Dig the pools for the garden: types and characteristics of models

Dig the pools for the garden — an ideal alternative to natural bodies of water. If you prefer active and healthy lifestyle, then the most time to build your countryside area pool. Photos holiday pools attests to the huge variety of trench models of various sizes. Choosing the acceptable variant is an important decision. Below, the structure had a fixed character and was a long prefer dig the designs.

Comfortable furnished relaxing area with a swimming pool

The contents

1 Dig the pools for the garden. Kinds of designs
  1.1 Concrete pools
  1.2 Structure of composite materials
  1.3 Pools of polypropylene
2 Installation of pool of polypropylene with his hands
  2.1 the device of the trench
  2.2 Installation of the pool
  2.3 pool Equipment the necessary equipment
  2.4 Fixing of the Cup and fill with concrete

Dig the pools for the garden. Kinds of designs

Properties dig pools in the yard of a private house (photos options can be seen on the Internet) primarily depend on used in their construction materials. Requirements for artificial water bodies include the following:

  • complete sealing of the pool;
  • the purity of the water in the tank for a long period (for these purposes, can be used disinfection tablets);
  • the durability of the coating material pool;
  • worthy appearance of the building;
  • a reasonable price structure.

The presence of different size of the bowl allows you to install a pool even in a small suburban area

Many manufacturers offer models dig the outdoor pool for the garden from different materials. However, to choose the optimum construction and material finishes of capacity you want to decide what criteria are important. For those who are planning the construction of the pool at the dacha with his hands, will require the implementation of literacy project, taking into account the use of any form of waterproofing and finishes.

Concrete pools

For the construction of such structures using high-strength steel. Manufacturing process concrete pools are relatively long and laborious, but also will serve such structures for several decades. In addition, their advantage is no limitation in the size, shape, and design in General. After a few months you can get a completely unique option.

A small pool of simple rectangular shape

The advantages of concrete pools include excellent frost resistance, durability and long life, the ability to experiment with form and additional elements (stairs, ramps, handrails etc), as well as gorgeous appearance. These pools can be installed in the open area, indoors or run one part inside the building and another under the open sky.

Disadvantages labor intensive installation expensive materials (structures of reinforced concrete have high cost), a large percentage of manual labor in the installation, the availability of sufficient free area for installation. However, the resulting pool will simulate a natural pond, around which you can arrange a beach Playground, a place for games or relaxation area. For clarity, you can see photos of swimming pools in a private home.

Diagram of the device reinforced concrete tubs pool: 1 — reinforcement cage 2 — concrete М350, 3 — plaster layer, 4 — insulation, 5 — reinforcing fabric, 6 — insulation, 7 — adhesive tiles, 8 — tiles (mosaic), 9 — grill pan overflow

The construction of concrete pools with their hands involves special equipment and certain skills to install. Therefore, it is better to entrust the construction professionals who will be able to build a pool of any shape and size. In addition, experts in this field can equip pond accessories: fountains, amusement rides, Spa equipment.

In addition, concrete pools can be equipped with steps for easy descent and ascent, and a jet, wolnoobraznae. Look spectacular pools, equipped with underwater coloured lighting. Completing the construction of the pool of concrete with their hands to provide for all these points.

The pool of concrete can be decorated with beautiful waterfall

Many people prefer to attach the basin to the bath. This neighborhood allows you to effectively use the method of hardening of the body. Pools may be located in the premises of the bath and on the street. A selection of photos of the bath with a swimming pool illustrates the functionality of such a Union. Use pictures of the pool in a private home for example in the construction of their design.

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If you are thinking about how to make a pool with their hands in the country of concrete, it is necessary to examine the stages of the installation and the advice of experts. In addition to step-by-step instructions on the Internet you can find the video “How to build a pool with your hands.”

Pour in the pool are often placed indoors or is mounted above it a canopy

A useful tip! With self-pouring concrete of the reservoir do not forget to include a box for mounting the skimmer for the pool. Own hands to install the device using the instructions on installing it.

Some prefer to equip the enclosures with their hands. The presence of such structures helps to preserve the temperature of the water prevents its evaporation, and also protects the pool from falling debris, leaves and small items. Photo of indoor pools in the country demonstrates the different shapes and sizes of pavilions.

Remove any visible debris from the pool using a net

Structures from composite materials

Among the owners of country plots are gradually gaining popularity composite pools in the country. Photos of models of elegant and refined shapes suggests that such structures fit into any landscape and is worthy of its complement. The presence of Roman levels of safety cover gives you the opportunity to indulge in water treatment to children and elderly people.

Composite pools perform a method of contact molding multiple layers of high strength polymeric materials (resin, acrylic, UV additive, dye, reinforcing structure). Each layer is manually applied to the matrix shape, and impregnated with polyester resin. The result is a capacity of the pool of high-quality multilayer composite.

For composite pool characteristic Antislip surface of the bottom and steps

Important characteristics of these pools are:

  • perfectly smooth surface without joints and seams;
  • resistance to rot, UV, mold and mildew;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • quick installation (installation of the pool can be finished within a week);
  • the possibility to install additional equipment;
  • easy care and maintenance;
  • durability (serve up to 60 years);
  • the possibility of building a composite pool area with their hands.

Installation diagram composite bowl

Those who decided to install composite pool on your home lot, it should be borne in mind that by ordering the product, you will need to take care of his transportation. As the pool of whole, requiring involvement of special equipment. In addition, it is necessary to consider the high cost of the pool and the need to attract for preparatory works and construction and installation professionals.

How to build a pool at the cottage with his own hands? Information and instructional videos the pool with your hands will help to understand the basic technical issues of installation, methods of making the beach area in the composite structure and cladding finishes.

Spacious pool mosaic

A useful tip! Reinforcement and concrete placement around the composite pool helps secure the bowl in the pit.

Photos of pools with their hands illustrates the different options for finishing the area around the building. The most reliable and popular finishing material for these purposes is the granite.

Pour in the composite pool with Roman steps

Pools of polypropylene

Plastic pools for the villas — excellent opportunity to acquire a garden pond, if your financial resources are limited. Polypropylene pools have a frame construction and can be installed in the pit or just cleared of debris and vegetation area. The bottom of the bowl basin made of polypropylene made of plastic blue color 10 mm thick and of such material and doing the steps for the descent. Walls are made of less durable sheets with a thickness of 8 mm.

Plastic pool in the yard of a private house

The main advantages of plastic constructions include such items:

  • sustainability and durability of used plastic material, capable of long time to maintain the temperature of the water in the pool;
  • complete sealing of the container;
  • antibacterial and hydrophobic properties of the plastic surface of the bowl;
  • resistance to UV exposure and temperature extremes;
  • the possibility of giving the capacity of the pool of any shape and dimensions;
  • do not need treatment, waterproofing and cladding material;

Various options of shapes and sizes plastic bowls

  • quick installation and durability (service life up to 20 years);
  • availability of transportation;
  • acceptable cost of the pool and installation with proper quality of construction.

It should be noted that in the operation of pools of polypropylene on the cover of the bowl often the damage appears in the form of scratches and cracks that are very visible. This is because polypropylene is vulnerable to mechanical stress, resulting in deteriorating its appearance. In addition, without adequate material processing capacity of extruder will be visible seams.

Beautifully designed swimming pool will decorate the yard

Photo of pools in private homes shows that polypropylene construction looks somewhat rustic in comparison with their concrete or composite counterparts. This trend is due to the texture and colour limitation of this material.

Installation of pool of polypropylene with his hands

Polypropylene is a strong, solid, environmentally friendly material to create completely sealed and durable bowl for a pool. Designs can be any desired shape, size, and do not require waterproofing. Sealing the penetrations system of pumps and filters, and additional equipment is maintained in a plastic sheet by means of special gaskets and bolts.

Set a PP pool in the context

The device of the trench

If you opted for the construction of the polypropylene pool check out our video “How to make an inexpensive pool in the country with their hands”. Theme of the video, you can see the details of the manufacture of the Cup and the nuances of installation. Besides, it is very important to be useful advice of professionals or enthusiasts who already have experience in the installation of the pool.

Start with the completion of the excavation for future construction. The dimensions of the pit depend on the size of the vessel itself. The pit must be larger than the bowl width approximately 1 m on each side and deeper at 0.5 m. the size of the pit allows you to easily install a pool and to bring all the necessary communications.

Step 1. First of all, you need to define the place under the pool and dig a pit of appropriate size

The pit can be dug by mechanical means, but on the site must be accessible for movement of the excavator. This way you can make a hole just a few hours. Often, however, the presence of the fence and the limitations the site does not allow you to use the technique. Then not to avoid digging the trench by hand.

When the device recesses for the pool it is necessary to mark the line along which the sides of the pool to focus on how far to go. When the pit is ready, on the bottom, spread a layer of gravel, then a layer of reinforced concrete. It is the Foundation and will take an extra two feet of depth, protecting the Cup from sinking into the ground. Will help in the proper organization of work on the construction of the pool at the dacha with his hands — step-by-step photos and instructions.

Step 2. On the bottom of the pit cushion is formed from a mixture of cement and sand

The installation of the pool

You can order polypropylene Cup that will produce the production with the help of special equipment and the finished product will be brought to the installation site. If you decide to make capacity on their own, you will need to gather the elements of the bowl in place. For this you need to learn how to welding plastic sheets using special technology and equipment.

A useful tip! The cost of production of bowls polypropylene pool for villas with their hands will be identical to the finished product, because you need to purchase rather expensive equipment for thermal welding (extruder).

Step 3. The finished pillow rests foam thickness: 5 cm

The first thing is made the bottom of the bowl. On a concrete pad laid geotextile and top Styrofoam. The seams of the coating performed according to the recommendations and instructions of manufacturers of polypropylene. The sides of the pool are welded inside and out, getting a double seam. External seams with the rod for brazing of polypropylene. Next, a bowl of home-made pool in the country with his own hands equipped with ribs.

For a detailed study of the stages of construction check out our video “the Pools with their hands in the country”.

Step 4. The installation of the pool in the pit

Pool equipment the necessary equipment

Below the pool is fully operational it will need to equip with pump and filtration devices. In areas covered by the project are the holes of the required diameter. In these holes are fixed pipe for supply and drain water. Care should be taken that all pipes and devices had quality insulation.

The hydraulic system includes the skimmer, return jets of water, filters, bottom outlets. The pool must be equipped with separate closed-loop filtration system. In addition to the main, in the pool provide additional equipment for water heating, lighting, backflow and other equipment. Main and auxiliary equipment can be placed in a separate room, for example, in a nearby basement.

Step 5. Perimeter of the bowl formwork from foam, then made a tie-in embedded items and connection of the equipment

After the installation of the pumps and filters necessary to do a trial run of the system and validate its functioning. To check the quality of welded joints, the pool is filled with water, before setting the struts. If no water leaks and everything is working properly, you can proceed with the next phase of construction, which consists in fixing and concreting of the pool.

The fixing of the Cup and fill with concrete

Before filling the space around the bowl with a solution, care should be taken that preserved the shape of the tank. You can install spacers between the walls of the Cup and of the pit. Further, going to the formwork and the reinforcement is performed. To control the deflections of the structure, fill the tank with water to a depth of approximately 30-35 cm

Step 6. Fill the gap between the formwork and the pool with a mixture of dry cement and sand simultaneously with filling the bowl with water. The distance between the formwork and the edges of the pit is filled with earth or sand

Concreting is carried out in stages, in small layers. Each previous layer needs to dry thoroughly before laying the next. The first batch of mortar is poured height of 30 cm and left for a day to grasp. Further, the bowl is filled with another 30 cm of water and the next layer of mortar is laid out on the same height. So, gradually filled the space to the full height of the wall structure.

It remains to draw the area around the pool. This can be done suitable for you way: to pour concrete or to lay paving tiles. From the photo pools in the country with his own hands shows that many prefer the design of the space around the pond FEM-tiles or pavement. This coating is very well decorated and complements the appearance of the pond.

Step 7. After solidification of the solution pool can be filled with water and swimming

Before you can make a pool cottage or in the yard of a private house it is necessary to make a comparative analysis of each material used for its construction. You should evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and see the prices for products and their installation. The construction of the pour in the a pool will cost certainly more expensive inflatable and frame structures, however, the stationary structure will last you for decades.


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