Flower gardens and beds with their hands from improvised materials: a photo guide to creation

Any owner of land seeks to equip its territory, make the surrounding space not only comfortable but also beautiful. Flower gardens and beds with their hands from improvised materials: pictures and description of songs is the best way to achieve originality and to fill the land with bright colors. Opportunities a huge selection of designs and materials for the manufacture of and diversity of plant species.

Beds of readily available materials will be an original decoration of the infield

The contents

  • 1 Where to find inspiration for the decoration of flower gardens and flower beds with their hands
  • 2 Flowerbeds and beds with their hands from improvised materials: photo and General classification
    • 2.1 Additional ideas flower bed with his hands outside the house
  • 3 tutorial on creating the flower beds with his own hands from scrap materials: tips for beginners
    • 3.1 Photo of the flower beds with their hands from improvised means near the house, and advice on choice of plants
    • 3.2 features of the creation of the original flowerbeds with their hands from improvised materials
    • 3.3 Photo of the beds with his own hands out of scrap materials with different types of accommodation on the site
  • 4 Features run and photo a vertical flower bed with his hands
  • 5 the Creation of the original flower beds and flower beds of tires
    • 5.1 Tools and materials to work with tires
    • 5.2 instructions for creation of flower beds with their hands out of scrap materials with the use of automobile tires
    • 5.3 Photo of the beds with his own hands from scrap materials: the use of tires
  • 6 Interesting schematic description of flower beds and flower beds
  • 7 Other kinds of beds out of scrap materials

Where to draw inspiration for decoration of flower beds and flower beds with their hands

The process of landscaping begins with planning. Any designer will tell you that you can’t start work without a pre-written project. You can use the services of a specialist, who will provide the solution of all problems of planning.

These tasks include:

  • drawing up ideal schemes of planting;
  • selection of plants for flower beds;
  • the choice of design.

How to create a flower garden with their hands

If you do not have the opportunity to hire a professional landscape designer, you can save money and to address this issue independently. In the web you can find pictures of simple flower beds and flower beds with their hands, which will fit into the space of your plot. Most of them supported by the description of suitable plants and detailed diagrams that will allow you to plant flowers so that the flower bed harmoniously fit into the design of your plot.

A delicate flowerbed in the yard of a country house

A useful tip! It is also advisable to seek for inspiration in specialized journals on gardening. Many publications on design of interiors contain extensive investments, with recommendations for the design of the local area.

Diagram of flower to honey plants that attract butterflies: 1 — asclepias klubniy (or yarrow “Anthea”); 2 — new England Aster “Purple Dome” (or “Red Star”); 3 — buddleja davidii; 4 — Echinacea purpurea Bright Star (or Phlox paniculata “Eva Cullum’l”); 5 — liatris spicate “Floristan Violet”; 6 — monarda dual; 7 — brilliant rudbeckia “Goldsturm” (or coreopsis grandiflora “Sunray”); 8 — stonecrop “Matrona” (or iris “Bandury Ruffles”); 9 — goldenrod “Golde Fleece” (or scabiosa “Butterfly”); 10 — PPE fescue “Elijah Blue” (or Euphorbia polychrome); 11 — lobularia sea; 12 — parsley curly; 13 — zinnia elegant

Do not be afraid of experiments. Often unique and effective compositions obtained from those engaged in independent search of information, studying the subject and browsing through numerous examples. Created his own flower gardens and flowerbeds can be a real source of pride.

Flower gardens and beds with their hands from improvised materials: photo and General classification

Within the General classification isolated the flower beds of the following types:

  • traditional bed is a normal bed, which was covered with flowers, alternating throughout the summer season. Due to different flowering time of the flower bed, the whole warm period of the year is pleasing to the eye flowering plants;

Flower garden in front of the house, built in concrete planters of different sizes

  • the chameleon is created based on the same principle as the traditional bed, but the plants contrast each other: one shades of colors abruptly replaced by another;
  • irregular flower – plants grouped in a certain sequence. During the summer period there is a uniform and natural change of flowering;
  • regular flower – a flowering plant starts simultaneously with the filling of the beds is diverse and sizes;

Wooden pergola and rose garden form a single composition

  • carpet flower garden – quality result requires patience and careful selection of components of the composition. The result is a kind floral carpet, spread out upon the earth unique life patterns.

Please note! Here are only standard options design flower arrangements on the site. However, the photo of the flower bed even in this version look great.

As planters for a container with flowers used ordinary basket

Additional ideas flower bed with his hands outside the house

A list of the main varieties of flower beds and flower beds can be supplemented with several options. These songs are the most popular among the summer residents and gardeners:

  • monoclona consists of flowers of one type or one color, which are planted together;
  • vertical flowerbed – is used to mark vertical objects. For example, garden structures (gazebos, awnings, arches), screens, walls and partitions;
  • ring – composition, framing certain objects (statues, fountains, bushes, trees);

Vertical flowerbed of colorful pots with wooden fence

  • Alpine garden – flowerbed dotted with perennial flowers of small size. Their landing is made over the small hills, which form a mound. As the basis for planting can be used driftwood and stones;
  • the curb is used as a frame for playgrounds, lawns and paths on the territory of suburban area;

The rose garden in the yard of a private house

  • pot – specific flowerbed, allowing you to perform the landscaping on those portions of territory where there is no possibility to make a flower garden in a standard way. These portions include alleys, squares, courtyard and other areas with asphalt or other similar surface. The pot has a broad view of the tank with earth, where by planting trees;
  • multidimensional composition – to create this big flower garden there are some additional objects. A multi-dimensional flower bed is characterized by specific concepts that have guided landscape designer at planting.

An example of a device of the flower beds in wooden barrels

Tutorial on creating the flower beds with his own hands from scrap materials: tips for beginners

Many photos flower bed with your hands, which you can find online, and once again prove that it is not necessary to have special education to create beauty near his home. This will require a little imagination, and plants.

A useful tip! Before you do this, you should make a clear plan of action. It will allow you to achieve perfect results and avoid many errors.

The scheme of the flower garden, which is dominated by yellow-red shades: 1 — physocarpus English; 2 — ageratum of Houston; 3 — gazania hybrid; 4 — stock-rose; 5 — barley maned; 6 — cornflower blue; 7 — Darren white; 8 — day-Lily hybrid; 9 — evening primrose of Drummond; 10 — Hosta Fortune; 11 — Sedum caustic

The first step was to take care of the following things:

  • the choice of colors is not only based on their colors. It is necessary to consider the flowering time of plants and the conditions required for their growth;
  • the choice of the place to create flower beds is one of the determining factors of success. It is recommended to plant flowers in the East or West side of the site. It is important to provide wind protection and to be protected from direct sunlight;

Thanks to the blossoming flowerbed house territory will look bright and festive

  • soil preparation needs special attention. A large part of garden plants great root leaf on the ground with admixture of sand and turf. To improve the properties of soil in the mixture, you can enter the fertilizer complex purpose or to shed it. Area that will host the flower bed, carefully propisyvaetsya. The soil should be well loosened, and it is better – to install drainage;
  • the shape and size of the flowerbeds need to determine in advance. It could be one track large or a collection of small beds.

The choice of plants depends not only on their color and flowering time, and cultivation conditions

Photos flower beds with their hands from improvised means near the house, and advice on choice of plants

In the basis of ideal design lies in the careful development of the concept. You should know that plants are grouped according to their flowering periods. Composition with continuous flowering will be able to retain its appeal all season, if the basis for the design of the flower bed will fall perennial plants (as a base) and annual, which will bring a touch of freshness to the overall appearance. When choosing plants in terms of flowering, you can create a composition that will be updated all the time.

In the basis of ideal design is a carefully thought-out concept

A useful tip! Use the pictures and descriptions of those colors that you liked. This will make your choice more accurate in terms of design and compatibility of the plants with each other.

Choosing the color scheme for future flower beds, you should make sure there is a few spots of color bright colors. The rest of the array of garden plants will form the main background. The remaining plants should not divert the attention.

The scheme is lush flowerbeds that adorn the facade of the house (the dimensions of the flower garden — 4 x 3.5 m): 1 — globe-Thistle ordinary; 2 — veronicastrum virgin; 3 — grate burs sand; 4 — space dayparty; 5 — Dahlia cultural; 6 — eryngium Alpine; 7 — Phlox paniculata; 8 — wormwood Louis; 9 — antirrhinum large; 10 — ageratum of Houston (tall varieties); 11 — Catnip of Fassina; 12 — ageratum of Houston (low grade); 13 — marigolds are upright; 14 — Darren white; 15 — heliotrope Peruvian; 16 — Petunia garden

Plant height also plays an important role. The highest of them should be placed in the Central part of the flower beds, or to shift them to the opposite edge. Low flowers are placed in the area of the outer edges or around garden paths.

Plants with different flowering period to avoid excessive diversity. The best is the variant in which the color change is carried out starting from spring time to late autumn.

The bed should be in harmony with the overall design of the house adjoining territory

Better if the colors will gradually flow. To successfully accents, it is enough to choose flowers in warm colors and the background is made in cool colours.

Features of creation of the original flowerbeds with their hands from improvised materials

Flowerbeds are based on earth mounds. For the formation of the compositions can be used for more objects.

These include:

  • truck;
  • tires;
  • vases;
  • bottle;

The basis of the original flower beds is an old bike

  • elements for beds stacked type;
  • items of interior furniture such as beds, chest of drawers, Shoe racks, chairs, etc.

The original appearance can be achieved in different ways. To embed flowerbeds acceptable to use shoes, stumps located at the site, shell and other components of plumbing equipment. Impressive flower garden, surrounding a fountain or pond. The design phase of any composition involves the selection of locations for placement of plants and preparation of planting plans.

Mini-flower beds, arranged in bags of bright colors

A useful tip! Denoting the boundaries of flowerbeds, it is recommended to clean the treated area from the turf. Should be cut off a layer with a minimum thickness of 10 cm.

The arrangement of the drainage will not cause any difficulties. This will require a gravel or expanded clay. Then the area under the bed is filled with pre-prepared ground.

The next step is to prepare the fence beds with their hands from improvised materials.

To create an unusual flower beds used unnecessary things

For this purpose you can use:

  • ceramic or stone tile;
  • plastic;
  • bottle;
  • wood;
  • brick;
  • tires.

For the centerpieces mini flower beds will suit any capacity – from sea shells to plastic pails

Photos flower beds with their hands out of scrap materials with different types of accommodation on the site

After purified from turf areas with drainage covered with soil, you should wait at least two weeks before the soil settles and gives way. It is a prerequisite for planting flowers. If necessary, you can fill up the land.

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The optimal area for the location of the flower beds is the boundary of the territory. In this case, the composition will gradually move into the lawn. But the flower garden from the remainder of the infield is separated by a fence made of plastic or any other material. With this fence the weeds won’t be able to go to bed.

As fencing of beds used bricks, painted in various colors

The most simple performed by the flower garden is monokoma. A striking example can be a rose garden. Unlike typical flower beds, flower beds do not have a clear spatial constraints. The development of the flower bed, consisting of perennials, you should spend much more time.

This takes into account various factors:

  • the size of the plants;
  • compatibility;
  • colors.

The space under a wooden canopy decorated with vertical flower beds and various pots with plants

A useful tip! If on the territory of the plot there is a gazebo, is to build a vertical flower bed next to her. They can be used to form the green environment that is similar to the living wall. To the category of vertical beds belong of the composition of the suspended type, consisting of baskets.

Add perennials to annuals. This will give some diversity, which will appear each year in new ways.

The rosary, hosted in the courtyard of a private house

Especially the performance and photo vertical flower bed with his hands

The vertical arrangement of flower beds requires skill and certain skills. As an example we can take the popular version of the design of this type of flower beds with pots. These products must have different diameters. Flower content when it is selected in one size. Preferably, the plants were of a similar shape. Pots with flowers are hung from the ceiling of the porch or along the walls of the building.

Vertical bed from wooden pallet

To create flower beds with the vertical option it is possible to use a grid-netting. As a decorative jewelry display is made of stone. Using these materials creates a wall. It should take the form of serpentine. For flower filling will do fine plants of small size.

The ideal option would be:

  • primrose;
  • forget-me-nots;
  • viola.

The original flower created using old buckets

Vertical beds can be created from these materials:

  • old barrels;
  • pockets made of felt or film;
  • plastic bottles and tubes;
  • wooden crates;
  • tires.

Mini-flower beds, arranged in containers and vertical variants of flower beds need frequent watering and regular care

This species of flower arrangements is not perfect. They manifest the need for frequent watering and regular feeding of fertilizers.

The creation of the original flower beds and flower beds of tires

To look accurate, you can use the available materials. Tires can be an excellent basis that does not require much monetary investment. This kind of material perfectly treatable.

Of tires can be manufactured:

  • borders (the outer part of the material is coated with water-resistant properties);
  • elegant vases;
  • of animals and birds.

Worn car tyre can become a unique decorative object that adorn the garden

A useful tip! When you create a fence from tires for the beds should carefully calculate its height. Too high a fence to shade small plants.

To create flower beds from tires it is better to take the bus belonging to the machines of foreign production. It is recommended to use winter tires, as they are easy to work and easy to cut. For printing on the surface use the marker or chalk. Cutting is sharpened with a knife, pre-lubricated with soap. After the product is cut, tyre flips, turns with the inside and the outside.

Tires are easily treatable

Curly cuts and trim of other materials will give the beds a finished and beautiful appearance. The cavity inside is filled with soil, where by planting trees.

Tools and materials to work with tires

Domestic tyres are suitable to create compositions with simple shapes. For beds with complex layouts will fit tires imported. The more worn the tread on winter tyres, the better. This will facilitate the eversion of the material.

The layout of plants in the flowerbed of tires

The list necessary for work with tires tools and materials include:

  • gloves are used as protective agent for hands, because the rubber when cutting leaves marks;
  • knife sharp sharpening – is used as the main tool to create cuts in the tires. When you work with it must be accurate and precise, movement of the hand should be solid. Instead of a knife you can use a hacksaw or jigsaw;

Flowerbed in the form of a kettle made from old tires

  • soap for marking or marker, chalk;
  • the coloring composition plays the role of the topcoat. Be sure to use paint designed for exterior work, as it is more resistant to adverse external factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, wind, moisture, low and high temperatures;
  • decorative elements (as additional decorations, such as pebbles).

Bunk bed from tires

Instructions for creation of flower beds with their hands out of scrap materials with the use of automobile tires

Before starting work, the tires are thoroughly cleaned of dirt, washed and dried.

Important! After drying the material the tire should be carefully inspected for presence of foreign objects such as wire, nails, small stones.

Flowerbeds in the shape of vases are made exclusively of tires with rims. The presence of a disk will ensure the design of reliable bottom, and also eliminates the need to do the drainage. Ordinary tyres suitable for the decoration of flower beds and panel beds.

Tyre, painted in bright colors, decorates the wall of a building

From the outside of the tyre to apply the markup in the form of a smooth circle. It will be cut. Depth should not exceed one third of the product. The remaining two-thirds will be the receptacle for beds. At this stage, the manufacturer sets the appearance, which can be a flower, animal or bird. For the design of flower you can create a large or conversely small petals. The optimal size is 12 cm If you overdo it with the size, you will not be able to give the necessary form.

Flowerbed of tires is simple to implement and does not require large financial investments

When performing incisions do not need to remove the disk. The use of a jigsaw will greatly simplify the work. Work with a knife will require follow-up treatment with soap and water.

Further, the tire is inverted, and the edges are unbent. The cut area can not be discarded. It will come in handy for decorating the top.

Photos flower beds with his own hands from scrap materials: the use of tires

Arrange beds of car tires a variety of ways. There are many options for arrangement of such structures.

Option vertical beds of tires

The most popular ways:

  • the vertical grouping of tires with different diameters. Each tier will be painted with a paint of a certain color, and then planted with plants;
  • tires with the same diameter are stacked one over the other. Every detail of the design is painted in any color. It is possible to use various ornaments. You can also group the tire in the vertical direction to obtain different variants of the pattern, for example, design, painted in a special way, can imitate a snake;

With tires, you can create flower beds with unique design

  • solid tires are for arrangement of long beds. Tires can be combined in horizontal or vertical direction;
  • beds of flowers are cut into petals for half of the tyre. In the center is placed a solid option tyre;
  • integral with the closed bottom (drive) tires hung on chains or ropes with a large thickness. To overlap the bottom instead of a disk it is possible to use plugs made of plywood.

Tires can be combined in vertical or horizontal direction

Important! Remember that the outboard version of the tire has more weight. Secure the tire chains are recommended using long bolts. They are placed on the inner side of the tire through the puck, and the top part bent a hook. Use washers necessary because these elements evenly distribute the load.

Flowerbed of tires in the form of a Cockerel

Interesting schematic description of flower beds and flower beds

When choosing plants, remember that the final result depends on such nuances as the shape and colour of the buds. Plants with yellow and pink flowers are able to create a romantic atmosphere. Orange tint tunes on a cheery, red – intriguing violet is perceived as unusual and expressive.

Scheme of beds for partial shade in pink and white colors

One type of plant grown as a seedling, the other is accompanied by rapid flowering, a third option is vulnerable to frost. It’s worth considering. Based on the size of the future flower bed it is possible to accurately calculate the number of plants to choose the type of flowers and the way of courting them.

A perfect score depends on such nuances as the shape and colour of the buds

In the preparation of the diagrams it necessarily takes into account the factor of possible shade as well as convenient placement of the flower in relation to irrigation and so project Development can begin in the winter, so when spring immediately to get to work. For mapping use special templates, colored pencils or markers, rulers.

Flowerbed continuous flowering (flower size – 1.5 x 2 m): 1 — host; 2 — the bleeding heart is gorgeous; 3 — red Epimedium; 4 — liriope mascareignes; 5 doubt; 6 — lungwort white; 7 — pomocnik spring; 8 — violet


  • a breakdown of flower beds in shades and sizes;
  • the markup for a host of annual and perennial shrubs;
  • the markup for additional decorative elements;
  • designation plant height.

From the size and the location of the future flower garden depends on the choice of the number of plants, their types

Edging flower beds is done with a low-growing varieties of plants. Shrubs and tall plants should be placed in the center. You should pay attention to the irises (dwarf), primrose. In the middle will have to place the Jasmine, garden roses and lilac. Hyacinths, begonias and zinnias are suitable for the zone between low and high plants.

Flower garden, suitable for open Sunny locations, bird: 1 — delphinium cultural; 2 — astilba Arends; 3 — betulinic Przewalski; 4 — ogica hairy; 5 — Hosta plantain; 6 — host lantsetolistnyj

Other varieties of beds from scrap materials

One of the new trends in landscaping for domestic latitudes is the use of old furniture. Unnecessary bed dig into the ground to the level of the backrests. This bed will be a great home for climbing plants: ivy and loaches.

A useful tip! The surface of the beds, planted with lush flowering vegetation, hide an unsightly surface. For framing it is recommended to use flowers that cover the ground. As a spectacular add-ons can be used sea pebbles or colored dumping.

For the decoration of the flower garden of the old beds are ideal ground cover plants

Similar manipulations can be produced with an old chair, table or sofa. A good option would be unfit for use in the car. The vehicle can be painted in bright color, on the roof to place the tray with soil where it will grow curly parsley. In the end, the cascading plants will have a green waterfall.

Unserviceable car – great for creating flower beds

The trunk is filled with soil and low-growing variants, colors (Boudreau, periwinkle). You can do the opposite, by placing them to the top of the plant, and the trunk – climbing.

To design flower beds are often used bicycles, for example, will fit the following:

  • creating hanging pots on the wheel (for pots will fit an old lampshade, bag or hat);

Old bike, decorated with containers with flowers

  • decorating the frame and seat baskets, jewelry trunk box with colourful flowers growing;
  • staining metallic elements in bright colors and filling them with climbing plants.

In flower beds and flower beds well what is imagination and choice of materials does not stop there. In the course can go all: from broken vases to logs and old trees, cleaning phase which may be accompanied by difficulties. It is much easier to break in a beautiful flower garden that will delight the eye throughout the warm season.


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