Experts have called the most expensive for rental housing districts of Moscow

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Kapotnya has headed a rating of the cheapest apartments for rent district of the capital’s old city limits

Kapotnya (SEAD) has headed a rating of the cheapest areas of the Old Moscow for you. On average to rent a house here for a month will cost 32 thousand rubles, which is 25% lower than the average for the metropolis. This is stated in the ranking of online ads “the World of apartments” (“RBC-realty”), which experts have traced the changes in rates of rental housing from October 2016 to April of this year.

In six months prices in Kapotnya fell to 4.7%, which allowed the district to shift to the second place of the last leader — West Biryulevo (South) rates also decreased during this period by 4.1% and amounted to 32.1 thousand rubles. per apartment per month. Third place in the “World of flats” is the area East Degunino (CAO): for the six months, the price of rental apartments fell by 0.4% to 33.6 thousand rubles.per month.

In the materials of “World of flats”, it is noted that unattractive to rent areas of Moscow have become even cheaper. Areas Biryulyovo East (South), Veshnyaki (HLW) and Kosino-Ukhtomsky (VAO) their positions in the rating kept. There is an apartment to rent can be an average of 33.9 thousand, and 34.4 34.2 thousand thousand, respectively. In all these areas since October reduced prices, but only slightly. Closes the top ten of the rating of Nekrasovka (SEAD): for the six months prices in the area outside Moscow increased by 4.3%, to 36.8 thousand rubles.per month.

Top 10 cheapest areas of Moscow apartments for rent



The average rental rate, RUB/month.

The increase for the six months

32 085

Biryulevo Zapadnoe
32 114

Vostochnoe Degunino
33 644

Biryulevo Vostochnoe
33 920
A 1.0%

34 298

34 473

Zapadnoe Degunino
35 432

35 902

36 551

36 802

34 522

Table “World apartments”

In the top ten cheapest areas of the decrease in the average rental rates was insignificant — 0.4%. The average fee for a safe place among the ten cheapest to 34.5 thousand rubles. per month, which is less than srednemoskovskaya rates by 19%, according to the materials of the “World of apartments”.

In April, the cheapest apartment in Moscow can be rented for 19 thousand roubles a month in the new house in Nekrasovka district, according to a press release from the realtor company “Inkom-real Estate”. The apartment is located on the fifth floor of a 14 storied new residential building on the 1st Volskaya street, a 15-minute drive from the metro station “Vykhino”. The apartment is a repair from the Builder, the furniture is missing, a stove and a sink in the kitchen.

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