In the suburbs one-third increase in the offer of cottages in rent

Photo: Kubedinov Igor/ ITAR-TASS

The greatest demand among tenants use at home range in price from 50 thousand to 100 thousand rubles. per month

Realtors say the increase in supply in the market of country houses to rent, to the press-release of “MIEL-rent”. According to the company, in March 2017 the amount handed in the suburbs of suburban homes compared to February increased by 35%, and the demand for them increased by 14.3%.

In March, the greatest interest among tenants called cottages cost from 50 thousand to 100 thousand rubles per month. In this price range, the demand exceeded the offer by 3.67 times. In second place was a home costing up to 50 thousand RUB per month. At the same time in the specified price category demand outstrips supply 2.33 times.

According to realtors, in March, most of the houses listed for rent in the West suburbs (32,98%) and the minimum bid was observed in the East (4.19 percent) and northeast region (4.71 per cent). The cheapest areas are South-East and East, where the average cost of hiring is and 98,7 89,3 thousand rubles. per month. The most expensive rental villas will cost in the Western direction — 239.4 thousand rubles.per month.

Meanwhile, the year 2016 was for the market of country real estate the Moscow region the worst in the last ten years, experts say. The economic situation has led to a sharp decline in demand for homes in the suburbs, which did not even stop the dramatic decline in prices.

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