Folding interior doors-the book the original design and space saving

Not everyone can boast a spacious apartment with a good layout. However, there are many ways to make any home beautiful and comfortable to live in, minimizing his faults. And it is not always require large financial costs or serious repair. To solve the problem of shortage of space, you can use this practical and not too expensive option of folding interior folding door.

Foldable folding door frosted glass in the bedroom

The contents

  • 1 Design interior doors-books
  • 2 Types of sliding doors-books
  • 3 Options for design and photo interior doors-books
    • 3.1 folding Door of wood
    • 3.2 folding Door, plastic
    • 3.3 folding Door glass
  • 4. the advantages of folding doors-books
  • 5 Disadvantages of interior folding doors-books
  • 6 installation of the door-books

Design interior doors-books

Door-books represent a collapsible design, consisting of one or two valves, each of which, in turn, is divided into sections. When closing these sections move on rollers along the top rail, is additionally equipped with a locking mechanism and a stopper (for fixing extreme positions).

There are two ways of fastening the door-books to the door frame. In the first case, the canvas is attached thereto by conventional hinges. Plus of this method is that you do not receive the clearance between the door and the timber door frame. In the second case, using special supports that attach to the top rail and the floor. The paintings themselves are connected to each other by hinges. The strength of the whole structure depends on the quality of the fastening of the sheet to the vertical beams of the door frame and between the sections.

Design interior doors-books

Types of sliding doors-books

The number of allocate partitions folding doors:

  • owner;
  • accordion.

Door photo-books on the Internet explain how the name. They consist of two valves and when closed to fold like a book. Doors-accordion consist of a large number of sections (approximately 10 cm wide) and resemble vertical blinds.

A useful tip! Door-books often are more popular as they look much more solid, and due to the smaller number of sections are different and greater strength.

Foldable folding door between the living room and bedroom

Folding doors do not take up much space. They can be installed even in standard and narrow doorways, tight hallways, in bathrooms, in closets. Very often door-books and accordion doors are used as temporary partitions, when there is a need to break up the space into functional zones.

By design features distinguish the following types:

  • unilateral and bilateral;
  • symmetric and asymmetric.

Folding door used as a partition between the living room and children’s play area

The type used in the production of materials there are:

  • products from the same material (wood, plastic, MDF, chipboard, metal, glass and even fabric or leather);
  • combination products (combining several different materials, for example, the frame consists of wood or metal, and the spaces are filled with plastic or glass).

Glass folding door between the kitchen-dining room and terrace

Door-books are also divided into types depending on the coverage. This:

  • painted;
  • tinted (after the surface is covered with a transparent or translucent varnish);
  • laminated (door is covered by a special film — paper or plastic basis);
  • veneered.

The main advantage of the door-books is that it doesn’t occupy a lot of space in the open position

The design and photo interior doors-books

Internet and magazines are a good help to understand the choice, and direct the creative energy in the right direction. Many photos folding doors-books they clearly demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of the various materials from which they were made.

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Folding door wood

Often for the manufacture of doors used pine. Its inexpensive, but very beautiful due to the unusual pattern of the wood looks great in the interior, however, it is not hardness. Any mechanical force will leave a dent on it. So they often use other, more expensive but stronger type of wood like beech, maple and oak. In the production doors are also used coniferous trees.

The massive door-interior made of natural wood

The wooden door is a classic that will never go out of fashion. These doors are extremely aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, and they retain heat well. To extend the life, cover them with mastic, varnish, paint and Polish.

Do not have to use heavy solid wood. Instead, they often used MDF or chipboard. Their costs are lower than doors made of natural wood, however they are much smaller.

Folding door in open and closed position

Folding door, plastic

Widely used now and the other cheaper kind of material – plastic. Its stability to adverse external influences, including moisture, allows to install doors in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

This material has many color options for solutions. For example, the door is white PVC will fit perfectly in an ordinary apartment with standard metal Windows. And imitation oak, ash, walnut will be in place in a classic or ethnic interior.

Plastic foldable partition separates the kitchen from the living room

Folding door glass

Glass as material for interior doors can be the soloist (in this case, it is securely fixed to the slats of metal or wood), and can go in tandem with wood, aluminum or plastic. Such designs are not cheap, and they look just fine. Glass may be mirrored, frosted, clear, colored, fusing, polished, or decorated with a sandblasted pattern.

When installing the door-books of glass, it is important to take care of security. The best option – triplex or tempered glass. Break them very easy, and even when the destruction of the health risks they carry: the fragments of glass will remain adhered to the film, the tempered glass will crumble into pieces with blunt edges.

Folding door glass in a metal frame

Interesting! More exotic option are doors, made of textile or leather. They occur infrequently and are made to order, but their huge advantage in the possibility of their installation in openings of unusual shape.

The advantages of folding doors-books

Unlike a standard hinged door, a folding door-the book does not take up much space and allows you to save space. When closing the opening she pushed forward only by the width of one section and remains entirely within the door opening. This makes it a real boon for small Studio apartments or dormitory. Thanks to her, even in the narrow corridor there is a place for hangers, racks for shoes, or a compact but spacious wardrobe.

On the walls and a folding door in the bedroom caused the same stencil pattern

With proper installation design, consisting of foldable sections, is completely silent, safe for children and Pets. Non-threshold mechanism allows its use in apartments, where people live with disabilities. Such a door can easily be removed without leaving unnecessary marks on the floor.

In specialized stores presented a huge selection of interior folding doors-books of a variety of models and colors, which allows them to blend well with any style – from classic to hi-tech. This contributes to a variety of accessories, including handles for doors-books.

In the closed position of the sash, bi-fold doors are located on both sides of built-in shelves

The disadvantages of interior folding doors-books

The main disadvantage of these doors is the lack of full noise and heat insulation. The gap between the sections and the gap between the floor and the door not only can not protect from outside noise, but not become an obstacle to the penetration into the room odors, steam or light. This disadvantage cannot be eliminated but can be reduced considerably by using special seals.

Compared with conventional hinged doors, doors-books not are particularly robust (especially cautiously it is necessary to treat doors with glass inserts). Their mechanism is quite fragile, so it is not recommended for use in areas with heavy traffic or as the entrance doors. However, they are still safer and more convenient door-coupe, equipped with the lower rail.

Interior folding door between the living room and home library

Often, such doors must be supplied with the door closer that provides a smooth ride.

Door cost of the books exceeds the cost of conventional doors. The price range for them on the average ranges from 4 (domestic folding door economy class PVC) up to 12 thousand rubles (as is the door-accordion foreign production). Itself hardware for doors-books is not cheap, which significantly complicates the process of self-production structure.

A practical folding door with panels of frosted plastic in the kitchen-living room

Door installation-books

Installation of the door-the book does not require special skills, and the relative simplicity of the mechanism of the door-books allows you to install it yourself, without the help of professionals.

Certain difficulties can only arise from the selection mechanism and selection accessories. The mechanism of the folding doors-books should be not only qualitative, but also conform to the weight of paintings. This also applies to shut-off and mounting hardware.

Diagram for installing folding interior doors

A useful tip! Preference should be given to the guide rails of steel or aluminum and rubberized rollers for bearings, thanks to them, the sash will slide easily and silently.

Before installing the door-books your hands will not have to dismantle the old door jamb. Just remove the old door, fasten upper beam guides, which will move the rollers to the side and prepare the holes for the screws. You can then install the door-book.

When installing the door-books, you should consider the width of the fabric in the open position

Independent door manufacturer-laptop (video available on the Internet explains all the nuances of this task) is not difficult. The only challenge is the purchase of special hardware, which can be found in specialized stores.


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