Hinged metal gate with a wicket: photos and installation instructions

Any private area or infield is in need of fencing, which, in turn, should be the goal. There are many different types of gates differ in material, design type, and other characteristics. On the Internet you can find everything you need in order to create a hinged metal gate with a wicket: photo, instructions, line drawings and detailed advice.

Hinged metal gate is a great option for private homes

The contents

  • 1 Advantages and design features
  • 2 Types of designs
  • 3 what are the gates and what tools are used during installation
  • 4 Selecting a profile sheet, materials for the frame and posts
  • 5 installation Procedure
    • 5.1 Installation of the gate of corrugated Board with elements of forging: photos and instructions
  • 6 Installation of automatics of the gate
  • 7 Wrought-iron gates: photos and instructions for making
    • 7.1 the advantages and disadvantages of the wrought-iron gates
    • 7.2 Caring for wrought-iron designs
  • 8 hinged metal Gate with a wicket: photo and nuances of work

The advantages and design features

Swing gate equipped with a gate, is not only a great protection of your site from unauthorized entry, but also a very convenient design, allowing guests and equipment. Each of the types of this design has a number of advantages:

  • to create you can use a large number of modern metal that offers you a wide scope to realize their design dreams;

Openwork gate and gate metal blend harmoniously with the design of the building and the local area

  • all the elements of metal structures made with the application of a special polymer coating, which protects it from corrosion, temperature extremes and other negative impacts;
  • the gate is mounted with a special 3-section hinges, which increases the strength of the whole structure;
  • metal swing gates do not have visible fixing elements, thereby to hack them becomes very difficult.

Metal swing gates suspended by a triple row of loops

In addition, sketches, design, drawings, diagrams swing gates with your hands you can create an individual project using forged parts, the automatic opening gate and much more. Thus, your design will be not only reliable but also unique in terms of design.

Types of designs

All types of data gates consist of two or one of the valves, which by means of hinges to the frame. Depending on the type of the valves, the following types of structures:

  • frame with mesh – this type of gate is well suited where it is necessary to protect the area with plants, or simply to prevent permanent shading. Thus the grid is quite cheap, easy to install, does not require constant care and can still boast a number of advantages;

Wrought iron gates and gate look elegant and luxurious

  • with corrugated sheet – photo gate of corrugated Board with forging or other elements of the show that this design is attractive and protects the territory. The corrugated sheet is characterized by great durability and reliability, as well as a wide range of colors. It is not surprising that this type of structures in recent times has become increasingly popular;
  • with welded lattice frame – this type of design has a stylish look and is used often in decorative applications. But don’t underestimate the strength of such a frame, it is perfectly resistant to mechanical damage;

Mounting dimensions hinged gate and the gate welded mesh

  • insulation is most commonly installed in garages to protect the car from severe frosts. As insulation, you can use the polypropylene plate or plain wooden boards. The metal shell in this case can be double or single.

A useful tip! When choosing a design keep in mind the type of fence to which it is attached. For example, if your fence made of corrugated sheet, and the gate should do it.

Double-leaf hinged doors – the most common variant of such structures

The number of folds possible to perform the following classification:

  • single are characterized by weight and need to be reinforced support post. Such type of construction is not very popular, since not every loop can withstand the weight of the solid metal blade, and mount it hard. Of advantages are of great durability and of a need to strengthen the Foundation and the bondholders and the need for a large amount of free space for opening and closing the gate;
  • bivalve is the most common. Installation of hinged metal gate with a wicket of corrugated Board perfect for garage, warehouse or industrial premises. The main advantages is the simplicity of design and ease of operation and maintenance;

Metal swing gates with built-in flap gate

  • the double with a gate – the most convenient and often used. Wicket allows you to freely pass on the territory of the people without having to open the main shutter.

What are the gates and what tools are used during installation

Any swing gate is composed of the following elements:

  • frame – based gate, which is attached to poles or to a fence;
  • cladding – the material which fills the frame;
  • the hinges by which the frame is attached to the supporting poles;
  • posts;
  • locking mechanism – lock or bolt, by means of which the gates are closed.

Modern design metal swing gates with a gate

Also, the installation design used a large number of expendable materials: bricks, gravel, sand, cement, primer and normal paint, nails, or dowels. Directly when you create the gate with your hands you’ll appreciate the level of construction, an angle grinder with various discs for cutting and grinding metal (for grinding you can also use a special grinding machine), spray gun, roller or brush, welder.

The choice of core sheet material for the frame and posts

Before to work making a fence and gate for a private house of corrugated Board (a photo of which can often be seen on the network), it is necessary to determine the type of profile sheet. There are the following options:

  • “”—Wall profile sheet, made of galvanized steel of small thickness. Is characterized by lightness and durability, is often used for self-production of the gate;

Types of profiled sheets, suitable for mounting the gate

  • “NA” — leaves with large wave height and a large thickness, characterized by high durability, but more weight;
  • “N” — bearing profile sheet of great thickness and weight, is used to create hangars and garages.

To create a gate better suited to two types: C8 and C10. The thickness of the leaves is 0.4-0.6 mm, wave height is 8 mm. Square meter of this sheet weighs up to 5.5 kg, that is, one standard leaf 2×2. 5 m will weigh about 25 kg. C10 is made of steel with a thickness of 0.8 mm, wave height is 10 mm. It is more weight, a door can weigh up to 40 kg.

Swing gates and gate metal made in the same style

The woodwork can be made of rolled iron or of wooden beams. The first option is preferable, because the tree need to constantly protect from rot and other adverse effects that the metal moves much easier. Also, the following types of frame:

  • welded construction – the most durable and reliable option, which can withstand a great weight. The only drawback – welded frame can be too heavy to create automatic gates;
  • aluminium frame – only used in combination with light cladding materials. Ideal for automatically opening the gate due to its small weight;
  • frame bolt – – constructed easier than welded, but cannot boast the same reliability and durability.

Diagram of frame made of profiled pipes for swing gates with gate

A useful tip! If you still intend to use wood for the frame, for these purposes, the best quality wood timber with a cross section of 10×10.

The frame is made of iron assembled from a profiled tube of square or rectangular cross-section. The optimal size is 40х20 mm.

The support poles that you can see in the photo, the wrought-iron gates and wickets, also can be made of different materials:

  • wood is the cheapest but not the most durable material for the supporting pillars. Advantage – simplicity in the treatment;

Double-leaf gate and wicket made of metal

  • brick lasts longer than wood, looks quite attractive and can withstand a lot of weight. Ideal brick is encasing them with metal structures. The loops and other structural elements need to weld it to an iron core;
  • concrete is one of the most durable and easy to handle materials for the supporting pillars. Due to its massiveness can easily withstand the weight of a large design, easy cosmetic repair;
  • asbestos is a medium variant between metal and wood posts;

The scheme of the device supports for swing gates with gate

  • metal – pillars of he easiest way to install (they simply dig into the soil), withstanding many natural and mechanical effects. A very good option supporting pillars for all types of constructions are metal poles with concrete or brick base.

Installation procedure

The manufacture of gates of corrugated steel sheeting with his hands is quite difficult, long and laborious process. Will discuss it in detail.

The initial stage of erection of the gates – preparation of detailed drawing of future construction, which can be made from scratch or taken from the Internet. In any case, it is necessary to conduct a number of calculations and measurements. Drawings, pictures, and videos of swing gates with your hands you can find on any specialty a construction site, so you only have to select the options you design.

The installation dimensions for the gate of corrugated Board with a built-in flap gate

The important point is to correctly define the depth of pits under the supporting columns. If your doors are 2 m high, the depth of the pit should be not less than 1 m, and the diameter of the recesses should do 10 cm larger than the diameter of the support pipe. Classic dimensions of the gate of corrugated Board with elements of forging – 3-4 2.5 m. thus it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the gate, but if you are limited in the size of the site, it can be embedded in one of the doors.

Next is the installation of supports. The thickness of the supporting pipe is selected depending on the weight of the whole structure. The pipe fits into the hole, then filled with rubble or broken bricks and filled with mortar (cement and sand ratio 1:3 and 25% water). If the design is too heavy or you just need additional reinforcement, the pillars at the base can impose a bricks.

The process of installation of support poles for swing gates

Fabrication of the gate itself is a separate process, which is paint details.

Installation of gates of corrugated Board with elements of forging: photos and instructions

In the manufacture of gates, it is first necessary to mount the frame, which will be installed in the opening. Metal corners are in the form of a square or rectangle, and the joints are welded by using welding machine.

A useful tip! For greater strength it is recommended to make two frames – outer and inner side of the opening. Between them you have to weld a metal plate. Will be more reliable than the mount, the better the frame will withstand the weight of the valves.

Mounting dimensions hinged gate and the gate with a metal frame and panels of corrugated Board

In the manufacture of valves, metal profiles are laid on a flat surface in accordance with your drawing, and then the contact welding. The resulting sheets should be strengthened longitudinal or transverse iron beams. In the same way the frame is made for wickets.

The coating is welded to the frame part. Recommended sheet metal thickness is about 2 mm. the Weight of thicker sheets can not withstand the support pillar, and too thin metal is easily damaged.

Gates of profiled sheets with elements of forging

Special attention should be paid to hinges, as it holds the whole structure. Do not skimp on this element of the gate, otherwise you risk getting a very unreliable design. Hinges welded to the supporting pillars and shutters with the help of welding machine.

Then the gate and the gate is mounted on hinges, mounted locks and bolts, the design is coated to protect from corrosion.

Scheme of arrangement of the wrought iron swing gates with a gate

The installation of automatics of the gate

Design with automatic drive is very comfortable and functional option that will save you time and effort. For this purpose even not necessary to have specialized equipment, but you can use a rotary mechanism which is applied in the satellite dish. This option is not only effective and inexpensive, but also safe, as the engine from the satellite system can be combined with the step-down transformer.

Swing gates of metal installed automation

Two of the transmission from the satellite systems with the most long rods attached to the flaps of the gate from the inner side of the plot. They also bought a universal remote control. You can also connect to the system, current relay, which will return the flap to its original position if hit a stone or another obstacle. If this relay is not, then the automatic door opener can fail as a result of falling on the road before construction even small obstacles.

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Wrought iron gates: photos and instructions for making

As mentioned above, the wrought-iron gates are a great option that will show all guests your good taste and financial well-being. To own hands to make this type of design, it is not necessary to be a professional blacksmith. In modern construction the stores sold a large number of various forged items, you just have to buy them and include in your sketch.

Gate with wicket door, made of metal

There are several options for wrought iron gate:

  • Metal – this type is made of decorative items, iron rods, angles. Very stylish and beautiful looks, however cost a lot.
  • Combined – structures made of different materials, decorated with metal forged elements. Are several times cheaper. The combination of materials depends on your imagination and needs, but the most popular option is considered the gate of corrugated Board with elements of forging.
  • Made wrought iron construction almost the same as of corrugated Board. First is the sketch, which are applied forged elements. By the way, on the Internet you can look at a large number of design options to finished products, on the basis of which you can create your own unique style. Then all parts are assembled on a flat horizontal surface and fastened by welding.

    Example of installation of a hinged wrought-iron gates and wickets

    A useful tip! In the drawing wrought iron gate is very important to consider accurate dimensions of elements in order to in the finished product between them are formed gaps.

    If the gate kovani, photos will demonstrate that all of the joints between the elements are carefully cleaned and processed. This can be done by hand using an abrasive cloth or using special grinding machines. Paint wrought-iron construction is also more complicated than is made of profile sheet. It is best to use a special spray or brush set if you have a lot of free time.

    Hinged gate made of metal with elements of forging and wicket door

    You must also select the options for the location of the forged elements on the profile sheet. In this case, the decor may be not covered the entire surface of the sheet, but only part of it. So you can save money, but to create beautiful and expensive-looking element of the fence.

    The advantages and disadvantages of the wrought-iron gates

    Like any other type, from wrought iron design has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages:

    • durability – metal can last for decades with minimal care, and ornamental wrought iron will never go out of fashion;

    Hinged gate made of metal, durable and environmentally friendly

    • eco-friendliness – metal forged products are absolutely safe for human health. In addition, its appearance is perfectly combined with the garden and household decorative items.


    • the difficulty in manufacturing – if to forge these gates with your hands, then it will take a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, now all the forged items can be purchased ready-made at a specialized store;
    • the high price is a disadvantage, which follows logically from the previous paragraph.

    Wrought iron designs are a special beauty and elegance

    Caring for wrought-iron designs

    Special care this type of fencing is not required, especially if all the elements are painted with a special anticorrosive paint. Periodically, the elements need to be cleaned from dirt and paint, and moving parts – lubricate. To clean wrought-iron construction is better and easier with powerful jets of water.

    Drawings, photos and video wrought-iron gates with their hands shows that the abundance of openwork elements can lead to a number of difficulties in the process of painting, but a good spray gun will save the situation. Note that for coloring discolored parts mounted on top of the profiled metal sheet, the latter is put to paper.

    Metal swing gate with an abundance of forged items

    Hinged metal gate with a wicket: photo and nuances of work

    Regardless of which option swinging gate you chose, you should consider several important points:

    • prior to the implementation frame work the concrete around the support pillars should dry out. If you make posts with a direct tie-in to the ground, the land around them should be abundantly watered, thoroughly compacted, and then allowed to dry;
    • work on the foundations of the gate (if required) and supporting pillars is best done in the warm time of the year when the ground is still not frozen, but not too wet;

    Unusual hinged gate and the gate with floral motifs in the design

    • if you don’t want metal gates have suffered from rain, the top should close their small visor;
    • metal frame and posts you need to open a special paint for corrosion protection. This should be done before mounting works;
    • the pillars should not have holes at the top. So if you take them out of the hollow pipe, the holes need to brew.

    Option of metal swing gates with a gate

    Remember that high-quality and reliable gates is the key to the security of your site. So do not skimp on supplies and also did not relate to the process of Assembly and installation of the structure. Today on specialized sites on the Internet harbours a vast amount of detailed and readily available materials, a careful study of which will allow you to avoid the most common mistakes.

    Metal swing gates with a gate – one of the most popular types of door. They are quite simple in manufacturing and operation, are inexpensive and will last you for years.


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