Fences of wood: photo designs in a modern design

Those who believe that fencing of wood boring and irrelevant unequivocally wrong. If you have to surround the garden area, feel free to choose fences made of wood: photo demonstrates how unusual, stylish and creative can be a fence made of this material. An incredible number of brilliant ideas for wooden fences allows you to choose any option for construction on the site.

Fence painted fence a modern twist

The contents

  • 1 a Variety of types of wooden fences
  • 2 Fences of wood: photo of interesting solutions
    • 2.1 Photos of fences from wooden fences
    • 2.2 Fences of boards: photo of creative ideas
  • 3 Wooden fences with metal poles
  • 4 Decorative fences made of wood

A variety of types of wooden fences

Time-tested properties of wood allow you to handle and obtain from this material a variety of products. And for fence construction, you can use even the raw elements of wood. For the construction of the fence is timber and Board (edged, unedged Board, slab), beams and planks, the trunks and branches of trees. Usually in the same fence using several kinds of lumber.

Wooden fence with thin rails in sections and solid racks

A fence made of wood traditionally represents the support legs, horizontal rails and infill sections. By purpose can be divided into protective, protective and decorative. Depending on the use in the construction of certain elements, as well as the method of mounting component parts, fences are divided into several groups:

  • fence — the classic look of a fence with gaps, sections of which are filled with a special narrow plates at the same distance;

Sustainable fence checkerboard perfectly closes the courtyard from the outside bustle

  • checkerboard — fencing of the wider plates mounted on both sides of stairs in a staggered manner. Boards can be stacked vertically or horizontally. Such a fence is considered to be deaf, as small gaps can be seen, only looking at a certain angle;
  • ladder — constructed of planks, overlapping each other and at an angle. If you look at the end of section design resembles a ladder. This fence type blinds hiding the review, but has small gaps;

The fence type is a louver boards, arranged horizontally at a slight angle

  • wicker — fence boards are intertwined in a horizontal or vertical position. This method of installation originates from the old fence or the fence. By the way, the wicker fence is quite relevant among the cottagers;
  • ranch — fencing of logs or bars which are fixed to the supports horizontally. Spans can have two, three or more longitudinal members. This construction carries mostly enclosing and decorative function;

Wooden mesh well miss the sun’s rays in the yard

  • grille — a type of ornamental fences, made of wooden frames within which is Packed full of a lattice of slats. Often, the grating elements are used to decorate the fences of other types, making the insertion at the top or bottom structures;
  • palisade — structure made of cylindrical logs of equal diameter. This fence today is quite rare. Is used to recreate the characteristic exterior in a rustic or ethnic style.

Palisade can be recognized by the form of logs, resembling a sharpened pencil

Based on these basic types, you can create different variations of fences, including combining wood with other materials. Wood perfectly combined with metal, brick, stone, concrete and more modern materials such as corrugated sheets or polycarbonate. It would be logical to use the combination of wood with material already present in the decoration of other buildings in the yard.

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Fences of wood: photo of interesting solutions

That your fence was elegant and unique — not necessarily to look for a designer. You can find ready-made solutions, to add something of their own and get an unusual variant, which has no analogues. Pictures of beautiful fences made of wood will inspire on creation of the exclusive project.

Low fence of brick combined with white fence

Photos of fences from wooden fences

Wooden fence, made with the lumen, carries more decorative than the enclosing function. Excellent visibility of the territory behind a fence involves the maintenance of the yard, garden, and flower garden beds in perfect condition. Design will be appropriate for framing small cottages or houses in suburban towns where all know each other and there is no need to give the fence a protective function.

A wooden fence, painted yellow, is a source of good mood

Getting acquainted with the photo of beautiful wooden fences, you can see that the fence has long gone beyond the usual dull hedge. Modern fence made of planks cut so that the top line forms a wave, a zigzag or scope of the bird’s wings. Nice look section of the fence with scalloped or carved elements. If the front of the house there is a tidy lawn, it can be framed decorative low picket fence.

Unusual fence made from diagonal planks

A useful tip! To make a fence from wooden fence is much more stable than can be attached to the lower edge of the vertical pillars “shoes”, making the bearing surface more.

To give the fence a more airy and light look, you can decorate it into the top decoration from a wooden lattice. If you love original ideas, try positioning the planks in a fence diagonally or in the shape of a fan. It is quite an unusual design. Special looks at the fence, the rails of which staggered cut small corners-eyes.

You vividly paint a fence will help a special paint for wooden fences

To transform the fence may be treating it with paint for a wooden fence. If your yard is full of children take the chance to cover every bar compositions of different colors. Get a bright and playful design. Don’t be shy about your ideas and fantasies. You can make a fence with different colored sections. And elegant fence white color that frames a flower bed, will make the site more cozy.

The shape of the fence in three variants

If the plot is an impressive mansion, this area is better to build a fence with pillars of stone or brick by placing it on the concrete plinth. The reliability of this design exceeds the fence with racks of wood. And aesthetic appearance will match the design idea of the entire household. The material finish of the parapet and columns chosen to match the main structure.

Decorative fence of the white shtaketin blends beautifully with a colorful flower bed

Fences from boards: photo of creative ideas

In recent years, many prefer wooden fences. Due to the unusual methods of attachment and location of the boards in the fence, these designs is deservedly gaining popularity. Photo fences with trim boards confirm that such structures can not only frame the plot, but also become a reliable protection. And the unusual design will highlight any area.

Edged boards of different widths are combined into the original design of the fence

Effectively surrounds the area with a fence of boards, binding support in the horizontal direction. The fence turns deaf but does not weigh down the exterior. Quite interesting and design with braided vertically. With the interlocking boards created a large load on the supporting columns, so it is superfluous to arrange the ground under the building and concreted pillar.

Original find — a fence made of boards “Ladder”. A visually attractive fence serves to protect the local ownership, does not give visibility and at the same time maximizes the use of land along it. Due to the location of elements at an angle with small gaps, the plot is blown and the plant gets sunlight.

A solid barrier is obtained from tightly mounted edging boards

Extraordinary and picturesque look fence of unedged boards. Photos of such structures demonstrate both vertical and horizontal laying of the boards. Impressive Board, laid in a staggered manner. To give a finished look of the fence can help a quality decorative coating. We should ask, what and how to paint the fences beautifully. Photo compilation of the most successful variants can serve as an example.

A useful tip! Before carrying out the staining, the wooden elements should be dried well. Avoiding the use of oil paints, which under the action of the sun and rain flake and crumble.

As an interesting item, you can use the drawing Board

Wooden fences with metal poles

To design a wooden fence was solid and served as long as possible, preferably as support pillars to use metal poles. For this purpose, suitable pipes of round, square or rectangular. How to make a wooden fence with metal poles? The installation of the supports can be produced in several ways depending on the type of soil prevalent in your area. There are the following ways:

  • pile into the ground — in this case, stands to score with a sledgehammer to a depth of approximately 1/3 the length of the column;

The scheme of installation of a wooden fence with metal poles

  • combined method — in this method, under the post drilled holes half the length of penetration, the rest of the post hammered into the ground. The upper part of the area of the underground location of the pole concreted;
  • bytowanie — in this method, a bore hole on length of penetration, is placed in the post hole, the space around the pole is filled with crushed stone, well tamped, and only then concreted;
  • concrete — a method in which metal posts placed in the holes fully are cast.

Applying different materials you can get modern fence on a metal base

A useful tip!To avoid impacts on the pillars of corrosion, must be carefully treated metal surface with primer and then paint.

To set the posts, attach horizontal rails. This can be done by using welded to the supports embeds. The number of crossbars is determined individually depending on the height of the fence. The higher it is, the more of them. Typically, a low fence 1-1. 5 m is enough to have two guides. When the frame is installed is starting to fill openings.

Mount a metal pipe to the horizontal rails of the fence

Ease of installation and flexibility of timber treatment allow to produce and to install a fence. If construction skills are not enough, you can order ready-made designs from the manufacturers. The cost per meter of the fence depends on its height, type of fencing, the width of the strips, the number of sections (step bars) and the material of the frame.

The average price of wooden picket fence of planed boards 90х20 mm with a step of 1 cm with a height of 1 m is 610 RUB. per 1 sq. m, with a height of 2 m — 1200 RUB the same fence with a step of 2 cm will cost in the height of 1 m — 560 rubles., at a height of 2 m — 1090 RUB the price includes the installation of fences under the key. You can order the coating picket antiseptic, the treatment cost will amount to 210 rubles. per 1 m2.

Square metal base are a bright accent thanks to the coloration green

Decorative fences of wood

Today, more attention is paid to landscape design, local and suburban areas. Many seek is to make the surrounding area and to create maximum comfort. Not the last role in the harmonious organization of space play a decorative fence. And considering the environmental friendliness of the wood, this material goes well with the natural landscape.

Decorative white picket fence enhances the beauty of the beautiful flower garden

Looks very touching flower garden, framed by a decorative wooden fence of the white or bright yellow. The decor emphasizes lush greens of plants and luscious shades of colors. For this fence suitable fence or lattice. The same edging to separate garden from garden, or to fix a small flower bed in front of the house. Interesting and looks defiantly low palisade, stylized colored pencils. This fence will provide a great nursery or Playground.

Fence grille blends perfectly with the vegetation in the yard

If the area the area reserved for lawns, flower beds, Alpine gardens and recreational areas, it is appropriate to use decorative fencing lattice. The slats of the fence can be crossed at any angle, creating various patterns. This is an easy fence to perfectly complement the landscape, giving it elegance and charm.

A useful tip! Assembling the lattice strips for wooden fences, use for fixing nails or screws with a galvanized coating that is not susceptible to corrosion.

A high fence of wooden slats

A great idea is to form a decorative fence of sawn across the trunk of the round elements. Especially natural look, this design, if the site is located in the forest area. To support the design of the structure possible, laying the track of the same round wooden fragments.

Fence ranch features large spans and ease of execution

Many prefer ornamental fences in the fence. This option hedges can be seen quite often in the design of suburban areas. Optional to enclose the whole area, enough to make a few small spans and for the tradition of decorating their clay pots, pitchers or sit along the large flowers. And so the fence didn’t look lonely, you can wrap wicker frame large trunks of garden trees.

Making a choice in favor of a wooden fence, you will receive environmental, durable and aesthetically attractive building, blending in beautifully with any natural landscape.


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