Fences and fencing for the house. Photos collection of brilliant ideas

One of the main attributes of the design household possessions are fences and fencing for the house. Photo gallery of the exclusive buildings of the impressive variety of the materials used, and design ideas. Choosing a particular model of fence should follow the General intended style. In this case, the unobtrusive design will fit into the existing landscape and emphasize the architectural composition.

Beautiful and well maintained fence is a visiting card of any country site

The contents

  • 1 Functions and types of walling
  • 2 Pictures of metal fences and railings for home
    • 2.1 Fences shaped tube and forging
    • 2.2 Design of profiled sheet
    • 2.3 Fence eurostudent
    • 2.4 Fences, metal mesh
  • 3 Fences and fencing for the house. Photos a selection of the best options
    • 3.1 Wooden fences for home
    • 3.2 Model of the original fences and barriers. Photo unusual designs
    • 3.3 Decorative fence

Functions and types of walling

The main purpose of fences, as before, remains the protection and delineation of the boundaries. However, modern structures are increased requirements in terms of design and use the latest quality materials. In pursuit of aesthetic perfection and rapid development of construction technologies, designers developed unique models of fencing. Pictures of fences for the house illustrate the most worthy options.

Traditionally, owners of land used for wooden fence designs

For fencing use proven traditional raw materials of new generation. Depending on their use, there are wooden, metal, stone, concrete, brick fences, and polycarbonate, metal sheets and combined models. By design, fences are solid or with openings. The gap between the elements of the fence may have a different value.

A useful tip! The design of the fence openings allows maximum use of the land along it for planting various plants.

White picket fence with no gaps looks very advantageous in conjunction with flower garden

Elements filling sections of wood fences can be stacked vertically, horizontally, diagonally, at any angle and forming a variety of patterns and designs. Taking into account the location details in the design, there are wooden fences in the form of a ladder, Christmas trees, checkerboard, fence and others. Gaining popularity fences, stairs which are frame stuffed inside a lattice of thin straps.

The metal fences include construction of the core pipe, corrugated sheet, eurostudent, forged elements, mesh netting, gutter. Fences made of metal can be welded ready spans. The cost of solid metal structures is much higher wooden models, but they differ in strength and long life. Pretty common metal fences, combined with other materials.

Photo is an example of modern fence design with natural stone and metal

Modern concrete barriers constitute the pillars with grooves in which are inserted panels. Color, texture, pattern plates can be very unpredictable. Through the use of advanced technology casting, the concrete surface is given the texture, simulating different kinds of material, including wood and natural stone.

Demand for hollow concrete blocks, which can be collected from the fence, as a designer. The use of decorative poles for the fence significantly reduces the time and cost of the construction, in comparison with brick counterparts.

An interesting example of finishing concrete fences natural stone

Never go out of fashion brick fences. These massive structures are built on a tape base, and the design excellent job with protective functions. The variety of types of bricks, with a wide colour palette allow you to build not only monumental but visually aesthetic and bold fences.

Models of fences made of profiled sheet, polycarbonate, eurostudent liked by the owners of the adjacent territories for the ease of installation and excellent performance properties. They are most often erected in conjunction with other types of materials with which they are perfectly combined. To combine often use two or three kind of material, and sometimes more.

Looks stunning combination of wrought iron elements and masonry

Check out photos of the beautiful fences posted by users on the network as an example for choice.

Pictures of metal fences and railings for home

Fences of metal, perhaps the most elegant and spectacular. Such designs are visually lightweight, however, possess sufficient strength and a long service life. They do not require an annual maintenance, the only condition of life is a timely and thorough processing of anti-corrosion compounds.

Forged metal construction fences have become classics and will always be in fashion

Fences of stainless steel and forging

Model metal welded sectional fences that are run from the profile tubes can have a different configuration of the filling: clean lines to whimsical patterns. It is noteworthy that the construction of the core tubes are able to elevate even the most ordinary house.

Models of fences made with the use of inserts of forged or fully forged items are exquisite and accentuate the interior of the yard. Of course, the cost of such products is quite high and depends on the complexity of the pattern. Because of this, manufacturers have divided the wrought iron fencing by type of difficulty into three groups, including economy, business and exclusive.

A fence of wrought iron is one of the most reliable designs

For anyone who is a supporter of fences from wrought, but wants a private area was closed for review, you can offer a combination of forged sections with polycarbonate or corrugated sheet. Photos of forged fences and fences for the house with inserts of polycarbonate convinces that such a Union did not weigh down the structure, but rather emphasizes the artistic figure of forging.

A useful tip! For fastening polycarbonate to metal, purchase self-tapping screws, the stem of which exceeds in length the width of the sheet and the rubber strip thermowashers.

The cost of wrought iron fence can be reduced through the use of other materials

There are several techniques to reduce the cost of wrought-iron fencing. One of them is to perform the section with a simple pattern and a basic pattern to reflect the design of the gate and the entrance gate. The other set of stairs fence on a small concrete parapet. The height of the forged portion of the fence will decrease, which will affect its value. But if brick plinth of natural stone, the design will get a brand new “sound”.

Design of profiled sheet

Fence of corrugated Board is one of the first positions among the inexpensive designs. Light weight, ease and speed of construction, as well as a variety of colors of corrugated sheets for a fence (pictures to prove) made fences made from this material are quite popular. And designs popular among both vacationers and owners of the impressive houses.

Easy to install and cost-efficiency have made very popular fences made of corrugated Board

Photos of fences of corrugated Board with brick pillars illustrates how modified and transformed this design. Brick “frame” in the form of pillars and the cap gives a light construction made of profiled sheet the volume and greatness. Such a fence would look appropriate on a background of a solid home. And a variety of textures and colors of bricks will allow you to choose the most appropriate style finish.

The combination of the corrugated sheet iron panels gives the fence a bright personality. Especially it would be logical for such a tandem, when wrought decor is present in the design of the balconies, stairs and roofs. Photos of fences of corrugated Board with elements of forging illustrate the severity of forms combined with nobility and elegance forged products. Corrugated sheet and forging can be combined with poles for fences of brick.

The design of the profiled sheet looks more impressive in combination with masonry

A useful tip! Choosing profiled for a fence, give preference to material from trusted manufacturers, not to doubt its quality.

A fence made of eurostudent

Another option fence — a metal fence. Fences made from this material are characterised by ease of installation and quick Assembly. Quite a significant range of colors of eurostudent allows you to choose a hue which is combined with the roof or facade of the house. Designs can be made as deaf, and with no gaps.

Fences of eurostudent are easy to build and elegant appearance

A fence made of eurostudent can be done with brick pillars and mounted on a concrete plinth. This adds strength to the fence and making the fence more noble. In fences where the fence is laid in two rows, using two colors. Such a fence can be quite bright from the front and have a more relaxed tone from the yard.

Popular metal fence that simulates a natural tree. A fence made of such material are visually indistinguishable from the wooden counterparts, but in comparison with wood, it does not need constant treatment. Is fencing always carefully and cautiously, the line of the upper edge may have different contours.

The eurostudent for fencing can be of different colors or with imitation of natural wood

Fence of metal mesh

The budget options link fences are structures made of different metal mesh: netting, gutter. These fences can be made of separate sections or using the whole grid of the canvas. It should be noted that the fence mesh often used for fencing suburban areas and small houses in a suburban area.

As for owners of large houses, it is preferable to use a fence from the grid to denote boundaries. In such cases, the front line of the fence is made of more expensive material, and the boundary with the adjacent site is performed from the grid. This method not only reduces the cost of the basic design, but leaves a section along the mesh fence are available for sunlight.

The metal mesh is most often used for separation between the adjacent sections

A useful tip! Many use fence mesh netting, as the basis for hedges. This method is perfectly reduces the visibility of the site.

Fences and fencing for the house. Photos a selection of the best options

Choose the perfect design the design of the fence, which would satisfy the requirements of both style and purpose can be difficult. Complexity is often attributable to a huge selection of available options. Will need to see the large number of models from various materials. Photo of a beautiful fence for a country house can be used as a basis when choosing the right fence.

A beautiful fence makes the area neat and tidy

Wooden fences for home

Never cease to delight many different kinds of fences from wood. It would seem — familiar material, ordinary design. However, photos of wooden fences and railings for home assure of the emergence of new and interesting designs. In addition, given the excellent malleability of the wood processing, create a unique model.

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Among the topical fences — different variations of the fence. The arrangement of plates in the design can be quite varied: horizontal, diagonal, alternate long strap with short top shape hedges repeats the wave, strap shot down in a pattern. Beautifully looks dull fence, the blade of which is painted a beautiful landscape. A fence with carved posts associated with the fairy world.

To fencing made of wood served for many years, it requires proper care

A useful tip! Before the surface treatment with antiseptic compositions, wooden elements should be dried well.

An incredible combination of wood with other materials allows you to create different combination the fence. Looks elegant fence shape ladder, the sections of which alternate with using gabion structures. Pillars of natural stone between sections of the wooden fence only reinforce the naturalness of the fence. The tree can withstand a great combination with almost any material.

Looks very strange combination of tree and mesh structures

It is noteworthy that for an design you can use the raw elements of wood. This fence only wins. Numerous types braided designs quite often describe a small house in the summer community. Looks outstanding fence of unedged boards, laid horizontally in a checkerboard pattern, decorated with panels of flowers.

The original model of fences and barriers. Photo unusual designs

Showing creative imagination, a frame cottage and the infield is quite unusual and stylish fences. Materials for such structures are used are very diverse: tree trunks, pallets, bottles, car tires, fragments of broken bikes and much more. To list them all is just impossible.

Using creative imagination and available materials, you can create such an original fence of the “pencils”

Almost dissolves in space the fence is invisible from the mirror of the fence. Looks original fence mesh, through which the cells are stretched small birch trunks. Another version of the creative fence — inside metal frames strung rows of wire on which are strung colored glass bottles or caps from plastic bottles.

Functional is a fence on the back side of which there are numerous wooden shelves. They not only act as decoration but also used for storing garden tools. The construction of stylized American ranch fence made of poles does not require a lot of time and effort, but can protect the territory. Quite an interesting fence made of bamboo, which is resistant to moisture and does not rot.

Bamboo fence looks noble in the modern landscape design

Many fell in love with a wicker fence. These fences can make with their hands. The building is very laborious, but the pleasure from the process you provided. It should be noted that such fences need constant care and can last for more than 5 years.

Decorative fencing

The use of decorative fencing in landscape design has become very popular. The local area is divided into small areas, which are framed by low fences. For these purposes, use ready-made decorative sections of plastic, metal, wood and other materials. And many prefer the designs made by hand.

An example of the use of bamboo to create a fence flower beds

Framing a flower bed decorative fence for flower beds in the form of a low wooden fence, painted white, adjusts to the romantic mood. The same fence can highlight the beautiful lawn in front of the house or to mark the territory of the garden. How effective is bunk bed framed by wooden bars.

Worthy of attention decorative fence, built of cast concrete elements of various shapes. Such figural shapes you can frame a flower bed or garden, slightly sinking them into the ground. A little to spice up the concrete surface using staining. The sight of such a fence takes us back to childhood, when the city’s flower beds were turned over just white bricks, buried in the ground.

Framing the front garden with natural stone gives it a natural live view

For zoning you can use the edging of natural stone. These skirts can be appropriate if the design of the site is already used similar material, for example, in the basic design of the fence or facade of the house. In addition, such a fence is to support the Alpine slide or the garden of stones. To lock the position of the stones in the wall using cement and glue.

Very easy to care for finished plastic fences for beds. You can find any shape and color. The advantages of these fences is a very simple Assembly and disassembly, allowing them to spend the winter in the workshop. Plastic fences are often complementary garden figurines that gives a feeling of comfort and tales.

Decorative plastic fence will give your flower garden a special charm

Variants of decorative fences from scrap materials simply do not count. Really fancy gardeners just does not hold. Structures from plastic bottles, you can devote a separate section. For framing also use slate, PVC, polycarbonate and other residues of building materials. Never go out of fashion a little wicker fence of twigs.

Photos of the most interesting and sophisticated models of fences and fencing for your home, you can find on the Internet. Use them for inspiration. After all, even the most unique architectural composition would look complete without a bold frame.


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