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Wood is still considered the most environmentally friendly building material. It is made of walls of houses and other buildings. Such shortcomings of wood as susceptibility to rotting and burning good people have learned to neutralize through various impregnations. Especially popular are the wooden baths. They just radiate a spirit of health and natural strength. At our disposal now there is a wide variety of designs of baths from a bar with a terrace. For centuries the bath was cut from logs of softwood. They are by nature bad rot. Today, the technology has not changed much, but there was an opportunity to process a log, receiving from him the timber, which is much cheaper.

Bath painted wooden bar with a terrace

The contents

1 varieties of designs of baths from a bar with a terrace 
Build 2 bath with terrace with his hands
  2.1 installation of foundations and septic tank
  2.2 Construction of the walls
  2.3 layout of the premises
  2.4 floor installation
  2.5 Roof
  2.6 Device furnaces
3 to Build a sauna from a bar with their hands (video)


Variety of designs of baths from a bar with a terrace

Vintage steam room consisted of only two rooms. Steam, which soared and washed, was equipped with a stove-heater. Dressing room – wooden vestibule in front of the entrance to the steam room where people were changing. Today, the bath became not only a place where washed and steamed people, but also a facility for recreation. So it began to divide into multiple spaces.

In addition to the steam room it has a lounge, separate washroom or shower room and sometimes a loft or even a room with a pool. Especially popular are the terraces, combined with bath. There are a large number of projects baths from a bar with a terrace. Let’s consider the one more example of self-construction.

Bath of the timber are eco-friendly and beautiful

Advantages baths, built of timber are:

  • environmentally friendly;
  • lower cost lumber than round logs;
  • the ability to process timber until smooth, do not require additional finishing;
  • the ease of construction of the walls.

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A drawback of such baths can be considered slightly more susceptibility to decay than wooden version.

Bath from a wooden bar with a terrace (3D project)


Building bath with terrace with his hands

The most common is the variant, when the bath has a steam shower, a relaxation room and a terrace. This amount of space requires sufficient space, so for convenience let’s take the project of a bath from a bar with a terrace measuring 6 x 6 m. Before the construction of the object, you should select the place on the site, which was removed from the fence by not less than 1 m from a neighbor’s house not less than 8 m, and from the border of the land plot at 5 m. the Area cleared and leveled for the construction of the Foundation.

Option plan bath 5 x 6 m with terrace


The Foundation and septic tank

For the construction of baths, you can use any type of Foundation. One should not forget the need for construction of monolithic concrete Foundation under the main oven and in the place where you plan to install a barbecue on the terrace.

For our example we take the most common strip foundations. You need to dig a trench around the perimeter, where the main walls, to a depth of 30 – 40 cm and a width of 20-25 cm, to build the formwork and pour the Foundation using rebar. It is better to take the rods with thickness 8 to 12 mm. Rebar need to tie or welding to welding to create a box on each side.

Bath from a wooden bar with a terrace (3D project)

The height of the basement should be from 30 to 60 cm At the place where the terrace to save you can arrange several monolithic columns or to build a pile Foundation. On top of all concrete surfaces is laid a layer of waterproofing. Inside the perimeter of the strip Foundation is throwing a cement screed which should have a slight slope towards drain. The discharge pipe must exit beyond the perimeter and connect with the pit, which is equipped with a septic tank.

A useful tip! The construction of the waste pits near the baths without the use of sealed containers is allowed only in the case of dry soil. If groundwater are close, it is necessary to use a container, buried in the ground.

The hole should be to dig at a distance of 1.5-2 m from the Foundation. This prevents the gradual washing away of soil, which can lead to the collapse of the base of the bath.

On the terrace of the bath provides a comfortable area to relax


The construction of the walls

Next, they begin construction of the walls, as required by the project, baths from a bar with a terrace. For baths usually take softwood timber with a section of 150×150 mm. the Length must be 6 m. the First row of timber is placed around the perimeter, including bars terrace. On the side of the Foundation near the terrace and the bars put logs of timber, which will be the basis of sex.

First a series of carefully aligned on the diagonal and fasten the beams between the piles. The second and subsequent rows placed only on the outer walls. Also between themselves fasten with piles. As a sealer you can use hemp, but better special jute ribbon.

For walls use timber 150 mm x 150 mm

Raising the required number of rows (usually 13-14), set the posts of the timber at the corners of the terrace. They will be a support for the roof and base for fixing the fence. Their height should be equal to the height of the walls. Then fit the last row, which will focus on these pillars. We obtain a square with sides of 6 x 6 m. This range will play the role of mauerlat and eaves for a gable roof, which will close a bath, and a terrace.

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In the construction of walls it is necessary to lay out the openings for doors and Windows. Their upper sections have to be at the same level. Recommended sizes for doors 2,0×0,75 m, and the door to the steam room 1,7×0,7 m. a Window in the steam room doing no more than 0,7×0,7 m, and in other areas it can be more.

Treatments contribute to psychological relief and enhance health

A useful tip! If the project of a bath from a bar with a terrace does not provide any additional finishing of the interior walls, the timber prior to installation to postrogat and staining. However, even in this case, the walls of the steam room you need to decorate the boards of hardwood timber, since pine lumber at high temperatures, secreted resin. The best material for this purpose is lime.


Layout of the premises

Based on the fact that the terrace left 2 m length of the two sides, the main room is a rectangle with dimensions of 4×6 m. This area should be distributed wisely. The best would be to divide this area in half by a partition. One part will remain under the rest room and the other two under a steam room and a shower room. Their size can be correlated in different proportions.

Example project 2-storey bath from a bar with the size of the Foundation 6 x 6 m


Floor installation

If the flooring in the premises of the baths, everything is clear, it is usually made from low-cut chopping block, what with the floor on the terrace? If we want to have a beautiful and durable floor, the usual Board is not quite appropriate. Due to the impact of natural rain and sun, the paint on it will constantly climb. Therefore, it is better not to paint or cover the stain. Floor on the terrace is placed on top of those Las that were taken when laying the first row.

A useful tip! The best material for floor covering open areas is decking. This modern composite material is not subject to any environmental influences. He has only one drawback – high cost.

Decking is the best material for floor covering outdoor areas



Projects baths from a bar with a terrace provide different types of roofs. Among them the most simple in installation and the beautiful is the gable roof. In some cases, inside the attic space to construct an attic. Then the roof can be broken. As a roofing material can be used corrugated sheet, metal roofing or any kind of flexible roof. A feature of the roof of a bath with a terrace is that it is common for the entire structure.

Bath of timber with a roof of metal


Device furnaces

The most crucial point in the construction of any wooden baths is the construction of ovens. They can be both homemade and industrial production. The shop items are all means of fire safety and instructions for their installation.

If furnace is manufactured yourself, you need to remember that the wall in its mounting location needs to be upholstered refractory material. It is best suitable for this purpose asbestos sheets, but you can use metal sheeting. Brick oven needs to retreat from the walls at a distance of 20-25 cm, and steel or cast iron of 30-40 cm

At the point of passage of the pipe through the ceiling also gets fire protection. It can be done through the device of cement screed around the pipe. Wooden ceiling elements and roof in any case must not touch the pipe.

Oven-stove for baths with thermal protection of walls from natural stone

Construction bath from a bar will allow to create on your site a unique atmosphere of health. Because treatments not only treat the body, but also contribute to psychological relief after a hard working week spent in the bustle of the city.

To build a sauna from a bar with their hands (video)


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