Hygienic toilet shower with mixer: a worthy alternative to a bidet

Hygienic toilet shower with mixer: the perfect alternative to the infamous bidet. This accessory for small bathrooms is probably the best way to carry out daily water hygiene easily and quickly. Installing it is simple, it does not take much space and allows you to refuse the placing in the bathroom for more plumbing items. Given that the installation of such fixtures can be done in the hidden way, it will be appropriate for any style bathroom.

Hygienic shower with mixer is a functional and practical device for bathroom

The contents
1 shower, toilet with mixer: select the optimum model
2 Faucets for hygienic shower in the toilet
  2.1 Wall mounted faucets with shower spray
3 Hygienic shower with a thermostat
4 Other constructions of hygienic shower in the toilet
  4.1 Toilet-bidet
  4.2 Cover-bidet
5 Features of the installation of hygienic shower with mixer concealed
  5.1 Self-installation of hygienic shower on the wall


Hygienic toilet shower taps: choose the optimal model

To create comfortable conditions for carrying out personal hygiene, you can use hygienic shower for the toilet. To purchase and install such a fixture is not difficult, moreover its price is quite affordable. Is familiar with existing types and models of wall mixers with shower hygienic.

Manufacturers offer several varieties of compact devices for personal intimate hygiene. They vary in structure and, accordingly, cost. This model, embedded in the lid of the toilet or directly into the toilet mounted on the wall or the sink.

Hose length should be sufficient to comfort the soul

Faucets for hygienic shower in the toilet

The popularity of hygienic shower with mixer tap toilet quickly gaining momentum. Given the modest sizes of bathrooms, it allows you to get a bidet function in cramped conditions. Many buyers appreciated the idea of the producers to combine hygienic shower with mixer tap.

The design of the mixer with hygienic shower (photo submitted by manufacturers) no different from usual washbasin, with the exception of add-ons design a hose with a head for hygienic soul. Watering mounted on the wall or toilet cistern that makes it comfortable to use it for hygienic purposes. It should be noted that the mixer can operate separately from the hygienic soul, as the flow of water in the shower only occurs when you click on the watering can.

The bathroom has a mixer with hygienic shower

If the bathroom has a sink, it makes sense to buy basin mixer with hygienic shower. Design of hygienic shower in toilet (photos to prove) differs from shower to sink. Firstly, the lake with more compact dimensions, and flow control lies in the button on the lake. Often after the procedures, only a disconnect button not overlapping the mixer tap. In this case, the shower hose remains under pressure, with undesirable consequences.

In the case where a combined hygienic shower with mixer tap for the sink, this will not happen, as, when the soul is blocked, water will flow through spout faucet. In any case, leave the tap open mixer will not work.

Prices on faucets with shower sink range from 4600 RUB (SMARTsant, Russia) to 37500 rubles (Grohe, Germany).

Mounting dimensions watering hygienic shower

Wall mounted faucets with shower spray

Quickly converts toilet into a bidet you can use the mixer for bidet with hygienic shower. This device is generally installed on the wall near the toilet. Model wall not hygienic soul is composed of the spout, water flow is done by pressing the button on the showerhead, pre-opening shut-off valve. The installation of the mixer is convenient for all family members height. Next to the watering can holder set bracket for towel and soap dispenser.

Wall-mounted mixer for bidet with hygienic shower can be installed in a bath room or toilets. The last option allows you not go into the bathroom to perform the procedures of hygiene. In addition, the availability of water supply to the toilet can greatly facilitate cleaning of the bathrooms, to enable you to gain the necessary capacity of water to rinse the potty or to wash off the main dirt with a Shoe in the toilet.

Examples of wall mounted faucets with hygienic shower, installed in the toilet

To purchase a mixer with hygienic shower and toilet can be priced in the range of from 400 to 10,000 rubles. Inexpensive but high-quality hygienic shower can be found among Russian producers, as well as some European firms. Models with reasonable price, you can find a Czech company Lemark, the German company Grohe.

Give preference to products from these manufacturers:

Naimenovaniya of marykateolsen, RUB Hygienic shower Grohe 27812000 Trigger Spray with metal reinforced шлангомGrohe, ГерманияПластик4500Гигиенический shower bronze Fiore 350004300BFiore, ИталияЛатунь4800Гигиенический shower with hose Timo SG-3051Timo, ФинляндияПластик750Гигиенический Hansgrohe shower Trigger Spray 3212800Hansgrohe, ГерманияПластик3800Гигиенический shower Lemark LM8014SLemark, ЧехияПластик950Гигиенический shower Cezares Atlantis IFS 01 with metal шлангомCezares, ИталияЛатунь6700

A useful tip! To purchase any model at a better price, watch out for discounts on the product you are interested in Internet shopping and on the official websites of manufacturers.

Heads for the shower are made of plastic or brass, flexible hose of metal or plastic. Given the quality of the material and a price for the product. Model hygienic shower presented in different colors: chrome, gold, bronze, copper, antiqued effect metal, etc. to Pick up hand shower matching color under any chosen style bathroom and toilet.

Mixer with hygienic shower Focus E2 HANSGROHE manufacturer


Hygienic shower with a thermostat

Hygienic shower wall-mounted are often equipped with a thermostat that maintains constant temperature, preventing surges. Moreover, the reaction to the temperature drop instantly. Models of hygienic shower with a thermostat is quite convenient and safe compared to conventional products.

Regardless of fluctuations in pressure and temperature, the output provided water comfortable treatment temperature. The thermostat is equipped with a limiter which will not allow to submit in the shower is too hot water. The operation is carried out by means of a button on its handle. The presence of thermostat valves eliminates the possibility of mixing water.

Soul for hygiene, equipped with a thermostat, will be a real boon for families with young children. You don’t have to worry that the water at the right time it will be too cold or hot. In addition, if the water is not too warm, as is often seen in apartments with centralized hot water, it will not have to pull, waiting for a comfortable temperature. Accordingly, the largely reduced water consumption.

Model hygienic shower with a thermostat would provide more comfortable environment when using

The cost of the models with the thermostat significantly higher, but it pays the degree of comfort care and personal hygiene.

Demand for products of the German brand Grohe.

Other constructions of hygienic shower in the toilet

According to the method of embedding distinguish the toilet-bidet cover bidet each of these types has certain advantages and disadvantages.

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The toilet-bidet

Hygienic shower can be mounted directly into the toilet. This plumbing device is the definition of toilet-bidet. In the design of the bowl-bidet with built-in water spray or pull-out fitting (fitting) with a nozzle and a pipe for supplying water for procedures.

This type of installation of hygienic shower in the toilet is quite costly, since you will have to purchase the whole set of plumbing. Besides the price, there are some difficulties in the installation of santekhpribor, as he will have to bring a separate water and install a faucet. Sometimes a mixer comes complete with the subject of plumbing.

The toilet with bidet functions built hygienic shower

A useful tip! Buying a toilet with a built in bowl with bidet function, you need to choose the model, where the soul used stainless material. You also need to monitor the quality of fastening the soul: it must be reliable.

Buy a toilet with bidet functions possible in a wide range of functions. Their price largely depends on the degree of functionality. Elite wall-mounted toilet can be cost up to 400000 rubles For those who can afford to buy sanitary ware with unmatched set of features, it absolutely justifies its cost.

Device ceramic toilet bidet SENSPA PRINCESS PB 707S

Today, in an effort to provide buyers with plumbing available class manufacturers offer models of toilets with built in bidet for 5000 rubles.

Models are available toilets-bidet floor and wall. The most popular products are:

Naimenovaniya of marykateolsen, RUB the Toilet with bidet suspended Serel Smart SM12 GTSSerel, ГерманияФарфор18380Унитаз-compact with bidet Vidima Seafresh Е405001 with микролифтомVidima, БолгарияФарфор11200Унитаз compact with bidet VitrA Grand 9763B003VitrA, ТурцияФарфор6400Унитаз compact with bidet Ideal Standard Oceane W906601Ideal Standard, БельгияФарфор15000

Some manufacturers produce toilets-bidet with a built-in dryer, however the price of these models can reach 250000 RUB.



A less expensive model of hygienic shower in the toilet presents cover-bidet. In this model, the function of a bidet is built into the lid of the toilet seat. This is the most advanced system with multiple options: remote (remote), electric and mechanical control, built-in Hairdryer, heating of the feedwater.

Such cover-bidet can be installed on virtually any existing toilet, however, the demand for them is not so great, given the high cost of the equipment. Considering remote control, such models are acceptable for installation in homes where there are elderly people or with disabilities. Performing procedures with the help of hygienic soul for them to become more accessible and convenient.

Invoice cover-bidet with push-button control panel

Materials for the manufacture bidet-lids use with antiseptic properties. The panel is typically located on the cover side. The kit features bidet-lids included these options:

  • extension of the nozzle;
  • drying with a hair dryer;
  • washing the toilet bowl in an automatic mode;
  • disinfect the toilet after the procedure;
  • the operation of the machine;
  • smooth lifting and lowering of the toilet lid;
  • heated lid.

The bathroom comes with toilet cover bidet and hygienic shower

Cover-bidet is useful for installation in public areas. They are fitted with sanitary facilities, large offices, shopping halls, restaurants, railway stations etc.

The leader in sales covers a bidet, a joint Korean-Japanese company SATO, the price ranges from 14000 to 55000 RUB the Device accompanies a multi-language manual and a five-year warranty.

Diagram of the device of the invoice cover-bidet


Features of installation of hygienic shower with mixer concealed

Along with a hygienic shower with mixer tap open installation, the developers of the proposed model is concealed. Such devices combine aesthetics and functionality. Flush mounting allows you to hide all the unnecessary eye elements of the mixer, leaving the mind only aesthetically pleasing part. The mixing water is embedded in the wall, and it appears a hose, watering can and decorative control panel.

When the hidden lead mounting communication are embedded in the wall, and in sight be only the hose and watering can

There are models of faucets for hygienic soul flush-mounted touch controls. They can be contactless or operates the slightest touch. Embedded products can also be equipped with a thermostat and regulation of water flow. Among the important functions built-in models of hygienic shower are:

  • various modes of flow;
  • aeration of the water flow;
  • thermostatic control;
  • work with water heating.

Hygienic wall shower is located near the sink in the bathroom

Range of faucets concealed installation presents an exceptional collection of leading European brands: Jacob Delafon, Grohe, Hansgrohe, Nicolazzi, Ideal Standard, Kludi, Cezares, Roca, Axor Fiore. The splendor of design combined with rich functionality gives you the ability to choose the most appropriate model of offered products. Among the popular models are:

Naimenovaniya of marykateolsen, RUB the Mixer Cezares Elit ELITE DIM-01-Bi for душаCezares, ИталияЛатунь5300Смеситель Fiore Jafar 47ZZ5130 for душаFiore, ИталияЛатунь3500Смеситель Lemark Luna LM4123C for душаLemark, ЧехияЛатунь4900Смеситель Hansa Pico 50709003 for Dushanbe, ГерманияЛатунь2600Смеситель Jacob Delafon Modulo E98632-CP for душаJacob Delafon, Grohe Grohtherm 1000 ИталияЛатунь5300Термостат New 34573000 for душаGrohe, ГерманияЛатунь21600


Self-installation of hygienic shower on the wall

In addition to its functional qualities, the advantages of hygienic soul will take it easy installation. Its installation requires no special training or even more repairs. Mixer with shower mounted to the existing piping. And you can connect in any place convenient for you.

If the room the bathroom has a sink, it is recommended to give preference to hygienic soul for the shell. The principle of operation of such a mixer with hygienic shower next: when you open the lever, the water flows into the basin through a spout of the mixer and fed into shower hose. But the shut-off valve allows water to flow from a watering can until the push button on the shower head. Once the water will pour from a watering can, she stops to pour from the spout of the mixer. Such principle of work allows anyway to turn off the water after treatment with a lever.

The scheme of installation of the bidet-lids on outdoor toilet

A useful tip! Producing independent installation of hygienic shower for the toilet, observe the correct position of the flexible hose, so that it is not twisted or pinched by other appliances. This will prolong its life.

If a sink or toilet combined with a bathroom, install shower, toilet. The lake is attached with a holder on the wall to the right or left of the toilet.

Installation of built-in models of faucets with shower spray assumes the existence of concealed wiring pipes, which will require to arrange in the wall of the chase. Therefore, these models recommend during the repair in the bathroom. To install a recessed in the wall niche, where it will be attached to the invisible part of the mixer, done in the groove laid pipe and connected to the mixer. Next, connect the hose with the watering can, the lever control is output to the visible part of the wall covering and decorative panel.

The optimal size for installing the faucets with shower spray relative to the toilet

Faucets with a spray bidet for toilet is a relatively young generation santekhnicheskikh devices, but quickly gained popularity among buyers. Incredibly easy to use and simple to install, hygienic souls will be a good addition to a bathroom of any style.


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