Fences made of mesh, gutter, fences made of mesh netting. Photos best options

Many gardeners often wonder about how the fence is framing your site to maximize the use of the territory along it. Because some models of fences deaf type does not reflect light and provide a long lasting shadow. Not the last role is played by the cost of walling. Optimal solutions can become the fences of the mesh, gutter, fences made of mesh netting. Photo inexpensive fences demonstrate lightweight construction and their decoration.

Welded wire mesh, gutter weatherproof and prevents the penetration of sunlight

The contents

  • 1 Fences made of mesh, gutter, fences made of mesh netting. Photo designs, their advantages
  • 2 properties of the mesh, gutter
  • 3 Installation of the fence mesh, gutter
  • 4 Fences made of mesh netting with their hands. Video instruction on installation
    • 4.1 Installation of the support pillars and the formation of a mesh fence
    • 4.2 Installation of sectional fence from mesh netting
  • 5 Photos of fences made of mesh netting
  • 6 Plastic net for fences

Fences made of mesh, gutter, fences made of mesh netting. Photo designs, their advantages

After reviewing the photos of the fences to give the nets (netting, gutter) to ensure that high quality and carefully mounted railings have quite decent appearance. They combine the following advantages:

  • fence fully cope with the enclosing functions by preventing unwanted penetration of your territory;

The fence mesh netting, decorated with netting

  • fences made of mesh light and breathable, allowing you to use the land along them for the cultivation of various crops and to avoid conflicts with neighbors about the shading of a place foreign territory;
  • design can be used as a base for climbing plants;
  • fencing mesh is easily and quickly assembled, to cope with the installation of a fence everyone can, even without experience in construction;
  • the cost of such hedges are quite affordable and available in almost any vacationer;
  • advanced polymer coatings provide fences of nets protection against corrosion and a rather impressive lifespan.

The rigidity ensures that no sagging of the fence mesh, gutter

Light fences of nets does not require the installation of foundations for supports securely enough to install posts by driving them into the ground or concreted. Traditionally, the fence of nets set to indicate the perimeter fencing of the entire gardening area or separation area between neighboring villas. The last option allows you to set the front part of the fence of more expensive materials, and boundary to draw a grid that will significantly reduce the cost of construction of the fence.

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At the desire of the owners to make your site unavailable for review, you can make fencing from mesh different types of climbing plants (climbing rose, clematis, ivy), bushes or decorate using camouflage nets to the fence. It should be noted that the camouflage mesh of good quality can last for a few seasons, they are invulnerable to negative atmospheric influences, and will not lose appearance after treatment cleansers.

Mesh netting is considered a reliable and low-cost material for fencing

A useful tip! Choosing the scrim, give preference to products on the basis of nylon. This material is resistant to any deformations, it is more elastic and durable.

Grid properties, getter

With the advent of mesh, gutter appearance of the fencing of grids has become a more advanced and noble. Grid gitter is a separate section welded between the rods, which attached with special clamps to the posts. The strength of such structures depends on the convexity of the shape of the surface mesh due to the presence of anti-deformation ribs.

By coating a polymer paint grid, hitter not susceptible to the corrosive effects of

The rods of the grid made of steel wire Ø 3,5-5 mm For corrosion protection wire covered with a polymer or plated. The size of the panels traditionally is 2×2.5 m, the parameter cells of 50×100 mm. anti-deformation rib contribute to long-term shape retention mesh and increase its performance properties. The level of strength of the panels from the grid, getter comparable to the strength of fences made of corrugated Board.

A useful tip! If the standard height of the grid, getter not meet your needs, you can purchase material with the parameters of the height from 530 mm to 2900 mm.

The scheme of installation of fence poles from evroseti

The main properties of the mesh, gutter include sufficient resistance to environmental conditions, simple and quick installation, the replacement of failed elements without violating the integrity of the whole fence, the durability and versatility of use. It is successfully used for fencing of private lots, playgrounds, Parking lots, office and industrial areas.

In the industrial sector, the fences made of mesh, getter used if required to provide good visibility of the site. To enhance the protective functions of fence mesh, gutter complement the l-shaped holders. Subsequently, they can fix barbed wire, network video equipment or motion sensors. If necessary, such system devices can be applied to private lands.

Technology fence installation allows to take into account all the irregularities of the surface

Another advantage of the mesh, gutter is the ability to choose material in a variety of different colors. The most popular mesh with green plastic coating. The fence color is close to natural greenery goes well with the landscape and complements the landscape. It is however possible to choose another shade, considering your personal preferences.

The installation of the fence mesh, gutter

Installation of fences, mesh, gitter can be done by installing the vertical supports on the perimeter and mounting them tapes with mesh. Light weight material and easy attachment of mesh to the metal poles allow you to perform the installation of the fence itself. The key strength of the design is the reliability and the correct installation of the support stands.

A fence from the grid, gutter quite easily installed and dismantled

Supports the use of specialized pipe square or rectangular cross-section 60×40 mm or 60×60 mm with a wall thickness of 2 mm. Columns can be installed in several ways depending on the type of soil on the site. In the ordinary way is sufficient to bury the stand in the ground 0.9-1 m, and the upper part immersed in the ground post set in concrete (about 20 cm from ground level). The supports have a distance of 2.5 m from each other.

In the case where the area is dominated by sandy-clay soils have resorted to way to complete concreting of supports. But if the ground is clayey, it is recommended to choose the method of filling the holes installed around the pillars with rubble (bytowanie), and then seal and fill with concrete mortar. After final setting of concrete (about 3 days), you can begin to mount the mesh panels to the supports.

Diagram of the pillars and the steel mesh fence

A useful tip! The design of the fence is durable should be thoroughly compacted crushed stone at the piling method of bootovania.

Cassette with mesh fixed to posts with special U-shaped fastening clamps, which are supplied together with the mesh. With a wrench fastening tightly clamped.

Sections of welded mesh can be easily and quickly mounted to special mounts on poles

Fences made of mesh netting with their hands. Video instruction on installation

The mesh netting remains the most relevant material for fencing suburban areas and adjoining areas. Photos of fences netting demonstrate two methods for construction of such fences. The most simple and cheap variant — tension when the belt is stretched between supporting poles. The second option — section in which the fence is assembled of individual frames ready, within which lies an grid.

Install the support posts and forming mesh fence

As support poles for the fence of mesh netting usually use a metal shaped tube. Some masters sometimes used for racks wooden beams or logs. The device fence netting with wooden supports running in the case that the fence is temporary or after the main construction works remained a surplus of wooden elements. But it should be noted that the appearance and durability of such hedges is to yield analogues with metal racks.

Work begin with preparation of site and layout. In the corners of the perimeter to drive the stakes and pull construction cord. In order to calculate the required amount of mesh for the fence, it is sufficient to measure the length of the cord and add to it 5% of the value of the material stock. You can then mark the location of the installation of all the uprights making the distance between them not more than 2.5 m, otherwise the mesh will SAG.

The methods of installation of pillars for fence mesh

To install tables, drilled holes with a depth of not less than 1 m in holes are inserted and metal poles were concreted. Further, the coil unwound with a grid on the ground next to the racks in one motion and raise with wire fixed with one edge in several places.

A useful tip! To extreme cells in the grid was not undone, it has one side curved ends. Installing your own fence mesh netting grid should the canvas to place the curved ends up.

Before installing the fence, you have to calculate and mark the location for placement of the pillars

Before you pull the mesh netting on the fence, you need to metal supports welded hooks. To wooden supports mesh fixed with nails.

Installation of sectional fence from mesh netting

Installation of supports for sectional fence from mesh is similar to the stretch method. However, the stand use of the metal profile a larger cross-section due to the fact that the load on them is greater. Frame sections are made of welded angle iron. Used angled steel 30×4, 40×5 mm. the Parameters of the frame is determined based on the distance between the supports and the height of the pillars. The frame should be width and height by 10-20cm less than these values.

To give originality to the fence mesh will help the wooden slats

In order to fill the grid material coil mesh is rolled out and cut with a blade grinder the size of the frame. At a number of grid cells stretch a metal rod and welded it to the vertical rail. So, in turn, pull on each side of the rectangular frame, each time pulling the grid.

Finished sections welded to the supporting poles by means of metal strips. It will be enough of a fragment of a plate with dimensions 30×5 mm. of the Strip are welded at a distance of about 30 cm from the top of the strut and away from the surface of the soil. After Assembly the whole structure of the welds carefully sanded, covered with primer and paint.

The scheme of installation of the fence mesh netting in the frame height of 1.8 meters

To learn how to make fences made of mesh netting, enough to see video content on installation and use the advice of professionals in this matter. Simplicity and ease of installation allows the installation of fence netting with their hands. Photos of the best solutions one can easily find online to use as examples.

Photos of fences made of mesh netting

Despite the simple algorithm of the fence mesh netting can have a different appearance. The budget option is to hedge, as supports which are used driven with a sledgehammer into the ground round the poles. There is a careful tension of the mesh, as the canvas has no rigid structure. The more places of fixation, the more stable will the fence. Traditionally, such designs draw between neighboring territories.

The fence mesh netting attracted by the ease of installation and long service life

More reliable it turns out the fence when poles are set vertically and are cast. Mesh is stretched at the expense of putting it on the hooks, pre-welded to the uprights. And broach horizontal reinforcement bar strengthens the structure and does not deform the mesh.

The fence mesh netting stretched over the metal frame of profile pipes look more thoroughly. The upper and lower rails are of rectangular cross-section tubes, welded to the uprights. This option is worthy of framing not only plot, but also a small country house. The frame can be assembled from pipes with a circular cross section.

Galvanized netting has a longer lifetime compared to conventional

To exclude the ingrowth of mesh into the ground under the fence to suit belt base. In this case, the mesh bottom end passes through the concrete parapet, through which material is less susceptible to corrosion. Line of such a fence looks straight and clear, but if brick parapet with stone it is quite lovely design. Cost of fencing will be higher, but this way it is possible to protect territory from penetration of small animals.

An excellent choice is the sectional fence from mesh netting, if the site has bumps and drops. Set on different levels, stairs railings completely solve the problem. In addition, the frame sections of the fence can be painted in different colors, making it bright and stand out against the dull monochrome of the hedges.

Among the main advantages of the fence mesh netting can distinguish excellent light transmittance

Plastic net for fences

A relatively new type of material — plastic garden mesh for fences. This mesh fabric is very popular in the construction industry. This versatile material is used for the concrete screed, masonry, plastering and fencing. With the help of decorative mesh for fence landscaped plots, flowerbeds form, enclose recreation areas, framed by fences, and erecting the houses.

Plastic netting is quite versatile material and is used not only for decorating fences

Of the main qualitative properties of plastic garden mesh it is possible to note small weight, resistance to natural phenomena, the ability to withstand temperature extremes and resist corrosion. Grid cloth is easy to transport and store packaging it in large rolls allows for installation to significantly reduce the material consumption due to minimal number of connecting lines.

In addition to the high aesthetic and performance characteristics of the material, the price of plastic garden mesh for fences are available to any buyer. The estimated cost of a plastic mesh with different cell sizes:

The name of Materialien, roll length, Mesmer cells that color setcustomer per roll, RUB Lattice fence plastic
Z-70/1,5/251,5 x 2570 x 70Бирюзовый2310Решетка fence plastic
Z-55/1,2/251,2 x 2555 x 58Хаки3260Решетка fence plastic
Z-55/1,9/251,5 x 2570 x 58Хаки3210Сетка fence plastic
Z-55/1,9/251,9 x 2555 x 58Зеленый6310Решетка fence plastic
Z-10/2/302 x 3010 x 10Хаки8310Решетка fence plastic
Z-10/20/302 x 3032 x 32Хаки9210


Fences made of different types of grids remains the most popular among the vacationers and residents of the private sector. Given the affordable cost and ease of installation, fences nets successfully erect their own, they have a neat appearance and can last up to 20 years.


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