Draft baths with terrace and barbecue: photos of design options

For many people, the bath is not only a place for bathing, but also comfortable. In this regard, the owners of suburban areas often build multifunctional baths, where you can bathe, relax, rest, sitting at the table in the break room or on the terrace. There are a large number of options for the construction of such facilities. For example, it is possible to consider the draft baths with terrace and barbecue: photos of different interesting solutions to say about the popularity of this solution.

Bath supplemented by a small terrace, and barbecue grills

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1 Draft baths with terrace and barbecue: photo options
2 designs of baths from a profiled bar with a terrace
3 the Project of a bath with a relaxation room and a terrace
4 Draft baths with loft and terrace
5 How to build a sauna with his own hands (video)


Draft baths with terrace and barbecue: photo options

The design of the baths, as an organization of active rest, not everyone can afford to build a large enough room, so in addition to a steam room and a washroom, you could fit another and a relaxation room. Good budget option in this case is to bath with a terrace and barbecue facilities. Photo projects such baths are astonishingly diverse.

Draft baths with terrace and barbecue

The terrace is an open space in front of the main building with a railing and the floor. It can be any size. It all depends on the wallet and needs of owners. The device of the terrace, where you will set heavy duty oven requires certain design features. The best option is the construction of a tape monolithic Foundation, not only under all the walls of the baths, but under the place where you will barbecue. Filled it needs to be at the height of the floor, as it will be laying the oven.

Small bathroom in modern style

If you plan to use the grill is a pile or pier Foundation. It communicates a frame of bar section of 150×150 mm, which is placed on the floor. Place under the grill has to be coated with a flame retardant material. In this case, it is completely safe to cook the barbeque. Projects baths with a terrace, a photo of which you can often find these necessarily presuppose the existence of a solid Foundation.

Bath, built of stone

Closed terrace on top can be a common roof with a sauna. In this case, the truss system is based on rack, which are constituent elements of the frame of the terrace. They also can be fitted and fencing.

1 terrace with BBQ area, 2 rest room, 3 corridor, 4 bathroom, 5 shower room, 6 — bath

To build a sauna from any material, but most often it is made from wood. For this purpose it is best suited-coniferous wood. They are less subject to rotting and is easier processed. Modern antifungal and fire treatment makes the tree well-protected from all harm.

Sauna with terrace and stove for cooking

A useful tip! For internal finishing of steam room use of coniferous wood is impossible. Under high temperatures can be extracted from it resin that can get into the hair or serious burn of person.

Bath with terrace, barbecue and pool

Wooden baths are built of whole trunks of trees. To do this, cut the frame according to a special technology, known since ancient times. Cut down on the log chute, and at its ends are notches for laying the perpendicular logs. These buildings look beautiful, if the log is taken rectified and have the same diameter.

Plan of the bath with a relaxation room, a terrace and barbecue facilities

There are projects baths from a bar with a terrace. These baths are slightly cheaper, as the production of timber is fully mechanized. For walls, it is sufficient only to cut it the required length and assembled in accordance with the prepared contour of the Foundation. To do this, each timber are thrown on wooden pins.

The project of a bath 6×9 m

Projects baths from a profiled bar with a terrace

Especially attractive designs of baths from a profiled bar with a terrace. This timber is processed on a special machine and has curly smooth surface. It is covered with a special stain that gives the wood a beautiful natural shade and does not blacken with time. Most often, the projects baths from a profiled bar with a terrace do not provide any internal decorative finishes, as it is not necessary.

The project of a bath from a frame

The terrace in such projects has a fence made from the same timber in combination with decorative strips. It looks very nice and natural. The terrace itself may be common for the bath and home. If it does, and glazing, you will get a lovely transition between the two objects, in which you can place all the necessary supplies for the rest of the city.

There are projects baths from a bar with a terrace, which is reminiscent of summer cafes in the open air. If the area of this building is large enough to accommodate Billiards, which adds more comfort recreation.

Bathhouse from logs with terrace and stove

A useful tip! Below on the terrace floor does not fade, and the paint on it didn’t aluplanet, you can make it from a special composite Board. Such boards are not afraid of sunlight, rain and snow. They can last for decades.

Sauna with a green roof


The project of a bath with a relaxation room and a terrace

If the funds and opportunity allow you to build a structure of large dimensions, it is possible to pick up the project of a bath with a relaxation room and a terrace. This design is more practical and more popular. Because the terrace for its intended purpose can be used only in the warm season. Extra room indoors, warm, allows you to use the bath in any time of the year with a huge advantage.

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This project has the following advantages:

  • the ability to relax in the warmth;
  • no annoying flies and mosquitoes;
  • in the lounge you can install some home appliances: refrigerator, TV, music center;
  • here you can arrange a Minibar and the bar if the room is used for frequent vacations with friends.

The project of a bath with a relaxation room and a terrace

Biggest disadvantages in such projects, but it is possible to note the need for a substantial increase in the area of the entire structure, which entails a high energy consumption.

To be able to allocate part of the area for the rest room, it is necessary to provide this opportunity immediately during construction. Classic bath consists of a steam room, washroom and dressing room. Previously, the waiting room often was a wooden unheated rooms, employee changing rooms. It still kept the different bathing utensils: bowls, brooms, buckets.

On the terrace of the baths and a small kitchen

Today, instead of him having a room. It is very walls of the capital with the main premises of the baths. Taking over the functions of the anteroom, this room plays the role of the place where you can relax, sit at a table, drink tea and talk with friends. In summer, the room offers direct access and terrace to enjoy the fresh breath of air after a hot bath. Not surprisingly, the projects baths with a lounge and a terrace are the most popular.

Example bathhouses of rounded logs


Draft baths with loft and terrace

If the site is small, and I want to was in the bath lounge, you can consider the options of projects of baths with loft and terrace. Such a structure occupies a much smaller area, but not inferior to the functionality of the previous version. In addition, in the attic, you can even arrange a living room, if on a country site in addition to the bath and shed for inventory, nothing more.

In this room you can spend the night while working on the land, cultivating the garden, but in winter after a rest and sauna, when to return to the city so you do not want. However, such a possibility arises if the attic is well insulated and heated. As insulation, you can use mineral wool or foam.

The project of a bath with an attic room and a terrace

The attic is above the main building under a sloping gable roof. It can be as insulated and summer. During the construction of baths with a loft and terrace, the project is expected to reinforced the ceiling, as they must withstand the weight of a person. The presence of a beautiful staircase, makes the interior a bath even more attractive.

This type of construction has one drawback: to climb to the top of the stairs did not really want once paired, when the main desire is to quickly sit down in a chair and relax.

The wall of the bath lined with decorative stone

A useful tip! It is not necessary to arrange the rest room in the attic, if your family has elderly people. They not only will be awkward to climb, but dangerous.

Everyone is free to choose any of the available designs of the baths in the suburban area. All of them having individual characteristics, are designed to provide high-quality recreation and relaxation of a person. Therefore, before construction of any type of baths should be familiar with the rules of fire safety, especially if the terrace is furnished with a barbecue.

How to build a bath with his own hands (video)


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