How to put laminate: choice of substrate, the nuances of installation and recommendations

Laminate flooring is a modern flooring that is very popular due to their high performance and ease of installation. The process of laying laminate includes base preparation, the laying of the insulating layer and the paving. For understanding how to lay laminate flooring, you need to study and consider a number of important points. Try to understand the nuances of the process.

Laminate is a popular and modern flooring

The contents

  • 1 How to lay laminate flooring video necessary conditions for stacking
  • 2 How to put laminate with their hands, materials and tools for work
  • 3 How to put laminate with your hands: video, leveling the floor under the laminate
  • 4 How to lay a laminate with their hands: video, bases and why it is needed
    • 4.1 Video of laying laminate with their hands: how to put a substrate
  • 5 a Coating of laminate flooring: how to put your hands, video tutorial
    • 5.1 Laying laminate flooring direct way
    • 5.2 the Intricacies of laying on the diagonal
    • 5.3 installation of the coating near the heating pipes.
    • 5.4 Laying laminate near the wall ledges
    • 5.5 Installation of laminate flooring in large rooms
    • 5.6 How to put laminate with your hands: installation of baseboards
  • 6 How to lay laminate own hands: a video of the process

How lay laminate flooring: video, the necessary conditions for stacking

Laminate is a rather whimsical version of flooring when it comes to installation. The room temperature should be constant or at least no significant differences (optimal range is 15-30°C), humidity should not exceed 70%. Compliance with these conditions is necessary to ensure that the coating is not deformed. It is also not recommended in the process of laying include heating devices or to prevent drafts.

To the flooring lasts as long as possible, during installation, you must follow certain rules

The maximum difference in height for the base, which fits on the laminate is 2 mm per meter. If your floor is uneven, it should be enforced alignment. The process differs for each individual floor. The paving on an uneven floor will inevitably lead to its premature failure, so try to avoid it.

In addition, it is impossible to mount the cover on the electrical system of floor heating. This will lead to drying out and deformation of the panels. If you need to under the floor was a heating system, use the hydraulic option. Hydraulic system warm floor distributes heat evenly and does not overheat the coating. Remember that between the bottom edge of the laminate and elements of the heating system the distance shall be not less than 3 cm.

Video how to lay laminate flooring correctly demonstrates all of the preparatory work preceding the laying process, so it can be used as insurance against common mistakes.

How to put laminate with their hands, materials and tools for work

The process of self-styling is very simple: a pre-leveled base is mounted an insulating layer, which are stacked on top of laminate panels. If made on laying a concrete base may also have a layer of waterproofing. For mounting you will need the following materials:

  • primer for the elimination of unevenness in the floor;
  • laminate;
  • polyethylene foam or another variant of the substrate;
  • construction adhesive if you are going to carry out installation adhesive method;
  • wedges to create expansion gaps;
  • plinths and fixings for them.

A useful tip! If you plan on laying laminate with their hands, how to put it with minimal cost – one of the first questions. One way to save is to use pieces of drywall or wooden stakes as spacers to create expansion gaps.

The process of laying laminate flooring is pretty simple, so the installation of the floor can produce even a person with no special skills in construction

In addition to the above materials, you will need the following tools:

  • construction area and a roulette;
  • a pencil or marker;
  • construction knife, handsaw or jigsaw;
  • a hammer and a wooden block.

Once all the necessary acquired, the laminate should be for a few days to put in the room where it will be mounted. This is to ensure that the temperature and humidity of the materials came in line with similar figures in the room, otherwise possible deformation of the panels.

How to put laminate with your hands: video, leveling the floor under the laminate

I’m sure many are wondering, is it possible to put laminate on an uneven floor. It can be done if the elevation changes do not exceed 2 mm per meter. If drop more, the floors can be hard to dock or deformed in the process of operation. In addition, the furniture that is installed on an uneven floor, you can not close the door, she may wobble, which will entail some inconvenience.

How to put laminate flooring on uneven floor? Priority will be given to its alignment. For each option the base the base has its own special method:

  • the newly installed cement screed is recommended to be primed with a special mortar. As such mixtures there may be a Cerezyme-Cerezyme or 15-17. This primer not only smoothes the surface, but does not allow him to dust and insures from persistent creaking of the floor under the laminate;

The process of leveling the floor before laying laminate

  • if you want to know how to level floors under the laminate without ties, it is possible when using cement-sand mixture. With its help, leveled concrete floor, filled gouges and cracks. To better align all of the holes in basic coverage should be expanded. If the bumps are very large, you can use a special self-leveling mixture, which after curing are required to be polished;
  • how to lay laminate on uneven floors of wooden planks? To do this, the old coating must be disassembled by removing and replacing all defective items. You can also use the alignment by using sheets of plywood, but keep in mind that this method will significantly raise the floor level. Therefore, it is not recommended for small ceiling height;
  • if the main floor stands a plywood flooring or boards, minor irregularities can simply be cut with a sanding machine. Necessarily it is necessary to deepen of the cap fastener.

After the base for laying of the laminate is sufficiently smooth, you can begin the installation of the substrate. Use visual materials that are available in the network, to visualize the process of preparation of the rough sex and understand how to lay laminate flooring correctly: video, step-by-step photo instructions will help you with this. Example of leveling the floor before installing the laminate flooring you can see in this video:

How to lay a laminate with their hands: video, bases and why it is needed

The substrate is required if you are using floating technology laying laminate. Like putting your hands a substrate you can see from the numerous videos on the Internet.

A useful tip! There are special models of the laminate already glued to the panel backing. Installation of such coatings is much easier and faster than other types, but it is more expensive.

The substrate under the laminate is needed to ensure the following qualities:

  • proof. The basis of any of the laminate is molded paper. This means that the coating is characterized by high sensitivity to moisture, due to which the panels can swell and deform. Especially important to mount a layer of insulation if you lay the laminate on the concrete floor;
  • soundproofing. If not to mount a substrate, the concrete or wooden floors under the laminate can creak and make other sounds;

The floor in the room covered with foil backing and is ready for the installation of laminate

  • insulation. The substrate does not allow the cold from the concrete or cement coating to affect the temperature of the laminate. If you use a floor heating system to think of what to put under laminate flooring, to the heating effect has not declined, for this there are special options for substrates that conduct heat well;
  • levelling of small irregularities. Remember that the substrate can hide only a very minor irregularities, to eliminate the more significant changes in elevation, there are described above methods.

There are several common variants of the substrate, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

One of the options are cork panels. They are environmentally friendly and safe for health, are made from pressure-treated by special technology of oak bark. The cap is very well mask the minor irregularities, boasts high levels of thermal and sound insulation and long service life. The disadvantages of cork underlay can be attributed to the fact that it does not tolerate moisture and quite expensive.

The intricacies of the installation of cork underlay can learn from the videos below. Correct laying laminate with their hands, as you have probably realized, largely depends on the quality of this phase of the work.

As can be seen from the properties of the material, it is ill-suited for floor in bathroom, kitchen or any other room with high humidity levels. In addition, the tube it interacts poorly with the floor heating system. But for laying in the living room, nursery or playroom it is an excellent option.

A much cheaper option underlay – polyethylene foam. If you are unfamiliar with how to properly putting the substrate under the laminate, the foam will appeal to you as it is very easy to operate. Moreover, it perfectly resists aggressive chemicals, and its surface does not breed bacteria and fungi. Another advantage of the material – increased humidity, so the substrate it is recommended in areas with high humidity levels. Also the foam has low weight.

Fragility is the main disadvantage of the material. It quickly loses its shape and performance characteristics, so be prepared for the fact that substrate it will have to be changed often enough.

Substrate, laid under the laminate, provides a high level of thermal, acoustic and waterproofing

The best option that combines durability, relatively low price and good performance is polystyrene. It is quite simple to install, responds well to a floor heating system and conceals small irregularities in the surface. Another disadvantage of the material – panels of it can lose shape.

There are also multiple combination options. For example, if there is a question about whether to put laminate on the foam polystyrene, the answer is Yes. The only point is the relatively high cost of the material.

In recent years, is also popular with the substrate of pressure-treated pine. This material is absolutely environmentally friendly, good air permeability, but has a greater thickness than the other substrate options, and very expensive.

A useful tip! If you decided to use as a background plate of softwood, they should be laid diagonally.

Top quality underlay for laminate of pressure-treated pine needles — safety and environmental

Video of laying laminate with their hands: how to put a substrate

Before installation the substrate must be carefully examine to do everything as accurately as possible. For this you need to do the following:

  • how to install subfloors in the right way, if you have a floor mounted fresh concrete screed? To do this, before installation of the floor was covered with a thin layer of polyethylene;
  • any type of base floor must be thoroughly cleaned of debris. To do this, use a vacuum cleaner and not a wet cloth, as the base have to be dry;
  • to cut the selected material construction with a knife or regular scissors. When calculating the size of the substrate must take into account the overlap on the wall, which then closes the baseboard;

The technology of laying laminate flooring

  • it is impossible to mount multiple layers of a substrate in order to compensate for unevenness in the floor. If the selected material is clearly not sufficient to make the base floor is flat, so you are poorly made alignment;
  • any corrugated substrate is mounted down, and in the presence of the foil layer reflective side up;
  • the substrate sheets must be laid butt jointed without overlap. If you do not want the material to be shifted, you can glue it to the floor using double-sided tape.

So, how to lay a laminate with their hands that the result was not worse than professional builders? Expert advice, study and follow the manufacturers ‘ instructions material, as well as numerous videos of the installation of the laminate with your hands will help you with this. For example, you can find the correct way to lay a substrate using the roller:

A coating of laminate flooring: how to put your hands, video tutorial

A video of the installation of the laminate with their hands begins with a description of different methods of installation. Can be done laying the laminate along or across (how to lay is described in numerous sources). The choice of a suitable in your case depends on what goals you are pursuing. For example, laying along can visually enlarge the room.

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Laminate flooring in the interior of the apartment: photo of vivid examples of the design of the rooms. Photo coatings of different color and texture. How is laminate. How to choose the right flooring option based on the style.

Laying laminate in a straightforward way

No matter how to put laminate along or across the right is the way in which the installation begins with laying the first panel in the corner near the window. Between that panel and the wall, you must install the wedges for the formation of expansion. Further to the first panel is attached to the next and so until, until the formation of the whole series. The second row should start with a piece that ended the first.

A useful tip! If you make the laminate with their hands in the process from the last panel of the first row left piece less than 30 cm, to start the second row you must use half of the new panel.

The second row cover is initially assembled without connecting it with the first. Only after all the panels of the second row are connected to each other, it can be attached throughout the length to the previous row. Thus for a more reliable connection in the junction, you can attach a block of wood and lightly tap it with a hammer. In the same way mounted in the floor. Will help to put the laminate with their hands video with explanations of experienced professionals.

The intricacies of laying on the diagonal

Installation of diagonal is one of the most popular ways of laying laminate flooring. How to lay your hands coated in this way? When calculating the amount of material necessary to add 7-8% to the total area of the room.

Starts diagonal installation of laminate flooring the same as longitudinal or cross – from the corner near the window. Before installation of the angle line extends at a 45° angle to the wall that will later be aligned in the ranks of the coating. How to lay laminate flooring diagonally will tell many how-to videos that you can easily find on specialized Internet resources.

The edge of the first panel in the diagonal way are cut at an angle of 45°, and between it and the wall mounted wedges for clearance. After this you need to measure out two strips of the laminate so that the junction between them was in the middle of the first row and cut at the corner edge – near the wall. In this way filled the entire floor.

Many video “rolling out the laminate with their hands” shows that the first mounted solid pieces, and then made the trim panels and padding the walls. With this method you will avoid the risk of irregularities in the joints of neighboring rows.

In residential areas there are many challenging places for the installation of the coating, for example, heating pipes, doorways, etc. Good video how to put laminate flooring yourself can be a great help in such moments.

The installation of the coating near the heating pipes.

The bypass pipes of heating and other utilities is one of the most difficult moments in deciding how to put laminate on the floor. Proper installation must begin with the markup panel for future opening. To create holes in the laminate it is recommended to use special drill bits that are called ballerinas. The hole diameter should always be slightly larger than the diameter of the pipe. This is done in order that the cover can freely “walk” under the influence of changes in temperature and humidity, as in the case of the deformation gaps.

Laminate flooring near heating pipes is one of the most difficult moments

After the holes for the pipe are drilled, the panel is cut into two parts. One of them is mounted between the floor and the rest of the pipe, and the second between the wall and the communications. The pieces are fastened together using construction adhesive. With such laying laminate flooring video how to lay in difficult places show that the cutouts can be done more attractive by using decorative lines for pipes.

Laying laminate near the wall ledges

If the walls in the room where it is laying, have irregularities corresponding to the shape of the neckline is done directly at the panel. When installing laminate with their hands, video how to lay the material will tell you that in the case of rough walls also need to do expansion. In addition, there is feature with the connecting of the locks: the lower part of the end need to cut the protruding edge. Because of this, the connection reliability may suffer, so the joints should be lubricated construction adhesive.

The installation of the laminate with their hands near the ledge of the wall

Installation of laminate flooring in large rooms

If the size of the room exceeds 8 meters by 8 meters, to the flooring is not deformed, it is advisable to make expansion joints. Different videos how to put laminate with their hands show that this requires the use of special profiles, which are mounted between the two not related to each other portions of the laminate. The upper part of the profile consists of a pad, similar to those used in doorways. This is due to the deformation of the floor due to fluctuations in temperature.

This profile is mounted at the boundary of different segments of a warm floor in the same room.

How to put laminate with your hands: installation of baseboards

For quality installation of laminate on the floor with your hands, like putting the plinth correctly just need to know. One of the main features of the process is that it is impossible to attach the baseboard to the laminate or to a floor – mount should only be to the wall. For each model of the plinth there is a separate mounting, and installation instructions are included with the product.

When installing skirting important condition is that the mount should be to the wall

If your walls do not differ smooth surface, it is better to use a plastic version of the plinth, as it would be to repeat exactly the contours of the wall. The wooden kind are best used only when perfectly smooth walls.

In most models, there are special grooves in which are mounted wires.

A useful tip! Wire must not penetrate into the gap between the laminate and the wall, otherwise, when the extension cover may be deformed.

When installing laminate on a floor with your hands, how to put a coating so that it does not spoil the legs of furniture is a very important issue. For this you need to provide a soft felt lining.

Laminate flooring can be installed on the wall at a small height from the floor. Video of laying laminate on the wall show that this process practically does not differ from laying laminate on the floor.

The main rule of care of the laminate is to prevent excessive moisture and too high mechanical loads.

How to lay laminate own hands: a video of the process


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