Electric fire with fire effect: elegant interior decoration

To have in his apartment or house I want a fireplace, as this detail of the interior is associated with warmth and comfort. However, to install a real fireplace in the living room, not everyone can due to a number of specific restrictions and requirements. To implement such idea will help the fireplaces with a fire effect. They have many advantages and will become a real decoration of any interior. What are they and how to choose them – this article will tell.

Electric fireplace with fire effect will help to create comfort and a bright accent in the room

The contents

  • 1 What is “live” fire
  • 2 Device and the main elements of the heater
  • 3 the Principle of operation of the heater
  • 4 Existing types of electric fireplaces
  • 5 Advantages and disadvantages of electric fireplaces with a living flame
  • 6 overview of the most popular models and manufacturers
    • 6.1 electric Heater Dimplex Opti technology-Mest
    • 6.2 electric Fire with fire effect, the company Panoramic
    • 6.3 the Advantages of electric fireplaces Electrolux
    • 6.4 Electric steam unit of the company RealFlame
  • 7 Recommendations for choosing the heater
  • 8 features of the unit electric fireplaces
  • 9 Style solutions electric fireplaces with a fire effect: video

What is “live” fire

A when the phrase “live fire” are currently burning wood and the flames on them. In the modern world so it is also called a 3D effect, which creates a special design of steam generator and lighting. It is the basis for the heater.

Flame 3D effect electric fire looks very realistic, thanks to a light and a couple

When his turn runs the generator, which begins to actively produce cold steam. He goes through the woodpile, where it illuminates the diode tape and the effect of burning without fire and smoke. To further enhance the natural lighting changes periodically, creating the illusion of a real flame.

Produced by the heater cold steam hydrates the premises. If necessary, you can make it warm. Stay near a hearth allows you to relax after a hard working day.

The device and the main elements of the heater

Regardless of manufacturer and type of electric fire, all models have some of the same elements:

  • artificial smoldering wood and coals;
  • capacity, playing the role of the hearth to the heater;
  • the substitute grate;
  • a device that creates a simulated flame;
  • the decorative elements.

Low-powered fireplaces do not require installation of safety glass

The heater is designed for a long time, however active use of it in interior design gained popularity the last 2-3 years. That’s when fashion magazines began to place pictures of electric fireplaces in the living room and bedroom. The increased demand for this form of decoration has forced manufacturers to think about the design foci. As a result, the key elements outlined above were decorated in different styles. The number of models offered allows to use the electric heater in the interior of any home or office.

Please note! Available today, pockets can be placed anywhere in the apartment: in the living room, kitchen, on the balcony, in the bedroom. The price of electric fireplaces with a fire effect in the mobile version is accessible.

The principle of operation of the heater

The principle of operation of any heater is the same. It is quite simple and not very complex. The difference between models may be the presence of additional elements (steam, lights, or sound card), but the special effect they do not have. Their purpose is to enhance the burning effect and to give it maximum realism. Understand the working principle, it is possible, in the presence of certain knowledge and skills to assemble the heater with his hands.

Consider, how does an electric fireplace. To generate heat used tubular heaters. They can be quartz, ceramic or made of nichrome. To prevent heating of the walls of the heater, inside is a reflector. It directs the flow of warm air upwards to exit through special vents.

It is worth considering that the electric heater cannot heat the room up like a oven

Except the heating elements inside the fireplace are led backlight and a special lamp. They work in a certain mode to create a simulation of the combustion flame. In this case, the flicker is never repeated twice in a row.

Many models have in their design fans. Their purpose is to increase the intensity of convection. In these models, efficiency is much higher than without fans. This reduces the power consumption during operation.

Last time very popular model with a steam generator. Water poured into the tank turns into steam and a fan to go up. Illumination halogen lamps, reflected in the small particles of water, increases the burning effect and gives it a natural feel.

Simulation systems and heating working separately from each other. This allows you to include fireplaces in the summer.

Electric fireplace with fire effect can be installed even in a small room because it does not require duct

Please note! You should not choose an electric fireplace as a heater for the whole room. It produces a certain amount of heat, but only for a short distance near him.

Existing types of electric fireplaces

Widespread today received several types of electric fireplaces. The difference between them lies in the structure itself and the method of installation.

On constructional features the equipment can be divided into:

  • a heater portal for decorating. This device creates the illusion of a real fire. For the registration portal itself manufacturers often use stucco, tile, wrought iron or marble tiles. These built-in fireplaces with a fire effect often used in large apartments and private houses;
  • the freestanding design. This kind of fireplace resembles the cast-iron stove or potbelly stove. If you wish, you can separately buy the portal for the heater and place this type of heating device;
  • the electric heater resembling drovnitsa. These models are mobile. They can be moved from room to room;
  • Cabinet electric fireplaces. This style features small and compact size. You can incorporate them into furniture.

The electric heater resembling drovnitsa, very comfortable — you can move it easily to another room

By mounting pockets can be divided in the following way:

  • the classic model. This type involves a complete simulation of a real fire. To install such a heater alone is very difficult, therefore, for its installation it is necessary to attract specialists;
  • angular. Installing the appliance in the corner allows you to significantly save on space. Such corner fireplaces with a fire effect – perfect for small apartments;
  • wall. Such models often choose to design the room in modern trends. However, if you wish, you can purchase a wall heater for spaces with a classic interior;
  • the electric heater built into the wall. Such models allow to significantly save space in the apartment. Installation of the heater, embedded in the wall, is in the process of overhaul. When choosing a model for yourself, you need to think carefully about how to hold the operation and further maintenance.

The size of the fireplaces and their weight are different. A large selection of designs allows you to choose and buy an electric fireplace with a living flame effect for any interior.

An example of successful placement of the designer fireplace in the kitchen

The advantages and disadvantages of electric fireplaces with a living flame

Any heater has a number of advantages. Among them the most important is the ability to install such a device in any room. In the process of operation is not stand the smoke and soot. In addition, the room swept clean of ashes, soot, and other products that accompany the process of operation of the present fireplace.

Electric fireplaces are completely safe for animals and children. The use of heat-resistant glass eliminates the possibility of burns if accidentally touched.

Corner fireplaces allow you to solve some problems in a small apartment to save space and create a cozy atmosphere.

If it is not possible to install a real fireplace — a great alternative will be to simulate a fire effect

To make a fireplace yourself. Especially easy to install wall mounted electric fireplaces. By design, they look like the picture. So it is enough to hang them on the wall and connect to the network.

The design of the thermostat allows you to set the mode to the desired mode. But eco mode gives you the opportunity to consume minimum amount of electricity. The heater has a large and significant drawback – the flame it just an imitation. Therefore, to replace real fire, he never will.

Review of popular models and manufacturers

Today the market has many companies that are engaged in manufacturing electric fireplaces with simulated live fire. Their proposed models have many advantages. Any of these would be a great decoration for home and office. Let’s look at the most popular brands.

The electric heater from the company Electrolux compact and can fit in almost any interior style

Electric heater Dimplex Opti technology-Mest

Models manufactured by Dimplex are creating a realistic picture of the flame. Is this effect using special technology Opti-Mest. Used firewood are handmade. In appearance they completely mimic the real thing. When working fireplace they flicker like real wood when burning in the fire.

Among the advantages of the products of this brand include the following:

  • the installation of Dimplex electric fireplace available in medium size room. This allows you to enjoy the flames in it from either side. If desired, it can be installed in a special niche. It is sold separately. And you can make a portal to the heater with your own hands, by choosing the finishing material in its sole discretion;
  • a neat form of the models allows their use with any stylistic decision premises;
  • absolute security. Using the adjustment, the owner can choose a mode with heating or without it, to increase or decrease the intensity of flame and smoke;
  • high quality workmanship and the long-term assurance.

The company produces Dimplex electric fireplaces, which feature a high level of security use

A significant disadvantage of models of this brand to be high cost, which makes the device unavailable to the average buyer.

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Electric fire with fire effect, the company Panoramic

The Chinese company Panoramic offers a wide range of electric fireplaces with a fire effect, which can be bought at an affordable price. Among them there are models that are equipped with sound. Adjusting the volume using the remote control, you can fill the room with crackling firewood.

Advantages of models of this brand include:

  • the possible inclusion mode of the gradual extinction of the flame in this fireplace;
  • all models have thermostats and displays, showing basic settings and operating modes fireplaces. On request, the owner can choose the intensity of combustion;
  • stylistic models creates the illusion of a real fire;
  • the ability to set inside the portal or separately.

Electric fireplaces from the company Panoramic differ affordable price and exquisite design of imitation logs in the fire

Please note! In their models, the company Panoramic establishes a special system, which reliably protects the heater from overheating.

The advantages of electric fireplaces Electrolux

The Swedish company Electrolux produces not only the qualitative household appliances, but also electric fireplaces. They are of high quality and affordable price.

The advantages of electric fireplaces Electrolux:

  • various versions (vertical and horizontal). This allows you to install them in different rooms;
  • the compact dimensions and low weight. Thus, the weight of black fire Electrolux EFP W 1200URLS just 17 kg and a thickness of 12 cm It can be hung even on plasterboard wall;
  • all models have several modes of heating. For adjustment, use the remote control;

Outdoor models of electric fireplaces from the company Electrolux

  • external panel electric fireplaces are made from heat resistant glass which is not heated in the process. Even with casual touch to this homes people do not get burned. Electrolux fireplaces are absolutely safe for children;
  • use the economy mode. This allows you to minimize the power consumption when operating the fireplace;
  • the presence of two modes: heating and flame simulation. Each of them can work separately. If necessary you can run both at the same time.

Important! Electric Electrolux additionally equipped with a mechanical system flame adjustment. Even if remote from the building, the owner of the device has the ability to adjust the mode of operation manually.

Electric with steam generator company RealFlame

Chinese company offers a range of RealFlame electric fireplaces with a 3D effect and a steam generator. Inside the logs are LEDs that flicker in the process equipment. All this together allows you to get in the focus of most natural imitation of fire.

Electric fireplaces with simulated live fire from the company RealFlame equipped with a steam generator, so it can be used as humidifier

Water in the design of fireplaces has a special tank. Into it is poured the liquid, which defined doses is supplied to the evaporator. There is the transformation of liquid to vapor. Then it highlights a special lamp. The result is a flame with the smoke.

Tank volume is designed for 1.8 liter. The design of the heater in a protective system, which does not allow for the equipment with an empty tank. About the need to add water will let the blinking light on the control panel.

According to the reviews, electric fire with fire effect and a steam generator are excellent humidifiers at any time of the year.

An additional feature of electric fireplaces RealFlame is a smoke simulation

Recommendations on the choice of the heater

A large number of proposals for different types of electric fireplaces complicates the choice. They all have many advantages and additional functions. Where do you start choosing the right fireplace for your apartment?

The age of modern technology allows a preliminary familiarity with existing models from the comfort of home. It is enough to see photos of fireplaces and also read the reviews on the Internet.

After that, you need to create a project for the future of the hearth. This will determine what size should be the fireplace, which design will be suitable for a particular premises, as well as what technical characteristics must have the device, etc.

The heater offers a special frame made of plasterboard, which will allow to achieve maximum realism

Now you can safely go for buying the right heater. We should pay attention to the following points:

  • size. In a small room it is better to buy a corner electric fireplace. This will allow you to save some space. For a large house or Villa is best suited fireplace with a portico;
  • design. It is not necessary in the room, decorated in a classic style, buy heater in high-tech style. Conversely, the model of glass and plastic will not look at the background of Empire. Such stylistic combination is not permissible with proper design of the interior;
  • the capacity of the device. If you decide to purchase a powerful heater, then you first need to check the wiring. If she will not be able to withstand high voltage, then buy a model with a large capacity have to give.

Another factor influencing the choice of fireplace is the cost. In this matter the last word for the future owner.

Please note! High price and popular brand are not always the main when you select this type of hearth in the house. So, the price of wall mounted electric fireplaces may be lower than other models, but it is more important – technical characteristics of the device and its compliance with the requirements of the future owner.

Many manufacturers offer a wide selection of filling the heater is can be natural or artificial stones, charred logs or coals

Especially the installation of electric fireplaces

After fitting all the parameters of the model selected, there is a question about installing it. This can be done by yourself or you can involve specialists. In the latter case, all that is required of the owner is to pay the masters and through time to enjoy the glow of the fire in the fireplace.

If the decision is made to carry out the installation yourself, then you should carefully examine the main stages of installation:

  • the selected place should be setting the grounds for the hearth. For these purposes, perfect thick Board, or wooden Board. If you decide to purchase a built-in heater, then you need to prepare a niche or furniture, where will be installed. Do not forget about such important factors as the proximity of the outlet and the possibility of further maintenance;
  • if the portal or base for a built-in electric fireplace made by yourself, you should conduct a follow-up finishing works coated with paint or stain;
  • when installing new sockets for the connection of the fireplace, experts recommend positioning it over the device;

The most popular and traditional method of installing the heater is in a special niche

  • the corner portals for electric fireplaces are set up exactly the same as for embedded. The only difference is in the mounting design in the corner of the room;
  • it is easiest to place the installation of wall-mounted electric fireplaces. They are installed on the suspensions, which are supplied to the device. Before installing, you must determine the type of the wall: capital or pier. In the first case, you need to make four mounting points. When installed on a pier provided a further strengthen. Without it, the wall can not withstand the weight of the heater.

A useful tip! Nothing limits the imagination of the owner of the fireplace. It can be creative and place your heater a variety of finishing materials: artificial stone, marble, wood, granite, tile, stucco, etc.

The style of the fireplaces with a fire effect: video

The use of the heater in the design space at once brings with it notes of warmth and comfort. No matter what style the room, he will always be just one highlight which catches the eye and gives the interior completeness. Choose the right heater for many years to please their owners.

Before buying a heater is to ask how much electricity it consumes

Buy fireplace 3D can be in any style: hi-tech, classic, minimalist, Empire. The room is loft-style great choice will be open models or versions of the stacks that are enclosed in glass and metal.

Beautiful moldings, lots of ornate scrollwork allows to feel the owner of this castle, and guests to overwhelm the existing splendor. For the office and office space best buy built-in fireplace in a minimalist style. Such a model will give solidity and discipline strict business atmosphere.


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