Gazebo with your own hands from scrap materials: photo original solutions

Many gardeners are stored in the workshops of various materials remaining after construction of the main objects: metal profiles, timber, plastic, tiles. Thanks to the resourcefulness and imagination, these residues have been successfully used by craftsmen for various purposes. No exception and gazebo with your own hands from scrap materials: photo creative structures confirm that the functionality and design they are often in no way inferior to finished furniture under the key.

Gazebo original form can decorate any yard

The contents

1 Choose the material for a garden gazebo with your own hands. Photos of interesting options
  1.1 Construction wood
  1.2 Brick gazebo on the dacha with his hands. Photos of stone buildings
  1.3 Metal construction
  1.4 the Universal polycarbonate for pavilions
2 Gazebos with their hands from improvised materials: photo unpredictable decisions
  2.1 the Gazebo from plastic bottles
  2.2 Gazebo from pallets with their hands. Photo designs of the original design
  2.3 decoration of the gazebo from pallets


Choosing materials for garden arbors with their hands. Photos of interesting options

Getting acquainted with the available online photo country pavilions with their hands, you can see very different, sometimes unique solutions. Craftsmen never cease to amaze with its ingenuity and skill. Inspired by fresh ideas, you can start the construction of the individual pavilions, the likes of which probably will not be around.

Ergonomic pergola, constructed with simple materials



Wood is the most popular material for the construction of gazebos. Different wooden elements in the form of logs, boards, planks, plywood are available in any court. Wood is easy to process, tools required for the construction of structures made of wood, available in the Arsenal of almost every owner. Gazebo made of wood are durable and fit perfectly into the design of any suburban area.

The original gazebo with wooden slats

Original look in the garden arbor from tree trunks, cut down unnecessary trees. The barrels themselves act as support stands for horizontal elements of the fence are using more thick branches, thin branches are filling fences. The form of such pavilions give the various: they can be round, oval, square, rectangular or polyhedral. For roof coating can be applied reeds, shingle or a long branch.

Gazebo outstanding form of ordinary wood

Wooden gazebos from logs are very attractive. A massive structure, made entirely of logs — quite expensive. So very often in the design of the gazebo include some elements from this material. For example, the logs are cut into small size pieces and use them only as a reference section.

The cozy construction of the braided branches

Relaxing gazebo, fencing which is made in the form of a fence. For racks of fencing use stakes or sticks, and cover — shoots of hazel, willow or birch. Photo wooden gazebo for the garden inspire you to create your individual design in the garden.

An example of using the trunks of felled trees


The brick gazebo on the dacha with his hands. Photos of stone buildings

Applying for building gazebos stone, white or red brick, get the monumental and durable construction. Such designs can be as open or closed. In the latter case, they are equipped with doors, Windows and the resulting structure may serve as a summer kitchen or guest house.

The scheme of the gazebo with the use of different materials

If the remaining after the construction of the brick is not enough for the construction of complete walls, can be constructed from a material only a basic support. Other elements of the gazebo is performed, by combining brick with other materials: suitable metal profile, wooden Board, polycarbonate and other residues. It should be remembered that buildings made of bricks are quite massive and require a solid Foundation, and it is associated with considerable costs.

Masonry allows you to build a gazebo with barbecue facilities

Fit perfectly into the country landscape of pavilions, containing in its design of masonry. Especially well with these buildings, built close by the picturesque Alpine slides with stones and paved walkways. But if you do not have sufficient experience in working with natural stone for masonry better to invite a specialist.

Design made with masonry

A useful tip! After completion of laying of natural stone, it is necessary to treat the surface of a special lacquer composition. This can significantly affect the durability of masonry.

In the basis of the structure laid natural stone


Metal construction

Arbors made of metal are quite common in suburban exterior. Built of metal profile structures are easy openwork appearance, although they are quite sturdy and durable. To serve such gazebos are several decades. However, the construction of metal structures requires a welding machine and some experience with it.

The frame of the gazebo is made of metal, inside lining of wood

The metal is excellent combined with other materials. And to cover the roof in metal gazebos use polycarbonate, corrugated, wood and other available materials. Compatibility of metals with other materials allows you to use everything you have available.

The gazebo with the use of wrought iron

Typically, the material of the roof repeats the covering of the main house, which is beneficial to maintaining a single architectural style. Only two days — and finished gazebo with your own hands from scrap materials. Photo selection of metal designs will help determine the final version of a gazebo in your garden.

The scheme is simple gazebo with a metal frame and roof made of polycarbonate

Some metal constructions gazebos are collapsible. They can easily and quickly be dismantled and spend the winter in the workshop or garage. An important requirement for all metal structures is a timely surface treatment against corrosion.

Durable construction with openwork rods


Universal polycarbonate for pavilions

Especially attractive and relevant look gazebos made of polycarbonate. This material is lightweight, durable and plastic. Thanks to the flexibility of polycarbonate sheet, it is possible to give the structure any desired shape. In addition, the polycarbonate perfectly combined with other materials: sheets, wood, plastic profile, natural stone, brick etc. the Transmittance and diverse color palette of the material contributes to the wide application of polycarbonate as a roofing material.

Enclosed space with maximum light transmission

Arbors, covered with polycarbonate, can be as broad and roomy, and very tiny, containing a few small benches and a table. From this material it is possible to build pavilions are the most unpredictable forms from a simple canopy to the gazebo in the shape of a sphere or dome. Even if you have quite a bit of this material, you can fantasized the original structure, combining panels of polycarbonate with other available materials.

The roof is made of polycarbonate combined with a metal frame

Due to the ease of construction polycarbonate, you can build a gazebo with their hands in one day. It is easily mounted, requires no special tools and special skills. Just ask some of the rules and recommendations for installation. Due to the lightness of the material, to build a solid Foundation for the design from polycarbonate do not need.

Cozy place in an unusual, round gazebo


Gazebo with your own hands from scrap materials: photo unpredictable decisions

Most often the design of the pavilions are made of materials, the surplus which remained after the construction of holiday homes or other buildings. But it can be used and other unexpected raw materials.

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Gazebo made of plastic bottles

Original design different designs from glass or plastic bottles. With regard to products for the garden, then here is really limitless creativity has no limits. In the course are even plastic cover, which assemble a unique mosaic. What fixtures and decorative items out of plastic bottles do not perform. Not paid attention to the handyman and manufacturing of these gazebos.

Functional the idea of using unnecessary bottles

Forms of construction and methods of laying such material are very different. You can run gazebo with walls of bottles, glued on the solution or to string the bottles on a wire — the options offers a lot. Check out numerous videos to learn how to make a pergola with your own hands. Photos ideas designs of bottles on the web, use as a sample.

Bottles for the gazebo can be decorated and painted in bright colors


A useful tip! To support the unusual design of gazebo made of plastic bottles can, arranging next to a bed or carpet of the same material.


To give the construction from plastic bottles an outstanding look by combining different colors of plastic used. Optional lend a geometric or floral pattern.

Durable design is made from bottles


Gazebo from pallets with their hands. Photo designs of the original design

The idea of applying for building gazebos wooden pallets, many cottagers came to mind. Thematic videos give an idea of how to build a gazebo on the dacha with his hands. The photo, spread by the craftsmen on the Internet, can be used for clarity in the construction of gazebos.

Gazebo for garden of polished pallets

The first step is to determine the location of future buildings, develop drawings and sketches of the gazebo. They record the dimensions and configuration designs, sizes provided such that it is conveniently located a furniture that can also be easily collected from pallets. In the diagram reflects the shape of the roof and the coating material. Carefully calculated the number of fasteners.

Furniture from pallets in conjunction with the soft cushions

Choose these dimensions designs, which would be at most a multiple of the dimensions of the pallets. Standard height pallets in any view 144 mm, but the width and length may vary depending on their manufacturer. Most used pallets with dimensions of 1200×600 mm, the smallest specimens are manufactured with dimensions 800×600 mm.

The pallets can be decorated with bright textiles

The site where the planned construction, pre-clearing and aligning. As the base of the gazebo will fit a belt or pile Foundation depending on the soil type in your area. For use the floor Board for outdoor applications, e.g. decking. The columns of frame design suit made of timber of large cross section, or profile metal reinforcing bars, based on what material you have available. The walls and ceiling are made from pallets.

The pallet wood is perfect for vacationers wishing to facilitate the construction of pavilions

To cover the roof of the gazebo can be used any available materials. Due to the good compatibility of the wood surfaces with any type of material for roofing like slate, polycarbonate, shingles, corrugated, etc.

The pallets look particularly comfortable, combined with soft decor


Decorating gazebos made from pallets

When the construction of the gazebos will be installed, proceed to its beautification. Don’t worry that the gazebo from pallets will have an attractive appearance. Before you assemble the design, the wooden surface is carefully sanded until smooth, and processed antiseptic treatment, and then painted in most appropriate color.

The construction of the gazebo from pallets does not take much time


A useful tip! Before to Refine the wood surface with varnish or paint, wait for full drying of the impregnating antiseptic.


Wood need to be sanded before painting

For coloring you can use acrylic paint. Using them on walls is applied to any drawing or pattern. Very elegant and fancy look design, painted white. If the style suggests to leave the natural color, wooden surface of the pallets varnish in several layers. For floor use protective compositions, to prevent premature rot and decay.

Ground pallets can be simply lacquering or oil

Design made of pallets, well let the sun’s light, creating a soft pleasant glow. To create a deep shadow inside the gazebo can be landed on the perimeter of the curly types of flowers: climbing rose, clematis or Magnolia.

As used canopy tarpaulin

The final touch in the construction of the gazebo will be filling it with furniture. A gazebo will help to get furniture made independently from the same pallet you can make a comfortable chair, table or the original bar. Organically fit into the room and finished garden furniture. It can be soft, comfortable chairs, lounge chairs or rattan furniture.

Comfortable furniture will fill the building with comfort

If to the gazebo to bring electricity, along the walls to place the lamps which in the evening will delicately highlight the design. Do not worry if to bring electricity fails. Easy to deal with lighting can solar garden lamps, the choice of which is rather great today.

Armed with imagination, reading the works of different masters and showing patience, you can easily create a gazebo out of scrap materials unique design.


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