Dressing room with their hands: drawings, diagrams and photos functional systems

The presence in the home dressing room promotes the release of the living space from bulky furniture, optimizes life and allows you to quickly find the right thing. To equip such a room can be turning to the professionals, ordering a ready-made storage custom. Less expensive and however interesting solution – dressing room with their hands: drawings, diagrams and photos with useful tips on arrangement will help make the process easy and fast.

Compact dressing room made by your own hands

The contents

  • 1 Dressing room with their hands: drawings, diagrams and photo storage
    • 1.1 Draft a corner walk-in closet in the hallway
    • 1.2 Arrangement of the dressing room in the bedroom
    • 1.3 Design a dressing room from the pantry 1.1 to 1.5 m
  • 2 walk-in Closets in the kitchen instead of a pantry
  • 3 scheme of the dressing rooms out of the closets: photo examples
  • 4 How to make a closet out of the closet with his hands
    • 4.1 the Refurbishment of the dressing room from the pantry with his own hands: photo ideas
    • 4.2 Assembly of a dressing system with your hands: the basic principles
    • 4.3 the Basic rules for the organization of storage

Dressing room with their hands: drawings, diagrams and photo storage

For those who intend to collect the dressing with your hands, you need to pay attention not only on the size of the premises, but also to the possibility of compact and rational internal filling. To achieve maximum accuracy it is recommended to develop drawings and diagrams for future storage systems. Ready design project for dressing rooms with his own hands, with photos and diagrams would provide a good example when creating your option.

Compact corner dressing room in the bedroom

The project is a corner walk-in closet in the hallway

Exclusivity corner plan is that under the dressing, you can use sites which are usually not involved and difficult. For example, it could be the angle, where in forming its walls a short distance from the centre of the corner a door or window. This space is usually empty, so to bring this area under a corner wardrobe is the most successful and practical option.

The project is a corner walk-in closet in the hallway

Depending on the area under a dressing room, a corner space can be separated from the main room in several ways. If enough area, arrange a plasterboard wall, and in the case of minimal dimensions will suit the project open storage system. Many people use the hallway corner cupboard-a dressing room, which is a decent alternative to a separate room. Photos of closets with their hands will serve as a good example of creating storage areas.

Rational organization of storage

A useful tip! When you trim the corner under the dressing it is best to use a slab of drywall: it is a material light enough, it is well hidden and easy to install.

If you prefer a corner walk-in closet in the hallway, which is separated from the main room, equip the inner filling in two ways: on one or two walls. Diagram of a first embodiment is a storage system that is compactly assembled along one wall. It is recommended that the racks and shelves are left open, which will save space. The remaining space is used to navigate through the dressing and under dressing.

Scheme capacious corner wardrobe walk-in closet

In the second embodiment, the location of filling is planned along two walls. The main advantage of such filling is compact at maximum capacity. However, it is worth considering that in this dressing room will be easy to enter, but to use it as the dressing will not work. This method of filling is suitable for families of several people where the main goal is to ultimately fit things each of the households. Used for filling storage systems with a set of angular components, which provide good ergonomics small space.

Storage along one wall

Corner closets in the hallway can be separated with swing doors, doors-accordions or lung sliding doors, however, should take into account the peculiarities of the hallway. If the room is quite modest, swing option is absolutely not appropriate. Look spectacular curved sliding doors content which is chosen in unison with the overall interior.

The scheme of placing things in the closet in the hallway

The arrangement of the dressing room in the bedroom

Photo wardrobe systems with his own hands, is in the bedroom, suggests that this is one of the most common and convenient options. The feasibility of establishing on-site bedrooms dressing room can be determined by calculating the area of the sleeping area. If the size of the bedrooms significantly exceeds this parameter, you can safely proceed to independent construction of the dressing room.

Dressing room in the bedroom

Schemes of organization of the internal space in the dressing room, there are several. This may be the project linear storage arrangement of the modules with the letter “P” or “G”, and a parallel placement of racks and shelves. The most optimal version of the U — shaped dressing room. Such planning helps to maximize filling the room and yet allows you to leave space for movement on it. Typically, U-shaped closets have enough space, however, they may be able to placed on modest areas.

Dressing room in the bedroom located behind the headboard

A useful tip! Interesting idea to arrange a dressing room in the bedroom behind the headboard: it is easy stationary wall or sliding system.

For small bedrooms, where to isolate 1,5 — 2 m from the room is not possible, confined to the bedroom with walk-in closet. This furniture is compact, it does not take a lot of space and different sound stuffing. Ways of filling the closets-closets can be found in directories of sites involved in the sale and manufacture of furniture. Ready-made sets of storage systems with a narrow specialization for clothing, shoes and accessories is distinguished by its unsurpassed ergonomics.

Storage along the wall in the bedroom

If the layout is such that a dressing room is a walk-through is the best fit scheme with parallel storage systems. Drawings of the racks and shelves in the closet with his hands indicate that this method of filling is not difficult to move around the room, and the storage system can accommodate all the necessary. The most convenient is the combination bedroom-dressing room-shower room. But there may be other options.

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Projects of small spaces. Storage space in bedroom and hallway. Projects bathrooms 3 sq. m. storage Systems and furniture for dressing rooms.

Parallel placement of racks and shelves in the closet

Design a dressing room from the pantry 1.1 to 1.5 m

Many professional designers believe that the use under the dressing room, less than 2 sq m, it is impractical. However, photos of closets small closets show that such small space it is possible to successfully plan a functional storage system. It is on these works tested the professionalism of the designers. After all, it is necessary not only to transform the pantry into a dressing room, but also to consider the interests of everyone who will benefit, in terms of lack of square meters.

Scheme walk-in closet out of the closet 1.1 to 1.5 m

Projects and drawings such closets require precision calculations and optimal internal filling. Very relevant for the filling of the dressing room with a size of 1,1×1,5 m are shallow shelves. If you do not isolate the room the door shelves can be moved outside of the pantry and then they become part of the furniture of the room and effectively complement the interior. In this case, shelves and racks design so that they smoothly flowed from the wardrobe in the room.

A small dressing room in the pantry

Photo of small dressing rooms out of the pantry illustrates the options when the storage system is used, the entire length of one wall. In this project, you can carve out additional space in the closet you could come to find the necessary things. However, that space a walk-in closet to use as much as possible, it is recommended to arrange them by the type of niche, which is fenced off from the main room door-an accordion or a sliding door-coupe.

A useful tip! Filling the small dressing room, to place things so that the most frequently used ones, were located in the middle part.

A u-shaped arrangement of shelves in the closet out of the closet

Walk-in closets in the kitchen instead of a pantry

The main difference between modern dressing rooms from the pantry — the presence of an orderly shelving system, mezzanines, boxes, hangers and other components for convenient storage of not only personal things, but of various form and purpose, items and inventory. In addition, such systems are designed in such a way that all objects and things to grasp and easily accessible. There are hundreds of options for dressing rooms, the layout and the content of which depends on the size and budget of their respective owners.

A compact way of storing things in the pantry Khrushchev

Before you make the dressing with your hands, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the basic planning solutions dressing rooms. The fact that in large apartments, as a rule, walk-in closets already provided a separate room. Owners can only equip them with appropriate storage systems. But in the apartments of the old housing stock under such needs are closets, the size of which is quite small.

Convenient storage, shoes and accessories

To the maximum extent possible to organize the space of a small room, designers suggest different methods of arrangement of the closets out of the closets in the Khrushchev. For self-realization offers a lot of different projects. To choose the most suitable can be, acquainted with drawings, diagrams and photos of closets in the kitchen instead of the pantry.

Dressing room instead of pantry

If initially the layout of the apartment storage space is missing, the closet you can arrange in any place. This can be a combination dressing room with a bedroom, hallway, lobby, children’s and other rooms. Experts recommend to allocate the system storage several zones, for example, in the bedroom and hallway, if possible. In the usual Khrushchev a place under the dressing is determined on the stage of redevelopment, which had previously agreed with the appropriate authorities.

Separate area for storage in the apartment

Depending on the location in the apartment, configuration and area, walk-in closet is arranged along one wall to form an angle or give it a t – or U-shaped termocartagena. The newest technologies give the possibility to plan the optimal storage system for any, even modest, dressing room. After all, the main advantage of content is a huge range of accessories for every taste.

Dressing room along one wall

Scheme dressing rooms out of the closets: photo examples

As out of the closet to make room? Photo compilation of various methods of transformation demonstrates the many options for arrangement of storerooms. There are two main ways of converting. For the first characteristic disassembly walls of the pantry and setting it on the cupboard space of appropriate dimensions. Typically, these cabinets are equipped with sliding doors-compartments that have mirrored content.

The scheme of the storage system along the wall

Alternatively, it will completely release the contents of the pantry and to equip the premises of the modern compact storage systems. Updating of content will allow maximum use of pantry space with different size and shape racks, shelves, baskets, rods and other elements. The presence of many special hooks, holders will enhance the comfort level of the former pantry and extend the life of many things.

The option of filling a dressing room for storage

Before you make a dressing from the pantry, carefully consider and chart its content. By making the appropriate measurements, you must calculate the number of shelves, trempel and drawers for small items, and special holders for trousers, ties, hats, and other accessories. The availability of a detailed design will help to avoid mistakes and unnecessary consumption of materials when you convert walk-in closet out of the closet with his hands.

Convenient system of filling the corner of the dressing room in the pantry

A useful tip! To make dressing as comfortable as possible, using a system of steel-framed content, through which you can adjust the height of shelves, baskets and trempel.

The choice of a suitable dressing depends on the project plan of the apartment. In many buildings typical of the Khrushchev plan of each apartment includes a pantry in the bedroom. This space is formed by separating part of the bedroom with a partition the full width of the room. The entrance to the pantry can be from the bedroom or from the adjoining living room. In some apartments the pantry is located at the end of a long corridor, part of which is fenced off by a partition. For example, the network can find a lot of suitable projects and photos closets out of the closets in the Khrushchev.

A dressing room separated by a partition

How to make a closet out of the closet with his hands

Before you make a dressing in the room from the pantry, you must choose the best for that size project. In addition, the choice depends on the number of residents, things to be stored in the future dressing room. To find the drawings and diagrams, suitable for the dimensions of your room, you can browse through the selection of photos of the dressing rooms from the pantry. In the drawings shows all the required dimensions and samples of systems of internal filling.

Spacious dressing room from the pantry

The refurbishment of the dressing room from the pantry with his own hands: photo ideas

Those who want to become the owner of spacious and comfortable dressing room with minimal financial investment suitable option of pereobulsya for these needs of the closet. To complete the work will require a set of tools that is certainly available in the Arsenal of any owner:

  • construction tape measure, level, pencil;
  • screwdriver, hammer, pliers;
  • a drill or perforator;
  • screwdriver;
  • the jigsaw;
  • self-tapping screws.

Compact storage system in the closet out of the closet

Selection of material for the inner filling of the dressing room depends on the intended storage system. It is calculated according to drawings and diagrams of your project. Usually for these purposes acquire:

  • furniture pipes (metal and wood) for the device closet rods or frame;
  • durable lumber for shelves, mezzanines, bollards (can be used, for example, particle Board with laminate covering);
  • furniture accessories: guides, furniture for connections, handles, hinges, etc.;
  • boxes, baskets, boxes to store things.

The internal filling of the dressing room in the pantry

The first step would be to dismantle the entire contents of the pantry: remove the old shelves, remove all hooks, hangers, nails and other devices. Walls cleaned of old Wallpaper or paint, and then carefully aligned. For the new design of the walls, you can apply the paint in light colors or wall paper. On a photo walk in closet in the pantry with a hinged door, it is revealed that they can fix a large mirror on the inside.

A useful tip! If the project with drawings and diagrams of the internal filling of wardrobe, to collect storage system is a snap.

Design spacious dressing room

Once the wall is finished, start manufacturing and installing interior storage systems. The purchase of materials produced according to the developed drawings and sketches. According to him, necessary to calculate the required amount of CPD, furniture pipes, fittings, fixtures, screws, also additional elements of storage systems.

Internal storage system in the closet

The dressing Assembly of the system with your hands: the basic principles

Filling walk-in closet storage system depends entirely on the specific requirements of its owners. In addition, plays the role of and budget allocated for these purposes. Filling the dressing room may have several design options. Those who have certain skills in furniture Assembly, can be assembled and installed in the closet housing the modules. Most of these models filling made to order according to individual sizes.

Dressing room in the pantry, obustroena their hands

Body design quite spacious, perfectly fit into the space and facilitate tidy storage of things. Elements of hull modules are of standard dimensions. They are equipped with a variety of accessories, which are collected by the type designer. But it is worth considering that the shelves and racks in Cabinet design is quite cumbersome and occupy a lot of space, so it is not recommended to use for filling the dressing rooms of modest dimensions.

Cabinet corner design in the closet

For a small wardrobe suitable Assembly mesh designs. This type of filling differs compactness, ease and possibility of transformation. The design elements are easy to install with their hands, not visually overload the space and are inexpensive. For those who make a choice in favor of such filling, it is worth considering that cell storage system should not be overburdened with too heavy items.

Mesh construction for storage

Frame storage system as appropriate in the small dressing rooms, and in rooms with significant dimensions. The circuit Assembly is a metal stand that is placed between the ceiling and floor breaking. Further, they are fixed shelves, drawers, racks and rails, which are almost “floating in the air.” For such filling is characterized by ease of installation, lightness and durability of the structure itself.

Frame storage system in a small walk-in closet

A useful tip! Whatever storage system you choose, to achieve maximum comfort when using the dressing room, you should follow the principles of ergonomics.

To see the photo of dressing rooms with their hands using a variety of storage systems in the Internet where users share their works. In addition, it is helpful to ask about the options of filling from the pros.

Dressing room of frame structures

Basic rules for the organization of storage

From how correctly things will be placed in the closet room are not only fast and convenient but its also their life. It is therefore very important to properly organize the interior of a dressing room. To do this, you must plan the storage area a variety of items. Wardrobe-dressing room it is recommended to divide into several functional areas:

  • the lower compartment here to store the shoes, small accessories (umbrellas, bags) and pants. Height from floor should be no more than 70-80 cm Shoes are best stored in a special pull-out sloping shelves (height about 30 cm for summer shoes, 40-45 cm for winter);

Under the arrangement of the dressing rooms allocated part of the bedroom

  • middle compartment is used mainly for storing frequently used items. Here are equipped with rods, pantographs, and pull-out shelves for storing small items of toilet. Depending on the length of things, the height of the middle zone varies from 140 to 170, refer To storage compartments shirts, jackets, accounting for nearly 100 see Jerseys convenient to store in the baskets and boxes that are installed on the shelves;

A good way to organize the storage of various accessories

  • the upper compartment is equipped with shelves for storage of dimensional things and seasonal items: blankets, pillows, body bags, Luggage, sports and household equipment.

Modern storage systems are difficult to imagine without innovation components. They include various holders for trousers and skirts, belts, ties, scarves, boxes for different things, textile holders for handbags and much more. Very easy to use press-Trouser hanger: it is supplied with a coat hanger for coat, hanger for belt and tie. All holders are equipped with special soft clips, does not leave marks on clothes.

Storage system located along one wall of the room

Independent alterations to the pantry allows with minimal investment to acquire a practical and functional wardrobe room to store your necessary things in life and items. Besides the hand-made transformation process will enable the realization of a personal interpretation to meet individual needs.


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