How To Put A Tile On Video Wall

Today: how to put but to lay down) a tile on a wall from video. We begin with a surface we clean, we level, dries up. It is possible to put a tile even on gvl certainly before it we coat with a first coat.

The most important thing calculation, we measure all lengthways and on across. We prepare a tile under our size, it is not forgotten about backlashes (it is selected corresponding daggers). I always speak to myself seven times measure – once cut off. And all the same defects sometimes turn out, nedodumki it happens.

It is not forgotten about humidity and temperature indoors. Conditions can be esteemed on tiled glue and a tile management.

Here video where all is shown and told completely.

Even for the first time at you it to turn out well not that difficult there is no main thing to begin.

Important point is that when have pasted two numbers of a tile on a wall – let will dry up. If to continue gluing that all from for loadings can fall off. (A gravity however)

As to you to be useful to video for tiles are sharp. Too not that difficult look.

To esteem how to put kovrolin.

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