How to choose a septic tank for a private home from a variety of options

The urgent question of how to choose a septic tank for a private home, actually confronts the owners of suburban real estate. The whole reason that even the villagers today are very much spoiled the benefits of civilization and strives to provide a comfortable accommodation even outside the urban environment. Use a warm bath, a shower and plumbing appliances almost anywhere is made possible with the advent of cheap of materials for installation of Autonomous sanitation. Its main component is a building for the accumulation and disposal of domestic waste water from the house, which is called the septic tank.

Tank the septic tank is closed by a lid, which if necessary can be easily removed

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What are the septic tanks for use in suburban homes

The cheapest and easiest option septic tank is a large tank or any hermetic container, which includes the sewer drain pipe. This tank is buried in the ground below the freezing depth of soil. Most often it is more than 1.5 m from the surface. In fact, such a device is a common cesspool, only it does not leak and water does not flow into the surrounding capacity of the soil.

Since such systems are referred to as cumulative, that liquid water remains in them. In the case of even minimum appliance and soul, filling fast enough, so you need regular pumping, which costs money. However, due to the relative availability of this type of septic tank in rural areas people without exception it is used for the equipment of their houses.

Sewage in a private house with the use of a septic tank

A useful tip! The problem of the need for frequent pumping of the septic tank can be funded to solve a simple and logical way to increase capacity. Preferred to bury the reservoir equal in volume to the tank vacuum trucks. It is about 5 – 6 m3 tanker based on GAZ or ZIL and 8 – 10 m3 on the basis of KAMAZ. From experience we can say that the filling-8-cubic vessel with a family of 4 with all the plumbing fixtures for 3 weeks.

Mounting dimensions of the septic tank abatement on the model Rostok

If you have a question, how to choose a septic tank for a private home, the price is minimal – the answer is simple. This cumulative capacity. The cost of such a reservoir of metal handicraft production is approximately 60.e. per 1 m3. That is, the capacity of 5 m3 will cost $ 300.e, about 100.e. will go to pay for the work of the excavator, although this cost is the same for all types of septic tanks. In the future will have to constantly make sure that the receptacle does not overflow and to pay the plumber for about 7.e. for the removal of sewage.

The device of a septic tank

The second option is the septic tank provides for the organization of separate waste into different density components. More solid waste is collected in a tank, and the liquid after settling just go into the ground. Water after such preliminary treatment is not suitable for technical use as irrigation for plants. It is quite safe for the soil, passing through which is filtered before reaching the aquifer.

Installation of a septic tank in the yard of a private house

Advantage, and significant, such septic tanks is that they are having a reasonable cost, do not require such close attention and services, such as storage tanks. The disadvantage of these local stations is that they are not allowed to install at the site where a sufficiently high groundwater levels or clay soil, which cannot filter runoff.

In addition, it is forbidden to bury in those areas where the water supply is from well or well. Therefore, before choosing a septic tank for a private home, the price of which does not exceed reasonable limits, and the efficiency is quite high, it is necessary to thoroughly study the characteristics of soils on the site. Also of importance is the depth where ground water table.

Cleaned filters fluids can be used for watering plants

Local purifying station

If you have material means and you want to equip your country house with modern means of sewage treatment, you need to purchase a local sewage treatment plant. About options how to choose a septic tank for a private home, the price of which can exceed 200.e, read on.

The device and layout of the septic tank

In a local sewage treatment plant is complete purification of wastewater through sludge and filtration to such a state that a valid direction, for example, for watering plants. Cleanup them not only in a multistage system of mechanical filtration, but also with biologically active drugs, which is a colony of anaerobic bacteria that metabolize products of metabolism and organic impurities.

An example of an Autonomous system of wastewater treatment in the area, dominated by impermeable soil

Any disadvantages of such plants are deprived, in addition to a price unaffordable to the General population. In addition, the aeration in these devices is produced by electrocentrale that makes it impossible to use such a system in areas where happen long power outages.

A useful tip! The use of multistage treatment plants with biological filter involves the gradual accumulation of the substrate. And he is an excellent fertiliser for crops. You need to take care of his recess from the vessel and movement to the garden, what can you do in spring and autumn.

Septic tank with three chambers clean

How to choose a septic tank for a private home

In addition to the above criteria, there are other, by which to divide the existing septic tanks on the species. Thus, the method of placement in the pit is also an important argument in the question of how to choose a septic tank for a private home. Because there are very small areas or to a neighbor’s fence a total of 2 – 3 meters. In such a situation, you can want to select a septic tank with a vertical.

For him, of course, will have to dig a ditch deeper, but he will save you space in breadth. However, this scenario is not suitable, for obvious reasons, in areas where underground waters are close to the surface. Here is the preferred installation is horizontal the device.

The scheme of installation of three-chambered septic tank with a well

A useful tip! You need to keep in mind that the septic tank must be located more than 50 m from a water supply source of not less than 5 m from the house, even the neighborhood. Compliance with these rules will ensure your health safety.

An example of the use of the septic on his own land

Different stomachicae and by the material from which made their case. Today, in addition to metallic and concrete structures are distinguished:

  • polyethylene septic tanks. They are the most purchased because of its amazingly low cost and ease. Thus, plastic is not very tolerant of adverse conditions, particularly changes in temperature. Although modern types of polymers can compete for these indicators with the metals. If you do not know how to choose a septic tank for a private home, the price of which below, discuss this option. Modern plastic stomachicae are a good budget option for each country house or cottage. They are quite able to tolerate temperature jumps and the detrimental effects of aggressive chemicals waste water. Produce them in any form via the seamless technology of laminated plastic, which increases the reliability and durability of the container;

The scheme of movement of wastewater inside the septic tank

  • polypropylene septic tank is famous for its high strength and a resistance to very high temperatures. He is able to take a fluid with temperatures up to 140 degrees. If you decide to install a very durable version of a septic tank, which practically does not corrode, polypropylene option at the time;

An example of the location of the septic tank, filter and wells on the site of a country house

  • cleaner fiberglass is even more durable than polypropylene. Material for its production is made from resin. The walls of such containers is strengthened by reinforcement. To do this, use fiberglass. If you do not anticipate how to choose a septic tank for a private home, where the operation of the household uses a lot of chemicals, then this option is for you. Chemical properties of fiberglass so unique, that allow to use this material even in a very inhospitable environment. Therefore, these sewage treatment plants is often used at car washes.

Scheme for arrangement of a septic tank with their hands

We have considered several aspects, which should help to answer the question of how to choose a septic tank for a private home. Of course, much depends on the personal prejudices and local conditions, so everyone makes their own choice, and the article only gives guidelines for this.

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