Fences made of metal profile: photo and video instruction for self-Assembly

Due to a number of unique properties, light weight and ease of installation of the corrugated sheet are widely used for building garden houses, garages, sheds. Quite interesting work fences made of metal profile: photos and videos on installation give a complete picture of how to install a fence of corrugated Board with your hands. By examining the advice and guidance of professionals to avoid mistakes with self-installation and have reason to be proud of the established design.

A fence made of metal profile, durable and low maintenance

The contents

  • 1 Fences made of metal profile, such as photos, sizes and prices for the material
    • 1.1 Dimensions of corrugated sheets for the fences
    • 1.2 the Price for the sheet of corrugated Board for a fence
  • 2 Installation of a fence of metal profile with your own hands
    • 2.1 Tools and equipment for installation
    • 2.2 How to install posts for a fence of corrugated Board
    • 2.3 How to put up a fence of corrugated Board with your hands

Fences made of metal profile, such as photos, sizes and prices for the material

The corrugated sheet is one of the modern materials, which is successfully used for fences. It is characterized by versatility, high performance and can last up to 40 years. The sheets are easy to care for and the construction of it does not require seasonal repairs. In addition, many artists are happy to share tips on how to make a fence of corrugated Board with your hands. Video stages of construction, you can find on the Internet.

A fence made of corrugated sheet looks good and can be a long-term solution

Dimensions of corrugated sheets for the fences

Before embarking on the installation of a fence of corrugated Board with your hands, you should be familiar with the classification of the material, its basic properties, methods of attachment and other details. Knowing the basic sizes of sheets of corrugated Board for a fence it is possible to properly design the design, to make an accurate calculation of required elements and to reduce excess material to a minimum. This approach ultimately will have a positive impact on the cost of the whole structure.

To calculate the number of sheets operate on the perimeter fencing of the plot and width of one sheet

Marking of steel sheets is carried out on the following parameters: metal thickness, wave height (rib) and step waves. Given these characteristics, there are three groups of material:

  • brand — applied for the device of walls, partitions and fences;
  • brand N — used in construction of load-bearing elements, as well as to strengthen them;
  • grade NS — a versatile material for roofing, finishing of floors, walls.

A fence made of profiled sheet can be set independently, without the cost of the work of specialists or special equipment lease

Profiled sheet produce roll materials with a width of 0.98—1.85 m. What is the corrugated sheet on fences better? Give preference to material which will provide the construction of a fence required rigidity and at the same time will not be too expensive for the price. Excessive thickness of the sheet will not damage the construction, but the transport and installation will be more difficult. The most suitable for the fences sheet metal has a thickness of 0.5—0.8 mm, and fin height from 8 to 20 mm.

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When deciding on what is better to choose decking for fences take into account the wind load in your region and the requirements for sound insulation. If territory is bordered by the roadway, choose a material with a thickness of 0,8 mm. For example, the profiled sheet of stamps C20 will cope with shumopogloschenie.

Table 1. The size of some suspension grades of corrugated Board used for fences:

Brand profesionalnie settings sheets prognostication sheet full mm sheet
working, the thickness of the sheet,
mvista waves
MSAG waves
1 p. M.,


A useful tip! By purchasing corrugated sheets color coated, don’t forget to buy a can of the identical paint for scratches and damage during installation.

The price for the sheet of corrugated Board for a fence

Despite the fact that the sheet has high strength, resistance to corrosion, temperature extremes, it is a very affordable building material. Everyone can afford to buy corrugated sheets for the fence. Prices for sheet from different manufacturers may vary, so you should carefully see the products and prices on their websites.

The cost of the corrugated sheet depends on the sheet thickness, profile, coating type and sizes. The price of the metal profile for fence a leaf to determine, based on the cost of 1 m2 of the material.

Table 2. Prices of corrugated sheets for fencing, where you use the leaves to 2 m long with a polymeric protective coating:

Brand poplisten, rebleeding Ismeretlen sheet мм0,40,450,50,70,8С8м2190205220280330лист455485526675685с10м2200215215298лист454486486673с21м2217230249319370лист452484526671784


Table 3. The price of corrugated sheets with a zinc coating:

Brand poplisten, rebleeding Ismeretlen sheet мм0,40,450,50,70,8С8м2152163171217247лист363390410520592с10м2160172180230лист364390409520с21м2174187195248282лист364389408520592


A useful tip! By purchasing corrugated sheets, ask for data on the thickness of the sheet, as sellers often are silent about this, and this parameter is very important for the construction of the fence.

To determine how many there are fences made of corrugated Board, it is necessary to know the price of all the components of the structure: uprights, horizontal rails, fasteners, and other items. For the supporting pillars used metal tubes of square or circular cross-section with wall thickness 4 to 8 mm.

Table 4. Approximate prices of poles for a fence of corrugated Board:

Metal fence post of circular section, thickness of walls, Mdina post stoimosti, RUB. 48423162,5395347460523642,54553546735,524162,55203624896,527722,596531158


Metal fence post 60×60 mm of stainless steel length 3 m end cap and welded plates for mounting will cost 600 RUB, the cost of a galvanized pole the same length of rectangular section 62х55 mm will amount to 730 rubles. apiece. What pipe use for fence of corrugated Board? Racks usually use the tube 60×60 mm or 40×40 mm, for the pillars of the gate and the gate — 80×80 mm.

Turning to the manufacturers order components and materials for the installation. See recommendations for device design, by looking at the video installation of a fence of corrugated Board with your hands. You can apply for the installation of fences under the key. Photos, rates, fences of corrugated Board, with installation available in the respective sections on the websites of companies. There will help you to calculate online the approximate cost of the structure.

The technology of the manufacture of the corrugated sheet allows you to set a high enough fence

The installation of a fence made of metal profile with your own hands

Available online numerous photos of fences made of corrugated Board with your hands confirm that these fences are aesthetically attractive can have different color and constructive decisions. The design is performed in the form of continuous webs of sheet. Fences with brick pillars look solid, however they are more expensive in price.

Tools and equipment for installation

To the crucial moment did not have to suspend the work, prepare in advance a set of necessary mounting tools and equipment. For fence installation you need:

  • roulette, construction, cord, stakes, all that is needed for marking;

Most reliable fastening of profiled sheet installation is with screws

  • building level — for checking vertical and horizontal position of the fence elements;
  • shovel for excavation for strip Foundation, if such is provided for in the design;
  • drill — for drilling holes for the support struts. You can use a hand drill or bensabeur for wells;
  • metal shears will be needed in the case of cutting sheets of corrugated Board;
  • welder — need for attaching horizontal rails to the supporting poles;
  • angle grinder — for cutting of profile pipes and Stripping of the docking elements;
  • the screwdriver is used for screwing screws when the casing frame proflite.

A fence made of profiled sheet with a small wave height and wooden frame

From materials apart from the corrugated tubing for the supports and the Arab League, should prepare a sand, gravel, cement for concrete pillars. It is useful to have primer and paint for metal surfaces.

Building fences of corrugated Board with your hands: video materials, recommendations

How to make a fence of corrugated Board? Start with preparing the land for construction. Line perimeter clear of vegetation and debris. Then do the markup. To do this, the corners of the perimeter drive in stakes, and between them pull construction cord. Then proceed to the choice of the distance between the posts of a fence of corrugated, as a rule, the spacing of the supports 2-2. 5 m, sometimes 3 m.

The scheme of mounting the corrugated sheet and pillar

At this stage, record the placement of the gate and the entrance gate. What are the pillars needed for fences of corrugated Board? Traditionally for support posts using a metal core tube of rectangular or square cross-section. Its size is selected depending on the height of the fence and is 60×60 or 40×60 (mm). Some use round tube, but it is harder to fasten horizontal rails.

A useful tip! Do not use for the supporting pillars of steel pipe with wall thickness less than 2 mm. It will have a negative impact on the strength of the structure.

How to install posts for a fence of corrugated Board

The installation of poles for a fence of corrugated Board is produced in several ways. If you plan a fence from a solid sheet under the supports dug out of the pit, the bottom of which covers the roofing material. The depth of the wells ranges from 0.9 m to 1.2 m. Placed in a pit pole, the space around it covered with gravel, well tamped, moisturize and concreted.

The combination of corrugated sheets and columns of brick is a beautiful and reliable solution

If the future design assumes the presence of brick pillars, then you need a device strip Foundation under the fence of corrugated Board with your hands. This excavated trench with a depth of 0.7 m and a width of about 20 cm, set of shuttering height of 10-15 cm, preparing a frame made of reinforcement rods. Next, install the frame into the trench, in targeted areas set the posts and pour concrete solution.

Before setting solution check the verticality of installation of each pole. In addition, it is necessary that the height of each bearing were the same. This can be achieved by making a mark on each stanchion corresponding to the ground level. To validate the installation by using the construction of a cord stretched along the upper edge of the pillars.

Diagram of the fence and gate of corrugated Board with brick pillars

A useful tip! During the concreting of the poles for a fence of corrugated Board it is necessary to make sure they were all in the same plane.

For setting, the solution is kept for 4-5 days. Then you need to metal uprights welded to the console (mortgages) to which later will be attached the guides. Mortgage fixed at a distance of 20 cm from the top and the bottom of the post. After that, you can surround a metal support with a brick.

For installation of metal profile as posts used shaped pipe, preferably with a square cross-section

If the fence will have a design with brick pillars without base, no need to hold ribbon Foundation. Here it is sufficient to apply the device to the local base for each brick pillar. Dig the hole to a depth of about 1 m with a size of just more sides of the brick column.

Video of the construction of a fence of corrugated Board with your hands will help to understand the intricacies of installation.

The sheets endures any weather conditions

How to put up a fence of corrugated Board with your hands

As soon as you will install all of the supporting stand, the transverse mounting of the Arab League. As a guide use a shaped tube with a smaller cross section than the supports. Usually use the tube section 20 x 40 mm or 20×20 mm. For fences up to a height of 2.5 m is enough of the two rows located at a distance of 1.5 m from each other.

How to make a fence of corrugated Board with your hands? Once the frame design is fully assembled, proceed to the plating steel sheet. It is attached by means of special screws, the cap of which is coated with a polymer composition of the corresponding color. Such fasteners space fasteners are almost invisible. Before a covering it is recommended to make holes in the places of fastening.

The scheme of installation of fencing gates and gate

A useful tip! The screws should be screwed in perpendicular places, where the ribs tightly abut to the frame member.

Sheets of corrugated sheets are joined the lapped, with a wave sheet with the lower edge should be covered by a wave with a greater edge. The distance between the mounts is taken to select equal to two waves of the corrugated sheet.

The junction of corrugated sheets with an overlap of extreme waves

Fence of corrugated Board strong and durable. Thanks to a wide range of colours you can choose the material of any color and shape profile. He perfectly combined with stone, brick, metal and can support the style of the existing courtyard buildings. After studying the useful tips and video stories on the installation of fences of corrugated Board, you can easily install yourself a modern, reliable and, most importantly, inexpensive fence.


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