Gazebo with barbecue, barbecue and oven. Build functional pavilion

More recently, gardeners were happy to purchase a portable metal grill, and installed in the garden a wooden gazebo was considered almost a luxury. Today in gardens and suburban areas are being built gazebo with barbecue, barbecue and oven. Such functional units can be used as a summer kitchen, where, regardless of weather conditions, on an open fire to cook not only meat, but meals.

Gazebo with barbecue, barbecue and oven in the warmer time of the year can serve as a kitchen

The contents

  • 1 Gazebo with a barbecue grill, BBQ and stove: the selection of the material for the pavilion
    • 1.1 Wooden gazebo
    • 1.2 Brick pavilions
    • 1.3 Combined facility
  • 2 Gazebos with barbecue with their hands: drawings, photos, videos. The types of furnaces for light pavilions
  • 3 Roofed summer kitchen with barbecue, grill. Projects, photos, drawings of buildings
  • 4 Types of Foundation for the gazebo with barbecue
  • 5 Guidelines for choosing locations for summer houses and grill: photos
  • 6 Building a gazebo with a grill with your hands. The photo of the individual structures
    • 6.1 construction of the grill
    • 6.2 floor installation
    • 6.3 the walls of the gazebo
    • 6.4 installation of the roof

Gazebo with barbecue, barbecue and stove: the selection of the material for the pavilion

Garden gazebos with barbecue, barbecue and oven many people use as a summer kitchen. Depending on what season you plan to use the gazebo, it is built open or closed. To build such a structure many different materials are used with a view to create a unified architectural composition with the existing courtyard buildings.

Gazebo from composite materials

Wooden gazebos

The tree is a traditional construction material, easy processing and Assembly. Natural and environmentally friendly wood products allows buildings look great both on the territory of the infield and country exterior. Used for construction timber, timber, Board, lath grille.

Gazebo made of wood is light enough and does not require a massive Foundation. However, if the gazebo is equipped with an oven, it will have to make a solid Foundation.

A gazebo with a stove built of wood

A useful tip! Timely processing of wood special modern impregnating compositions, make the product fire resistant and allow for quite a long time to exploit such structures.

Brick pavilions

Houses made of bricks are very popular due to the durability and soundness. Such structures serve for many years, they are fireproof and they don’t require special maintenance or periodic repair. Photo of the gazebo with stove and barbecue facilities demonstrate the most frequent choice of brick as the material for this design.

Stone summerhouse with a pent roof of wood

Lovers of winter holidays in the country used for the construction of the closed arbors of brick, however, and a summer outdoor pavilion equipped with grill and barbecue. Under construction of brick buildings mandatory installation of a good Foundation.

Combined facility

Quite often for the construction of gazebos use several types of material. It can be metal and wood, stone and metal, wood and brick. In combination of wood and brick construction, as a rule, resorted to the method of zoning: a working area with equipment throwing of bricks, and place — wood. The excellent compatibility of materials between the pavilions gives a flawless appearance. Such designs also require the construction of the Foundation.

Wood and brick are perfectly combined with each other

Gazebo with a grill with your hands: drawings, photos, videos. The types of furnaces for light pavilions

Before you start designing the gazebo, you need to determine the kind of furnace: if it’s just a roaster or a complex with a sink, counter top, intended and other elements. For installation in the gazebo use such types of structures:

  • built-in oven — stationary equipment of brick, including a grill, an oven, a stove and a smoker. Equipping a gazebo, a stove, it may be possible to prepare almost any food. The design of such a furnace is quite complicated, and for the construction it is wiser to invite the real masters of masonry stoves;
  • oven-grill — this oven construction is less complicated and often combine it with a smokehouse option. Installing a furnace, you should take into consideration what to cook on it will be possible only with the use of skewers. Great for fans of barbecue;

The device barbecue from a brick. Section a-a: 1 — a layer of plaster (10 mm); 2 — solid brick chimney; 3 — layer of kaolin wool (5 mm); 4 — refractory brickwork; 5 — marble shelf; 6 — under BBQ; 7, 8 — arched ceiling of the firebox and intended; 9 — intended; 10 — YAP (250х250 mm); 11 — chimney (250х250 mm); 12 — firebox (500х770х620 mm); 15 — grill made of sheet steel (removable); 16 — skewer; 17 — a firewood. Section b-B: 1 — a layer of plaster (10 mm); 2 — solid brick chimney; 3 — layer of kaolin wool (5 mm); 4 — refractory brickwork; 5 — marble shelf; 6 — under BBQ; 7, 13 — grooves in the brick grilles barbeque; 17 — wood

  • oven-BBQ facilities — very close in design with oven and grill. Here for the preparation of the lattice is used, which facilitates the process of cooking, but caring for it is more labor intensive;
  • a portable barbecue is a practical device that is made of metal. The equipment is resistant to corrosion, is durable and durable, no need special care. It can be purchased ready-made and install in the gazebo. If you do not plan to move the grill to another location, it is possible to impose with a brick and use stationary. The fire is bred inside the box, and cook on skewers and on the grill;

Various options for a gazebo with a stove

  • the collapsible design is a relatively low-cost mobile products that can be disassembled and folded into a box. The main disadvantage is the use in their manufacture of cheap metal that deforms quickly under high temperature;

A useful tip! Install on portable grills or barbecue hood may secure it on the ceiling directly above the furnace equipment.

  • installing a gas grill for cooking, use the heat from the stone;
  • equipment smoker and grill designed for cooking meat grilled and smoked;

Oven-BBQ gazebo, made of brick

  • stove-cauldron — provides for the opening in the furnace for lowering into the center of the bowl. Allows you to cook different dishes: pilau, shurpa, as well as stews;
  • brazier for cooking on solid fuel;
  • the stove — usually the installation of such equipment used when planning to build a closed pergola with using it in the winter. Be it a fireplace-grill or fireplace-BBQ facilities – you decide.

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When designing projects arbors with the oven, the drawings indicate the size of future equipment and porjadovuju scheme of laying bricks for the construction of the furnace. Such schemes can be found on the Internet. For more detailed familiarization with the technology of the installation, it is suggested to watch the video of the staged construction of furnaces for arbors.

Gazebo summer kitchen with barbecue, grill. Projects, photos, drawings of buildings

The design of furnaces is a complex and laborious process, so it is recommended to entrust it to professionals. Projects arbors, summer kitchen replacement, provide not only a working area where you can prepare grilled meats, fish and simple dishes, but also enough space for rest at the table with the whole family and friends. Examples of zoning pavilions can be found from numerous themed photo.

Diagram of the device of wooden gazebos

Projects gazebos with barbecue, barbecues, consider the following:

  • construction type: outdoor or indoor;
  • the materials from which it is planned the construction of gazebos;
  • the number of points of fire and their locations;
  • the presence of holes in the roof that will remove the smoke;
  • free access to grill and barbeque for the operation of the service;
  • the presence of ventilation for closed pavilions.

Outdoor gazebo in the yard of a private house

The pipeline is supposed to be safe materials for furnaces, BBQ facilities, which eliminate the risk of accidental ignition. If the future gazebo is small in size, the project lay not more than two firing points, if the pavilion spacious enough, their number may be increased to five. The location of the furnaces is provided in a convenient location, preferably at a certain distance from networks of electricity and gas pipes.

Another important point is to place the barbecue oven in which the smoke will not go towards the house. The oven should have excellent heat transfer, allowing to economize on fuel.

Example of design barbecue made of brick

In the drawings the grill brick with their hands reflects the size and shape of the brazier, its height, location twirling and divider, dimensions, capacity for coal. A separate diagram shows the device of the chimney and the location of the air channels.

A useful tip! Tooling gazebo oven-grill, observe safety standards. The free area around the furnace of the grill shall be: more than three meters in front of the grill, more than one meter to the left and right, and more than 0.3 m behind the stove.

A spacious pavilion with a framework of wood in the yard of a private house

In addition, projects must contain drawings of the Foundation, the roof with the scheme of its construction, engineered components. In addition, an electrical wiring diagram, placement of elektrotochek and wiring water and gas (if provided).

A mandatory condition of the project is the specification, which will give a complete picture needed for construction materials, including foundations, floors, walls, roof, furnace, and other items. All this will allow to correctly calculate the cost of constructed construction and purchase enough materials to build.

A sketch of the open air gazebo with a stove

When you select your option, use a photo of the gazebo with barbecue and barbecue, built independently on country and personal plots.

Types of Foundation for the gazebo with barbecue

In the construction of arbors, equipped with stove, oven-grill or barbecue oven, arrange reliable ground. This is a guarantee of durability of constructed structures. Are used several types of foundations for these structures:

  • pier Foundation. The most popular type of base for a small-size gazebos with barbecue and grill. The depth of the post holes range from 80 to 90 cm At the bottom of pits arranged bed of gravel or sand. This type of Foundation requires waterproofing, therefore, masonry or metal pillars covered with roofing material. The place of installation of the furnace as the base, it is recommended to pour the Foundation slab;

Diagram of the device of strip Foundation

A useful tip! When the device Foundation-plates, it is recommended to use reinforcement. To do this, use rods of different cross-section.

  • Foundation of strip Foundation. If your chosen design will be built of brick or stone, it would be most appropriate band low-depth foundations. This perimeter structure is a trench half a meter deep. The bottom is sand cushion and compacted. Using the device is poured into a formwork base height of 30 cm above the ground. The Foundation previously reinforced;

Pavilion tent on the plot

  • screw piles. Fairly rare type of Foundation used under gazebos. This is due to the fact that the device requires a special technique. However, if at the stage of construction of pile Foundation for the main house already known the size of the arbor and its mounting location, it is advisable to immediately execute such a Foundation for this structure;
  • bored Foundation. The construction of such a framework does not require the purchase of expensive piles. Technology device consists of drilling and pouring concrete solution. As formwork used pipes of different diameters or twisted into the pipe roofing material;

An example of a device of plate Foundation

  • a monolithic slab. For this reason first Assembly of the formwork, then a frame of rebar and poured concrete over the entire area. The advantages of such a Foundation not only in the ability to withstand quite massive gazebo, but that plate can be used as a floor. This Foundation is recommended to arrange in areas with problematic soils.

Guidelines for choosing locations for summer houses and grill: photos

How choosing the right venue for gazebos with barbecue facilities, affects the convenience and find it. To place a pavilion with a maximum comfort will help some recommendations:

  • place under the gazebo should be planned away from the location of the power lines and gas pipelines;
  • the gazebo should be in place, which is most shaded canopy of trees;

Under the roof of the pavilion houses a cozy furniture

  • you should not place the building in close proximity to the economic units, compost pits, buildings for keeping birds and animals;
  • desirable location arbor close to a track or a rural road. Dust and noise from vehicles can damage the rest;
  • if placing the gazebo near the fence of the neighbors inevitably, try to equip her with a neighbor’s deaf side walls;
  • you should not build the structure on the pass-through location of your site;
  • a gazebo with oven and barbecue should be placed as closer to home: this will allow you to easily hold to all communications;

The choice of the location of the gazebo on the plot

  • when the location of the gazebo should take into account the wind direction prevailing in your area, so that smoke generated in the cooking process, did not extend to the side of a house;
  • if the site has an artificial pond, a beautiful flower garden or Alpine garden, it is advisable to place the gazebo so that it was possible to admire the landscape.

Strict rules on the location of the gazebo does not exist, but adhering to recommendations to avoid mistakes. If you selected a place for a gazebo with barbecue facilities near the house, it is desirable to use for the roof covering of the same material and the same color as the main building. This will give the architectural composition of a single style.

Under the roof of a wooden pergola is a stove

Build a gazebo with a grill with your hands. The photo of the individual structures

The construction of the gazebo begins with site preparation for construction. The selected site is cleaned, if necessary, is aligned and is the markup of the future building according to the drawings. For marking use wedges (pegs) and the construction power cord which is stretched between them. Then arrange the Foundation. Under the gazebo is used pier Foundation under the brick oven-grill tuck tape low-depth Foundation or a monolithic slab.

The location of the pavilion of wood allows travelers to enjoy the scenery

The construction of the grill

As soon as the concrete base will seize, start to the construction of the grill. Begin construction with the device of the stand under the oven. The cavity formed under this stand, will serve as intended. Next start laying bricks the grill. All series are in accordance with the scheme Peredovoy styling.

The first and second rows, filling all the space inside the perimeter of the grill. Next, lay out the rows on the perimeter, forming a niche for storing firewood. Laying bricks around the perimeter forms the base of the furnace. After this is done the opening for cooking. The height of the opening is usually seven bricks.

Porjadovki and cross section of the grill brick

When the construction of the grill is finished, equip the chimney, positioning the bricks in a circle. The inside of the chimney covered with metal, which greatly simplifies care. At the top of the chimney have a metal cap that protects the grill from the falling rain.

Floor installation

After you have built the grill, begin construction of the pavilion. Before you lay the floor, make the insulating layer of roofing material to the material of the floor does not absorb moisture from the soil. In open construction floors have a slight slope to falling precipitation could quickly be removed by gravity.

3D-design frame gazebo made of wood

To is first made of the timber of the lower horizontal rail on the perimeter. The boards are fixed to framing studs, previously laid the Foundation, and fastened with washer. Next, attach the joists in increments of 40-50 cm And then sheathe the floor boards, plywood or OSB-plates.

A useful tip! If the floors in the wooden gazebo, you need some space around the grill to cover the metal sheet or to arrange in this part of tile floors. This will eliminate the risk of fire if accidentally splashed on the floor the embers.

As a floor covering in the gazebo used paving slabs

If the gazebo has a great design, you can perform a floor made from concrete that is poured on the ground or paving slabs.

The walls of the gazebo

If the gazebo open type, mounted supports, which are set vertically, using for fixing the position of temporary process. Supporting beams mounted on the bars horizontal strapping. Sometimes the structural strength of the upright reinforcing cross beams. Arrange between the supports of fences, railings and balusters.

The scheme design of the gazebo with barbecue

Roof mounting

The roof frame for the gazebo is mounted on the ground. The ends of roof beams with one side cut at an angle of 45 degrees, and with another — to cut the locks and connect. The finished roof structure is raised and mounted on the frame of the gazebo, using the bolted connection.

Then proceed to the paneling, which you can arrange from boards or plywood sheets. In the place where will be located the flue pipe, make a hole, and the pipe itself in this place overlaid asbestos cardboard.

A pavilion with a barbecue in the yard of a private house

After completion of all these operations, proceed to the surface of the roofing material. For security purposes, usually in the gazebo for the garden with barbecue (photo to prove) use metal or corrugated sheet. But with the right execution of all the work for these arbors will fit shingles or polycarbonate.

The construction of the pavilions with barbecue requires special attention, strict adherence to design requirements and compliance with all fire regulations. Therefore, if possible, seek help from a qualified professional.


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