From Moscow to Cape town: what can you buy in different cities around the world for £1 million

The compilation presents some of the most expensive offers residential properties in different countries of the world

According to the annual report of the international consulting company Knight Frank on the distribution of wealth in the world, new York and London every year occupy leading positions in the ranking of the most expensive and desirable luxury housing.

Specialists of the company presented a selection of apartments and villas that can be bought for £1 million (about 70.3 million RUB) in different cities around the world. The collection got luxury housing in Moscow, new York, Paris, Venice, Singapore, Cape town and other.


  • Price: £1 million
  • Address: Astradamskaya travel

Duplex apartment located on the 29th floor of a modern residential complex “Northern gates”. The interior is decorated with an exclusive design project using natural materials — marble and wood, and is hand-painted and forged items, stained glass.

On the first level designed zones entrance hall, kitchen-dining room, living room and a bedroom and dressing room

New York

  • Address: 540 West 49th Street
  • Price: £961 730
  • Bedrooms: 1

This small apartment is located in the Orion skyscraper in Manhattan, where competition for space is high as the density of the neighborhood. From the Windows offer stunning views of Midtown. Residents of the complex can use fitness sun decks and a movie room.


  • Address: Rue de Martignac
  • Price: £924,9 thousand
  • Bedrooms: 1

The apartment is located in a historic building in the center of the city — the 7th arrondissement of Paris. The rooms have high ceilings, parquet; in walking distance to the Louvre, Eiffel tower and Champs Elysees.


  • Address: Veneto, Grand Canal
  • Price: £ 942,1 thousand
  • Bedrooms: 2

The apartment is located in a restored Venetian house with open terraces. From the Windows overlooking the famous Grand canal is one of the largest in Venice. You can leave the apartment, get in the boat and, moving along the channel to enjoy famous sights: the Piazza San Marco, Basilica San Marco, Lido and Rialto bridge.


  • Address: Laguna Village, Phuket
  • Price: £961,7 thousand
  • Bedrooms: 4

Laguna Village luxury in a Balinese style, located in a closed area with an area of 1.5 thousand sq. m. private pool with sitting areas. The Villa is fully furnished and equipped with appliances; a dining room, a kitchen and living room.


  • Address: The Luxurie — Sengank Square
  • Price: £975 thousand
  • Bedrooms: 3

In a luxurious residential complex sold 622 apartments with finishing. Each apartment on the ground level — private access to the pool with Jacuzzi. Recreational and entertainment venues include a large swimming pool of Olympic length, hydrophytes, skills — hydrotherapy Spa and a children’s Playground, tennis court, gym, private club.

Cambodia, private island

  • Address: The Coast Of Sihanoukville
  • Price: £956,6 thousand
  • Bedrooms: 2

A new development project Song Saa off the coast of Sihanoukville — two “floating” villas with direct access to the sea. Residents of the island with beautiful views of the azure sea, sunrises and sunsets.

Photos courtesy of Knight Frank

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