Garden paths with his hands and at low cost

To build on your summer cottage garden paths with his hands and at low cost, you need to understand what materials to make it better. Landscape design involves many methods of construction of a garden courtyard. The style and type of material depends on the design that is selected in General for the area. Regardless of the choice of material for walkways, they should fit nicely into the panorama of your “estate” and not to burden her with unnecessary cost.

Track from a homemade concrete tiles

The contents

  • 1 What are the different types of garden paths
  • 2 Garden paths with his hands and at low cost
    • 2.1 How to build a trail of crushed stone or gravel
    • 2.2 Brick walkway – budget option solid track
    • 2.3 Track from wood and other unexpected materials
    • 2.4 the Tracks are laid using the form for production of garden paths
    • 2.5 Garden path with his hands (video)

What are the different types of garden paths

There are three main purpose lanes in the suburban area:

  • practical – the creation of a convenient and well-maintained environment that’s safe to be in. This factor makes you to build tracks where they are most needed to travel between facilities and outbuildings. With the same aim of doing paths between garden beds and trees. From the actual purpose and frequency of use depends on the choice of the material;

A beautiful combination of small and large stone

  • aesthetic – in fact, tracks is an inherent part of the design of the garden, and sometimes the Central decorative element. For this reason, they can’t go in discord with the General concept of the whole space of the site;

Steps of stone and wooden beams

  • operational practicality shall be in charge of the entire venture. Each track is required to be created from this material which guarantees its operation for the required period of time. For example, the Central courtyard, performing the role of major sidewalks should be performed on more than a dozen years, so require the use of durable materials. Paths between garden beds to create for one season, so you can use cheap materials that will fall to dismantle.

Practical concrete path

There are quite practical and durable materials with aesthetic appearance and expensive design: pavers, natural stone, ceramic or rubber tile, and others. This is all very good and beautiful. However, the majority of people want on your piece of land to make garden paths with his hands and at low cost. What kinds of materials are better suited for this, read on.

A path of paving slabs

A useful tip! If the choice of material for garden paths, guided only by the economic component, it is possible to build an object that will last and season. Therefore, we must always be weighed against the feasibility and cost. For example, it is impractical to lay track from plastic bottles where the traffic is intense.

Garden paths with his hands and at low cost

When conducting even a superficial analysis of the cost of certain types of materials from which it is accepted to do the garden paths, you can come to the conclusion that the cheapest and most practical are the tracks from a marble crumb, rubble and gravel. To create them is not difficult, and performance will not disappoint anyone.

The project of arrangement of landscape design

The bricks, both whole and broken can be successfully used to budget the construction of the tracks on the site. Well, if it is not required to specifically buy for this purpose. Perhaps he remained in the dismantling of the old furnaces or any building. Wooden stumps – the original and low-cost method of laying garden paths. The same can be said about the plastic bottles, which you can gather as much as necessary.

Garden paths made of plastic tiles

The following material, which does not require costly installation, is concrete. It is sturdy enough, practical and durable. If you apply the dyes, and it can make a noteworthy track. Especially that recently appeared in the sale of various molds for making garden paths.

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How to build a trail of crushed stone or gravel

Detrital material is not expensive, especially in places where lots of it in nature itself. Therefore, the construction of his tracks can be attributed to low-cost forms. We will understand how to pave a path of crushed stone or gravel. To do this is not difficult. Before you start, you need to stock the right amount of clastic material of sand and cement. Suitable crushed stone, gravel, crushed stone and even fragments of bricks.

Garden path made of pebbles

On the site you will need to mark the contours of future tracks. If your garden is arranged in classic style, then the track to do direct and make better use of curbs. Landscape style, in contrast, assumes a curved shape with a natural obstacle avoidance. Around the circuit doing the excavation of soil and turf to a solid Foundation. Depending on the depth of the trench depends on the amount of material that will be needed for its completion.

At the bottom of the excavated trench is placed a sand layer thickness of 5 cm It is thoroughly tamped. Then the sand is poured a layer of gravel, at least 7 – 10 cm in This layer is trying to strebovat in the sand as tightly as possible. When received a relatively smooth surface, the spaces between the gravel fill with concrete mortar. The resulting fabric is left to dry for 7 – 10 days.

Bulk track using pebbles

A useful tip! Below is a track of rubble looked more aesthetically pleasing and do not unravel with time, you need to use the curb. For this purpose, suitable old concrete stepchildren from electric poles, steel or plastic poles, bricks and many other items.

Brick walkway – budget option solid track

To make an inexpensive walkway of bricks in the following way. We need the old, but not cracked bricks in large enough quantities. The brick stack in two ways: on the plane and on edge. The second option requires a larger amount of bricks, but more reliable. You can create a very original drawing, combining red and white brick.

The edges of the track decorated bricks

In a prepared trench throwing sand pillow, which tightly stamps and watered. When the sand is well usage, begin to lay the bricks. This can be done in different patterns: cross, herringbone, snake or zigzag. Of bricks of different colors, you can create the ornament.

Paving stones and a large stone in the design of the tracks

First, lay a row of several bricks. For their alignment using a rubber mallet and an ordinary Board, which is put on the whole series and dub it on the level. When laying subsequent rows focus on the first. Once stacked a desired area, to produce the bond of the bricks. For this purpose, a dry mixture of sand and cement in the ratio 3:1. The prepared composition is poured on the carpet and sweep the brush to fill the joints between the bricks. After that, the track pour a little water from a spray bottle.

Bulk track in the garden

Tracks from wood and other unexpected materials

Construction of garden paths with his hands and at low cost can be produced by applying absolutely worthless stuff. Examples are the path from slices of trees. For their production sawing logs on the stumps height of 10 – 15 cm of the Workpiece processed by any antiseptic, so they can last at least 3 – 4 years.

Then prepare the pit under footpath. To do this, remove the sod and poured the sand that RAM. Hemp set close to each other or at some distance. Intervals of sand or fine gravel.

Original track with wood

A useful tip! The gaps between the stumps can be filled with turf or to plant lawn grass. It gives you a natural track.

Homemade track made of wooden stumps

The tracks are laid using the form for production of garden paths

Concrete is very durable and quite durable material. However, its dull gray color is not always happy. Therefore, in order to avoid monotony, in the manufacture of walkways made of concrete is recommended to add mortar color in different colors. Paths of concrete can be monolithic, which make similar to conventional screed with the addition of reinforcement.

However, a more advanced method is the production of concrete track using molds for making garden paths. They are made of plastic or silicone.

Scheme create garden paths using the shape with your hands

For making beautiful and modern tracks, it is sufficient to install one or more molds in a line and fill them with a solution. After a few hours of travel on the form and fill in the following section. The track is constructed in such original and convenient way, look as presentable as if they are made of expensive ceramic tiles, if add the dye.

Whichever option of making garden paths with his hands and at low cost has not been selected, the main thing is that the resulting object is fit into the design of your site, was practical, and his unit had spent a minimum of means.

Garden path with his hands (video)


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