Flooring in the apartment: what to do and how to choose

The problem with old and shabby flooring is not news for most owners of the old model. And with the new apartments can reach the incident, when the floors will have to change. How to make the floors in the apartment from scratch? This is quite a laborious and time-consuming activity, so if you have no need for self-installation skills and tools, it is better to entrust the case to experienced professionals. If you decided own hands to mount the floors in the apartment: what to do — a very topical issue.

Floor kitchen-living room decorated with laminate

The contents

  • 1 the selection Criteria for floor coverings
  • 2 Different kinds of the floor
    • 2.1 Floor from the parquet
    • 2.2 floorboard
    • 2.3 Mat
    • 2.4 Laminate
    • 2.5 Tile
    • 2.6 Tube
    • 2.7 Tree
    • 2.8 Linoleum
  • 3 What better flooring in the apartment: features floor in various rooms
    • 3.1 the Bedroom warmth and comfort
    • 3.2 Floor for hallway and corridor
    • 3.3 the flooring in the nursery
    • 3.4 the Floors in the apartment: what to do the kitchen floor
  • 4 Additional modifications of the floor
The selection criteria for floor coverings

Not so long ago the question of what to do the floors in the apartment, concerned only the choice of wood, manufactured boards. Today everything is much more difficult as the construction market presents a huge number of materials with differing performance characteristics. Even having experience in the field of construction, it will be difficult to make an optimal choice.

For the nursery best suited floor coverings made from natural materials

Therefore it is necessary to take into account the following parameters:

  • the location of the apartment – an important option if your apartment is on the first floor. In this case, gender can influence humidity and evaporation from the basement, so some hardwood floors often to mount just does not make sense;
  • the financial welfare of the family – the part that directly affects the cost of purchased material. For example, parquet or laminate of natural wood will be affordable not for everyone;

Painted wooden boards — a classic solution to the floor

  • family structure is one thing, when in apartment living one or a couple of people, and quite another when there are children or Pets. What gender is better to do in the last two cases? Of course, high durability, easy cleaning and other characteristics;
  • the strength of the coating – some types of houses do not provide an additional burden on design, so it is impossible to do, for example, a concrete screed floor. Violation of this parameter can cause an emergency situation until the collapse of the house.

Bright carpet with a pattern in the nursery

A useful tip! First and foremost, when selecting a material for the floor based on considerations of practicality and safety. External aesthetics – this is a minor feature.

Different types of the floor

Which is better for flooring in the apartment? As already mentioned, different types of flooring have different performance characteristics. The parameters on which you should choose the material described above and below, we separately consider the properties of popular flooring.

Light floors visually expand the space of the room

Floors of parquet

Flooring – type of flooring that never goes out of fashion. It can be made of various wood types have a different pattern, color and texture. The advantages of parquet can be attributed excellent appearance of the material. But to put it on their own without the appropriate skills is quite difficult and long. Another shortcoming of the parquet – the high cost of wood.

But if you make in his apartment stacked floor of wooden parquet, it will show all the guests that you have everything in order, not only with a sense of beauty, but also with the financial situation. Flooring is one of the elite materials for the floor in the apartment.

Wooden flooring is laid in the classical way “tree”


In fact, it is the same flooring, but cheaper and easier to install. Floorboard is wider and greater than tile normal flooring, they have to lay out a complex pattern, but it looks like this floor is still very attractive. Nice hardwood boards that they can a few times to scrape and update without much loss in appearance and properties.

What flooring to do in the apartment, so they look original? You can choose boards of different colors and make of them a simple drawing. This is such a designer, but you can try to make their own.

Hardwood floors are always in fashion


This is a modern type of flooring that is often used to create a minimalist interior. Mat – a carpet woven from natural materials such as cane, jute, flax and other. This floor not only looks original but also has a massaging effect on the foot. Mat is the answer to the question: what flooring can be done in the apartment, if you are a supporter of natural materials.

Floors of jute mats in the bedroom


Laminate is one of the best options of flooring in terms of price and quality. In appearance it is very similar to natural wood, and if desired, it can be easily styled with any other material – stone, ceramics, cork, leather and others. But if you need a completely original looking floor, then laminate you can draw patterns and complex patterns. Laminate floors in the apartment from scratch is one of the best options of sex.

A useful tip! To lay laminate can be different, but the right to do it by means of special locking systems. So it will be securely kept, not slide and will not deform from mechanical stress.

Laminate is a popular way of decorating the floor


If you need the most robust and durable floors in the apartment, what to do them — not so many options. Tile – perfect for corridor, hallway, bathroom, kitchens, i.e. areas where the floor is often needed to clean and it is a big burden.

In addition to the excellent performance of ceramic tile is wide scope for imagination in terms of the pattern of the floor. You can buy tiles of different shades, colors and textures and put out her whole picture on the floor. Good option how to make a floor in apartment of the analogues of traditional ceramic tile – granite.

Ceramic tile in the kitchen laid “Ahmadou”


Natural, organic, warm, strong and durable material. Cork floor is where you plan to walk barefoot, it reduces the load on the spine, springy underfoot. Cork floor can be further treated with special varnishes or oils, which will prolong its life, protect from moisture and dirt. Cork is easy to lay yourself. To understand this question, you can look on the Internet materials on the subject: how to make the floors in the apartment with their hands out of the tube.

For cork floor a pleasure to walk barefoot


Wood is pretty cheap and easy to install option the floor. The disadvantage of wooden boards is their low durability in comparison with many other materials, therefore they need to treat with the help of special compositions. But natural wood floors will instantly put you in any room a feeling of coziness and comfort. If you think over the question how to make a wooden floor in the apartment, then you should start with choosing the wood.

Hardwood floors are appropriate for any interior


If you need to know how to make a floor in the apartment is cheap, linoleum – your choice. The cheapest material is very easy to installation, not afraid of water and dirt and has many other useful properties. Floors of linoleum today are the most popular and affordable option.

Floors from wood materials

What better flooring in the apartment: features floor in various rooms

If you plan to renovate or change the floors in the apartment, from which to make them is largely determined by the purpose of the room in which to meet the new coverage. For the kitchen, bedroom, hallway or nursery is suitable for different materials.

Bedroom – warmth and comfort

The choice of material for floor in the bedroom is a very important point. In this room, a person spends a lot of time, so it is characterized by a high degree of permeability. In addition, many prefer to walk barefoot in the bedroom. Generally, a bedroom is a place for personal recreation, which is not so often strangers, so choose the flooring here is based on ease of material and personal taste of the residents, not the appearance of the coating. For example, the floor in the apartment made of plywood in the bedroom would be weird and inappropriate.

Cork-patterned bedroom

Good options for the bedroom will be wood or carpet. They are warm, pleasant to the touch, comfortable. And this is what you need for any bedroom. Option with laminate is more interesting in terms of appearance coverage, as you can pick up one of the many patterns, but this synthetic material is quite cold, it is not very pleasant to walk barefoot. For comfortable operation under the laminate can be additionally equip a warm floor.

Parquet flooring — warm and comfortable coating

Floor for hallway and corridor

Such zones of high permeability, like the hallway and entrance hall, should have high performance in terms of flooring. In this case, the decision of which gender is better to do in the apartment in the hallway at the necessary qualities must be unambiguous, easy to clean, durable, strong, moisture resistant.

Another side of the issue – the appearance of the floor, as the hallway and the hallway is the first thing one sees entering the apartment the guest. Therefore, when the laying of the floor in these zones most often used ceramic tile and similar in properties to the materials. For example, granite or natural stone easy to clean, not afraid of dirt and water, and bumps and a heavy load. If you think how to make new floors in the apartment in the hallway, the tile is a good option.

For decorating the floor in the hallway suitable ceramic tile

A useful tip! If you want to visually expand the hallway, it is better to use light shades of the coating. Then the room will look brighter, cleaner, and more.

The flooring in the nursery

When you need to change the flooring in the apartment: what to do — is a very acute question, if we are talking about the baby’s room. It should be safe, beautiful, practical, and comfortable for the baby, so to choose the best variant of floor covering can be quite difficult.

In the nursery it is better to arrange the floors from eco-friendly materials

Now the majority of parents prefers for flooring of children’s material such as cork. It has a number of useful features:

  • high level of noise reduction. A child is a lot of noise, a cork floor will save not only your nerves but also the nerves of neighbors;
  • environmentally friendly – cork is absolutely safe for health material that does not cause allergies;
  • elasticity – a floor reduces the load on the fragile child’s spine;
  • the resistance to moisture.

A soft carpet will make a comfortable stay of the child on the floor

Of course, the price of cork flooring is quite high, but do not skimp on the health and safety of the child.

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Flooring in the apartment: what to do the kitchen floor

What to do the floors in the apartment in the kitchen? In fact, the kitchen floor needs to have the same characteristics as in the hallway, plus attractive. Here, too, perfectly fit tiles or porcelain tiles and other resistant to moisture and dirt cover. On the kitchen floor often fall foods, food residues, debris, so it should be possible to easily and quickly cleaned.

Natural stone is a durable material and well suited for decorating the floor in the kitchen

If in different rooms you make the floor out of different materials, it is necessary to attend so that they varied little in color, then the interior of the whole apartment will look holistically and harmoniously. For example, if you are thinking how to make floors out of plywood in the apartment, then it can be easily styled with other materials.

Additional modifications of the floor

Finishing material for the floor is very important, but only one properly sized cover enough so that the floor was really good. There are a number of additional conditions, which should perform to create a really quality flooring.

Qualitatively a floor will delight you for years

The first of them – leveling floor. If the floor is full of bumps, cracks and potholes, any material settles as it should. Alignment can be done with concrete fill or ties.

The second important point is the floor insulation. It is true almost always, especially in regions with cold winters. Insulation can be done using a number of special materials, as well as the installation of “warm floor”.

A definite answer to the question, what is better to do the floors in the apartment. It all depends on the many factors listed above, and personal preference.


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