How to lay paving slabs: the use of curbs in technology paving

In this article the technology, describing how to lay paving slabs at the stage of installation of the curbs, discusses the various options for their installation. You will learn what are the different types of borders, be familiar with the rules of choice of quality materials, consider the technical and operational characteristics of each of them. Get acquainted with the prices for the purchase of materials and services paving under the key.

The process of laying paving slabs is never complete without a border

The contents

  • 1 Making tracks, curbs and paving slabs: how to put the coating
    • 1.1 Classification of curbs for paving: how to install any version
    • 1.2 installation considerations of curbs for paving concrete
    • 1.3 Concrete kerb for paving: the price of the product
    • 1.4 Vibralite curbs on the country station
    • 1.5 Metal, brick, and flexible curbs for paving
  • 2 How to lay paving slabs with the use of the border: the correct choice of materials
    • 2.1 the size of the curbs for paving
    • 2.2 As curbs for paving: how to properly install the material
    • 2.3 Laying of paving slabs: rates for professional services
  • 3 How to lay paving slabs with your hands: work on the installation of curbs
    • 3.1 How to put the curbs for paving concrete and natural stone
    • 3.2 How to lay paving slabs: video and recommendations

The design of the tracks, curbs and paving slabs: how to put the coating

The arrangement of the infield is not without the formation of tracks. These elements perform several useful functions.

In the suburban areas tile coating is used for:

  • save the herbaceous cover lawns (tracks allow you to move around the area, without trampling the grass);
  • visually divide the plot area into zones (with the help of them, you can arrange recreation area, blind area around the house, the space around flower beds, pools, greenhouses, pergolas, etc.);
  • decorating the area and maintain overall design of adjoining territory and the house.

Paving tiles at the entrance to suburban home

Please note! The cost of paving includes not only the purchase of material and the paving and installation of curbs, if you intend to install them. In order to save, you can conduct these works on their own, most importantly – stick technology.

Classification of curbs for paving: how to install any version

The borders have a beautiful appearance, they are durable and practical, so they often set before laying paving slabs on sand and other surfaces. These elements are able to fit in any architectural design of your yard, to give a complete view of the entire area.

Borders act as a protection of lawns, as well as tile surfaces from erosion. They are able to increase the operational life of the tracks.

Garden borders for beauty and order in your garden

General classification of curbs according to the type of material production includes the following varieties:

  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • concrete;
  • brick;
  • wood (rarely used);
  • from natural stone.

Laying of kerbs for paving is also used to denote the difference in height between the level turf and the track surface. To make the right choice of curb, should study in detail the technical characteristics of the most common types of material.

Existing varieties of curbs from concrete are also classified by their technology, they include:

  • concrete curbs;
  • vibralite edges;
  • sidewalk curbs.

Concrete curbs are usually installed on roads with a minimum horizontal load

Each of them is able to offer certain advantages and technical features that will be useful to owners of country sites for laying paving slabs on a dry mix. The technique involves the paving on a sand or concrete base.

Installation considerations of curbs for paving concrete

Concrete curb factory production is in high demand among owners of country houses. Most often it is used in the method of laying paving slabs on a concrete base, as this type of construction has a long service life and is characterized by a simple mounting system.

A useful tip! Manufactured in the factory of concrete curbs have an extensive range of colors. Use this to your advantage when placing garden paths and alleys. From the color of the curb, you can create a unique design of pedestrian areas.

Specifications concrete curbs:

  • the level of water absorption is 6%;
  • high strength on the subject of compression – is 22.5 MPa;
  • the material is fairly easy to treatment (if necessary cutting a border of the concrete can be cut);
  • a high level of resistance to frost.

Concrete curbs for flower beds competently combines practicality and aesthetics

Due to all these characteristics, the installation of curbs for paving their own hands will be quality and reliable. Extensive range of products allows you to not be confined to strict limits in terms of design.

If you decide to use the services of paving in a specialized company to how many there are works on laying of paving slabs, will impact the size and type of curbs. Especially if the purchase of materials is carried out by the company.

Concrete kerb for paving: the price of the product

To save on the cost of works on laying of paving slabs ordered at a specialized company, you can purchase all the supplies yourself.

The average rates for the purchase of concrete curbs:

Product type (function)Zvyraznenie parameters (width/length/height), Smena, RUB/м2Дорожный бордюрБелый15х100х30345Серый15х100х30274колор Микс8х100х20163Тротуарный бордюрБелый8х100х20163Винный8х100х20163серый8х100х20140водоотводный лотокКоричневый20х50х6364Серый (asphalt)50х100х180/230876Серый20х50х6274

A useful tip! Enable specified in table road curbs in technology laying paving under the car. These products will provide security in your area, restricting the movement of the machine.

Vibralite curbs on the country station

Vibralite products have an increased abrasion resistance. In the process of production these curbs are added in the raw materials, pigments, and plasticizers.

Curbs for roads and private plots

Manufacturers produce products of different shapes. In addition to the standard rectangles, buyers can purchase borders the following forms:

  • step;
  • arc;
  • wave, etc.

Often as sidewalk curbs used clinker bricks. This kind of material has high strength, long service life, it is completely eco-friendly.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about how to lay paving slabs with their hands, the use of clinker bricks, the work is to avoid. The fact that the blocks are large, which between the workpieces during the installation process, there are big gaps, through which subsequently germinating grass and other plants. Their presence has a negative impact on the condition of the coating.

A flower bed with edges of bricks

If you want to buy kerbstone for paving, price for vibralite product depends on sizes and colors.

Average prices for vibralite borders:

The dimensional parameters of the product, (width/length/height), strasswalchen, RUB./21х50х7Серый59Красный79Желтый99Коричневый9920х50х3серый39красный69желтый79коричневый79

Metal, brick, and flexible curbs for paving

Plastic curbs for paving are universal products. They harmonize with various styles and directions in the design of gardens, and thanks to a large selection of colors make the design of the tracks is unique.

A useful tip! The edges of the plastic have a flexible structure. Use this property of the material to process the tracks curved shape with smooth lines.

In addition to the durability and resistance to the corrosive action, plastic products are characterized by the more affordable cost. They are best suited for the installation of sidewalks with their hands.

Installation of garden border plastic

For curbs, manufactured on the basis of the metal, used different raw materials:

  • stainless steel;
  • aluminium;
  • copper.

The metal borders are used for decorating smooth tracks having straight corners. They are used not only for the organization of coatings, paving slabs, but also combine with paths made of crushed stone.

The borders of brick not less common than other types of products of similar purpose. There are several technologies that describes how to put paving slabs in the courtyard with borders of brick. In one case, the blank stacking can be carried out in a horizontal position, another brick is placed under a diagonal slope. The result is a beautiful scalloped framing the track.

The use of red brick in the design of garden paths

This kind of material blends well with the coating of the pavers, especially if the design of your local area made in the English style. It should be noted that it is not recommended to perform the installation of brick as a border in areas where there are frequent and heavy rains, falls high rainfall. Under the influence of excessive moisture this material is very quickly destroyed.

How to lay paving slabs with the use of the border: the correct choice of materials

Area of application: paving, curbs apply to pedestrian areas, sidewalks along the roadway track, as well as in the private sector. The owners of suburban areas use this type of construction material in a budget solution for the decoration of the courtyard and other areas.

A useful tip! Sidewalk curbs are usually combined with tiles or stones. In this regard, many manufacturers began to add in raw materials in the production of pigments. You can successfully beat the surface using a contrasting colour.

Paving slabs can be a very long time with proper styling

If you compare paving option with other types of borders, can provide a number of advantages:

  • a high level of wear resistance;
  • strength and reliability;
  • resistance to sharp temperature fluctuations;
  • almost perfect surface finish;
  • resistance to moisture;
  • invulnerability to the influence of chemicals (allowed even the use of ice agents);
  • an extensive range of colors;
  • there is no need to perform additional external trim.

In the framework of classification isolated unilateral and bilateral sidewalk curbs. The first of them are used for paved areas and pavements made in the longline technique. The second is good if the tracks are level with the lawn, border in this case plays the role of delimiter.

Pavers are easy to lay, so it is used for the improvement of tracks of any type

The size of the curbs for paving

Modern range of construction market offers many variations of borders in relation to size. Because of this, each consumer can find products that meet their requirements.

Classification of borders size:

  • curbs – the size range includes product with the following parameters: 8х21х50, 5х20х100, 4,5х21х50 cm;
  • Park blocks – dimensions are 7х21,1х50 cm;
  • the pavement of road surfaces – sized 20х60х300 see

Sidewalk curbs factory production usually correspond to the standard sizes – 5 × 20 cm ones 8×20 or Products of a rectangular shape have a wide size range, including small curbs with parameters 0,6х2х5 cm, and large – 8х20х100 see

A useful tip! The network can find a video on how to lay paving slabs in combination with various types of borders. Use visual materials, to avoid errors in the process of paving.

The types of curbs for paving

If it is assumed the organization of footpaths, it is recommended to use the curbs, the height of which is 30 cm and width not more than 20 cm Alley fenced lighter options products options ones 8×20 cm

Quality curbs for paving: how to properly install the material

Advice on how to put paving slabs in the courtyard are limited not only by the technology itself, but also advice on the choice of materials. The quality of the curbs, like most tiles, has a direct impact on the final result, so the process of selecting materials is extremely important.

In the process of procurement should be guided by several criteria:

  • Technical specifications – this includes the kind of border, its structure and the dimensional parameters and shape features.
  • Indicators reflecting the level of strength of the products.
  • Terms of service borders.
  • Prices for the laying of paving tiles without a border and with a border (if you intend to use the services of specialists).
  • Resistance to temperature changes and the influence of environmental factors.
  • The quality of the staining of the blanks (how evenly the painted surface of the curb).
  • Features for laying tiles (track or platform, the area, shape and slope of the surface).

The installation of curbs

Before you make the purchase of material, decide what is better to lay paving slabs and in what version of Foundation you can provide for them on the site. This depends on the type of material that will need to be purchased. The most common base under paving – soil, with a pre-formed bed of sand, gravel or concrete.

Please note! Many wonder if you can put paving slabs on asphalt with the old asphalt surface in the yard. Actually you can, but it will have to conduct some preparatory works to ensure the quality of the coating.

Laying paving slabs: rates for professional services

After the purchase of the material is to decide whether you will do all the work on the paving yourself or hire experts for this purpose. In each case, you receive certain benefits.

The laying of paving blocks

On the one hand, doing the work ensures a substantial saving of funds. On the other hand, professional service is a guarantee of qualitative and reliable result, of course, if you find a really skilled and qualified professionals.

How much is the laying of paving slabs (average prices):

View rubomycine, RUB/м2Формирование base of щебня100Монтаж borders (RM.m)180Мощение paving плиткой400Демонтаж old покрытия240Выгрузка and loading of construction materials мусора150Транспортировка (10 km)1000

How to lay paving slabs with your hands: work on the installation of curbs

With the laying of curbs, plastic handle everyone. You do not need to carry out serious preparatory work. Before tucking the curb for the paving slabs of plastic, don’t need to dig a special trench to form a concrete Foundation or lay the geotextile.

First you need to outline the contour part of the track and the height of the curb. Most of the manufacturers produces products having the outside of the holes for mounting anchors or marking pegs. Because of this fastening, fixing the border on the soil becomes strong and reliable. We will need only a hammer to hammer in the metal stakes.

Please note! The edge of the laminate is very easy to dock, and the products themselves are well bent. You can do a track or Playground, the most bizarre, not fearing that the ends of the borders will not converge, and the frame will turn out sloppy.

Installation of paving slabs with curbs

How to lay kerbs for paving concrete and natural stone

Use of curbs in concrete assumes that the coating will be subjected to considerable stress. For this reason, the fixation strength of the organization of the track is in the first place.

At the initial stage of the work should be to dig a trench, placing it along the contour of the object. The depth depends on how high the curb is and how much it needs to rise above the coating in the end.

After that, the trench must be filled with a concrete solution. The mixture proportions of the mixture of cement and sand is 1:3, respectively. The fill is aligned to the level and installing concrete curbs. It must be done as carefully as possible, placing the stones as close as possible to the boundary of the track. Do not make the mixture too liquid, in this composition, the elements will spread out and fixing will be impossible.

Pouring a concrete border

When a few curbs already installed, you must perform additional consolidation first, and then all subsequent stones in the order of installation with an additional layer of cement in several places. The ideal height of the projection is 50 mm.

After the solution will seize and harden from the outside in the trench, sprinkled with sand or earth. This will allow you to preserve the design in its original form and extend its life.

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If you decide to do borders made of natural stone, digging the trench is not required. It is enough to remove a thin layer of soil to complete the flooring of the geotextile. Then on this rug as it is possible more densely to each other are set large stones. Finally, all remaining voids are filled with dry cement.

Please note! If the stones formed large cracks, they must be filled with small pebbles before you fill with cement.

Paving tiles – a material that can transform any area

Despite the fact that the job seems very simple, should take responsibility for its implementation, because of the quality of Foundation determines the durability of the tiles.

How to lay paving slabs: video and recommendations

After curbs are installed and securely fastened, lay paving slabs with their hands, the video material with the technology will help you to understand.

Basic tips for laying paving slabs:

  • for reliability, fix the first row of tiles using cement mortar on the outer part of the. Thanks to this coating will not be displaced;

The installation of curbs, base preparation for paving and laying tiles on cement mortar

  • start paving from the curb;
  • utaplivaja the workpiece to the base (if laid on sand), keep the same depth, check the level;
  • the maximum value of the gap is 5 mm. More to do. Lay the tiles without gaps is not recommended;
  • for cutting material use grinder;

Preparation of base for laying the subsequent rows of tiles

  • only use clean sand to fill the joints. Leave it for a few days for the perfect filling;
  • the optimal proportions for the preparation of mixtures of sand and cement is 1:10. In the areas of placement of sinks and other wet areas for grouting is better to take the ratio of 1:3;
  • do not overload the track until all the joints are not processed.

Paving tiles and grouting sand mixture

Don’t forget that the paved sidewalks and playgrounds in need of care. From time to time clean the surface. And colored tiles require in this respect, more attention than grey. In the winter-time ice and snow use wooden and plastic tools, metal can damage the finish. It is not necessary to perform the staining, this procedure will reduce the quality of the coating and its durability.


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