How Plants can transform your home

Whether you live in a small city apartment, you’re looking for houses for sale in Harrow or you have a bigger family house in the suburbs, sprucing up your space with a touch of plant life can bring a freshness and vitality into your home that will not only have an affect on your interior but also your mind and health. Plants have been proven to be an important beneficiary in work spaces, airports and business centres so take advantage of their stress-relieving, aesthetically pleasing, productivity enhancing properties and decorate your home with a little leafy goodness.

Air Quality

While looking modern and trendy, plants also clean out the air and rid pollution that may be circulating within your space. For those with allergies, plants will reduce the dust particles in the air while also increasing humidity which is good not only for our breathing but for our skin too. And for those living in city housing such as shared ownership in Sussex or apartments in Hackney, plants will absorb any air pollution that city life often produces, keeping your home fresh on the inside while bringing in a touch of the outside.

Stress relief

Plants are used specifically in areas of work or business and for good reason. With anxiety relieving properties, plants produce a chemical that makes us feel more relaxed while helping us to focus and be more productive. This could make plants a great option if you work from home or spend a lot of time reading or writing in your bedroom or lounge. In recent studies it has been found that people who work in offices with plants will take fewer sick days, while students who study in these greener classrooms perform better in exams, so pop a cactus on the windowsill and enjoy feeling a little more motivated as you sit down at your desk for the day.

Decorative Design

Plants are perfect if you’re looking to accessorise your home but are a little unsure where to start. When moving into your first property it is often the case that you may not have collected a huge amount to fill your rooms with and while this is not necessarily a bad thing it can be difficult to furnish a space and make it feel homely. But by placing a few plants, fake or real, around the home you can create an instant trendy décor using rope to hang them from the ceiling or placing ivy on shelves to produce a waterfall effect. So whether you are a first time buyer in London, still on the look for houses on or you’ve just moved in, you can make your interior interesting and welcoming with some naturally green trimmings.

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