House with a loft: photos, projects, layouts

Among the various types of residential structures, suitable for development in the suburban area, leading position is a house with loft: photos, projects and plans of such housing can meet more often. The reason for the popularity of this construction design is the possibility of increasing the living space by almost two times with minimal construction costs. Consider the most beautiful photos-projects of houses with attic, their advantages, disadvantages and features.

Insulated attic can become a dwelling

The contents

  • 1 House with loft: photos, projects, ways of organizing space
    • 1.1 Advantages and disadvantages of country houses with an attic: projects popular layouts
    • 1.2 Features of the project one-storey house with loft: pictures of the best options
  • 2 Ready projects of houses with attic, photo layouts
    • 2.1 a Small house with an attic: layout of the 6×6 m
    • 2.2 the Layout of the house is 9 by 9 with attic
    • 2.3 the Layout of the house is 10 by 10 with a loft: photos examples of modern ideas
  • 3 Insulation attic
  • 4 the interior of the house with the attic: photos inside
  • 5 Projects of houses with an attic from foam blocks

House with a loft: photos, projects, ways of organizing space

Attic – this is a common attic space, fitted and used as complete one or more residential rooms. This tradition began back in the 17th century, when poor families were forced to live in attics. But today things have changed and modern loft in functionality and design in no way inferior to a standard single storey home.

In the attic you can arrange a bedroom with panoramic Windows or a home gym. Spacious bright room is perfect for the Cabinet, and for a large nursery. Some designers recommended to equip the whole space of the attic in the bathroom to save space on the ground floor. It all depends on your desires and fantasies.

3D house project with an attic, a small terrace and a detached garage

The advantages and disadvantages of country houses with an attic: projects popular layouts

A number of advantages inherent in the home with a loft, making them more and more popular with each passing year:

  • the construction of the house with a loft – one of the most economically advantageous construction works;
  • usable area of the house doubled, thanks to the proper use of attic floor;
  • construction of the attic does not entail the difficulties associated with communication. As a rule, they are already available on the ground floor and enough of them to stretch upward;

House with attic, built on frame technology

  • the amount of heat lose through the cold attic is reduced significantly. And this is a serious savings;
  • finishing attic space can be done gradually, while comfort on the ground floor;
  • possible options for the use of the top floor – a great many. Here you can organize a workshop, billiard room, dressing room or any other room. The number of ideas for finishing attics are endless.

Two-storey house with an attic room and two car garage

Have this type of houses and disadvantages:

  • the construction of the house with residential attic floor shall strictly comply with all requirements and standards. Improper construction can lead to the freezing space, significant heat loss and condensation inside the house;
  • skylights are rather expensive. Due to the specific profile, as well as some features of the installation, they can cost 1.5-2 times more expensive than usual;
  • in winter, heavy rainfall may disturb the natural lighting of the upper floor.

Project brick house 9,48х8,36 m with a loft, three bedrooms and a fireplace on the ground floor

Features projects a one-storey house with loft: pictures of the best options

To ensure that the attic could become your favourite place of residence, not just a cold attic, it is necessary to consider following features:

  • good thermal insulation is mandatory for the construction, otherwise the changes in temperature in the upper part of the house will not allow you to use it constantly;
  • no less important, and high quality waterproofing. Surely you don’t want rainwater to get inside the premises;

The original design of the Dormer Windows

  • in the process of construction and design of the attic always choose light finishing materials and furniture. Excessive load can cause the appearance of cracks in walls and Foundation;
  • would be better if the attic space remains whole. However, if you want to split it into multiple rooms – use drywall. This lightweight and durable material won’t carry too much additional load on the Foundation of the house, but perfectly cope with the separation.

Modern house with two separate attic spaces

Ready projects of houses with attic, photo layouts

Today, many construction firms offer a choice of the catalogue of ready projects of houses with attic and their subsequent construction and finishing. When hiring contractors, you just need to choose a project and take the job upon completion.

In order to independently design and build a house with an attic, you need to have certain skills. But even in this case it is not necessary to do everything at random. There are a number of recommendations and norms, adherence to which is considered mandatory.

Before the construction of one more floor levels it is necessary to calculate the additional load on the building, which will inevitably arise. If you decide to arrange the attic in an existing home, be sure to take care of the additional strengthening walls.

The interior bedroom is a loft

The calculations and the preparation of the plan note that the minimum recommended ceiling height is 2.5 m.

The roof structure is a serious issue in the construction of this type of houses. Depending on the area of the second floor, there are three options of arrangement of roof system:

  • a gable roof will allow you to use only 67% of the existing area;
  • the sloping roof design allows the use of more space – about 90%;
  • well, if you want to increase your living space exactly twice, then you need to raise the roof at least 1.5 m.

Small narrow loft equipped in a comfortable bedroom

Summarizing communications to the second floor is a simple process, it is carried out before the finishing works, after the preparation of detailed construction of the project.

Not least – planning the location of Windows, stairs and interior partitions. Be sure to think over everything in advance and make a clear plan with dimensions.

Small house with attic: layout of the 6×6 m

The layout of the house 6 on 6 with loft, usually implies the construction of a small garden shed. The total area of the buildings will be about 50 m2 and is able to fit even a small family.

The project of a house with three bedrooms in the attic, 6×6 m

When considering a house plan with loft of 6 by 6 meters, it is not difficult to notice a considerable number of advantages of such housing. It’s quick and easy to build, and savings on utilities. In short, creating a project 6×6 summer house with a loft, you are available way to solve the housing problem for many years.

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Besides the correct layout of the building 6 to 6 with an attic floor will help you organize enough functional space around and feel free. Here are some tips for creating a project house with an attic 6×6 m:

  • proper organization of space in the hallway will solve the problem with the abundance of things and “unload” the house. Help built-in wardrobes and a mezzanine;

A useful tip! Use palestinae space for the arrangement of the pantry. Small areas of 2 m2 is enough to store seasonal items, canned and various household trifles.

Functional use podcasting space

  • kitchen combined with living room, will save a bit of space. Here it is appropriate to arrange the stairs to the second floor;
  • a toilet and a bathroom it is better to unite in the common room and to install a shower cubicle;
  • to compensate for the lack of space by creating front of house terraces of any size.

Given all these nuances when you create a project 6×6 summer house with a loft, you will be able to build comfortable, affordable housing for themselves and their families.

House project with an attic 6,44х6,44 m with two bedrooms and a dressing room

Also note the frame house with an attic. Projects 6×6 m and other sizes can be easily found on the Internet. The possibility of independent and quick construction attracts a growing number of wishing to acquire their own housing.

A useful tip! Despite its small size, you can even place on a plot of 6×6 house-bath with a loft. Will definitely consider this option before you finally decide on the layout.

Small house of 50 sq m with terrace and attic

The layout of the house is 9 by 9 with attic

The construction of the house 9×9 m is quite common. This size is recognized as optimal both on construction costs and comfortable then stay. In the classic version of the plan, on the lower floor, with kitchen, living room, bathroom and one bedroom. On the upper floor on request can be placed either bedrooms or nonresidential rooms (a workshop, a dressing room, a winter garden, etc.). The optimum size of the house can comfortably sleep a family of four, and it does not create excessive maintenance costs.

In fact, the projects of such dwellings is very similar to the layout of the house is an 8 x 10 with attic. Photos show that they differ only in form, which can be square or rectangular.

House project with attic 9×9 m with fireplace and three bedrooms

The layout of the house 10 by 10 with a loft: photos examples of modern ideas

One of the most popular for families planning home with loft 10 by 10 m. If you have more than two children – smaller accommodation is simply not enough. Despite the visual compactness, this house has enough interior space to accommodate a large number of people.

The size of the house is 10×10 meters allow you to obtain a spacious sleeping rooms, separate for each family member. They usually have on the second floor. Here, equip the master bathroom.

Spacious house of 140 sqm with attic and garage

The first floor will allow you to build a spacious hall, or combined kitchen-living room, separate dining room or fireplace room, a bathroom and guest bedroom. The stairs in this case can be placed in the hallway under it as appropriate to provide, for example, drawers for storage.

Having considered proposed network projects for home 10×10 with a loft of foam blocks, you will see that it is also an affordable option for resolving the housing issue.

House project 10×10 m with a loft, three bedrooms and a balcony

However, the construction of houses on such a scale has its own characteristics:

  • be sure to have at least two bathrooms – one on each floor;
  • it is advisable to allocate a separate room for the boiler, next to the kitchen. This will greatly simplify the creation and maintenance of the heating system of the house;
  • as the house will have a square shape, consider the location of the bedrooms to make the most efficient use of the space available;
  • pre-take care of the issue of noise reduction, or in the future can neither minutes to be in silence.

Building with common roof for the first and attic floors

Insulation attic

Obvious is the fact that for comfortable use of the attic for living, without additional internal insulation cannot do. Installation of insulation under the roof has its own complexities and peculiarities that cannot be ignored:

  • In the attic, in addition to the surface of the roof there are two gable and valley. If the quality is not to insulate them too, then all your work can be considered useless.
  • The choice of vapor barrier materials requires special attention, because the roof is designed to protect the premises from moisture, is practically not formed allows the evaporation to go outside.
  • All materials used for attic insulation must be suitable for the arrangement of accommodation and meet all the environmental norms and standards.
  • Additionally to heat the attic, you can use a wood-burning oven

    A useful tip! If you are not confident in their competence, it is better to trust the process of attic insulation specialists. Any mistakes made in the process, can cost you dearly.

    The interior of the house with the attic: photos inside

    Even simple projects and plan house with an attic (photos show it well) can make your home unique. Original architectural solutions can be the highlight of your home. Therefore it is necessary to care not only about the exterior, but also interior decoration.

    On the spacious loft has a fully equipped mini-apartment

    If we talk about fashion trends, the most popular design houses with loft enjoys the country style chalets and eclectic. While structural elements such as floor beams remain in sight. The furniture is made of wood, appropriate wood carving details. On the Windows of the textile is missing, the sofas are knitted pillows and blankets on the floor and look carpets from animal skins.

    Rare to find and quite romantic decoration of the attic in the style of Provence: rose-tone, bright soft furnishings, lots of small thematic details. In this case, architectural ledges, niches, etc. are covered with plasterboard, walls and ceilings are finished with paint or Wallpaper. Welcome textiles on the Windows and canopies of the beds, be sure the shelves with Souvenirs, statues, bouquets of dried flowers.

    Loft “native” style of the attic

    The arrangement of furniture in the attic, completely depends on your requirements and preferences, but do not forget that the projects of small houses with attic are certain features of the plan, which will further affect the arrangement of the furniture:

    • if the roof, respectively, to position the Cabinet at either of two inclined walls will not work. Keep in mind this is still at the planning stage;
    • mandatory element of the house with attic – stairs leading to the second floor. Think carefully about its location so that it is much less useful square, but it was the most convenient and safe;
    • well-designed natural and artificial lighting the upper floor. Skylights are more expensive than usual, but they are worth it. Good lighting is one of the fundamental aspects of proper design solutions.

    The interior of the attic is made in country style

    Projects of houses with an attic from foam blocks

    Particularly popular in recent years has been the construction of the foam. And, of course, began to appear a variety of projects of houses with an attic from foam blocks (photo of ready-made designs you can find on the Internet). And not surprising, because the cost of such housing are significantly lower due to the cheapness of the material. So, it is a decent-sized house out of foam block will cost almost as much as a house made of timber 6×6 with a loft (projects and rates you can look at the Internet sites of manufacturers).

    A useful tip! For car owners, there are many projects single-storey houses with attic and garage. Look, maybe this is exactly what you need.

    House with an attic room of foam blocks

    To summarize, we can say that the popularity of the house with the attic had been very deservedly. Availability, a large variety of layouts, economy of maintenance and ease of construction – all this makes this type of housing is very convenient. In addition, there is the possibility to two times more living space by spending money equal to the typical one-story house. So if you are looking for a variant of inexpensive and comfortable – will definitely consider the idea to make the attic on the second floor.


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