Finishing loggias: great ideas, photos and recommendations for design

Many standard designs of the modern apartments have a loggia or a balcony. But not all owners of such housing use this space as intended. Due to good design and competent approach to the distribution of the square can be arranged in your home cozy and comfortable area for rest, creativity or work. An important role is played by the decoration of the loggia: great ideas, photos and tips on furnishing, finishing materials and lighting will solve this problem.

Outdoor loggia is the perfect place to relax with a Cup of tea

The contents

  • 1 loggia Finish: interesting ideas, photos and analysis of space and time
    • 1.1 the Difference between a balcony and a loggia exterior features
    • 1.2 Features finishing of balconies and loggias: photos and counting in the area
    • 1.3 design Features, finishing loggias: photo & specificity design
  • 2 design Options of balconies and loggias: photo and popular interior solutions
    • 2.1 photo of the inside decoration of the loggia under the bedroom
    • 2.2 Photo of the design of the loggia 6 meters under the family cafe
    • 2.3 Photo finishing loggias inside of the organization Conservatory or greenhouse
    • 2.4 Photo of the interior of the 6 metre loggia with under Cabinet
    • 2.5 Photo of the interior of the loggia 6 meters: the organization of space for sports
  • 3 finished in the loggia with their hands: photo of interesting ideas
    • 3.1 the Variants of finishing of loggias, combined with the living room
    • 3.2 Options for glazing balconies and loggias
    • 3.3 Circuit insulation loggia with their hands: step by step instructions
    • 3.4 Choice of colors for the organization of the greenhouse on the balcony
    • 3.5 Selection of furniture for the interior of the loggia
  • 4 Options for finishing loggias turn key: prices, photos
    • 4.1 Photo finish balconies lining and prices
    • 4.2 the benefits of finishing the loggia drywall
    • 4.3 Lighting and additional arrangement

Finishing loggias: great ideas, photos and analysis of space and time

Despite the fact that the balcony and a loggia are the architectural objects and have the same purpose between these structures there are significant differences. This area is used for residents of apartment buildings might have overview of the surroundings from the height, as well as a place for outdoor space. Apartment owners often use a balcony for drying clothes, because the presence of the roof protects the rope with things from the negative impact of bad weather.

The use of a loggia as a comfortable space for relaxation in the fresh air

A useful tip! Space loggia or balcony is not recommended to use for storage. More profitable and practical solution would be the increase in the size of the adjacent room by removing the partition between her and the loggia or organization comfort zone for sports or evening with a Cup of tea in a cozy atmosphere.

The difference between a balcony and a loggia exterior features

Every Builder and architect will be able to explain the difference between external characteristics of the loggia and balcony. Loggia is a space located in the recess. It is a structural part of the house. While balcony has a protruding structure located outside the perimeter of the building.

The balcony looks over the line of the bearing wall of the house and is an extra space

The name “balcony” comes from the word “ravine”. At the time this beam was a ledge in the window area. Subsequently, in this place have begun to install fencing, as some tenants prefer to walk on this beam. So the balcony got its appearance that we see today.

Unlike the balcony, loggia within the building. It is equipped with lateral walls and ceiling. Because of their structural features loggia is considered to be more stable and reliable architectural element than a balcony. Unfortunately, it belongs to the category of unheated spaces, however, this problem can be eliminated due to the high quality glazing and insulation.

Standard loggia, located in a building does not protrude beyond the borders of the bearing wall

In addition, balconies may be installed Underfloor heating system. For this purpose, suitable infrared heating film floors or mats.

Features finishing of balconies and loggias: photos and counting in the area

Before you start to finish to properly calculate the area as the balcony and a loggia, these indicators are calculated differently. If you calculate the total area of the apartment, with a balcony it is necessary to use a reduction factor equal to 0.3, and for the accommodation with a loggia it is 0.5.

The floor finish on the balcony tile is often used because it is resistant to humidity and temperature changes

Please note! In addition to the standard structures used in the construction and other architectural features: balconies, verandas, French balconies. In each case, is a coefficient corresponding to the type design.

French balconies shall be regarded as only nominally. In fact, this type of construction does not protrude beyond the house. For the most part French balconies represent a door or a large window opening, which sometimes occupies the entire height of the wall. Outside set grid, responsible for safety and decorative beauty. In fact, a French balcony does not have square.

The French balcony will provide a cozy atmosphere in the fresh air

Porch is considered to be the same balcony, but it is placed along the entire length of the wall. In most cases, this type of design is installed in country houses but in high-rise buildings, you can also find this architectural element.

The unique design has a balcony-loggia, partially protruding beyond the structure, the partially recessed into the building. To calculate any ratio for it, you will need the help of experts.

Loggia with a large enough space along the walls

Design features, finishing loggias: photo & specificity design

The loggia has come to us from the old Italian architecture. They were a partly adjacent to the building or a fully independent area, which is surrounded by arcades. The main purpose is leisure and opportunity to contemplate the beautiful views. Loggia in the literal translation from Italian means “garden”.

Today the appearance of a loggia reminiscent of the niche that have similar features with balcony. The borders of the designs inside the building are balcony doors and Windows.

Ample space allows you to use the loggia as a full space

Please note! The line of the facade of the loggia can be installed by walling and railings. In addition, this element may partially extend beyond the buildings, pass through the building or be part of one of the rooms of the apartment.

Dimensions of balconies, as well as the type of its location have a direct impact on heat transfer inside the building. Therefore, warming of a loggia plays an important role in the formation of comfortable conditions for living in the apartment.

Balcony-loggia, with railings on the outside of the Windows

The most popular insulation materials used for loggias, are polystyrene and mineral wool. After mounting they are covered with a thin layer of plaster. Of special attention is the isolation of the sexes, as well as the transitions of the floor in the side walls. Thorough insulation of this area will prevent the formation of bridges through which heat leaves the room.

Designs of balconies and loggias: photo and popular interior solutions

Due to the large range of materials the choice of design for the loggia and a balcony can be almost limitless. It all depends on your budget and taste preferences.

Light design fills the room with ease and lightness

As a rule, the arrangement of the loggia is carried out according to one scheme:

  • The redevelopment space.
  • Glazing.
  • Insulation.
  • Finish.
  • The choice of furniture.
  • Selection of lighting fixtures.

The first step was to determine the functional purpose of the space of the loggia, which can be expanded.

Furniture and railings made of metal perfectly complement each other in an open loggia

In this area you can organize:

  • a small bedroom;
  • the kitchen or dining family style;
  • a greenhouse or Conservatory;
  • gym;
  • a game room for children;
  • creative workshop;

Interior design in grey tones

  • study;
  • the room for rest and reading.

A photo of the inside decoration of the loggia under the bedroom

Decoration of the loggia under the bedroom is suitable for those who loves the summer nights sleeping outdoors. In hot weather, this sleeping place will give more coolness than a regular room with an internal.

Sleeping space on small balconies

A useful tip! In this case, you should carefully approach the issue of allocation of space to a small square that could fit all the necessary items. To save space and create comfort you can install the shelves and furniture.

Sleeping place (couch or bed) must not occupy the entire area of the loggia. It is advisable to do furniture so that in addition to beds in this area could set a small table with the lamp-light.

Bright bedroom, occupied all the space of the loggia

After the organization of bed, be sure to take care of the decoration. As a finish for walls can be used Wallpaper pleasant and unobtrusive shades suitable for interior of bedroom. Better if the tone will match the colors of the curtains and sofa. On the floor would look good a soft carpet with long pile.

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Insulation loggia with their hands: step-by-step photo instructions. How to carry out insulation loggia with their hands? Internal finishing and furnishing of the loggia. The use of foam polystyrene as a basic insulation.

If the loggia is located on the South side, curtains on the Windows should be replaced by blinds or shutters, which would prevent contact with the bright sunlight in the bedroom. After all, comfort during sleep is very necessary.

A cozy place to sleep in beige tones

The photo design of the loggia 6 meters under the family cafe

Loggia is perfect for tea in the family circle or with friends. Beautiful view and fresh air will make the atmosphere relaxing and comfortable, because the kitchen sooner or later become boring, especially if you spend a lot of time for cooking.

In this case, the furniture put forward two criteria – functionality and compactness. Design folding table will not occupy much space, and if you want to increase the amount of space on the countertop can also be easily folded and fastened. Depending on the location of the table to the dining area, you can add a folding or collapsible chairs. To save the useful area, you can combine the chairs are hinged and foldable type.

Bar stools are suitable for balconies, located near the kitchen

A useful tip! Install lamps built-in type because they take up very little space. You can develop the combined system will have different types of lighting (different colors, light intensity, number of light sources), depending on your needs.

For Windows you will need the decorative Drapes or curtains. Through proper lighting you can create any mood (the atmosphere is a cozy cafe or dimmed night lighting for a romantic dinner), to highlight accents in the design, concentrating light on certain elements of the decoration or even play with space and forms.

A small table and chairs create a cozy atmosphere for a pleasant stay

Photo finishing loggias inside of the organization Conservatory or greenhouse

Residents of cities are sorely lacking green spaces. Especially strongly this problem affects the population of cities where the density property is very high, and the courtyards between the apartment buildings are almost completely covered with asphalt (Parking and playgrounds, roads, paving in front of shops, etc.).

For a winter garden or home greenhouse will not fit a standard finish in the form of Wallpaper, because they are impractical and may disrupt the overall look of a makeshift “oasis” on the balcony.

Interesting pots on metal holders can be a great solution in a room with painted walls

In this case, it is recommended to finish loggias plastic panels imitating natural wood clapboard or array. This design will create a neutral background that don’t distract from the plants themselves. Moreover, the plastic surface, unlike natural wood, it is not afraid of water and humidity, so the problems with the watering and spraying of plants should not be.

For Windows it is better to buy blinds because the plants can suffer from excessive heat and direct sunlight. Lighting in the green area plays a major role.

Good finishes balconies to create a home greenhouse is the lining

A useful tip! In the winter the plants suffer from the lack of sunlight, so on the balcony should install fluorescent lighting.

As furniture for greenhouses suitable decorative bench small size tea table. The floor surface can be covered with decorative rugs imitating a green lawn or soil, or to use the Mat.

The combination of wooden furniture and flowers, dip in a pleasant atmosphere

Interior photos of 6 metre loggia with under Cabinet

The Cabinet – a special type of space that requires privacy and comfortable conditions for work. The space of the loggia for this purpose, excellent.

Here you can place:

  • a small library and a Desk with computer for studying;
  • study;

The design of balconies will provide good lighting for the workplace

  • a creative workshop that can be used for business purposes or as places for Hobbies (e.g. woodworking workshop, and area for sewing machine and mannequin workshop for collaborative writing with children).

If you decided to convert the loggia under the working area should pay attention not only interior decoration, but also creating comfortable conditions.

The basic rules of the organization of the Cabinet in the loggia:

  • be sure to choose plain colors so the finish is not distracting and does not violate the concentration;

A makeshift office on the terrace increases the productivity, due to the constant flow of fresh air

  • a considerable share of comfort is the flooring. Select soft and warm materials;
  • install compact lockers and shelves for placing books and required things. If it is intended to organize a creative workshop for arts, place above the work surface shelf with multiple compartments and drawers;
  • the lighting system should be multilevel. In the workplace need high-quality and bright light, otherwise eyes will quickly get tired.

For the working zone of the preferred solid trim, not distracting

Photo of the interior of the loggia 6 meters: the organization of space for sports

The balcony can be used effectively for sports. Here you can set the equipment to supply fresh air and eliminate all unnecessary to not interfere with classes.

A useful tip! On the balcony there should be nothing except simulators for training, as space is very limited.

For the wall design, it is recommended to use a practical and washable materials. Photo finish loggias plastic panels look very profitable.

Spacious loggia with the simulator and furniture for relaxing

While the plastic surface:

  • quite hygienic;
  • responds well to cleaning procedure;
  • shows resistance to detergents.

For flooring fit carpet or laminate. Be sure to protect the Windows from the bright sun, hanging thick curtains or blinds. They not only protect you from direct sunlight during exercise, but also hide from prying eyes.

Do not forget to ventilate the area before and after exercise, as well as from time to time to leave the curtains open because the sunlight kills many bacteria.

A small loggia premise well enough and quickly ventilated, which is important for sports

Finished the loggia with their hands: photo of interesting ideas

Reconfiguration of its interior belongs to the category of the most expensive and difficult types of work. Removing the wall between the balcony and adjoining room, you will be able to increase the living space.

Since the Union of the loggia from the living room is a lengthy, risky and very costly, you should think carefully over your decision. Experts recommend the use of this technique in the case if in the apartment there is another balcony or loggia.

Goes well with bright decorative plaster on the walls and tiles with an ornament as a floor covering

A useful tip! Such alterations are possible only in buildings made of brick, where the side walls function as bearing structures. But even in this case you will need to make a gain. Prefabricated structures are built in such a way that a loggia or a balcony continue the slab, that’s why the merging is strictly prohibited.

The combination of different materials will make the room more interesting

Finishing loggias, combined with the living room

There are many interesting ideas that you can implement when you combine space loggia or balcony with a living room.

Examples of advantageous combinations:

  • loggia with kitchen – this combination will be especially advantageous in small apartments. When combining the area of the loggia you can organize the storage of kitchen utensils, a small bar with a rack, or leave the space free;

Joining the loggia to the kitchen creates a spacious and functional space

  • loggia with Seating and the most common variant of redevelopment, after all, a spacious living room ideal for receiving friends. This room creates the first impression of a visitor as soon as he crosses the threshold of the apartment, so the correct choice of design is very important;
  • loggia bedroom – in the freed space you can install mirrors, walk-in closet small size, screens or other items.

Bedroom would be better lit if you remove the walls between the room and loggia

The options for glazing balconies and loggias

For the decoration of balconies and loggias are two methods of glazing: warm and cold.

The advantages of “cold” glazing:

  • slight fever (about 6-7 °C);
  • the room is completely isolated from dust and atmospheric precipitation;
  • a small increase in sound insulation.

Quality glazed loggias provide protection from weather and atmospheric effects

In the “cold” glazing used sliding profiles of aluminium and plastic. Also apply frames swing-type, but most often they are placed on the balconies and loggias custom size with big dimensions.

For “warm” glazing used window construction made of plastic or wood. In this case the following additional measures to insulation involving the floor, ceiling and walls. The number of independent air chambers insulation characteristics of the window.

For the “cold” glazing used Windows with aluminum profile

Please note! Experts do not recommend to use for “warm” glass profile elements made of metal.

Varieties of shutters:

  • swing-out;
  • swing;
  • sliding;
  • combo design blind Windows equipped with opening transoms.

“Warm” glazing involves the installation of plastic profile, and at least triple-pane Windows

Circuit insulation loggia with their hands: step by step instructions

Depending on what type of glass is made on the balconies, chosen method of insulation. At the “cold” glazing insulation to comply meaningless. In this case you can only finish the siding on the outside. This solution is advantageous for several reasons. First, the exterior finish will not take useful area from the balcony. Secondly, the siding in some extent, can provide additional insulation.

Circuit insulation loggia

If you have used the “warm” glazing, the thermal insulation should be performed very carefully.

The insulation used for loggias:

  • polystyrene (2-5 cm);
  • heat insulation material is laid, isofol or recofol (0.5 cm).

Warming of a loggia. Fig. 1: 1 — treatment of cracks with sealant; 2 — screed

The insulation is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Sealing of cracks (moisture should not penetrate the gasket area of the heater).
  • Execution underlayment.
  • Laying of thermal insulation material around the perimeter of the balcony (floor, side walls, parapet, ceiling). The only exception is the wall located between the balcony and the living room, there is no need to perform the installation of insulation.
  • Installation of floor covering (you can use any materials for flooring indoors).

Warming of a loggia. Fig. 2: 3 — insulation PENOPLEX; 4 — finish

Before laying the floor covering, you can install the Underfloor heating system. It will provide a comfortable climate.

The choice of colors for the organization of the greenhouse on the balcony

The decoration of the balcony or loggia is in the final stage. All the insulation and finish are aimed at creating comfortable space, but at the expense of plants in the greenhouse gets finished appearance corresponding to individual preferences of the owner of this apartment.

Home flowers will decorate the interior of the loggia

A useful tip! If you are planning for a greenhouse, you can finish loggia with stone, or imitation. Like wood, this material is perfectly combined with greenery and creates the proper atmosphere.

Pick a beautiful and bright flowers filling the balcony. Depending on the flowering period they may delight you year-round or seasonal. Direct influence and type of design of the balcony or loggia, the nature of its placement, and internal filling.

If the loggia has no glazing, then place the flowers on the railing

Plants can be:

  • annual;
  • long-term;
  • biennial.

Range of modern shops can provide a large selection of plants of any type.

In the case of setting the colors close to the wall — decoration of the loggia should be practical and washable

The choice of plants can influence some factors:

  • The nature of the placement (on the Sunny side or the shadow).
  • Temperature (balcony/loggia can be warm or cold).

Outdoor balcony without glazing or glazed, but the cold, imposes certain restrictions on the cultivation of plants. In such conditions, it is recommended to carry out the landing of annual colours. As containers suitable containers of the open type where you can place the seeds. The flowering period of annual plants lasts from late spring to late summer-early autumn. At this time you can transfer the plants to the balcony.

Plants on balconies receive more light and exposed to direct sunlight

Warm a balcony or loggia glazing is suitable for garden and houseplants. Choice is greatly expanded. The decoration can complement striking lighting, suitable furniture, statues, etc.

The choice of furniture for the interior of the loggia

Given the fact that wood is susceptible to deformation changes under the influence of temperature and humidity, furniture, and plants is selected based on certain parameters.

In good weather on the French balcony you can lay the carpet and enjoy the comfort of sitting in a comfortable chair

For loggias with a “cold” glazing selected furnishings with high resistance:

  • to high level of humidity and its fluctuations;
  • to temperature changes.

Please note! The decoration of the loggia of the MDF panels can be effectively complement the furniture in the same colors. MDF manufacturers offer a wide color gamut with the imitation of all woods.

Wooden floors go well with wicker furniture

General options the selection of furniture for warm and cold balconies:

  • A small height (so as not to block the flow of natural light).
  • Compactness.
  • Easy mobile case.
  • External aesthetics.

Loggia with stone trim and a comfortable Seating area

For warm designs suitable and conventional furniture designed for installation in a residential area. Open loggia is best to beat wooden, wrought iron or wicker pieces of furniture.

Finishing loggias turn key: prices, photos

PVC panels offer a lot of advantages when it concerns the finishing works at the loggia or balcony.

Practical finish black tiles and white PVC panels for wall and ceiling

Advantages trim using PVC:

  • Due to the smooth surface visually expands the space.
  • Savings.
  • The durability of the finish.
  • The material is resistant to deformation changes and fading.
  • A simple system cleaning and maintenance (a fairly wet wipe).
  • A wide range of materials in terms of color, sizes and characteristics.

Average prices for the finishing of plastic (work and material):

Type materialone talentscout,
RUB/м2Двойное talentscout,
панельпенофол1800пеноплекс2000Ламинированная panel (25 cm)пенофол2000пеноплекс2500Ламинированная panel (20 cm)пенофол2000пеноплекс2500

Photo finish balconies lining and prices

Wood goes well with almost any type of decoration, so often finishing of loggias and balconies is made using lining.

The advantages finish lining:

  • environmentally friendly material;
  • the wood supports a unique atmosphere and a comfortable microclimate;

For the walls in the loggia used lining

  • the lining has a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation;

Please note! The material is presented in the market in wide range. You can choose various types of wood and colors in accordance with the design of the furniture.

  • the material can be tinted lacarolina compositions, water-based or dye stains designed for wood.

Average prices for the t (work):

parameters smana,
(pine)A9 6от 1600В9,6от 1500Экстра9,6от 1950Вагонка Calm
(cedar)A13 5от 3200В13,5от 2650Экстра13,5от 4800Вагонка Calm
(pine)A9,6/11,6/13,6 from 1650В9,6/11,6/13,6 from 1500Экстра9,6/11,6/13,6 from 3000Вагонка of лиственницыПрима9,6/11,5/14,2/14,5 from 2650Экстра9,6/11,5/14,2/14,5 from 3700

The benefits of finishing the loggia drywall

The benefits of finishing loggias with drywall:

  • Loggias are used for water-resistant options, so the finish will be long-term to maintain its charm and novelty.
  • Elimination of errors on surfaces, the formation of a smooth plane.
  • Permitted coloring material and wrapping with waterproof and washable Wallpaper.
  • The formation of an additional layer of sound and heat insulation.
  • Environmental friendliness and low Flammability rate.

Average prices for the plasterboard finish (work and material):

Name plagiocephaly of materialen, RUB/м2Комплексное оформлениепеноплекс2350Комплексное оформлениепенофол1850

Lighting and additional arrangement

In apartment buildings on balconies and loggias is not provided lighting, so in the regeneration of this area will have to do the wiring yourself.

A useful tip! It is recommended to lay electrical wiring is concealed. This method increases the security level.

Prices for the electrification of the balcony or loggia (with materials):

Name plugincount, RUB/м2Электрика (gasket system up to 5 points)5000Монтаж system infrared полов2500Монтаж thermostat for warm пола2000

As a result, you will be able to turn the loggia into a useful space, which creates additional comfort. Many types of work you can do yourself, thus saving a lot of money, but electrification is best left to professionals.


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