How to choose the stones for sauna: what better to use in the steam room

Sweating in the sauna is not only pleasant but also useful for health. And it’s not just about a banal relaxation, but on preventing a fairly wide range of diseases. To achieve the desired result, you need to choose the right filling for oven, the stones. There are many subtleties in how to choose the stones for sauna: which is better, how they differ, where you can build and where – not.

Stones for baths possess various medicinal properties

The contents

  • 1 How to choose stones for baths: the basic requirements
  • 2 What are the stones for sauna to choose from: beneficial properties of individual minerals
    • 2.1 Pebble as a budget option
    • 2.2 advantages of using gabbro-diabase
    • 2.3 Durable soapstone for an easy couple
    • 2.4 Solid basalt
    • 2.5 Beauty and the use of jadeite
    • 2.6 Crimson quartzite – the original color and durability
    • 2.7 White quartz – most expensive
    • 2.8 Practical and inexpensive porphyry
    • 2.9 Himalayan salt is a useful exotics
  • 3 What are the stones for baths is better to choose and why
  • 4 Features of different rock types
  • 5 How to choose the stones for sauna: which is better and how to put

How to choose stones for baths: the basic requirements

There are a number of parameters that need to correspond to the mineral baths. If you do not understand this question, we can consult a specialist or just buy a ready-made set. Ignorance in this case may lead to very disastrous consequences, as many of the natural minerals absorb the harmful substances that are then excreted with the steam. For example, in any case can not take the stones for sauna near the railway, so how can they be impregnated with creosote – the strongest poison.

To generate steam stones water

If you buy minerals in the store, then the packaging should be a mark that the product has passed radiation control. An interesting alternative to natural stones, balls of cast iron. Pairs from them has no health effect on the body, but cast iron is perfectly accumulates heat and long it gives.

If you decide to buy the stones for the stove in the bath on their own, they must meet the following criteria:

  • resistance to high temperature minerals for stoves should not split or crack in the fire. In order to verify compliance with this requirement on the spot you can hit a rock with a hammer or another stone. Another option to check is to heat the rock in the fire red hot, then throw into cold water. High quality stone will not crack;

Polished stones promote better circulation of the air, but warmed up longer stab

  • the right shape and size – this parameter strongly depends on the type of furnace. If you use in your bath normal wood-burning stove, then it is better to take large boulders with a diameter of 70-130 mm. For small electric stoves will need some smaller ones – 50-60 mm. as for the shape, it can be any, but it is worth considering that flat stones are easier to stack them and fit more in the oven. The number of stones also depends on the size of the furnace.
  • the ability to keep warm – the higher it is, the longer the stones will emit heat. To check this point, can according to the specific weight of the mineral well accumulates the heat of the stone must be heavy, dense and homogeneous structure.

A useful tip! A generic version of the stones in the heater for the bath is a salt bricks. They are purchased in specialized shops and have optimum performance.

Salt brick has antiseptic properties

What are the stones for sauna to choose from: beneficial properties of individual minerals

Most minerals can boast the presence of those or other medicinal properties. Therefore, selecting the option for a bath is to consider the characteristics of each of the types of stones and their needs in terms of health.

Pebbles as a budget option

Normal river or sea pebbles is the most economical option mineral baths. Such stones are free to gather on the waterfront, they are characterized by attractive appearance and high durability. In addition, pebbles can be oval flattened shape, which is very convenient for uniform placement in a furnace. Laying pebbles can be so dense that water will not get to the metal of the furnace, evaporating solely on the stones.

Pebbles has beautiful appearance and high strength

When choosing gravel, you should pay attention to its color. The stones should not be red spots or streaks that indicate the presence of iron oxide. The redness is on the rocks suggests that during heating in fire can release harmful substances. Also, do not take in the quality of stones for the stove to the bath bottom limestone. Under the influence of high temperature it is rapidly destroyed, and with steam in the air gets limestone dust, which settles not only on the shelves, but also on the teeth. Get rid of lime deposits is very difficult, so just do not use in the steam room this type of minerals.

Good samples of pebbles can be found not only on the river or the beach, but also under the power lines. In Soviet times, all transmission line towers covered high quality and quite large pebbles which now can be safely taken for use in the steam room.

Free pebbles can be assembled on the river

The benefits of using gabbro-diabase

Gabbro-diabase is another very low cost option for mineral steam rooms. In appearance it resembles a dark marble, is characterized by low water absorption and high strength. This type of stone is extracted in Karelia and is of volcanic origin, and its environmental friendliness.

In terms of heat absorption gabbro-diabase can boast special advantages, as it absorbs the heat very long, but cools very quickly when the attenuation of the fire. In addition, when heated, it expands, it is necessary to consider during installation.

If the mineral is heated too much, it begins to give off an unpleasant odor. It is also not recommended to be used with different aromatic tinctures or essential oils, as it inevitably leads to the formation of carbon on the surface of the stones. This mineral is often recommended to sort out and discard worthless specimens, so they do not pollute the grate of the furnace.

For gabbro-diabase is characterized by a weak absorption that allows you to produce upon heating a couple

In fact, the only significant advantage of this mineral is its low cost. For the remaining parameters it is inferior to other stones for sauna reviews which can be found on the Internet.

Durable soapstone for an easy couple

The soapstone is a organic mineral, which differs from the others primarily by the capacity. This stone even stone stoves, so they no longer lose heat. Use it as stones for sauna will allow you to obtain a large amount of steam when laying a relatively small number of boulders.

The use of stone, soapstone for bath is also good because when heated it does not emit any harmful contaminants. The only bad thing that can deliver the rocks – a selection of fine dust. But this is easily avoid if before first use, the stones should be rinsed and calcined.

Honed soapstone is characterized by a density and thermal conductivity

A significant advantage of soapstone is its healing properties. If you regularly use it in the steam room, you feel energized, you will strengthen the immune system and metabolism. And the heat from the soapstone is very soft, like a sun. By the way, it can be used not only as filler for oven, but also as a material for the walls of the heater. So the beneficial properties will only increase, and the stone oven is always better than metal.

A useful tip!If you have any chronic diseases associated with weak immune system, it is recommended once or twice a week to bathe in the sauna on the soapstone.

The stones heat up very quickly and stays warm for a long time

Durable basalt

If we talk about how to choose bath stone in nature, have the highest durability and resistance to overheating, the first place according to these parameters is basalt or vulcanite. Among its advantages we can also note the very low water absorption and high heat capacity. Basalt does not crack from extreme temperatures, does not emit harmful substances when overheated, is long and is a very good option for use in the steam room.

Steam from basalt is not only the intensity but also good medicinal properties. He copes well with disease-causing bacteria in the body, helps with age-related diseases of the musculoskeletal system, migraine and inflammation of the joints. Also take the bath with basalt stones useful for colds, eczema, and low blood pressure.

Basalt is a very durable stone, it does not crack under high temperature

Of course, the basalt is more expensive than gravel or gabbro-diabase, but also useful properties of this mineral are much higher than the other.

The beauty and benefits of jadeite

Buy jade stones for sauna – just to thick and pleasant vapor, but also to give stoves a stylish look. The fact that this is a semi-precious mineral and is a rich emerald color. Of course, his attractive appearance, there is a downside – a fairly high price, so now the steam room with the jade costs a lot of money.

With regard to other characteristics of the mineral, it is characterized by high strength and heat capacity, low water absorption and large amount of vapor when heated. In addition, it has a stabilizing effect on the human body, so the steam room with jade to accept not only pleasant but also useful for health.

Jadeite is an environmentally friendly natural stone that contains iron, magnesium and calcium oxide

Crimson quartzite – the original color and durability

Another “elite” mineral for steam crimson quartzite. Its characteristic feature – deep purple color. Like jadeite, it entails a very high price, but the original look of your bath is worth it. The density of the boulders are high and water absorption is low. In addition, the properties of the stone of quartzite for a bath include increased strength and durability. This means that the stones can quietly pouring cold water without fear of cracking, even though they are already very long in the oven.

Quartzite can be used for very long, it will not allocate harmful impurities, covered with soot and lose their appearance.

Crimson quartzite has incredible density, resistance and reliability

When buying quartzite should pay attention to its shape. It should be natural, without mechanical splits, or when heating may cause cracking.

Among the useful properties of raspberry quartzite allocate improved blood circulation and stabilization of pressure, so the steam room with it is useful to take people suffering from low or high blood pressure.

A useful tip! Don’t forget that a long stay in the bath can have a negative impact on your health, regardless of which mineral is used. Using as bath stone quartzite do not abuse the residence time in the steam room.

Quartzite has a beautiful and very rich color, allowing you to use it as the top stone

White quartz is the most expensive

White quartz, unlike other minerals for a bath, can not boast of any durability or resistance to high temperatures. When heated the stones frequently crack and split.

Why, then, use it to bath? First, it looks very attractive. Translucent white stones will not only give a lot of steam, but also very stylish to look in the oven. Secondly, if water on the hot stones of quartz of them emit ozone. These two factors make the white quartz one of the most expensive minerals for the steam room, but one of the most popular among connoisseurs of a good bath.

White quartz is one of the most popular and beautiful stones for baths

A practical and inexpensive porphyry

The porphyry is one of the most underrated stones for baths, which you can find reviews online. However, his performance is above average, it gives off heat for a long time and maintains a high temperature. The healing properties of this mineral to help the headache and also have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and improve skin condition.

The first time you use the porphyry may crackle in the fire. This is normal and stops after a few heating. Before each heating mineral it is recommended to clean, then the steam from it will be as thick and clear.

Porphyrite is absolutely safe for human health and when heated it does not emit any harmful substances

Himalayan salt is a useful exotics

Himalayan salt does not apply to stones, but to use it to steam is also possible. Of course, neither of which durability and heat resistance says it is not necessary, but the amount of nutrients emitted into the air, molten salt, is impressive. These include potassium, magnesium, iodine, calcium, iron, manganese and others. All this has a positive effect on the respiratory tract, strengthens the immune system.

When using Himalayan salt is one catch – if the humidity exceeds 74%, the salt is converted into the solution. So in the bath you need to install a special ventilation system which will dry the room and ventilate it.

Himalayan salt is rich in healthy minerals

What are the stones for baths is better to choose and why

There are some General recommendations that will help you avoid mistakes in the choice filling for the furnace in the steam room:

  • if the choice is between sea and river stones, should give preference to the latter. Stones from the sea quickly destroyed and can not boast of high levels of strength, but the river is much better withstand high temperatures;
  • the shape of the stones depends largely on your aesthetic preferences. If you want the walls not only provided a lot of steam, but also pleasing to the eye, on top you need to put the most beautiful stones of the correct form;
  • if you are not sure what stone is need for a bath, and also a number of boulders to put in the oven, you should read the instruction on a package of stones. It should be specified how many stones you need to put and what healing properties has one or another mineral;

River stone is more resistant to high temperature than the sea

  • if you are looking to buy cobbles, and prefer to collect them yourself, it is better to do it in the field, and not in the water. The fact that the “field” the stones already have been severely hardened by the sun, wind, rain and other natural phenomena, and therefore the changes in temperature in the oven should be transferred without any problems;
  • how to choose the bath stone of the correct form? Cobblestone should be rounded and have a smooth surface. Cracks and chips can lead to premature cracking during heating;
  • structure of the mineral must be homogeneous. In the presence of impurities and inclusions, the stone can quickly crumble or even explode in the kiln. In addition, various impurities, for example iron oxide, when heated can emit harmful for health substances.

The stones collected in the field, resistant to weather and atmospheric influences, therefore more suitable for the bath than collected in the water

Features of different rock types

Despite the fact that in nature there is a huge variety of rocks, not all of them are suitable for use in the bath. It is best to put in the oven boulders of igneous origin, as they are already hardened by high temperatures and high pressure, therefore, can boast of high density and temperature resistance.

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The silica content in the mineral should not exceed 50%, otherwise it becomes unfit for steam. Optimal content – 44-45%, these are the characteristics of basalt, talkohlorita and other above-mentioned breeds. If we talk about the properties of stones for baths, which belong to the sedimentary or metamorphic rocks, they are also a bad option. The fact that the minerals that are formed by deposition of various substances, have a high level of water absorption and low temperature resistance, so very quickly burst into flames.

By origin, rocks are divided into three groups

What stones is best for baths in the steam room? Dense, medium size, of igneous origin. The worst option are stones with impurities. First, the presence of various external substances and inclusions violates the homogeneity of the structure of the rock, causing it to crack when heated. Second, the inclusions can be harmful to health, and influence on an organism of harmful substances in the steam room several times stronger.

A useful tip!In specialized stores you can get all the answers to your questions regarding the use of a particular mineral.

How to choose the stones for sauna: which is better and how to put

As already mentioned, recommended method of installation is usually written on the packaging with the stones. If such recommendations are no or minerals are purchased without packaging, you should adhere to the recommendations.

The scheme of laying stones in the stove

If you choose which stone is suitable for baths with a wood burning stove, keep in mind that you need to put down the large boulders, then the middle, and the top layer again, you can use stones of large diameter. This laying pattern will give you not only a good heat of steam, but will provide a uniform supply of water at all levels.

Some bath attendants not advised to use for a wood-burning stove stones of small and medium size arguing that it will stand out less vapor. In fact, if you do not use in the masonry of small stones, the water will get on the hot furnace bottom. This will lead not only to the appearance of unpleasant pair with a metallic aftertaste, but also to corrosion of the bottom of the steam room.

If you choose which stone is best for the furnace to the bath, running on the electric heating element, then it is better to use small fractions of minerals. Large boulders may simply not fit between the bars, leading to the formation of voids and heat loss. Why electric stoves are better to score with small stones, this will give a good specific heat design and does not allow water to get into metal elements.

For electric ovens it is better to choose small stones

With regard to packing density, it also affects couples. The best result is achieved if its height is 25-30 inches, so the water gets on all the rocks, from the cool top layer until the red-hot bottom. In the end, you get a soft and dry steam, but not hot. To small stones didn’t set a special mesh for stone on the chimney in the bath.

Do not forget that every certain period of time the heater should be thoroughly broken in. This is done in order to remove the cracked stones, replacing the old stones with the new. Over time, any of the mineral reduced performance, reduced heat transfer, formed on the surface of carbon, which can give an unpleasant smell when heated. Experts recommend to completely change the masonry not less than once per year, but much depends on how often you use the steam room.

When choosing the type of minerals, their size, shape, and other properties, always pay attention to what exactly are the qualities of your chosen stone. For example, minerals, steam which increases the pressure, not recommended for people with high blood pressure and so on.


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