Electric boiler for heating of private houses, prices and types

The creation of comfortable living conditions in a private home is unthinkable without the installation of modern heating system. It should be safe, effective and easy to maintain. Source of energy should be available everywhere. These conditions correspond to a fully Autonomous system for electrical energy. As a cheaper source of gas, is not available in all areas, it is often the only possible option is an electric boiler for heating of private houses, prices and types which we will consider in this article.

Electric boiler for heating private house looks very modern

The contents

  • 1 electric boiler for heating private houses, especially
  • 2 electric boiler for heating of private houses, prices and types
    • 2.1 Boilers with electrical heating elements
    • 2.2 Electrode device
    • 2.3 Induction devices
  • 3 Additional options for electric boilers
  • 4 Calculation of power and connection of electric boilers
  • 5 How to connect the electric boiler

Electric boiler for heating private houses, especially

The principle of operation of electric boilers is based on the property of conductors to allocate thermal energy at passage through them electric current. In General terms, the device of electric boilers is simple. In a heat exchanger with circulating in it water, placed the electrical components. They work from a household 220 V, although there are powerful models that work from an industrial network 380 heat Exchanger is connected to the home heating system via the inlet and outlet fittings. Circulation of the heated water is naturally or with the help of centrifugal pump. The whole process is controlled by automatics.

Modern electric boiler for heating fits perfectly in the kitchen interior

Due to the absence of flame and intense heat, electric boilers have many advantages over other heating equipment:

  • no need for a chimney and the pipe;
  • there is no noise;
  • not consumed the oxygen in the room;
  • small size;
  • there is no risk of gas leak;
  • low price;
  • easy maintenance and management.

However, electric boilers for heating of private houses are not without drawbacks:

  • the high cost and frequent power cuts;
  • the sensitivity to voltage drops in the network.

If necessary, the electric boiler can be hidden in a niche

In case of necessity of heating a large area, need a more powerful boiler that in addition to the large consumption of electricity entails also a need for additional negotiations with the supplier of electricity. In some cases, the installation of a powerful boiler is invalid due to a limitation of the load on the power grid.

A useful tip! No need to chase small boilers. Reducing the dimensions is done at the expense of quality. The load on the heating elements increases, and the faster they fail.

Electric boiler for heating of private houses, prices and types

Depending on the type of heating elements, all boilers are divided into three main types.

Wall-mounted electric boiler does not occupy much space and easy to operate

Boilers with electrical heating elements

As heating elements heating elements are used in plate or tubular types. They are placed directly in the heat exchanger. In one device, with up to 8 elements, 2 kW. They connect speed. This is regulated automatically or manually. Some boilers are dual-circuit, allowing you to heat not only the coolant, but water for household needs. The simplicity of the device, the possibility of using any liquid (water, antifreeze or oil) as a coolant and low cost make this device the most popular among users. The formation of scale, and large size – the main disadvantages of these boilers. The price of this type of boiler start from $ 50.e. and increase depending on capacity, complexity of electronics and the manufacturer to 1000.e.

The electrode device

Such electric boilers for heating of private houses operate on a different principle. In the heat exchanger placed in the electrodes creates a potential difference from an alternating current. As the water dissolved the salt, it is a good electrolyte with a specific electric resistance. The current passing through such a medium causes it to heat. The advantages of this type of heaters are: small size, design simplicity, safety and low price ($60.e.). Disadvantages: the water must contain salt, which increases its resistivity, the electrodes need to be changed frequently due to their gradual dissolution.

Electric boilers are dual. They heat not only the coolant, but the water in the home water supply

Induction devices

They are much more complex than other boilers. The design has a telecoil, which is a wire wound around the dielectric. Inside it has a metal core. By passing an electrical current through the coil emerges magnetic induction that generates a potential difference at the core, heating it. This design allows to increase the efficiency of the entire device. The advantages of this device are: low consumption of electricity, indifferent to the kind of coolant, durability, resistance to scaling. The disadvantage of this electric boiler for heating of private houses. It is much higher than other types of heating devices and starts from 450.e. for the most simple devices. The cost of powerful and complex devices can be up to 3000.e. and more.

A useful tip! It is necessary to choose the boiler in good equipment, as some items just need. Better and cheaper to buy everything in the kit than to buy the surge tank, valve, relay protection or filter.

The electric boiler can be easily integrated into hinged furniture

Additional options for electric boilers

All existing types of electric boilers can have additional options. The most popular option is the possibility of manual regulation of power. Possess even the cheapest instances. More expensive devices are equipped with automatic power control and disabling in case of overload. The additional features can still be listed as follows:

  • automatic drain of water when disconnecting and lowering the temperature to values close to 0 degree;
  • remote temperature sensor for automatic control of boiler operation depending on the ambient temperature;
  • protection against increase or decrease of pressure in the system;
  • built-in centrifugal pump;
  • the ability to heat water for the domestic water system.

Depending on the presence or absence of any of those other additional options in electric boilers for heating of private houses, price them can vary within very wide limits.

Stylish design and small size of electric boilers is a welcome addition to their functionality

Calculation of the power and connection of electric boilers

Before you purchase the boiler, it is necessary to determine capacity. After all, its deficiency does not allow efficient enough to heat the housing, and the excess will result in unreasonable costs for electricity. There is a simple formula for calculating power boilers:

W cat.=(S*Wуд.):10,

where W cat. – the required capacity of the heater, S is the area of the premises, Wуд. – power density devices per 10 m2. This number differs for different climatic zones:

  • for regions with a temperate climate — 1,2 – 1,5 kW;
  • South zone – 0,7 – 0,9 kW;
  • North area – 1,5 – 2,0 kW.

Using this formula, calculate the required boiler output for the room, 100 m2 in a house located in the middle lane W cat. =(100*1,5):10=15 kW.

Great design Combi electric boiler can be hidden in the closet in the hallway

A useful tip! Those who do not like to bother with formulas and calculations, you can just divide the area by 100. To this we must add 15 – 20%, depending on climate.

How to connect an electric boiler

After calculation of required power is produced, you can begin the process of connecting equipment. Before to do this, you need to obtain permission from the owner of the local power grid. The organization is obliged to issue the technical conditions, which will indicate the permissible parameters of the boiler. If the required boiler capacity is more than the maximum load on the electrical network specified in technical conditions, to connect a boiler is impossible. In this case, you will have to use alternative sources of energy.

Wall-mounted electric boilers pleasing small size

The installation of the boiler requires a separate dedicated branch electrical network. It is set a protective relay. The boiler is grounded and equipped with voltage stabilizer. These actions will ensure safety and prevent damage to the device due to power surges. Then the boiler is installed in its place. To the appropriate fittings connect the supply pipe and return pipe. For models not equipped with surge tank and check valve, these elements also should be provided.

Electric boiler for heating of private houses, the price of which is laid in the estimate of installation of heating, and functional features and quality that satisfies the consumer, when properly installed will delight owners a long trouble-free operation.


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