Design living-dining room.

Carefully laid parquet, wide ceiling cornices with mouldings, fireplace in a classic white portal, quality wooden furniture and restrained bright colors — all this is enough to create an interior living-dining room in the style of Neoclassicism. Of course, such a space will not be an exact copy of the classical palaces with their massive racks, columns and brocade curtains. However, notes of charm and aristocracy to your housing will be provided in due measure.

In a small living-dining room classic is rarely appropriate. Even massive wooden table with chairs is unlikely to fit. And pilasters and thick brocade curtains can completely spoil the situation, excessive sagramanda the already limited space. What style to choose for the interior of a small living room combined with the dining room? It’s very simple. For a basis we can take all the same modern classics, diluting the identity details in the spirit of the style of 60-ies of the last century.

Perhaps the most popular color in living-dining rooms in 2015-2016 continues to be beige. To vary the light can be monochromatic pistachio shades that are still in trend. This color palette will bring into the house the summer mood with its creamy pistachio ice cream and greens

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