Fences for private homes. Photo examples for choice

To give preference to a particular embodiment of the fence area is very difficult — so wide and varied selection. In addition to the traditional wood, metal and stone, there are many modern materials that, combined, can build great fences for private homes. Photo examples of models of interesting design will facilitate the task of finding a suitable you a fence that will blend into the existing architectural composition.

Fencing of the shaped tube is elegance and the apparent ease of construction

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  • 1 What are fences
  • 2 Fences for private homes. Photo collection of amazing designs
    • 2.1 Stone and brick fences: photo exterior
    • 2.2 Modern concrete fences
  • 3 Metal fencing
    • 3.1 Profile tube for fence
    • 3.2 a Fence made of profiled sheet
    • 3.3 Types of fences from metal mesh

What are fences

Modern fencing can be divided into two main groups — deaf design and construction openings. Depending on the materials used for construction, fences klassificeret in the following subgroups:

  • wooden fences made of logs, lumber, treated and untreated boards, planks, trunks and branches of trees;
  • metal — this includes products made of forged, welded and shaped metal, fences made of corrugated Board and eurostudent;

Wooden fence in country style, painted in bright colors

  • stone, brick, concrete — this type includes a massive protective structures made of bricks, natural stone, cast concrete sections, made with the most advanced technology;
  • with the use of the grid — relevant options light fence mesh netting, gutter, decorative analogues of plastic and camouflage mesh fabric;
  • plastic — are gaining popularity decorative plastic fences, made by casting spans any configuration of PVC and fence using panels of polycarbonate;

One of them looks luxurious and thoroughly

  • combo — stylish railings made by combining in one design of several types of material. Depending on the design, a combination of fences can be quite unusual and spectacular.

In addition, for framing a small suburban or country homes often resort to the most unpredictable types of fences. Exclusive photos of fences users upload to the Internet. Do not forget that, whatever your choice, in addition to the protective function of the fence should be in harmony with the facade of the house and the surrounding landscape.

The original fence is created through the use of surfboards

Very often fences use a combination of remote and land surface openings. The lower part performs solid, and the top make available for review. In this reception area is almost not visible and at the same time, there is no impression of a closed space.

Fences for private homes. Photo collection of amazing designs

If you select the fencing for the local area must focus on the overall style of the existing structures to take into account the duration of operation of the selected models and compare the construction costs with their financial resources.

A fence made of wooden fence framing the infield

Stone and brick fences: photo exterior

Sites which are respectable mansions, often a magnificent stone wall or fence of brick: photos illustrate the grandeur and solidity of such structures. Preferring a brick fence, you must know that you need a device strip Foundation under the fence. In addition, in order to lay the bricks nice and high quality, most likely, you will have to use the services of an experienced bricklayer.

The territory of the private house surrounded by a fence made of bricks

A useful tip! For the construction of a brick fence, you should buy high quality material: clinker or facing bricks. This will allow the structure to last for decades.

To make a fence out of bricks more interesting by using different textures and material colours. Classic version: the posts and the stone parapet with a brick one texture or color, and the stairs are made of material of a different shade and quality. To make the fence easier possibly, if some rows, for example, top and bottom, with small patches or to lay the bricks on these lines at an angle.

Example of a combination of brick and metal in the construction of the fence

Great dilutes the strict view of a brick fence folded in the form of a mosaic of colorful bricks. Designs and patterns range from geometric shapes to fun ornaments. To make the appearance of the fencing is elegant and easy, you can use the erection of a fence of brick and wrought. Photos similar options demonstrate a great addition forged elements, and the presence in the sale of forged inserts any contours and patterns makes them more accessible.

Beautiful fence made from natural stone white color

The photo of fences made of stone can be seen how noble and luxury can be a fence made of this material. Buildings made of natural stone are quite expensive and afford a fence, not everyone can. An alternative to the fences of artificial stone, which according to its operational properties not inferior to natural analogues, and in some cases even superior.

The fence around a private home, faced with artificial stone

Besides the fact that stone fence by themselves self-sufficient design, they peerless combine with brick, wood, wrought-iron elements and other materials. Photo of picket fences, a vertical support which is lined with natural stone, confirm that this combination simultaneously ennobles cheap fence and facilitates the design of stone.

Stone fences are perfectly in tune with a variety of plants

A useful tip! To avoid getting rain inside the stone pillars and the early destruction of the masonry, we recommend that you cover the pillars with special protective caps.

Combining stone wall with artistic forging creates an amazing tandem. The materials complement each other, especially if the gate and entry gate made of wrought iron.

Brick fence with forged metal surrounding the country house

Forging elements can be inserted at the top or bottom section, and can occupy a significant portion of the flight, made in the form of an inverted arch. If cover wrought iron part of the fence panels of polycarbonate, you can do so that the space behind the fence is less visible.

Stone and brick fences look perfect equally from both sides: from the street tell us about the ideal taste of the owners, and on the courtyard side harmonize perfectly with the greenery of plantations.

The fence is of brick, painted in beige color

Modern concrete fences

Many people prefer concrete fences, called Eurosatory. These designs are quite durable and, thanks to the latest technology, have a sophisticated look. It is noteworthy that the installation of concrete sectional fence can be accomplished without the use of special equipment. Enough to cover the support pillar and the grooves to insert the section of the fence.

Concrete panels for europabio on the market a wide variety of shapes and sizes

Panel modern Eurosatory are available in different types and forms. The front side can mimic the texture of natural stone, have a matte or glossy, textured or smooth surface. Very popular double-sided panels, stylized like natural stone. Fence panels, looks very natural, and its cost is much lower protections from real stone.

A fence of concrete panels with simulated stone, covered with paint

For those who prefer to self-install a fence that will be beneficial the purchase of ready concrete blocks for the fence. Concrete blocks are made hollow, which greatly facilitates the process of erection and allows you to hide inside communication or electrical wiring for the device perimeter lighting.

You can purchase a full set of concrete elements for all areas. This includes blocks for columns and stairs, fence covers, top and bottom caps of pillars, decorative columns and other components.

An example of construction of a fence of concrete blocks

Of concrete elements easy to assemble the posts and base fence or the entire structure. Fence blocks are not exposed to temperature extremes and is not afraid of moisture.

The manufacturers offer blocks with different texture replicating natural stone, crushed stone and bricks, slate, Sandstone and other materials. Using for decoration various colors, it is possible to obtain a bright and colorful fence. The staining of the fence it is important to observe a measure and to use a combination of shades. If color matched correctly, concrete blocks, wood-visually indistinguishable from wood fencing.

Euro-fence of concrete panels around the infield

Metal fence

Despite the abundance of new materials, fences of metal remain quite relevant. This strong and durable material and the construction of it and beautiful road. The main requirement to the material remains correct and timely treatment against corrosion. Metal fences, except for fences of corrugated Board, are openings. But to hide from unwanted looks, if attached to the metal plate of translucent polycarbonate.

Fences of metal, mostly performed with gaps

Profile pipe for the fences

The application of the profile pipes for construction fencing has become a good alternative to wrought-iron fences. After reviewing photos of fences made of profiled pipes, you can see that the designs can be made in different shape and pattern. To obtain the fencing of the strict form of a pipe section positioned vertically at the same distance from each other.

A useful tip! To diversify the stylistic performance of fences made of profiled pipes is possible when using a combination of pipe with wrought-iron inserts or selecting sections with different patterns of fabric.

Interesting design of a fence made of profile pipes

After examining the proposals of the manufacturers, you can choose any pattern welded fence made of profile pipes. Design options sections, there are many. Remember that, the more refined and harder filling of the sections, the more decorative panels, the higher the construction cost. The price is also affected by the type of pipe and size of sectional metal fence. Navigate price easy to use online calculator on their websites.

A fence of thin profile pipes and brick columns

Union metal pipes and durable polycarbonate solves the problem of transparency of fences. The ease of cutting polycarbonate sheets allows you to fill in any form of fencing. Photos of fences made of polycarbonate and the shaped tube is clearly demonstrated. Light weight material and easy installation make possible the installation of a fence made of polycarbonate with their hands. Photo structures made of plastic of various colors, represented in the network, will be an example for choosing your option.

House territory is surrounded by a fence made of stone and shaped tubes

A fence made of profiled sheet

Fence of corrugated Board is loved by many for the excellent aesthetic appearance and relatively low cost. This material has unique properties: durable, lightweight, resistant to the action of natural factors, durable, easy to installation and care. The diversity of profile and colour options allows you to choose a material hue corresponding to the overall architectural composition.

Designs of fences of corrugated Board very much. It can be installed in a solid fabric that is attached to the vertical posts, or combine with other materials.

Simple solid fence of corrugated Board around a private house

The device of the fence of corrugated Board with brick pillars gives the building a completely different look. Pictures of fences with brick and corrugated sheet prove that from these materials it is possible to build a decent and solid fence.

If the landscape of the area used architectural elements from natural stone, it would be logical combination of profiled sheet and stone pillars. These fences look dimensional and seemingly no way inferior to more expensive designs.

A fence of corrugated Board that is installed on a slope

Very often design fences use concrete parapet, which is also veneer natural or artificial stone. The corrugated sheet in such a design will last much longer.

A useful tip! When the installation of a fence of steel sheets mounting was invisible, use the screws in the base material color.

Combined fence made of profiled sheet and plastic panels

It should be noted that recently available corrugated sheets of color copies of various textures, such as wood or stone. The palette consists of a huge number of texture variations: oak, walnut, cherry, wenge, etc. If to consider photos of fences of corrugated Board under the tree, creates a feeling that the structure is made of wood.

A fence made of profiled sheet with imitation wood

To give a fence of corrugated Board a sophisticated look is possible using a combination of sheets with forged inserts. In this case, the fence will need to complete a metal frame which will be welded and forged elements attached to the profiled sheet. And in the complex with pillars, covered with stone or brick, such a fence will look elegant and expensive.

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The popularity of the corrugated sheet as a material for the manufacture of fences contributed to the fact that manufacturers began to produce leaves, the upper edge of which has a curly shape. Due to this, fences are boring and copes with decorative function. Carefully cut the shaped sheet in the form of waves or zigzag their hands very difficult, moreover, likely to breach the integrity of the coating material.

Fence made of profiled sheet in dark color

Types of fences made of metal mesh

Not diminishing the relevance of fences made from different types of grids. When you install such fences on the border between the sections can greatly reduce the cost of construction of massive structures. So, the front part of the fence can be made from expensive materials, and boundary to draw grid canvas. Along it is possible to plant plants for shaping hedges.

The wooden frame of the fence blends in well with welded mesh

For sale is a large selection of meshes for the fence, a picture, a price and features which you can explore on the websites of the manufacturers. Most of the products processed polymer coating that provides reliable protection against corrosion and the duration of their use. The fence of the meshes is very easy and quick to set up, because for them it is not necessary to arrange a Foundation.

Elegant and easy fence mesh netting is decorated with climbing plants

The main advantage of fencing mesh is the ventilation and light transmission, which gives the opportunity to use the adjacent land for planting of various plants. However, not everyone is like that area is viewed. To cope with this in several ways, including through the use of climbing plants.

A useful tip! To make fence mesh not available for prying eyes you can, if you apply for decorating hedges camouflage mesh fabric.

Ventilation and light transmission – the main advantages of mesh fence

To give the fence a more finished and neat appearance, if formed of sections on a metal frame, inside of which stretched grid. Frame welded from steel angles or a profile pipe. This design is more durable and aesthetically appealing. Sometimes to give the fence a scenic view, sections are painted in different bright colors.

Around the property there is a fence from the grid

No less popular welded mesh fences. Photos of fences demonstrate the versatility of their use. They are installed for the protection of private and public territories. Comfortable mesh and design in the yard: you can separate the checkpoint area from the beds, framing the flower garden or to fence poultry yard.

Fences made of welded mesh feature high strength, which is ensured by the convex form of metal rods, the so — called stiffeners.

Combination fence made of welded mesh and wood

Appearance welded mesh fences are more refined than fences made of mesh to other types. Sections of the fence for quite a long time retain their original shape. There is an opportunity to choose the most suitable size and color of the canvas. Corrosion-resistant coating saves material and improves the operational quality of welded mesh. Despite the low cost of such fences remain worthy of attention.

If you decide you find it difficult, you can seek help from professionals-designers, who will be able not only to choose the appropriate type of fencing, but also offer landscaping with ornamental fences. Photos-designed and ready-made solutions can be taken as a basis in the design of the perimeter of your gardening area.


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