance with the age of the child. For example, furniture of a preschooler is not good for a child who already attends primary school, his elbows dangling feet off the Desk , bought 4 years ago that can cause curvature of the spine .

Heed to the choice of colors , decorating the interior of a common room. Remember that everything must be in a position to rest . To create an atmosphere of comfort and to transfer heat of the hearth by using decor elements : carpets , beautiful curtains , all kinds of statues and even flowers in unusual vases.

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